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Meat Food Storage
The best long-term survival food is meat!

What is the best prepper protein? Meat!
Meat is important to man's survival. The word itself suggests
we should eat it: "m-eat!" But if you were to look in the
average prepper's pantry there's one thing that's sparsely there
when compared to other canned and dehydrated goods, and
that's meat.

Did you know that canned meat is the most requested item at
food banks? Meat is highly prized! It's time to take stock of the
meat in your larder to ensure your family's survival and here's
more about why meat is the best prepper protein...

Meat is the Best Prepper Protein
Why is meat the ultimate survival food? The protein in meat,
fish and poultry is essential for building new cells, maintaining
tissues and helping you perform at your best when physically
active, as you would be during an emergency. In short, proteins
make everything happen!

Meat is the most complete source of protein, and thanks to the
conveniences of
freeze dried meats you can store meat very
easily for more than 25 years or more. Meat is an important
survival food for many reasons and below are ten of them....

#1: Meat is a complete protein.
The main reason to stockpile more freeze dried and canned
meat is for the protein content that's available straight from the
can. Meat is a complete protein in and of itself. This isn't true
of beans.  A complete protein will have nine essential amino
acids and beans are missing methionine. The protein isn't
complete with beans until you add the right portion of rice or

Meat, on the other hand, has almost every nutrient humans
need. Red meat has all the essential amino acids that help your
body build muscles, skin, hair and to keep your blood, glands
and organs functioning properly. What's more, red meat has B
vitamins, iron, zinc, and Selenium nutritionally speaking, meat
provides mankind with around 90% of sustenance we need to

Just about every prepper's pantry should have some freeze dried
meat and canned meat. In a long-term emergency, even
vegetarians should consider eating red meat if there are no
beans and rice available and here are some good options:

  • Freeze dried beef dices can be eaten straight from the can
    or used in any recipe requiring cooked beef. Pieces are
    diced and chopped at a perfect size for chili, soups, stews
    and casseroles. Use them for camping, emergencies or for
    everyday to create meals in a jar.

  • Freeze dried hamburger meat is compact nutrition and ideal
    to stockpile if you're short on space. Freeze dried
    hamburger is extremely versatile. With a 25-year shelf life
    freeze dried hamburger will be there when you need it
    most ~ in an emergency. Did you know that you can eat
    the freeze dried meat, straight from the can?

  • Hamburger in a can is a great shortcut to getting the meat
    you need into your diet during an emergency. Incorporating
    canned hamburger now will also help you for the nights
    when you're too swamped to get to the grocery store.
    Dinner is in a can! Just add a few ingredients and you have
    a home cooked meal whether it's sloppy Joes, spaghetti,
    tacos, a casserole or your own creation, hamburger in a can
    is ready when you are.

What about other kinds or proteins?
Beans and nuts are another kind of protein to store, but beans
require rice to make a complete protein. Nuts go rancid. Again,
meat wins over:

  • Beans need rice or corn: While it's true that beans are
    nutritious because they contain almost all essential amino
    acids your body needs, the amino acid beans don't have is
    methionine. This means you will need to add methionine to
    your diet. You'll find methionine in corn, rice, or meat. Most
    preppers stash rice, some stash the corn, but all preppers
    should stash meat! The thing to remember is that you
    must have adequate beans to rice in your food storage.
    Also, it's important to note that black beans will give you
    the most protein.

  • Legumes require rice too. Peas pack protein and fiber and
    are a good source of iron and potassium for the prepper's
    diet, but peas must be combined with other plant foods
    and grains to make a complete protein. You'll need about
    three parts rice for one part pea protein ~ this combination
    will bring methionine into the diet to complete the protein.
    Lentils are another good protein source, but they require
    one part lentil to four parts rice.  There's a bit of
    mathematics involved to ensure you have the correct
    proportions. Peas and are great to have on hand for an
    emergency, but again meat wins in the protein department

  • Nuts go rancid: Nuts like almonds are full of protein, but
    they're not a long term survival food because nuts go
    quickly rancid. The shelf life of nuts is 3-12 months in your
    pantry depending on the variety with pine nuts lasting only
    three months and almonds outlasting all nuts by around 9-
    12 months. The best solution for protein in the prepper's
    pantry is freeze dried meat.

