Ten buckets of emergency foods

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The Augason Farms 30-Day Emergency Food 7G Pail consists of
delicious easy-to-prepare emergency food for 1 person for 30 days,
or a family of 4 for one week—all packed in an easily transportable,
watertight 7-gallon pail. The delicious meals are easy to prepare
and nutritious and, with an extended shelf life, offer your family a
convenient solution for preparing meals when the kitchen at home
isn't an option. It’s disaster preparedness insurance for cabins,
boats, and even to put in your vehicle.

The 30-Day Emergency Food Storage Supply includes 307 total
servings, 35 individual food pouches, 1,822 calories per day, and
54,670 total calories. Emergency foods include:

  • Cheesy Broccoli Rice (5 pouches, 8 servings per pouch, 40 total
  • Creamy Chicken Rice (6 pouches, 8 servings per pouch, 48
    total servings),
  • Creamy Potato Soup (6 pouches, 8 servings per pouch, 48 total
  • Elbow Macaroni (2 pouches, 7.5 servings per pouch, 15 total
  • Cheese Powder (1 pouch, 15 servings per pouch, 15 total
  • Hearty Vegetable Chicken Soup, 4 pouches, 8 servings per
    pouch, 32 total servings),
  • Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal (6 pouches, 10 servings per
    pouch, 60 total servings),
  • Morning Moo’s Low Fat Milk Alternative (2 pouches, 20 servings
    per pouch, 40 total servings),
  • Instant Potatoes (1 pouch, servings per pouch, 8 total
  • Banana Chips (2 pouches, 8 servings per pouch, 16 total

Happy endings...
Supersize your prepper's pantry with emergency food buckets
because it's an easy way to build an emergency food supply quickly.
If you already have buckets to kickstart your food storage, then pat
yourself on the back and get started on some other food storage

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Pinto bean seasoning
Corn meal bucket 22lbs (or 34 lbs. pictured)
hash brown (potato shreds) Bucket
Augson farms pancake in  a bucket
Long grain white rice
24-lbs Bucket of Pinto Beans
#3: Rolled Oats bucket.
The cheapest way to kick start your food storage plan is with a
big bucket of oats from Augason Farms. Oats are recognized for
helping reduce your cholesterol, and this superfood also packs
muffins for a nutty taste and chewier texture.

Adding oats to the
prepper's pantry will add a variety of meal
ideas for your family or group. You can toast oats, grind them
into flour, bake them, sprout them, boil them, and also make oat
milk or use them as a meat extender. There are so many reasons
to love oats. Here's
why oats should be part of your food storage.

Of all the reasons to store oats, one thing to remember is that
it's cheap eats! You can get a bucket of
Augason Farms Oats are
instant oats.. Quick Rolled oats buckets are
pictured right and include shipping if you're a Prime member.

  • What to store with your oats bucket:
  • Powdered milk
  • brown sugar and maple syrup
  • freeze dried fruits and dehydrated fruits
  • Ground flaxseed or chiaseeds
  • nuts to make granola

#4: Wheat Berries bucket.
Wheat berries are ideal for making flour for your pizza and
breads, but you can also use them in soups, stews, meatloaf and
side dishes! Use them as a pilaf or as crouton replacement in
salads. You can also
sprout hard white wheat berries that have
not been irradiated Wheat berries are known for being a good
source of magnesium and vitamins B1 and B3.

Hard white wheat is light color and high gluten content makes it
perfect for bread making, especially French bread and pizza crusts.

bucket of Augason Farms Hard White Wheat Berries, pictured
right, are very inexpensive. Around $26.99 on Prime with free
delivery works out to about $1 a pound. Once ground, these
wheat berries make flour that not only tastes delicious but also
maintains its whole grain goodness. It can also be sprouted for
adding a wonderful nutty flavor and nutrition to a variety of
dishes. Wheat naturally stores well, making it a staple in any
food storage program. The hard white wheat berries come sealed
in a pail that keeps moisture out and goodness in.

Wheat berries are extremely versatile, nutritious and are among
the longest lasting of shelf-stable foods for inclusion in the
prepper's pantry. The hearty wheat berries have the brand germ
and endosperm. This ensures all the vitamins are intact. Soaking
grains increases the nutritional value.

