Coronavirus Supplies List

Coronavirus Supplies List
Emergency supply checklist for Coronavirus preparedness

Coronavirus emergency supply checklist.
Get your alcohol-based hand sanitizers, your antiviral tissues and
your Nitrile gloves ready. Just because the country and the world
is sold out of N95 masks, doesn't mean you can't prepare!

Be prepared not scared. As manufacturers up their production of
N95, N99 and N100 respirators, you can prioritize the other
survival items that your household doesn't have. For example,
you can't live without food for more than three weeks, so stock
up on food for a quarantine. The way to shop for food and
supplies is to think about all the items you will regret not having
when the stores close for weeks or months. It's true that people
who have a lot of money and who act now will have a better
chance of survival by stockpiling the proper supplies, but you can
shop the dollar stores for preparedness supplies too! You
can get Coronavirus supplies in lots of places if you're clever.

Below is a list of recommended supplies to purchase now in
anticipation of Coronavirus coming to your community...

Coronavirus Supplies List
It's expected that with a pandemic comes limited supplies, but
you can be resourceful. There's much you can do to prevent
infection and to keep your body healthy so it can heal itself. You
can take care of your health needs first by stocking up on
immune supporting dietary supplements and vitamins, over the
counter medicines and prescriptions. Check our site often, make a
list and have a plan.

Supplies to order online now:
Order supplies online now including:

  • Adult diapers. Adult diapers may not be the first thing you
    think of when it comes to a Coronavirus supply list, but with
    this illness comes diarrheal concerns. Adult diapers can help
    limit contagion. Another interesting use of adult diapers is
    with Chemical Protection Hazmat Suits, which you may have
    to wear for long periods. Buying adult diapers online is easy
    and private. You can also buy women's Discreet underwear
    for postpartum and incontinence. Buy them at pharmacies or
    grocery stores, but you can buy them online without anyone
    placing judgement on you.

  • Batteries. You may not think that batteries are a prep for
    Coronavirus, but you will need communications for your
    lifesaving equipment (portable CPAP machines, ). Think
    about the batteries you need for your flashlights and
    camping lamps, communications equipment, survival radios,
    hearing aids, portable refrigerators, and more. Check out
    Amazon Batteries that you can buy in bulk.

  • Berkey water filter. Did you know viruses can get into
    water? For Coronavirus, stock up on bottled water, stackable
    water containers and a Berkey Water Filter with black
    purification element. The Black Berkey Purification Elements
    purify water—not just filter it, reducing up to 99.999% of
    viruses and 99.9999% of pathogenic bacteria. Removes
    protozoa, trihalomethanes, inorganic minerals, heavy
    metals, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, VOCs, petroleum
    products, perfluorinated chemicals, rust, silt, sediment and
    radiologicals too.

  • Biohazard bucket and bags. No quarantine room would be
    complete with a supply of Biohazard bags.These are not just
    garbage bags — they are thicker and more resistant to
    leakage. They're also marked to identify biohazard to warn

  • Chemical hazmat suits. Select a chemical suit that protects
    the entire body from contagion splashes and droplets. It will
    have a hood and provide a barrier from liquids.

  • Disinfectants. Disinfectants at the local stores may not be
    available soon. The people of Wuhan ran out of bleach.
    Many people don't realize that bleach has only a six-month
    shelf life. Here's a list of the best disinfectants for preppers.

  • Dried and dehydrated foods. Food for a quarantine is the
    same food you'd normally enjoy, but you should add dried
    and dehydrated foods to your list for when the fresh foods
    run out. Dehydrated foods include:

  • Emesis bags to contain the vomit properly. In a pinch you
    can use ziplock bags and double bag the contagion. With a
    wide mouth receptacle, the bag also can seal immediately
    following use.  

  • NOTE: Emesis bags are also useful for cancer patients.
    Additionally, learn how to clean up vomit. A zip-lock bag is a poor
    man's emesis bag, but you may find it a mess.

  • Freeze dried emergency foods:

  • Goggles. Goggles are one of the most important and
    overlooked items to get in anticipation of coronavirus coming
    to your community. Goggles to cover the eyes entirely will
    prevent contagion from entering through droplets to the
    eyes. A faceshield does not offer full protection but is
    another option if goggles are in low supply.

  • Food handling gloves. The person cooking for your family
    may be ill and not know it. That's why if you have extra
    funds you should invest in food handling gloves. Food
    service gloves are plastic and do not contain powders.

