Grayman Survival

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Above, Special Forces Operator and author Roy Shepard discloses how to
think like the gray man. This could be the single-most important part of the
gray man.

Step #5: Ensure Advanced Preparation.
Being prepared to take a split-second decision could save your
life if you have the know how of advanced preparation. In the
important video above Roy Shepard, a prepper who is formerly
from the Israeli Defense Forces, shares the mindset of someone
ready to be the gray man. As he explains it, there are four colors
representing levels of events to give you the advanced
preparation you need as a gray man...

  • White zone: The white zone is when you are unaware,
    preoccupied. Sometimes you may have a distracting text or
    phone call. Get out of this situation as quickly as possible
    so you can be aware.

  • Green zone: Aware of surroundings. This is actively looking
    for something that's amiss. For example:
  • a UPS driver has a Fed Ex package (seems suspicious)
  • It's a hot day and someone is wearing a heaving trench

  • Yellow zone: In this zone you are aware something is out
    of place and in this altered state you're taking steps about
    what to do. Get the tools in your hand, have a plan for route
    of escape, look for barriers or a cover so that in the event
    something happens you're able to avoid it.

  • Red zone: Danger is when you see a weapon or an active
    shooter, you activate your pre-existing plan from the yellow

Anyone can be a gray man for a day and this is a good survival
skill to practice. In the book,
Anti-tracking, pictured right, the
goal is in maintaining a low profile and evading capture. It's an
intuitive and revealing resource that demystifies the art of
creating the illusion of invisibility. It's also a good lead-in to our
other article on
how to disappear.

Happy endings...
Being a gray man is about being boring and avoiding stimulus.
Aim for average! If you're interesting or memorable, you're not
succeeding on the gray man concept. Get out your jeans and T-
shirt and get ready to be a gray man or woman, but go beyond
the gray man concept and have a clear decision making process
in place, so that you're ready to put the grayman strategies and
tactics into play when you need them.

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Above, Antifa rioters in black bloc (dark clothing) effectively send a message
of strength in numbers, but are able to conceal their identities.

  • Create a non-threatening appearance. While the Antifa
    collectively are intimidating in black bloc, and while it's a
    good example of effective use of color, it's really the
    opposite of what you want to do as a gray man. The gray
    man is not just invisible, but also an expert at looking less
    tactical or threatening. The demeanor of the gray man is
    always non-threatening.

  • Don't wear jewelry and watches. If possible avoid wearing
    jewelry and hide tattoos because they are identifying
    markers. It's just another layer of individuality that could
    make you a target of an assault. Jewelry also can make an
    impression of your social class or help identify you in a

  • Hide anything distinguishable. Is your hair extra long? Are
    you bald? Do you have bright red hair? Put a cap on it! Have
    a bushy beard or distinguishing moustache? Shave it off.
    You'll blend in better if you have less distinguishing
    features. There's not much you can do about your height,
    weight or features like freckles. Control what you can.
    Blending in and assimilating is about being forgettable.
    Matthew Dermody's Grayman: Camouflage for crowds, cities
    and civil crisis, is a book to help you accomplish assimilation
    and give you a good foundation for vanishing in any urban
    environment in part by avoiding individual expression.

Step #3: Integrate (have a baseline movement).
Immerse yourself in the environment so that it looks like you  
belong. This means knowing the social norms and following them,
and using intuition and having a baseline movement.

Here's how to move about to avoid conflict.

  • Be boring. The Grayman theory is about never making a first
    impression. This concept is an advantage to a homeless
    person who wants to undetected to get some free heat or
    use the bathroom. He or she will ditch the gear or hide it to
    walk undetected into a mall.

  • Pay attention to cadence. The modulation or inflection of
    your voice is important. Think about how you might behave
    in a library for example, which is the polar opposite of how
    you'd behave at a sporting event. Do what the crowd is
    doing. You may need to keep your voice down.

  • Walk with purpose and confidence. Once way to avoid
    conflict is to look like as though you know where you're going
    (even if you don't). This could mean walking briskly, but it
    might mean walking the pace of the crowd. Use your

  • Avoid sudden movements. Control your movements.
    Remain calm and have the body relaxed and not show any
    stress. Depending on the situation you may not want any
    sudden movement at all. You may need to use reflective
    surfaces on the street to watch what's going on around you
    instead of looking suspiciously to the left or right.

  • Avoid eye contact. When someone connects with you
    visually, this eye contact can draw you into their sphere and
    you'll make an unwanted impression as a gray man. If this
    happens, try brush it off with the wave of a hand so as
    though to say, "not today" without opening your mouth.
    Another tactic for the gray man is to just look aloof. If you're
    engaged in thought or walking with purpose, you can avoid
    such unwanted eye contact.

  • Minimize interactions with people. If someone asks you for
    directions, just tell them that you're late for an appointment
    or talk to an imaginary person on your cell phone. When
    someone asks you for spare change look preoccupied in
    thought. Keep the interaction to a bare minimum.

  • Keep a show of hands. The gray man hands should be open
    and not in the pockets ~ this is because hands provide
    visual clues about a person. When you're not concealing your
    hands you're also not holding a weapon. This makes you
    appear less threatening and noticeable. When your hands
    are relaxed they're also not it a position to strike. This can
    build a level of trust in you. However, when you are in an
    awareness of danger, this is when your tools are ready.

  • Know that smell is a factor. Don't wear perfume or Old Spice
    deodorant to trigger an olfactory connection to you ~ smell
    of any kind can help form an impression of you. If you're
    homeless, for example, excessive body odor can be a
    giveaway. If you're nervous you'll perspire more and this
    could trigger someone to think suspiciously of you. Less
    information about you is better.

