Dealing with Powassan Virus when there is no doctor

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Powassan Virus Hits the United States
While Powassan Virus affects under 100 people annually, and
Lyme disease has affected more than 20,000, do not dismiss this
extremely rare disease, but don't go into an
Ebola panic. While
you shouldn't panic about this one, you should be aware to avoid
it, particularly if you are  a prepper who hunts, camps or hikes in
the woods.

Don't loose sleep over this one. Just be aware and take the same
preventative measures you do for West Nile Virus and Lyme
Disease. Take measures naturally to get rid of ticks, using such
as using Rose Geranium Essential Oil.

How did the Powassan virus get it's name?
The Powassan virus, which is named after the Powassan, Ontario,
where it was first discovered in 1958.

setting up the proper precautions to repel ticks is
easily done by using repellent, wearing proper clothing and simply
avoiding the back country of infested parts of the country in the
North Eastern United States and the Great Lakes (
Connecticut, Minnesota and Ohio).

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Happy endings...
The good and happy news is that Powassan virus is still relatively
rare as well some people who are exposed to the virus never get
it. If you've ever been in the Eastern United States and had a tick
bite, it's possible you've come into contact with Powassan virus
and not been affected. Many people who become infected just
don't have any symptoms.

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Preventing Powassan Virus
A tick-borne illness worse than Lyme disease!

Dealing with Powassan Virus when there is no doctor.
When the weather gets better, and out come the deer ticks, you
may be worried about Lyme disease, but those little eight-legged
terrors have something new and more worrisome in store for you
in the realm of uncurable diseases. Now you can add another
reason to be scared of ticks:
Powassan virus!

There is no treatment for Powassan Virus according the CDC, but
preppers know there is more you can do than simply preventing
ticks from biting. Below are some tips on preventing Powassan
Virus from a prepper's perspective...

How to Prevent and Cure Powassan Virus
When there is no doctor how will you help see your loved ones
through Powassan Virus? Be ready with these ideas.

#1: Get colloidal silver!
Tick bites happen, so it's best to stock the prepper's medicine
cabinet with
colloidal silver and if you get a tick bite to
immediately. Colloidal silver is not just some snake oil. It's
trusted medicine. Advanced Cellular Silver
ACS 200, pictured right,
can help. A unique dietary supplement, ACS 200 provides fast,
significant relief and immune support. Prescribed by doctors in
over 15 countries. Garry Gordon, M.D. Prefers ACS because it is
proven to be 4,000 to 1,000,000 times more effective than
competing silver brands in killing pathogens!

Advanced Cellular Silver, ACS 200 Extra Strength, pictured right
achieves 99.9999% (complete) kill against Borrelia burgdorferi,
Bartonella henselae and co-infection microorganisms Powassan
virus, MRSA and more without harming healthy flora or damaging
human tissue. Adanced Cellular Silver, ACS 200 Extra Strength,
pictured right achieves 99.9999% (complete) kill against Borrelia
burgdorferi, Bartonella henselae and co-infection microorganisms
Powassan virus, MRSA and more without harming healthy flora or
damaging human tissue.

#2: Stock up on essential oils.
There are three reasons why you should stock up on essential oils
for preventing and healing from Powassan Virus:

  • #1: Use essential oils for repelling ticks. The most
    important reason to use essential oils for dealing with
    Powassan Virus is prevention. Certain essential oils can repel
    ticks so they won't latch on and suck your blood. If ticks
    don't like the essential oil you dowsed on your body then
    they likely won't bite. For repelling ticks try:

  • #2: Use essential oils for relieving tick bites. Lavender
    essential oil also is a soothing for bug bites. An essential oil
    may irrigate and neutralize. After a tick bite, why not rely on
    mother nature as a natural germacide?

  • #3: Use essential oils for dealing with Powassan Virus
    symptoms:* Since antibiotics are useless with Powassan
    Virus, you can prevent, but not cure yourself with essential
    oils. You see, it's interesting to note that some people who
    are exposed to the Powassan virus never get it. Did they use
    essential oils, colloidal silver, or some other natural
    alternative? Using essential oils may stop Powassan virus
    from getting you sick. You see, exposure to Powassan virus
    occurs within minutes after an infected tick attaches to the
    skin and transmits the infection.