  • Hand sanitizers. Select hand sanitizers that are alcohol
    based. Gel-based hand sanitizers are not effective unless
    they contain certain essential oils or are alcohol-based.
    While it's fun to make your own hand sanitizers,
    commercially available hand sanitizers. Brands made in
    America include:

  • Medicines and first aid kits. You don't want to be standing
    in line next to potentially ill people at the pharmacy. Order
    your prescriptions, diabetic supplies and other medicines
    online. Suggestions include:

  • MREs (meals ready to eat). Meals Ready To Eat were first
    introduced to soldiers. Military personnel soon realized the
    value of these emergency meals and

  • N95 respirators . As aforementioned, these are among the
    most important items for virus protection however they are
    in limited supply. N95, N99 or N100 masks are imperative for
    a pandemic situation, and they will always be in short
    supply during a pandemic.

  • Nitrile gloves. Clean household surfaces daily, using
    disposable Nitrile glove to minimize the spread of germs.
    Waste that has been in contact with the isolated person
    should be put in a plastic rubbish bag and tied - then tied up
    in a second bag.

  • Quarantine sign. Do you need a professional quarantine
    sign? No, but if you have a professional quarantine sign it
    punctuates the severity of the situation and could be helpful
    even if you don't have any illness to deter others from
    coming your way.

  • Steramine tablets. Did you know your kitchen sink is dirtier
    than your toilet? For your home food service and any food
    contact surfaces, try Steramine Quaternizing tablets.One
    bottle of Steramine is enough to make 150 gallons of
    sanitizer. Commercial in strength Steramine also makes an
    economical household sanitizer that's ideal also food contact
    surfaces. Most preppers aren't aware of these odor-free, non-
    corrosive tablets. They do not irritate the skin and you can
    apply with a clean cloth or sponge. You can spray them on
    food processing equipment, sinks, countertops, cabinets,
    refrigerators, stovetops, cutting boards, and all other non-
    porous articles and surfaces. This economical sanitizing
    solution mixes with water and is the trusted brand in
    restaurants. Learn more about Steramine.

Stock up on these items at the grocery stores:
Your local grocery store still has much of what you need. Do
yourself a favor and shop in the hours of non-working people. If
you have a 24-hour store and work, you can shop overnight.
Things to stock up on inlcude:

  • Antiviral tissues. Antiviral tissues help limit the contagion
    with a moisture-activated layer that kills 99.9% of Cold &
    Flu Viruses. Having Kleenix on hand is a comfort, but having
    antiviral facial tissues is mostly important for reducing
    exposure to others. You can buy any facial tissues, but the
    anti-viral kind will help you contain the contagion in your
    household. They are quickly running out in the local stores.

  • Disinfecting wipes. Be sure to read our supply list for the
    best prepper disinfectants. Just about any disinfectant wipes
    will work, even the ones that don't have a brand name you
    recognize, but be sure to read the labels to see that they
    kill germs. If the disinfectant wipes don't state a claim of
    killng viruses, then look for another brand. If you're unable
    to find disinfecting wipes at the grocery store, then purchase
    online, including Breezeo disinfecting wipes, pictured right.
    These kill 99.9% of Bacteria in 15 seconds, plus cold and flu
    viruses, mold and mildw

  • Immune support. Purchase vitamins and dietary
    supplements and immune boosting foods such as:

  • Your favorite frozen foods. Fill your freezer with complete
    dinners, but remember this must be food that you already
    eat. This could be lasagne, frozen pizzas, hamburger patties
    or sausages (remember to freeze the buns) for some and it
    could be a refrigerator stocked with vegan foods for others.
    Any ready to eat dinners that your family enjoys, buy them.
    Do NOT buy foods that your family does not already eat.

  • Shelf-stable foods your family eats. One of our most
    popular articles is the 37 foods to hoard before crisis. Read
    the list is shelf-stable food to stock and prioritize what your
    family needs, like canned chicken and tuna; food bars, pasta
    and rice; nut butters, plus canned soups and stews. Your list
    will vary from your neighbor's list. Eat what you already buy.
    Don't change your diet.

  • Toilet paper and paper towels. Toilet paper is an essential
    that you should start to conserve now and stockpile. If
    you've been a prepper for any number of years you already
    realize the value of toilet paper in prepping and what to do
    when the toilet paper runs out. You can also buy toilet paper
    online in bulk. Georgia Pacific Toilet Paper, right is 80 roles
    of individually wrapped toilet paper.

Stuff to buy at the Dollar stores.
Stock up on cheap pandemic supplies. One of our most popular
articles is
99 ways to spend a buck prepping the Dollar Stores.

  • Bleach. The dollar stores will have bleach, but be sure to
    get the kind that has no scents. Also, don't stock up on too
    much bleach because it has an expiration date that you'd be
    shocked. Read the 10 things to know about bleach, before
    you buy too much.

