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Learn the "big and dirty" answers to your questions on composting toilets.

Considering a composting toilet for your bugout location?
A composting toilet makes a lot of sense and can help you fertilize
soil, which is an ideal feature for preppers. One thing to remember
is that a compositing toilet is not simply an outhouse. A
composting toilet is self-contained and waterless toilet that uses a
composting matter, such as peat moss.

How much will a composting toilet cost?
The cost is about $900, but it's well worth the expense for preppers
who are looking to live off grid. It's an ideal solution for dealing
with human waste and simultaneously getting the benefits of
making your own fertilizers.

Here is everything you need to get started in thinking about a
compositing toilet and making it part of your prepping plan:

  • Compost starter: All Seasons Bokashi. Pictured right, All
    Seasons Bokashi Compost Starter and Soil Innoculant in a 1-
    gallon bag, promotes germination, flowering, fruiting and
    ripening in plants. Bokashi is the Japanese word for
    "fermented organic matter." Made by fermenting wheat bran
    with molasses and SCD Probiotics, Bokashi has a rich tradition
    with Japanese farmers as an amendment to increase the
    nutrient level and microbial diversity of soil. As a soil
    amendment, Bokashi increases the nutrient level and microbial
    diversity of the soil for planting. Also useful as a compost
    starter in home composting efforts, an as a microbial inoculant
    in situations where a liquid inoculant would be less effective
    such as in composting food waste and in compost toilets. All
    Seasons Bokashi is for use in organic production of recycled
    food waste. It also helps to cultivate the beneficial
    microorganisms as food decomposes, speeding the process of
    fermentation and reducing foul odors.

  • Do-it-yourself composting toilet: Preppers looking for an

  • Nature's Head Composting Toilet. When SHTF, you can do
    something with it! The Nature's Head Composting Toilet is a
    reliable choice for portable, self contained, urine separating
    dry toilets on the water, on the land, or on the road. This
    toilet or "head," (the marine term for toilet) was designed by
    two long time sailors who sought to create a more user
    friendly version than anything else on the market. The product
    withstands the harsh marine environment, it can be used
    anywhere you need a toilet, especially anywhere that
    plumbing or electricity is difficult or non-existent such as on
    RVs or campers, in vacation cabins, workshops, barns, yurts,
    even trucks.

    Most importantly, this toilet doesn't have the foul odors
    associated with all other holding tank systems. The low
    volume air circulation fan built into the head provides the
    added benefit of recycling the air in your bathroom which helps
    make your whole environment smell better. Because it was
    originally designed for marine use, its rugged design and
    materials (all stainless hardware) it has been proven to be
    extremely durable no matter what your environment.

  • Sun-Mar Excel Self-Contained Composting Toilet. Pictured
    below, the Sun-Mar Self Contained Composting Toilet is a high
    capacity, electric, self-contained unit suited for heavy cottage
    or residential use. Like all SUN-MAR toilets, the Excel
    incorporates a patented Bio-drum which can be easily rotated
    and ensures a fast, odorless decomposition. The electrical
    features on the Excel are a thermostatically controlled heater
    in the base of the unit to assist with evaporating liquids, and
    a fan in the top rear which maintains a partial vacuum on the
    unit. It does this by drawing air in over the evaporating
    chamber and up the vent stack.

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Happy endings...
A composting toilet is a happy ending! You'll feel better about the
environment and you'll be better prepared for when the stuff hits
the fan.

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Composting Toilet
Install a self-contained and waterless toilet system

Composting toilet: no holding tank, no pumpouts!
A composting toilet, sometimes called a dry toilet, has no
plumbing.  The toilet is self-contained, and some toilets are urine
diverting. All have a waterless operation for off grid living.

The beauty of a compositing toilet is that you don't need a
holding tank for human waste and you're free of the pumpouts.
Below is everything you wanted to know about the best
composting toilets for preppers, but were afraid to ask...

Best Composting Toilets for Preppers
Going off grid and need a toilet system? From systems for
cottages to year-round systems with micro-flush toilets and gray-
water gardens, the wide range of ecological recycling toilet
options are featured in the
Composting Toilet System, book
pictured right.

More than 40 systems, including those you can buy and those you
can build, are featured. Composting toilet systems and other
ecological wastewater management methods are increasingly
installed in both seasonal and year-round homes, as
municipalities require systems that won't pollute the environment
and drinking water.

This book details why and how to choose, install and maintain
them. You'll also find profiles of owner-operators worldwide,
regulatory information for every state, compatible toilet stools
(waterless, micro-flush, foam- and vacuum-flush and urine-
diverting), there is a chapter on gray-water systems, information
about health risks and handling, and sources for many off-the-
shelf and DIY designs. If you are seeking to install a system that
meets state codes or if you are simply seeking to make your own
system, this book is for you. Stop polluting and start recycling
and saving water today!

What is a composting toilet?
A composting toilet is a self-contained and waterless toilet that
uses peat moss in the base for composting matter. There is no
holding tank and no pumpouts.  The biological process of  
composting is how to deal with human waste in an off-grid life.

What are your composting toilet questions?
Does a composting toilet smell?  How often do you dump liquids
and solids? Do you get bugs? Why can't I use Miracle Grow peat
moss? Which is better Coco Coir (coconut fiber) or Phagnum Peat
Moss? Does waste continue to compost? These questions and
many more —all are answered in the video below:
Nature's Head Dry Composting
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