tapwater dangers

Tap water Toxins
Ten reasons not to drink the tap water

Ten reasons not to drink tapwater.
Don't drink tapwater and here's why — you could be tapping into
arsenic, chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, radioactive
contaminants, pharmeceuticals and other chemicals.

Below are 10 reasons not to drink tap water...

Ten reasons NOT to drink the tap water
Is tap water safe? Most of the time tap water is safe, but you
must be prepared because tap water can be toxic. Water quality
in America varies from state to state and there are many reasons
for the differences.

Here's why you don't want to drink the tapwater.
The safety of your water depends in part on your region. Methods
of collecting water, such as reservoirs,
snow melt, and
groundwaters will influence water quality. Then there are varied
state regulations, and a wide array of weather-related,
agricultural and industrial influences. Some municipalities add
fluoride, others add water softeners. None are good for your
health, though regulators may tell you otherwise!

Here are some examples of the toxic tap water you're currently

#1: Arsenic.
Arsenic, the same stuff of rat poison, is a tap water toxin lurking
in your drinking supply. Thankfully,
this Big Berkey Water filter  
specifically the PF2 filters out Arsenic V and pre-oxidized Arsenic
III, as well as other residual heavy metal ions. You simply screw
the PF-2 Fluoride filter into the Black Berkey filters into your Big
Berkey and you're set.

Arsenic comes into your tap water either through a private well or
sometimes also through industrial or agricultural pollution.

Arsenic poisoning can cause:
  • blindness
  • discoloration of the skin
  • diarrhea, stomach pain, nausea and vomiting
  • numbness in hands and feet, or partial paralysis

#2: Chlorine.
Chlorine in your water not only kills pathogens and bacteria, but
it's slowing killing you! This highly corrosive disinfectant is a toxic
byproduct of disinfection control. Toxic trihalomethanes are a
group of four chemicals that may form especially during the
chlorination of tap water for drinking:
  • chloroform
  • bromodichloromethane
  • dibromochloromethane, and
  • bromoform.  

Want to remove everyday chlorine from your tap water? Berkey
removes all the byproducts of the municipal chlorination process,
including chloramines, which are derivatives of ammonia. Consider
a shower filter as well because anything that absorbs into your
skin can get into your bloodstream.

#3: Fluoride.
In many communities fluoride is lurking in your tap water. People
are awakening to the need to remove this neurotoxin from the
public supply. While the threat still exists in many municipalities,
there is something you can do about it. Filter your tapwater with
the right kind of filter. Not every filter will get rid of the fluoride.
You need the black berkey filters, right.

Big Berkey fluoride water filters (specifically the PF2 filters),
reduce fluoride added to different water systems, including
fluorosilicic acid, sodium fluorosilicate, and sodium fluoride.

#4: Heavy metals.
Heavy metals (mineral molecules), such as aluminum, cadmium,
chromium, copper, lead, and mercury pollute your tap water:

  • Aluminum. Aluminum is a toxic metal that poses increased
    risks of Alzheimer disease, dementia, Parkinson’s, and brain
    deformities. It's in your vaccinations and it's in your water.
    Since people cook with aluminum, many people don't realize
    that it's a neurotoxin. Learn more about aluminum dangers.
    In water, aluminum

  • Cadmium. Cadmium gets into tap water through old
    galvanized pipes as well as run off from paint and old
    batteries and discharge from metal refineries. Cadmium is a
    tap water poison! It's a cancer-causing agent that can cause
    severe kidney problems and bone softening. Kidney damage
    from cadmium poisoning is irreversible. The largest releases
    of this heavy metal from zinc, lead and copper smelting and
    refining industries, are in Arizona and Utah.

  • Chromium. A natural chromium comes from erosion of rocks
    and soil, but Chromium-6 is a man-made discharge from
    steel and pulp mills. It's Chromium-6 that's highly toxic and
    carcinogenic! Erin Brockovich made the Chromium-6 toxin
    famous. The movie describes Erin's devotion to a case of a
    "mighty power company and its abuse of toxic chromium, and
    the poisoned water supply of Hinkley, California, where
    locals have suffered a legacy of death and disease."

  • Copper. While copper is an essential element for living
    organisms, you shouldn't get too much of it. In fact, the U.
    S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has established
    rules to control lead and copper levels in public water
    supplies. You see, too much copper may cause diarrhea,
    stomach cramps, nausea and vomiting, as well there are
    associated risks of liver damage and kidney disease. Water
    with more than 1,300 parts per billion is of concern.