  • What to store with your wheat berries. Yeast for
    breadmaking, plus canned butter and jams, peanut butter or
    other nut butters to serve with your bread. Why not add
    canned cheese?

#5: Salt and sugar buckets.
Salt and sugar are the most basic condiments. Having a bucket of
each will go a long way towards making your prepper's pantry
more complete.

Sugar is a universal staple in baking. It's the most delicious
ingredient of cookies and cakes, and will give little kick of
sweetness to your fruit, coffee or tea. Sugar is an essential
ingredient to many recipes, making it an ingredient you can’t be

Sugar is a food that lasts indefinitely if stored properly in a food
grade bucket. The people at Augason Farms have done the work
for you. A bucket of
Augason Farms white granulated sugar,
pictured right, is reasonably priced, but you can put together
sugar for long-term storage in buckets yourself. It requires
nothing more than a food grade bucket and your sugar, although
adding some

  • What to store with your sugar bucket. Obviously you'll
    need flour. You can store oat flour, wheat berries.

Salt isn't really a food and it's not a spice either. If you're worth
your weight in salt, you'll have a
bucket of iodized salt handy for
the apocalypse. Salt is something the ancients traded for and
died getting. Salt is relatively cheap today, but will one day be
difficult or impossible to get.

Even if you're on a low-sodium diet, consider adding a bucket of  
salt. Storing salt for the long term is vital. Salt not only balances
electrolytes that regulates your heart rate and ensures proper cell
functions, but it can treat a variety of ailments. Salt can help
when there is no doctor to treat sore throats and ease dental
issues. As well, salt can help preppers make soap, clean up
around the homestead and preserve food. Most importantly, for
those not on a low-sodium diet, salt can make bland food taste

  • What to store with your salt bucket. Sugar and your
    favorite spices.

#6: Potato shreds bucket.
A bucket of potato shreds is welcome change to the mushy
breakfast foods you have in food storage. This bucket of potato
shreds will help you make hash browns just like you get in a
restaurant. The texture can be crispy as hash browns or as a
flavorful addition to soups and casseroles.

Augason Farms Dehydrated Potato Shreds maintain their
nutritional benefits during the dehydration process and are a
good source of Vitamin C. Since they are already washed, peeled
and shredded, it’s easy to add them to soups, casseroles, and
even salads. Bolster your emergency food storage with these
versatile potato shreds.

  • What to store with your bucket of potato shreds. Freeze
    dried eggs, freeze dried cheese, and canned bacon and ham.
    You'll also need oil and perhaps a little canned butter.

#7: Pancake mix bucket.
A bucket of pancake mix is good to have on hand not just for
breakfast. Use the flour as a coating for baked or fried chicken.
Consider also using the
Augason Farms Buttermilk Pancake Mix to
easily and quickly make waffles, biscuits, muffins, sweet banana
bread and scones.

Augason Farms Buttermilk pancake mix is so easy to mix up for a
delicious stack of pancakes. It requires only water and a little oil
to fry it up. See the video below...

  • What to store with your bucket of pancake mix. Maple
    syrup (because it lasts indefinitely), canned butter, canned
    bacon, dehydrated or freeze dried blueberries and
Emergency Food Buckets
Ten buckets of food to kick start your larder

Ten buckets of emergency food.
Kick start your emergency food storage and supersize your
prepper's pantry with food buckets. Buckets of food are an easy
way to build an emergency food supply quickly, and when you buy
in bulk you also save money to help ensure your family's survival.

There are some basic ingredients you can buy to extend the food
you have in supply. Buckets of prepper food can last a lifetime.

Below are ten buckets to kick start your food storage that are
ingredients and meal starters...

Ten Buckets to Kickstart your Food Storage
If you're looking for canned food for your pantry, here's a happy
list of foods to enhance your food storage...

#1: Long Grain White Rice Bucket.
Rice is a great way to kick start your food storage with the caveat
that you eat rice! Buy what you eat, then eat what you buy,
rotate and repeat. Storing rice is very easy. You need only protect
the rice from water and pests by using a food grade bucket with a
lid. If stored properly, it's a food that will last virtually forever.

