Volcano Oven

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Volcano is portable
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Volcano oven is not just for emergencies! Use for camping,
tailgating, RV life.

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Volcano stove
Three fuels wood (biomass), charcoal, propane*

The Volcano 3 Collapsible Propane Grill is the most versatile and
efficient grill on the market today. From the backyard to the great
outdoors, or even your survival and emergency preparedness, this
3-fuel grill and stove allows you to cook whatever you want,
whenever you want.

The most popular model for a reason, this Volcano has 3-fuel
capability, which sets it apart from all other outdoor cooking
options. This unit combines the greatest variety of cooking
options with easy portability. This Volcano collapses down to 5”
and is easily transported in the included storage bag. This model
can be used with Charcoal, Propane or Wood and is highly

Switch between propane, charcoal, or wood in just seconds! Grill a
quick burger with the propane, then light up firewood to roast
your marshmallows at the end of the day. The Volcano is the last
outdoor grill/stove you will ever need!

Three reasons to choose a Volcano Stove

#1: Volcano is one grill that uses three fuels.
Burns charcoal, propane or wood/biomass

  • NOTE: The Volcano 20-200 Charcoal Collapsible Grill does
    not contain the propane option. Be sure to purchse the
    Volcano 3-fuel portable camping grill.

#2: Sets up in just seconds.
Volcano is easy to set up.

#3: Volcano is versatile.
When it comes to off-grid cooking the Volcano is ultra versatile.
Use your Volcano to:
  • grill
  • wok.
  • bake
  • roast
  • fry

#4: Cook "Dutch oven" style.
The Volcano 3 works great for dutch oven cooking. Arrange the
coals in a circle on the bottom grill. This will provide even heat to
both sides and the bottom of the Dutch Oven. Constructed of high
quality cast-iron, the Volcano Dutch oven is the perfect DO for
your Volcano Stove. Patterned after the DO's from the early
1900's, the Volcano DO is crafted to be the finest Dutch oven
available. With it's domed-lid and inner basting rings, this DO will
circulate heat and maintain moisture better than any other camp
stove. The innovative stacking ring allows you to add briquettes
to the lid if desired, while also creating a secure option for
stacking multiple ovens. Squared handle, tipping assist and
thermometer access holes complete the great features of this DO.
Dimensions: 12" diameter with a deep design to hold up to 8
qtrs. Pre-seasoned and ready to cook.

#5: It's portable fire pit.
Use it camping or any day in your backyard for roasting
marshmallows and gathering around the campfire.