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Wasp hornet spray makes an interesting self defense tactic
Cheetos make interesting tinder for firestarters
Crazy Glue to repair shoes isn't instant! You'll need duct tape to get to your destination.
Tampax can save your life!
Steel wool as a firestarter
Glee gum
Quality can opener is an important survival tool
Tobacco + Cigarette for survival uses
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Mosquito net head covering
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Weird survival tools
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Weird Survival Tool #12: Krazy Glue and duct tape.
Crazy glue isn't instant, so if you need to fix your boots to
complete your hike, you'll want to crazy glue then use duct tape
or a shoe lace until you reach your destination.

Weird Survival tool #13: Steel wool.
Steal this idea: steel wool can save your life. Start a fire from
steel wool and a battery! No matter the weather you can start a
fire with steel wool provided you have the know-how and a nine-
volt battery. That's just one of the many prepping uses of steel

There are many ways to make a steel wool fire and there are
many more prepping uses for steel wool than you could imagine.
Learn how to start a fire from steel wool and a battery now.

Weird Survival Tool #14: Mosquito net.
A mosquito net could save your life, in many of the same ways
pantyhose could help you. Not only is a mosquito net useful for
avoiding the Aedes Mosquito, which brings with it many diseases,
such as
Chikungunya, Dengue, Yellow Fever and Zika Virus, but a
mosquito net could also help you catch fish in a survival situation
or even filter water.

In his book, Hawke's Special Forces Survival Handbook, on page
26, Mykel Hawke recommends carrying a mosquito net and using
it to improvise a bird trap or fish net. He says, "Sometimes you
can get enough tiny minnows in them to make a nice simple meal
all by itself."

Weird Survival Tool #15: Mouthwash.
Mouthwash contains alcohol and as such has many first aid
applications to kill bacteria. Some brands of mouthwash contain
antiseptic  to kill bacteria, as well as fungi, protozoa and
viruses). Discover the twelve survival uses:
Mouthwash is a
survival tool you should consider!

Weird Survival Tool #16. Pantyhose.
An old military trick is to wear pantyhose underneath the socks to
help avoid friction and blisters for long hikes. Worn underneath
the socks will minimize the friction and keep chiggers and ticks
from reaching your legs.

There are many
reasons pantyhose can help you survive, among
  • prevent blisters and keep you warmer than ordinary socks
  • filter water;
  • keep your soap clean and dry;
  • act as a dust mask;
  • improvise a fishing net or other cordage;
  • collect berries or otherwise a vessel to help you forage in the
    wild (generally, it's a great carryall, such as for gathering
  • keep chiggers and ticks from reaching your leg (keep away
    leeches too);
  • use also to improvise a mosquito net;
  • make a tourniquet or secure a bandage

Weird Survival tool #17: Waterbob.
Your bathtub combined with a Waterbob can save your life. With
a little pre-planning you can turn any bathtub into a fresh water
reserve to prepare for an emergency. A waterBOB reservoir lets
you store up to 100 gallons of water in a standard tub for up to
16-weeks. Your tub alone is not sanitary and may have dirt and
harmful residues from soaps and cleaning products that would
otherwise make you sick.

Weird Survival Tool #18: Vaseline and cotton balls.
Petroleum jelly has a number of prepper uses. For starters,
Vaseline combined with cotton balls or other fiber will make
excellent tinder. (Dryer lint is also a substitution for cotton.)
Light a fire with Vaseline.

Weird Survival Tool #19: Vodka.
Vodka is a weird survival tool because there are ways to use it
that don't require drinking. Aside from the obvious social
applications, vodka is a compact prep to hoard. In fact, it is on
our list ~ it's #35 on the
37 Foods to Hoard.
  • Bartering tool;
  • Cough suppressant;
  • Cooking (vodka is a base for a variety of pasta sauces);
  • Food preservation (Vodka and other alcohol can preserve
    fruit, such as cherries);
  • Cleaner and defogger for eyeglasses;
  • De-stink stinky feet! (wipe your feet with vodka);
  • Fuel and fire starter;
  • Molotov cocktail weaponry;
  • Sterilization agent for tweezers, razor blades;
  • Skin repellent to shoo flies;
  • Skin toner for pores to tighten skin and dissolve blackheads;
  • Sore throat gargle; and
  • Topical medicinal uses (vodka can be an antiseptic, provide
    relief of insect bites and stings, cold sores, and you can also
    dissolve the adhesive of a bandage to make removal

Weird Survival Tool #20: Zip Ties.
Zip ties are an inexpensive survival tool with many practical
prepping uses in a survival situation. Anytime a prepper needs to
bind two or more things together: zip ties provide the answer!
how to use cable ties in prepping and survival situations.
Weird Survival Tool #10 Pencil Sharpener.
An ordinary pencil sharpener and some twigs can provide you
with instant tinder should you find yourself in need. Put a pencil
sharpener in your car and bugout bag and you'll be one sharp

Weird Survival Tool #11: Shoelaces.
Yes, a shoelace could save your life. Wondering how a shoelace
can do that? Then see
how Bear Grylls uses a shoe-lace to get
fresh water into a bottle! Certainly also a shoe lace is cordage
for other tasks.
Above is a tutorial on how to light fire from steel wool from SurvivalLife.