Step #4: Maintain a situational awareness.
You can eliminate the chance for danger when you know how to
maintain a situational awareness. It's about having a threshold of
information about a situation so you can respond. If something
happens then you can follow through with a plan of action.

  • Think like the gray man. When you have the gray man
    mindset you are prepared mentally for what is to happen.
    This is the most under discussed, but most important part of
    succeeding as a gray man. You can get yourself out of a
    dangerous situation. Have a cultural awareness, and have a
    baseline about how the locals look and behave. You'll mimic
    this and

  • Understand Situational Awareness. Make a proactive
    awareness of the world around especially when in "gray man"
    mode. The Situational Survival Guide, right, helps you know
    your threats and develop your personal action plan to
    manage your exposure to threats to help you avoid
    catastrophe. This is "Standard Operating Procedure" for the
    military to control the outflow of sensitive information. There
    are many techniques, strategies and tactics that can help
    you with situational awareness. Below is an excellent
    summary from a Special Forces Operator on the general
    concept as it applies to preppers...
Gray Man Survival
Skills and knowledge for going unnoticed to stay safe

How to become a Gray Man for survival:
What's a gray man? It's military and prepper jargon for not
drawing attention to yourself. It's a kind of survival psychology
and urban camouflage technique to go under the radar. Becoming
a "gray man" is reducing awareness of your presence, so that
others may dismiss you or not even notice you. That could be a
good thing in a survival situation!

Going unnoticed can enable you to slip away and avoid dangerous
conflicts. In short, the gray man concept can keep you out of
harm's way.

Are you ready to be an urban ninja? Learn how to avoid conflict
using the five gray man survival skills below...

Develop "Gray Man" Survival Skills!
Everything you want to know about gray man tactics ~ how to
blend in, disappear, avoid harm, detect lies and much more is
available in a new book called
Gray Man Tactics, right. It's a
highly detailed book on how to be use the gray man theory. What
follows is an overview about gray man survival skills.

Knowledge weighs nothing as they say, and having the right
knowledge and skills to become a gray man could save your life.
Below are the strategies of being the unseen and unknown.

Here's how to be a gray man:

Step #1: Establish a baseline.
You can become a "grayman" in a survival situation by first
observing others and then developing a set of skills and
mannerisms to camouflage yourself under those terms. The key is
establishing a baseline for how people are acting, how they're
dressing for the occasion, how they are moving and talking in the
situation. Establishing a baseline is an observation you make
about what's going on...

Watch and observe:
  • How do others appear in the setting?
  • How are these people talking?
  • How are they moving in their environment?
  • How are they behaving?

Establishing a baseline is a part of situational awareness
(another whole discussion). Your goal in being a gray man is to
appear, talk, move and behave as others do. It's a way to go
undetected, unnoticed, unchecked and unharmed! Establishing a
baseline is about knowing the norm. The baseline norm will be
different depending on whether you're at the beach, in a
neighborhood, in a crowd during civil unrest, or during
Martial Law.

Step #2: Learn to be invisible in appearance.
Be "invisible" to others in part by wearing non-descript clothing
for the situation and on your person. This goes back to your
baseline observation. Ultimately, your goal as a grayman is to
avoid creating a stimulus. A stimulus is something memorable
and that creates an impression.

Some ways to be invisible:

  • Wear muted colors. Someone who wears a gray sweatshirt
    will be less noticeable than someone who wears neon
    orange, but the concept goes beyond just wearing muted
    colors and it's not just about dressing like the others either.
    It's about integrating and looking like you belong and that
    you're not out of place.

  • Skip the prints, stripes and embellishments. To be a gray
    man you don't need to wear gray, you can wear navy, muted
    green ~ as long as it's a solid and muted color. Avoid
    camouflage prints, Hawaiian shirts and stripes, for example
    and any over the top fashion statements. Go natural, neutral
    and classic. Don't be flashy.

  • Avoid military-like clothing. Your favorite tactical hat could
    make you appear like someone with knowledge. Incidentally,
    pack your bugout clothes without any such paraphernalia
    either. It causes unwanted attention for the same reasons.

  • Shun the branded clothing (for the most part). Branded
    clothing will build an impression and give someone a
    description about you which you want to avoid: "He was
    wearing a Nike shirt and shoes." Logos or T-shirts with
    words provide an impression in which the gray man or
    woman wants to avoid. It's okay to wear a U.C. Berkeley
    sweatshirt if you're trying to blend in at U.C. Berkeley, but
    you'll stand out if you wear the same shirt at rival school
    UCLA. It's a stimulus, which you want to avoid. Refrain from
    having things on your person that look out of place.  If you
    want to fit in at a Steeler's game, you can wear a "Terrible
    Towel," but no where else or you'll stand out!

  • Choose the same style of clothing as others in your
    baseline. Wear clothing that's indistinguishable. In some
    parts of the country a cowboy hat is the norm, in others it
    stands out. The same is true of camouflaged clothing.

  • Be cognizant of the color range to fit in. The Antifa wear
    Blackbloc, which is the collective element of wearing black
    clothing, such as scarves, sunglasses, ski masks, hoods,
    heavy boots and other gear to make an impression and
    intimidate, yet remain anonymous individually. Collectively
    they make an impression! It's with purpose because
    individually you can't describe any of them. Should an
    altercation happen it will be difficult to hone on the
    individuals responsible. They are like human zebras ~ safety
    in numbers, actively defending the herd and adding a layer
    of confusion by wearing similar clothing.
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