    Have kids? It's especially important not to have copper in
    your water if you have an infant. Children who are one-year
    and under haven't developed the mechanism of maintaining
    proper copper levels, so they are more vulnerable to the
    toxic effects of copper.

  • Mercury. The Environmental Protection mercury is extremely
    harmful to your health.

#5: Pharmaceutical drugs, herbicides and pesticides.
Drugs are finding way into our water supply. This is one of the
major reasons you should not flush medications. Eventually
medications end up in our environment, including in our rivers and
streams. Waste water treatment plants do not currently remove
pharmaceuticals from water.

Some of the Pharmaceutical drugs, herbicides and pesticides that
get into your water include:

  • Arsenic. As mentioned above, arsenic can get into your
    tapwater through agricultural or industrial pollution, but it
    can also come from natural deposits in the earth. Arsenic is
    a well known rat poison. Preppers who live in Maine,
    Michigan, or New Hampshire who have wells may be
    particularly susceptible to arsenic. You should test your
    water annually.

  • Herbicides and pesticides. More often than not, herbicides
    and pesticides sneak into the water supply, particularly in
    groundwater of agricultural regions. Thankfully, the Berkey
    water filtration systems removes these toxins!

  • Pharmaceutical drugs. Anyone who ever takes a
    pharmaceutical drug, whether it's an antibiotic, anti-
    depressant, painkiller or birth control help cause the
    pollution of pharmaceutical drugs into our water supply.

#6: Unnecessary man-made additives.
Many will argue that fluoride is an unnecessary additive, but there
are other things put into your water for various reasons.

  • Phosphates. Phosphates are an inorganic chemical and a
    salt of phosphoric acid. Phosphates get into your water
    supply because of manganese, which is odd, but here's how.
    In Texas some water is being treated for having too much
    iron and manganese. This is perplexing as there are no
    health problems. The water is  a nuisance they say because
    the water can turn reddish brown and stain laundry, and the
    taste is "unpleasant" among other things. The solution, they
    say is to add phosphates (harmful to your health) to treat
    the Texas water.

  • Water softening. Remember this: anything that touches
    your skin can absorb into the bloodstream. The process of
    water softening removes calcium and magnesium in hard
    water, which results in a  soft or slippery water. The process
    of water softening replaces the calcium and magnesium ions
    in the hard water with sodium ions. It adds sodium chloride!

    It's really not necessary for your health to soften the water
    and doing it involves a process using lime softening or ion-
    exchange resins, which is a chemical process. Make no
    mistake about it: water softening process is not a cleansing
    or conditioning process. There is no need to soften water and
    it has ill-health effects! Moreover, these naturally occurring
    minerals that they take out (calcium and magnesium) have
    no ill effect on humans and so there is no reason to remove
    them from the water. They are actually essential nutrients!

    Why do municipalities remove calcium and magnesium? They
    do so because this hard water causes a build up and this
    plugs pipes.

  • NOTE for preppers on low-sodium diets: Water softening
    is very detrimental to anyone on a low-sodium diet as
    the process of water softening adds sodium chloride. For
    preppers who have high-blood pressure and who live in
    regions where water softening occurs. Only reverse
    osmosis, and distillation can remove the salts from your

  • Road salts. The road salt that de-ice roads, storage and
    spills of road salt, discharges from water softeners with the
    same toxic effects as described above.

#7: Nitrates.
Another unsavory thing that gets into your tap water is nitrates,
particularly if you have well water. You should test well water
annually. For nitrate testing, consult a testing laboratory. Reverse
osmosis and distillation devices are best for getting rid of

  • California: Drought effects not only the quantity of water,
    but the quality. California's drought, for example, has
    brought some municipalities to rely on groundwater, which
    has been deemed unsafe for some 800,000 residents: the
    water is contaminated with nitrates.

  • Iowa: Rich farmlands of Iowa need cleansing of nitrates
    (and their system is deteriorating). While the municipality
    does its best to scrub the water clean of harmful nitrates,
    much of the toxic stuff gets into the water supply. Why?
    Because the system is an aging!

#8: Radioactive elements.
One word: Fukishima! Radioactive elements could be present in
your water as  ionizing radiation decay. Radon poisoning is a
major cause of lung cancer, though most people attribute it only
to cigarettes and tobacco.

  • cesium

  • tellurium.