Don't go into the woods without your favorite essential oils:

  • Lavender essential oil. Lavender essential oil can help
    relieve a bug bite, and it also has insect repellent qualities.
    Lavender essential oil is a natural antibiotic, but like other
    antibiotics lavender has no effect on viruses.

  • Rose Geranium. Rose Geranium essential oil, is another
    effective tick repellent. Rose geranium essential oil works for
    many ailments from acne to menopausal problems, but also
    is an effective repellent for lice, tick and mosquitoes!

Give frankincense a go if you have a tick bite...
Frankincense essential oil is not a tick repellent; however, it may
be worth considering in terms of homeopathic treatment for
Powassan virus.

If you were diagnosed with Powassan virus under normal
conditions, the hospital would likely put you on medications to
reduce swelling in the brain. In crisis, when there is no doctor,
you could give frankincense a go because frankincense has proven
immensely helpful in brain cancer  patients as a natural
alternative to cancer treatments in part because of its anti-
inflammatory properties. Patients report using frankincense
essential oil for brain cancer at the base of the neck and applying
it every few hours. Learn
more about frankincense.

#3: Stock up on Electrolytes.
In the hospital, treatment for Powassan virus may include
respiratory support and intravenous fluids. While there is little
you can do in the way of respiratory support, unless you are in
the medical professional, preppers can and should take on the
task of stocking up on electrolytes. Electrolytes, comprised of
calcium, chlorine, bicarbonate, magnesium, sodium or potassium,  
are hydration salts necessary for bodily functions.

If you get a tick bite, it wouldn't hurt to get started hydrating in
preparation of the possibility that sickness may set in.

#4: Be on the defensive in certain areas.
Preppers in the United States should be concerned about
preventing Powassan Virus, particularly if they...
  • live or are planning to visit North Eastern United States and
    the Great Lakes
  • have a residence close to wooded parts of Connecticut,
    Minnesota or Ohio.
  • visit Ontario Canada
  • hunt, hike, camp or travel in the wooded areas listed above.

Powassan Virus, the disease named after the city in Ontario
Canada where it was first discovered in 1958, is a serious disease
that causes death or neurological damage. It's a virus that
attacks the brain causing inflammation.

#5: Wear gaiters.
Gaiters offer protection for rocks and brush along the trail. More
importantly, they offer protection from ticks.
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Deer ticks, which carry Lyme Disease and Powassan virus, don't jump or fly.
Instead they crawl their way to their next blood meal. Wearing gaiters can
help make their job more difficult! Wearing closed toe boots is another
good step towards prevention of tick bites.

What is Powassan Virus and should preppers be
Powassan Virus is a minimal concern, but preppers who hunt,
camp or hike in deer tick infested parts of the country, should
take particular note of this deadly threat, especially those who
live in the North Eastern United States and the Great Lakes (
Connecticut, Minnesota and Ohio).

The Powassan Virus is related to
West Nile flavivirus. Powassan
Virus is worse than Lyme disease not only because it can lead to
encephalitis (swelling of the brain), meningitis, and a host of
permanent neurological concerns, but because Powassan Virus
acts faster than Lyme disease, and also has no cure. Powassan
Virus may mimic Lyme Disease, but it can not be cured and it is

What are the symptoms of Powassan Virus?
Symptoms of Powassan Virus come on extremely suddenly and
may include
  • confusion, speech difficulties and memory loss
  • fever, body aches
  • rash
  • headache and stiff neck
  • seizures
  • vertigo, and loss of coordination
  • vomiting, weakness

How can you avoid tick borne illnesses, like Powassan Virus?
While hiking or hunting April through September, take these
  1. Wear long sleeves and pants.
  2. Avoid bushy and wooded areas (wooded parts of
    Connecticut, Minnesota, Ohio).
  3. Protect yourself with bug spray, such as permethrin, pictured
    right or DEET.
  4. Try natural repellents, like Rose Geranium or lemon
    eucalyptus essential oil.
  5. Do a thorough tick check when hiking out doors.
  6. Shower after you've been outdoors.
  7. Spray your pets and check them carefully as well.
  8. Know how to remove a tick:
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