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Weird ways to recharge your cell phone
Cellphone survival ideas
How to use your cell phone even after an EMP attack!
Above, learn how to charge your phone with body electricity!

How to charge a cell phone by using

Charge your smartphone by using batteries (C or D batteries, 12V
or 20V batteries, or even your car battery), a car adapter, and
Go to Survival School and learn how to start a fire with a cell phone.

#5. Improvise Fishing Lures.
You'll find broken parts of your cell phone enough to improvise
fishing gear. Read #7 on how you can get some cordage for the

#6. Craft spears.
All the sharp circuitry inside your cell phone is enough to forge a
simple defense weapon or spear to catch food. Look first to the
circuit board. You'll find clever ways to sharpen your tool on

#7: Cordage for snares and more.
If you're lucky enough to have headphones with your cellphone,
you have cordage which may help you build shelter, assist with
first aid, improvise a fishing line or help you craft that spear.
Advanced preppers and survivalists will also recognize the
potential to catch game with the headhphone wire. Unwrap the
plastic layer and you've go wire to use for a snare.

#8: Thwart an attack.
FLIR ONE, pictured immediate left, is a thermal infrared camera
that attaches to your iPhone 5 or 5s and gives you super hero
vision. It turns your phone into a powerful thermal infrared
camera, so you can see body heat even in the dark. Avoid car
jackers, and find predators hiding.

#9. Evade tracking.
Most people don't realize that a phone tracks your location, but if
you have a pouch to hide the signal, then you can effectively
evade tracking. You may at some point need to evade for your
survival. Best of all the pouch, pictured right, has includes anti-
radiation, anti-degaussing, anti-signal. Be sure to put the phone
in back pocket, not the front pocket , then close the bag, and the
signal will be blocked.

Smart Phone Survival Strategies

Six ways to charge your Smart Phone without electricity
Of course, your apps are only as good as your cell phone is
charged and running. Keep it charged, the way you'd keep your
gas tank: always at least half full! You can charge it in several
ways even when the lights go out, including
  1. car battery (top it off each night during an emergency
    without electricity)
  2. extra batteries (extended life batteries for Smartphones)
  3. hand-crank
  4. solar
  5. twigs and wood! See the top right-hand of the page.
  6. body electricity (requires also USB charging cable, 2 silver
    coins, a paperclip and a piece of paper)!

How to charge your SmartPhone with Body Electricity
Here's how to charge your Smartphone with body electricity:
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Above, Black Scout Survival shows y ou how to use your cell phone as a
signaling mirror.

If your Smartphone isn't working, you can still signal help. Hiding
inside your Smartphone is a signaling mirror you didn't know
existed. Crack it open and you'll find mirror-like layers that will
help you signal for help by using reflection. The most clever
preppers can use moonbeams! If need be you can use pinesap to
improvise affixing reflective parts together.

#3: Navigation with broken cell phone parts.
Sure you may have an app for navigation, but even with a broken
SmartPhone you can navigate. The speaker in your cell phone has
a magnet! With a magnet and the ferrous metal wire inside, you
can improvise a compass!

Here's how:
  1. Sweep the magnet across the metal wire (copper won't work).
  2. Take note of the direction you're sweeping. If you have a
    sharpie you can mark it. The swept end will be North.
  3. Now float the metal wire on a leaf or wood shaving in
    shallow and undisturbed water.
  4. Now your wire will align North and you can determine that
    the right side is East and the left is West

#4: Start a fire with a cell phone, a brillo pad and
This short video will have you knowing how to start a fire with
your cell phone.
Cell Phones and Survival
How to use your cell phone for survival

"Skills are perishable." - Larry Schwartz (American Survival Guide)

How to use your cell phone (even after an EMP attack):
Even in a total grid shutdown or with a dead battery your cell
phone can be a lifeline! Yes even after an
EMP attack a cellphone
is useful (not for calling but for helping you survive)!

With all its moving parts in good working order, you'll find apps,
tutorials, maps, communications and more for survival, but even
with broken parts you'll find self-defense, warmth, navigation,
signaling and more if you're creative and know how to use your
cell phone for survival.

Cell Phone Survival Ideas
A cell phone should be part of your Every Day Carry (EDC). Here's
how to maximum use of your cell phone to improve your EDC...

The greatest lifeline you may have is your cellphone if you set it
up properly. Power outages usually don't affect your SmartPhone;
however, during extreme catastrophes, such as a
earthquake, everyone will be using up the signals and you'll need
to rely on your
other communications devices, including the old

  • Weather: Here's how to subscribe to weather alerts, such as
    tornado watches and warnings.
  • Communications: e-mail and telephone capabilities.
  • Emergency checklists: Red cross, CDC
  • First Aid instructions
  • Entertainment:
  • Music to keep up your spirits! (Morale building is an
    important survival skill.)
  • Movies to help pass the time.
  • Even a broken cell phone is useful for the clever prepper!
    Here is a partial list of what you can do with the components
    of a broken cell phone:
  1. Start a fire with a cell phone.
  2. Signal with a broken cell phone for two to three miles
    on a bright day.
  3. Create a compass with water.
  4. Craft fishing lures.
  5. Forge makeshift cutting tools from the circuit board.