  • radioactive iodine. You will find radioactive iodine-131 in
    the United States water supply specifically as a result of

  • radon. Radon gas accumulates in houses and seeps through
    cracks in the foundation. It's easy to test for radon, but not
    so easy to remove it. The Seychele water bottle with
    filtration system removes radiation, nuclear contaminants,
    and more. Your Berkey removes radon 222, but you should
    also get a Seycheslle water filter for the full spectrum of
    radiological contaminants.

  • Uranium. You may not think Uranium gets into the water
    supply, but it does. Uranium and radioactive particles,
    including radon 222, a radioactive, colorless, odorless gas
    that occurs naturally as a decay product of radium can get
    into your water.

  • How to get radiation out of the water. Seychelle flip-top
    portable radiological radiation water filtration and
    purification bottle removes 100% of major Nnuclear
    contaminants from drinking water. It removes 100% of gross
    beta, radium 226, uranium, cesium 137, strontium,
    plutonium, radioactive iodine B1, and radon 222.

#9: Plastic (phthalates).
The stuff that makes plastic products flexible is diethyl phthalate
and this deadly toxin that gets into your water carries with it an
increase risk of cancer in addition stunted growth and liver and
kidney enlargement.

This plastic gets into your water through discharge from chemical
factories, as well as from parts of well, piping, pumps.

  • How to remove phthalates from water.
  • Boiling water does not remove phthalates.

# 10: Viruses, parasites, bacteria and cysts.
Waterborne outbreaks are not uncommon in tap water! Big
Berkey's method separates the virus contaminates from the
purified water. The Black Berkey purification elements remove
viruses greater than the EPA purification standards. Big Berkey
filters can remove disease-causing parasites, pathogenic bacteria,
and cysts.

  • Legionella. Legionella, a bacteria thrives in warm waters. It
    becomes a health risk if aerosolized through a shower and
    inhaled, and can result in Legionnaires disease, type of

  • E. Coli. E. Colil is a fecal coliform bacteria found in the
    intestines of animals and humans, which can make its way
    to your tap water! E. Coli is a rare but deadly threat.
    Municipalities may issue "Boil" orders when there is an E.
    Coli scare. A "Boil Order" advisory went to roughly 400
    residents of luxury subdivision in Santa Fe New Mexico's
    west side in August 2015. A test of microbiological
    contaminants showed possible E. coli in the drinking supply,
    possibly from stagnant water lines. According to the Center's
    for Disease Control, "To kill or inactivate E. coli 0157:H7,
    bring your water to a rolling boil for one minute (at
    elevations above 6,500 feet, boil for three minutes) Water
    should then be allowed to cool, stored in a clean sanitized
    container with a tight cover, and refrigerated."

    Be careful with E. Coli because many water filters do not
    remove cryptosporidium, E-Coli, or giardia. The rare
    exception is the Berke water filter, which has the ability to
    remove E. coli bacteria to a log 7 degree, or 99.99999%,
    rendering contaminated drinking water safe to drink.

Is your tap water toxic?
Yes! There are dozens of hidden dangers in your tap water. You
may think you are tapping into clean drinking water when you turn
on the faucet, but what you're really tapping into is a cocktail of
unwanted contaminants, deadly toxins and organisms. According
to NBC news, the
ten cities with the most toxic water are:
  1. Pensacola, Florida
  2. City of Riverside, California
  3. Las Vegas Nevada
  4. Riverside county, California
  5. Reno, Nevada
  6. Houston, Texas
  7. Omaha Nebraska
  8. North Las Vegas, Nevada
  9. San Diego, California
  10. Jacksonville, Florida

Now you know why you must filter your water!
Safe drinking water begins with filtration. Lurking in your tapwater
are chemicals and even radioactive contaminents.

You think you're tapping into clean drinking water, but you're
really tapping into arsenic, chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals and
even radioactive contaminants! Don't drink tap water unless you
filter it properly.

The Crown Berkey water filter, right holds six gallons of water is
ideal for large groups or organizations. This is the top of the line
water purifier that has an easy flow spigot, double wall tumber.
It's BPA-free, and removes viruses and bacteria.
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The video above shows you what's actually in your tapwater.

Happy endings...
The Big Berkey water filtration system will restore your confidence
in the tap water you serve your family. The Berkey systems not
only remove bisphenol A (BPAs), but the Berkey units are also
totally BPA-free.

Your tap water not only will taste better, but it will be better for
you and you'll save money in the long run because you won't need
to buy plastic bottled water any more.

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