Weird Survival Tool #9: Tampons.
Even men can use tampons for their survival! Tampons are
extremely useful in survival situations:

  • Wound control. Unwrap a tampon when you need to clot
    wounds. With a little duct tape you've got a bandage. This
    is especially effective for deep injuries if you have nothing
    else. Sensible Prepper, in the video below, finds additional
    use of a tampon for a nose bleed.

  • Survival water. Here's how to craft a crude water filter
    from a tampon.The plastic tube itself can be used as a
    straw and the filling as a filter.

  • Tinder. Shiver me timber, yes, you can use a tampon as
    tinder. The fibers of a tampon will ignite easily. You may
    need to fluff it up a bit.

  • Candle wick. Because a tampon makes good tinder and
    even has a string, you can improvise a candle.

  • Bobber. The plastic tampon shell can become an
    improvised fishing bobber.

The clever outdoor enthusiast will undoubtedly discover more
ways to use a tampon, so go ahead and think outside the
tampon box:
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Happy endings...
No survival tool is too weird if it saves your life! Prepare to live
happily ever after by using your creativity. Anything can be a
weapon if you set your mind to it.

Get some skills under your prepper belt and you'll be ready to face
just about any situation.

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advice when available.
Above a pharmacist sprays robber with prepper spray intended for
Grizzly bears!

Weird Survival Tool #2: Aspirin.
Aspirin is a "must have" in the prepper's medicine cabinet.
It's not just for headaches anymore. Use aspirin to reduce fever
and relieve the common cold as well as soothe muscle aches,
toothaches, and even a sore throat or bee sting.The active
ingredient in aspirin, salicylic acid, has a myriad of applications
useful to preppers. Read
11 weird uses of aspirin.

Weird Survival Tool #3: Can openers.
Even an ordinary can opener can save your life. Imagine having all
the canned foods at your disposal, but no way to open them.
When you think of it this way, a can opener is a basic survival
item. Sure, you can open a can without one if you're very clever,
but you may injure yourself in the process or shard the can and
get metal shavings in your meal.

Have plenty of can openers on hand in your home, your car and a
military style can opener in your bugout bag.

Military can openers were quite useful to U.S. soldiers:
From World War II to the 1980s P-38 and P-51 can openers were
immensely useful to soldiers.

The list of ways soldiers used the tool was endless:
  • Box cutter
  • Flint striker
  • Screwdriver
  • Marking tool
  • Pan scraper
  • Pick
  • Wire stripper

Weird Survival Tool #4: Chewing gum and candy.
Survival is sweeter when you're in the know. Here's how chewing
gum and candy can impact your survival...

  • Suckers. A lollipop could save your life! How? Grasp one in
    the palm of your hand with the stick pointing up between
    your fingers as you make a fist. Your lollipop fist is now
    ready to punch some poor sucker in the eyes or stab the
    neck or groin region. Now that's a tasty but weird survival
    tool that you can stuff in your purse or backpack. Here's the
    lollipop defense tutorial.

Weird Survival Tool #5: Cigarettes: tobacco.
Yes, a cigarette is a survival tool for medicinal purposes and
beyond. Here are just some of the uses of tobacco:

  • Cigarettes as an anti parasitic: On page 248 of his book,
    Hawke's Special Forces Survival Handbook, available left,
    Mykel Hawke, a former Captain of the United States Army
    Special Forces, and star of Man, Woman, Wild on the
    Discovery Channel, explains how eating cigarettes can shock
    gut worms out of your system.

  • Cigarettes for toothache relief: The properties of tobacco
    include a naturally occurring antiseptic to help prevent
    infection, and also has medicinal properties for relieving
    pain. It could be just the relief you need to get you back to

  • Cigarettes as tinder: A cigarette is also called a "smoke,"
    and they don't call it a "smoke" for nothing. Get a smoke of
    fire going with a cigarette. It's certainly a better idea to light
    a fire with one than to smoke one..

  • Cigarettes as a relief for bug bites and bee stings. Apply a
    chewed portion of tobacco directly to skin or hold a burning
    cigarette close to the bite.

  • Cigarettes can stop the bleeding of small cuts and
    minimize bruising. According to one of our readers: "Take
    the tobacco out and wet it and it makes a superb poultice for
    bruises and injuries."