Augason Farms Long Grain White Rice bucket, pictured right,
offers you 24-lbs. of rice conveniently stored in
a food grade bucket with the proper oxygen absorber to last 30
years. The bucket once opened is good for up to one-year, which
you will easily eat well before the suggested expiration if you're a
family of four. There's a nice pull tab to open the bucket easily
without a bucket opener and there's a space to mark the month
day and year opened.

  • What to store with your long grain white rice:
  • Butter
  • Soy sauce
  • Freeze dried vegetables
  • Freeze dried meats

#2: Pinto Beans Bucket.
Another way to kick start your food storage is to add pinto beans
to your larder.
Augason Farms Pinto Beans, pictured right is a 24-
lbs. bucket of pure pinto bean protein. Pinto beans are the
superfood everyone should include in their emergency food supply
because they last 30 years. With them you can make baked
beans, falafels, veggie burgers, chili and more. Ultra versatile,
you can grind the pinto beans into flour for baking.

Beans, no matter what kind you pick, are an inexpensive source
of protein, fiber and complex carbohydrates. What's more, beans
are low in fat and high in antioxidants and vitamins, making them
a clear choice for long-term food storage.

  • What to store with your pinto beans bucket. In addition to
    the rice that together with your beans will make the perfect
    protein source, store:

  • Chili seasonings. Chili seasoning and canned hamburger
    or freeze dried ground beef are excellent
    accompaniments to pinto beans.

  • Canned ham. A wonderful complement to pinto beans
    and your Fiesta pinto bean seasoning is ham. In an
    emergency it's good to have canned ham in your
    preppers pantry for casseroles, sandwiches and as a
    savory accompaniment to beans. Add diced onions with
    your ham, beans and Fiesta pinto bean seasoning, and
    serve cornbread on the side.

Augason Farms has instructions for soaking your pinto beans
overnight or preparing them quickly by boiling and soaking for a
few hours. Either way, you’ll enjoy pinto beans in salads, chili’s,
casseroles and much more. The label also includes recipes for
pinto beans and pinto wheat bread. What’s great about  pinto
beans is that you can dress them up in recipes or simply enjoy
their natural flavor with a pinch of salt and pepper...
Augason Farms  Regular rolled oats
Augason Farms  Quick rolled oats
Augason Farms White wheat
Augason Farms Iodized Salt bucket
Bucket of potato shreds
Augason Farms Sugar bucket
#8: Freeze dried vegetables bucket.
Another buckets to kick start your food storage is a veggie bucket.
The Wise Company bucket of freeze dried vegerables, picture right,
includes Broccoli, peas, green beans and corn. Add these
vegetables to the buckets of ready made emergency food you have
in storage to enhance the meal. Freeze dried vegetables are also
an excellent side dish all on their own with butter.

  • What to include with the freeze dried vegetables bucket.
    Canned butter for tasty side-dishes. Bouillon cubes for soups.
    Gravy in a can.

#9: Freeze dried fruit bucket.
Fruit is an item that preppers often overlook as part of their
emergency food storage needs. Vitamin C from citrus is important,
but you can also get 45% of your Vitamin C from the freeze dried
strawberries or 12% of your fiber from banana chips. What's more,
freeze dried fruit adds variety to your food storage to help fight
food fatigue.

Ensure you have fruit year-round when there's no grocery store. The
Augason Farms Fruit variety bucket is a great way to get fruit into
your food storage. These fruit pouches are like dessert, but they
work well to complement your breakfast menu. Add the fruit to
breads, cakes and muffins.

  • What to include with the freeze dried fruit bucket. The
    Oatmeal bucket above is ideal to store together. You may also
    like to add a milk or other cereals.

#10: Cornmeal bucket.
Another bucket to kick start your food storage is cornmeal. magine
the cornbread you'll make with a bucket of cornmeal always handy.
Of course, another recipe you can make is corn tortillas or polenta.

  • What to store with your cornmeal bucket. Honey, canned
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