So let's delve into these ideas and more survival uses for your
cell phone...

How to use your SmartPhone for Survival

#1: Download and Review Survival Apps.
The most popular way to use your Smartphone for survival is with
apps for navigation, knot tying, foraging, first aid and more. Larry
Schwartz, of
American Survival Guide magazine, writes "skills are
perishable." True, but with a cellphone you can give your survival
skills a refresher course when you need the most.

There are many survival apps available for your phone, including:

  • Knot tying: If you are caught in a survival situation and have
    forgotten your knot-tying skills for example, you can "get
    knotty" and check a knots app. (Hopefully you've
    remembered your paracord bracelet.)

  • Food Foraging: You'll find apps for foraging edibles in your
    vicinity. (You should probably still skip the mushrooms.)

  • Food Storage: Get help for stocking and inventorying your
    pantry. Scan barcodes for quick entry and checkout. Keep
    track of your inventory for multiple locations and quickly see
    when perishables are about to expire. You can inventory
    more than just food!

  • Navigation: Don't know how to use your fancy lensatic
    compass? Leave it at home? There's an app for either of
    those scenarios, too! Maps will also help you find the back
    roads to consider.

  • Plant identification. There are apps to help you find berries,
    and edibles, and even apps to identify trees, which can
    provide shelter and sustenance. Here's how to Identify trees
    from photographs of leaves! Leafsnap for Ipad uses visual
    recognition software to help identify tree species from
    photographs of their leaves.

  • Geigermeter!? Yes there's an app for that.

  • More Survival Apps for your cell phone:
  • Apps vs. Wild: (Bear Essentials) from Bear Grylls.
  • Back Track (GPS program)
  • Back Country Navigator: This app from Google,
  • Backup compass
  • Binoculars
  • Boot print
  • Doomsday preppers app
  • Emergency First Aid app, pictured left
  • Flashlight
  • Google maps
  • Google Sky
  • Glympse (send location)
  • Knot guide
  • Metal detector
  • Precious metals pricing
  • Prep and Pantry (scans bar codes of your shelf-stable
    groceries to inventory)
  • Religious apps (bible, Torah, Koran, etc.)
  • SAS Survival LITE
  • SAS Survival Guide
  • U.S. Army Survival Manual
  • Wild Edibles app

#2: Signaling.
Another cell phone survival idea is to use it for signaling and you
can use a cell phone for signaling whether or not your cell phone
is working. There are many signaling techniques for emergency
situations using your cell phone.  Even if your Smartphone isn't
working, you can use it to attract rescuers to your location and
survive. If you are lucky enough to have a phone that is still
working, but you have no cell phone service, you can still use the
camera flash to help you survive. Black Scout Survival explains
how the flash from a cellphone can help you signal for help:
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Above, The Survival Guy, shares his "Top 5 Survival Cell Phone Uses." Keep
your eye on the zombies in this short video. It's hilarious!

Happy endings...
Even a broken, a cellphone is useful for signaling and more.
Before you take anything apart remember than even when there
seems to be no signal, you might get a ping from nearby cell
phone tower. First responders may be able to track your location
first by your efforts of signaling with your flash and by pinging.

Your cell phone can be a lifesaver, but you must never forget
that a cell phone also leaves you vulnerable to privacy issues:

  1. Your cell phone tracks your location.
  2. The internet provider
  3. You can be tapped, hacked and have your identity stolen

Cell phone preparedness is an
overlooked aspect of prepping!
This article is just the tip of iceberg on how to use your cell
phone for survival.

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Above, charge a cell phone with batteries.

More clever ways to recharge your phone...

Read our next article...
Ten Ways To Recharge Your Cell Phone in an emergency.

  • PhoneSoap Charger. Ever think about all the germs you
    touch you transfer to our phone? On average, a cell phone is
    18x dirtier than a public restroom! Germs and bacteria can
    grow and thrive on our phones because they are always
    warm and they are stored in dark places. The solution is
    PhoneSoap Charger, which sanitizes and disinfects your
    phone while it charges.

  • Recharge your cell phone: The Goal Zero Switch 8 Solar
    Recharger, pictured lower right, is an ultra-lightweight power
    supply that charges smartphones and USB devices anywhere.
    Switch 8 is the perfect pocket-sized companion and won't
    weigh you down -~ only charge you up so you're always

So there you have it ~ your cell phone has the ability to help you
survive, from starting a fire to signaling for help and guiding you
home. Learn to appreciate your cellphone!
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