Prepper deal alerts (prepper food deals and more)

#6: Mountain House freeze dried foods.
Mountain House cans are scientifically proven to have a 25-year
shelf life, but the company guarantees the cans will last 30 years!

#7: Prepper's Long-term Survival Guide.
Save 36% on Jim Cobb's Prepper's Long-Term Survival Guide,
pictured right is the ultimate guide for preppers looking of
information on food, shelter, security, off-the-grid power and
more life-saving strategies for self-sufficient living.

The preparation you make for a hurricane, earthquake or other
short-term disaster will not keep you alive in the event of
widespread social collapse caused by pandemic, failure of the grid
or other long-term crises. Government pamphlets and other
prepping books tell you how to hold out through an emergency
until services are restored. This book teaches you how to survive
when nothing returns to normal for weeks, months or even years,

Practical water collection for drinking and hygiene; storing,
growing, hunting and foraging for food; first aid and medical
treatments when there’s no doctor; techniques and tactics for
fortifying and defending your home; and community-building
strategies for creating a new society.

Prepare your home and family for any life-threatening catastrophe
with this step-by-step survivalist guide filled with techniques,
strategies, and DIY projects from a lifelong prepping expert, Jim

#8: Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw Set
Save 34% on the Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw set, pictured
immediate right. The Sportsman Pocket chainsaw is very handy
when you find yourself away from home and the need for cutting
wood is absolutely necessary for survival purposes. For example,
when you’re out camping and you need to cut wood to make a fire
or perhaps you find yourself on a trail with your horse or ATV and
a fallen tree is blocking your path. Or even worse, you find
yourself in a major disaster and need to build shelter. Our world
class quality saw is extremely light weight, portable and flexible.
Our saw is designed to cut through the hardest of wood easily in
tight places and specially treated to help prevent rust and
corrosion. This saw can be used by anyone!

Pruning A Tree? From hardwood to soft, the Sportsman Pocket
Chainsaw rips through all types of wood with ease. Thick limbs,
stumps and roots don't stand a chance with this 3-Foot-long razor
sharp, thick chain. Don't sell yourself short. The 36-inch longer
than average chain has many benefits over a shorter 24-inch saw:
  • Longer chain equals longer strokes with more teeth equals
    faster cutting times.
  • Easier to cut higher branches.
  • You'll have better body posture when cutting equals less
  • Cuts thicker limbs that shorter saws can't

#9: Wise Foods emergency food buckets.

#10: Toilet paper rolls in bulk.
Toilet paper is a core prepper stockpile that you can have  
delivered and put it right into your stockpile without even opening
the box.

  • 80 rolls of Scott Toilet paper, pictured right, just $50.98 on
    Prime. Made with 100% recycled fiber, this 2-ply bulk toilet
    paper is strong and absorbent. Scotts biodegradable toilet
    paper meets EPA minimum standards, and it’s FSC and
    EcoLogo certified, so that you can feel confident about
    choosing a wholesale eco-friendly product at a great price.

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How do we find great deals for preppers?
We're constantly buying new preps and building our food storage.
We often get wind of lightning deals from our readers. Sometimes
we stumble upon a low-priced product because it's not been
reviewed yet.

We also find deals as we write about prepping, homesteading and
survival. So be sure to visit us daily for more prepper food deals
and other survival and prepping gear deals of interest to
preppers, homesteaders and survivalists.  

Here are more ways to save

  • Buy items in Bulk: Stock up on BIC lighters. Buy a tray of 50
    and you'll be set for your firestarting needs. BIC is one of
    those everyday carry items that's at the top of the list for
    just about any prepper.

  • Be the first to buy. Sometimes sellers are itching for a great
    review and they will post a product at an incredible price to
    speed up the process and help get their first review.
    Customers are usually happy to find they got the item at a
    great deal.

  • Buy used books. Get great deals shopping Amazon for
    popular used prepping books. Right is 101 things to do with
    a Dutch Oven, part of a series of books on food storage that
    you can buy used to save money.

Happy endings...
Getting a good deal is good and happy news, but you may be
skeptical. Why can you get a good deal? Well, sometimes a
manufacturer wants to promote a product to get a rated.
Sometimes they have an overstock. Whatever the case, you can
get good deals if you check with us first. Make it your new routine
to check with us each day. Happy prepping!

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Prepper Deal Alerts
Prepping for the best Amazon deals on survival gear.

Prepping for great deals?
We're preppers and on Amazon almost daily to help you find the
best deals on the best prepping and survival gear, and food
storage. Below are some of our favorite deals...

Prepper Deal Alerts
Below are more prepper food deals and other deals we found for
you on prepping, homesteading and survival for
Oct. 6, 2019.

  • Hit the refresh key if you visited earlier today. Prices are
    subject to change and we refresh often.

#1: 23-Quart Presto Pressure Canner and Cooker
Save 35% on the 23-Quart Presto Pressure Cooker Canner,
pictured right. Get started canning! Canning is a powerful step
towards self-sufficiency and it feels good knowing exactly what's
in your food. The Presto Pressure Cooker Canner is the ideal
solution for canning fruit, pie filling, broth, chicken, soups, stews,
hamburger, stew meat and vegetables.

The USDA recommends pressure canning as the only safe method
for low-acid foods such as vegetables, meats and poultry. The
Presto 23-quart pressure canner is a heavy-duty professional-
quality tool made with stay-cool handles and a strong-lock steel
lid. An accompanying rack fits down into the pot to keep jars up
off the bottom, so that liquid can circulate underneath. And it can
do double duty as a large pressure cooker. It's easy to cook
healthfully with pressure cookers, since the food retains so much
more of its nutrients and flavor.

#2: BIC Lighters.
A tray of 50 BIC lighters is just $40.98 for a limited time. It's an
everyday great deal, but supplies run out. During a long term
emergency, a BIC lighter will be more valuable than a generator.
A BIC lighter is the best option for a firestarter trusted by
professional survivalists. Did you
BIC Lighters are refillable?

#3: Coghlan's Folding Stove
Save 40% on a Coghlan's Folding Stove, right. You can use
Coghlan's Camp Heat canned heat or heat provided by any type of
canned fuel or solidified alcohol. This Fold-flat camping stove,
pictured right is made of a coated steel construction which is
strong enough to hold a heavy pot. The front door design and
sides protect flame from the wind. Measures 6-1/2 inches square
and 5 inches tall.

Another option is the
Coghlan's Emergency stove, which is just $8
includes 24 fuel tablets (not pictured). The emergency stove uses
any solid fuel such as Hexamine, Trioxane, or Sterno.
Stock up on
fuel tablets.

#4: Emergency Ration Bars.
Save 48% on the S.O.S. Emergency Food Ration bars, which offer
you emergency survival food of 3 Days. This 72 hour package
comes with a 5-year shelf life- 1 Pack. Ready to eat, each
package contains 9 delicious bars providing 410 calories per bar of
pre-rationed food totaling over 3600 calories per package. Get
three days of food for just $6.96!

#5: Auguson Farms Freeze Dried Foods
Freeze dried foods are an essential part of any prepper's pantry.
Stock up and save:
Frequently bought together Augason Farms #10 cans
Augason Farms Potato Slices #10 can
Ammonia Inhalants
Jim Cobb's Prepper's Long-Term Survival Guide