  • Drop cloths, duct tape: No matter where you set up your
    quarantine, you'll want to get plastic drop cloths to help you
    limit the contagion. You'll need enough drop cloth to cover
    the access to the room in curtain layers. Hang two layers at
    the entrance. One to enter the room, and then hang another
    curtain barrier with three feet of space between trap
    contagion. You may also like to cover the windows to keep
    the contagion from spreading or use a containment zipper at
    the entrance of your quarantine room. You'll need basic
    supplies to set up your room within a quarantine room using
    drop cloths and securing them in place with duct tape.
    Remember duct tape has infinite survival uses!

  • Rubbing Alcohol. Rubbing alcohol is an extremely valuable
    prep for many reasons. While the pharmacies charge you $4
    you can save money by shopping the dollar stores for
    rubbing alcohol. Read the survival uses of rubbing alcohol.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is another
    inexpensive prep, like rubbing alcohol that you can buy at
    the dollar stores and has many survival uses. Read the
    prepping uses of hydrogen peroxide.

  • Liquid hand soap. Stock up on a variety of hand soaps,
    including the antibacterial kind. Save the antibacterial soaps
    for when you have someone in the household who is ill.

  • Dishwashing liquids. Unlike the liquid hand soaps,
    dishwashing liquids will be the watered down versions.

  • Tissues. Facial tissues are just a dollar a box at the dollar
    stores, but you likely won't be able to find the coveted
    antiviral facial tissues. Another thing to watch is tissue
    count in the boxes. The boxes may be a bit deceiving when
    you compare the count of tissues in the boxes you'll find at
    the grocery stores.

Top items to stock up on at Costco!
Costco is an excellent place to stock up on food and supplies.
Below are some suggestions:

  • Plastic glasses, plates and utensils. Costco is a great place
    to stock up on the plates you need to survive a pandemic.
    Just about any emergency is easier if you don't have to do
    the dishes, but during a pandemic it's the easiest way to
    dispose contaminated surfaces and minimize spread of the

  • Medicines: Diarrheal medication and fever reducers, are of
    top importance to stock for coronavirus. See the complete
    list of prepper medicines to consider for the medicine
    cabinet, and be sure to add elderberry syrup and

  • Rice: Buy your favorite rice in bulk and then store it in food
    grade containers. Rice is useful for Coroanvirus as an
    inexpensive food to help make your food supply last, but
    from rice you can also make ricewater which is important as
    an anti-diarrheal.

  • Trash bags. Stock up on trash bags to help you manage the
    garbage situation which is sure to pile up when the sanitary
    district stops operating.

  • Ziplock storage bags. Ziplock bags are immensely useful in
    crisis, but perhaps even more so for Coronavirus. You'll want
    to minimize contagion with use of ziplock plastic bags.

Get your Contagion Kit together!
Emesis bags (vomit bags)
Biohazard cleanup kit
Pandemic kit
Infectiious waste bags
Classic assortment by mountain house
Oscillococcinium for flu-like symptoms
 Luggable Loo portable camping toilet
Steramine Quaternizing Tablets
Quarantine Sign
How to set up a quarantine at home
Plastic drop cloth
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Camping toilet kit
Above, Sensible Prepper, a HappyPreppers favorite, shares his Coronavirus
Preparing a Contagion Survival Kit

Order N95 respirators if available.
Certainly N95 respirator masks are in short supply and you must be
weary of price gouging and unscrupulous vendors who may sell you
something that's not available and then pocket the money. If you're
an Amazon Prime Member you will have certain protections and free
shipping and we can teach you
legitimate ways for how to get free
stuff on Amazon.

Look for alternative to N95 respirators.
Do what you can to order N95, N99 or N100 pandemic masks in
anticipation that they may be available later. You do NOT want to
be in line for a pandemic mask with hundreds of potentially sick
individuals. Grab what you can now knowing that dust masks will
not do you any good with Coronavirus, but they will help you from
touching your face. Get disposable masks only and learn about
Donning (putting on) and Doxxing (taking off) so that you can be
properly prepared on the mechanics of using this simple personal
protective equipment. If you can find antiviral or charcoal masks
they are better than nothing at all. If you have masks, don't use
them until the situation warrants, such as entering a hospital. Save
your limited supplies.

Remember that
Gas Masks are for short durations of danger.

Happy endings...
Having a preparedness plan in place to include quarantining will be
a valuable asset to your community for survival. Put together your
kit. While hospitals prepare for Coronavirus by setting up "Airborne
Infection Isolation Rooms," you can set up your
home quarantine
and gather necessary supplies to keep yourself and your loved ones

Your Prepper's Guide to Coronavirus:

More prepping articles....
* Products on this page are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. For any
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Prepare to live happily ever after with us at - the emergency
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homesteading, and self-reliance.
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