Weird Survival Tool #6: Cheetos, Pringles, Noodles.
Tinder helps ignite a flame. It's all the little things (furry, fuzzy,
light and fluffy) that you can grind into a powder. Stuff you hold
in your fingertips, as in nature: bark, pine needles, dried leaves,
birds nest. Man made tinder includes things like pocket lint, and
toilet paper. Food items that are tinder include spaghetti noodle,
or snacks like Cheetos, Pringles:

  • Cheetos and Pringles. Your favorite snacks, including
    Cheetos or Pringles can act as tinder when you need it most
    to help you light a fire. Try it. Just light your favorite snack
    to get your fire going.

  • Noodles. You can also use a spaghetti noodle as tinder. It is
    an excellent way to light a candle wick that's too short to
    reach with a match. Now that's an excellent way to use your

Weird Survival Tool #7: Dental Floss.
Dental floss is good to have, and dental floss is good for much
more than your teeth. In a pinch, it's cordage and you can use it
for fishing, shelter building, and making snares. There are at
25 reasons to stock dental floss in your preps.

Weird Survival Tool #8: Duct Tape.
Backpackers, preppers and survivalists love duct tape for many
reasons, and why not? With
dozens of survival uses for duct tape,
can you blame them? From patching up a tent or torn clothing in a
pinch to repairing just about anything, duct tape will serve a
prepper well. Every prepper knows that a bullets will someday run
out, and that's where duct tape comes in handy to help craft
makeshift weapons.

To improvise a weapon, affix duct tape to a knife an a broom
stick and you have a defensible and threatening space between
you and an attacker. You can even roll up a magazine and duct
tape a pair of scissors to create some extra space between you
and an attacker. Indeed, A prepper's
home defense strategy
should include duct tape. Learn more interesting ideas in
weapons that aren't weapons.

Weird Survival Tool #9: Steel Wool.
Steel wool will scrub your pots, but you can create fire with it too!
Just touch
steel wool to batteries and you'll be amazed how it
ignites so easily. This video shows you how...
Weird Survival Tools
Warning: these weird tools could save your life

Weird survival tools: improvise and survive!
Cheetos? Tampons? Steel wool? These are just some of the weird
survival tools that you and your family might depend on in an
emergency. As they say, knowledge weighs nothing. Get this
strange knowledge from us!

When it comes to survival, there's just one rule: you must forget
all the rules. Improvising is the key to survival. In a period of
extreme civil unrest, your survival may depend on doing things
you wouldn't do ordinarily. You may also use things for a purpose
other than originally intended to survive. In short, you might do
some weird things for your survival! Below is a list of twenty
weird tools for survival that you might use...

Twenty Weird Survival Tools
There are just as many tools that can help you survive as weird
ways you could die. In an emergency, your survival depends on
resourcefulness and creativity in addition to having a will to
survive and survival skills and knowledge. You might use some
weird tools and ordinary things you find, steal or scavenge to help
you survive if you know what they are. To that end, we've
developed a list of twenty weird survival tools.

Here's our list of weird survival tools and how to use them...

Weird Survival Tool #1: Animal repellents.
Pepper spray is an ordinary defense tool, and available in all 50
states, but there are five areas where pepper spray laws may
inhibit you. There are restrictions on who can and can not carry
pepper spray.

If pepper spray is illegal in your locale, then you should have no
problem obtaining bear spray or wasp spray, which each have a
more powerful range. Ordinarily, you wouldn't carry these items in
your person, but they are good alternate items to own. In an
SHTF survival situation, law becomes invalid: it's do or die. If that
doesn't bode well with you, try Halt Dog Repellent.

  • Bear Spray. What if you used bear spray against a human?
    Under normal circumstances, this is illegal, but  when the
    stuff hits the fan and the rule of law no loner applies, you
    may need to reach for the bear spray! Bear spray can be an
    effective measure of self defense in apocalyptic times
    against human predators!

  • Dog Repellent. Another unusual self defense tool for a world
    without rule of law is Halt Dog Repellent. Intended to keep
    dogs at bay, Halt Dog repellent could be just what you need
    to daze and confuse an attacker so you can prepare a
    stronger defense plan or escape.

  • Wasp spray. If you think of wasp spray only as an
    improvised weapon to help you distract an assailant, go
    ahead and stock it. It won't act like pepper spray and it may
    not subdue an attacker, but it is an option for consideration.
    The advantage of wasp spray is that you will have a longer
    range of defensible distance between you and an attacker. It
    may be just enough time to grab a knife. Admittedly, pepper
    spray offers a better measure of protection for civilian use,
    while Mace is the brand police officers use, and may require
    a license to operate because it has a longer range of spray.
    Always check with local ordinances if pepper spray is legal in
    your vicinity.
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