what is a tiffin?

What is a tiffin
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Trendy, practical, just the thing for taking snacks to work or for
school packed lunches. This Indian-Tiffin has a shorter foldaway
handle. Tiffin boxes are very durable and built to last, they come
direct from Mumbai, India, where they have been used for
centuries and are still used today. These Tiffins are great for
keeping snacks and food that can be taken by kids to school, or
to work. They are also great for picnics. They not only look great,
they will continue to do so as they are made from

Stainless steel is much better than the plastic lunch boxes.

Though they are not watertight, they will transport your meal in
the most. When complete, two tiffin tins stack up on top of each
other and are sealed, through a simple locking mechanism, they
are not intended to be water tight. The height of the tins are 4
cm each and the diameter is about 11.5 cm.

Happy endings...
Using a tiffin for school or work lunches will make you feel better
about the environment because you won't have to buy and throw
away plastic bags. You'll feel healthier serving your family food in
BPA-free stainless steel. Owning a tiffin or two will also make
you feel more self-reliant because you're not dependent on
manufacturers for their plastic baggies, Saran wrap and paper
bags! In short, you'll save money too!

A tiffin makes a great gift. Look into muslin sacks, pictured right,
for your other foods!

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What is a Tiffin and Why do you Need One?
Tiffin for preppers

Tiffin: life on the homestead
The concept of a tiffin comes to us directly from India, where
they have been used for centuries. Trendy and practical, tiffin's
are used today in India and America for taking lunch and snacks
to work or school in an environmentally friendly way.

What is a Tiffin?
What is a Tiffin and why is a Tiffin something preppers should
consider? Tiffins are made from stainless steel, which is much
better than a plastic lunch boxes. In a simple set, two tiffin tins
stack up on top of each other through a simple locking
mechanism. While they're not intended to be completely
watertight, they provide a practical way to transport your food for
a personal picnic lunch.

The slang word originating in British India for a light meal or
lunch is "Tiffin," and such is the name for the stacking lunch box
made of stainless steel. It is sort of a stainless steel Bento box
that's compartmentalized in stacks. A tiffin is a dishwasher safe
and freezer safe meal box. You can use them directly on stoves
or campfires, making them an ideal choice for preppers.

Why consider a tiffin:

  • Economical and environmental. In an economical crisis,
    preppers can take their tiffin to work or school and avoid the
    continued expense of plastic bags and containers.
  • Antibacterial. Stainless steel is naturally antibacterial.

There's a growing band of people taking their lunches into work in
a trend and environmentally friendly way, which helps them save
money too. Preppers are taking note of Tiffins.

  • Take a Tiffin to work or school! Compartmentalize your
    work or school lunch with a Tiffin and you'll not only save
    money, but you'll also be that much more prepared should
    the need arise. First, you'll save money over eating out
    because you can serve leftovers for lunch. Next you'll
    eliminate the waste of plastic bags, aluminum foil and saran
    wrap. You'll likely eat healthier!

  • Take a Tiffin camping. A Tiffin is stainless steel, hygienic,
    and safe for cooking! (Do not purchase an aluminum.) You
    can take a tiffin on a picnic or a camping trip. They are not
    truly leak proof, though they provide a tight seal.
    Environmentally friendly and economical, they are great to
    take along, but if you're concerned about the possible leak
    with soups, then you can wrap it a cloth food wrap.
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