#2: Meat is safer for humans to eat than plants.
Most plants are deadly to humans; while most meat is not. Did
you know that 90% of plants on earth are deadly to humans?
When you think of it, we must be very selective about the
plants we choose to eat. It's something you might easily forget
when you see the abundance of produce at the grocery store or
farmer's market.

  • Vegetarians would battle weight loss if it were not for
    "protein" technology. Vegetarians are usually skinny, but
    they'd be skinnier if not for our agriculture. Vegetarians
    forget how dependent they are on technology to help them
    get the proteins they need to avoid eating meat, like
    soybeans for their tofu and protein smoothies. Also, the
    technology and convenience of mass produced rice and
    beans helps them survive a life without meat. Most people
    can't grow their own rice and beans*.

    * Rice requires an abundance of water and the proper
    climate. Beans also require proper climate and must
    be dried on the vine and this can be tricky.

  • We might be omnivores, but we're born meat eaters!
    Why eat meat? For starters, humans have canines, which
    cut and shear food into chewable pieces. Your canines have
    the purpose of tearing into and then grinding meat.
    Another reason to consider stockpiling more canned meat
    is that the human body makes full use of nutrients found in
    meat. This signals that human body values meat and
    essentially requires meat. Humans have a short colon, long
    small intestine and with it lots of hydrochloric acid  to help
    break down animal protein in the stomach. Human
    digestion is designed to break down animal protein. We
    can't process plant cellulose (vegetable fibers), but we
    readily can process meat.

  • Stranded in the wild? Go for the meat (and insects).
    Crickets are a good source of protein and an exceptional
    find if you're in the wild, but you'll have to be very clever
    catching enough crickets to satiate your appetite. Hunting
    small prey is a better use of your survival time and calories
    will be well spent. One thing's for sure: if you're stuck in
    the wild, you're much safer hunting than foraging for plants
    to eat. Still not convinced? Watch one episode of Alone
    and you'll instantly value meat.

#3: Hunting for Meat: Don't go it "Alone."
If you're like many preppers you're planning on fishing or
hunting in an apocalypse, instead of growing or foraging for
your food. Growing fruits and vegetables takes time, but you
get more immediate gratification from a hunting or fishing
expedition. Hunting and fishing will be part of your prepping and
survival plan, but you're going to need to rely on canned meat
for many reasons.

Canned meat is the ultimate prepper survival food even if
you're a hunter and here's why...

  • Other hunter survivalists will have the same idea. With
    no rules on hunting season in an apocalypse and everyone
    vying for their share of available resources, the supply of
    meat sources will dwindle. Knowing you have canned meat
    in the pantry will help fuel your next venture.

  • Hunting can be dangerous. Safety aside, when the stuff
    really hits the fan in an apocalypse you may not have
    considered the hunters out there who will be hunting you!
    Having canned meat handy and keeping a low-profile will
    extend your life.

  • In a nuclear fallout you won't be able to hunt anyway.
    Canned meat will be safe to eat provided there's no
    radioactive dust on the lid. U.S. Scientists already tested
    the theory and found bottles and cans safe to consume.
    Will your food be radioactive? Yes, but they'll be within the
    permissible limits and it won't hurt you in the short term.

#4: Meat is a high-energy food.
Having an abundance of canned meat in the prepper's pantry is
important because meat is a high-energy food. Think of meat as
compressed energy! You'll find more compressed calories in a
can of meat than the same weight of grains ~ and this means
less storage space.

Meat is a high-energy food in part because of its fat and also
because of its protein content. It's the protein that provides you
with long lasting energy.

#5: Commercially canned meat is easier than
canning it yourself.
Another reason to stockpile canned meat is the sheer
convenience. Meat is a low-acid food and needs to be canned
under proper sterilization methods ~ the temperature must be
at least 101° C (and a heating temperature of 121° C is
optimal). This destroys all microorganism and spores or renders
them dormant. Canning your own meat generally isn't safe,
though many peppers can their own meat quite successfully.

Canned meat will add a high-quality, protein rich and nutrient
dense food to your diet.

#6: Stockpile meat to deal with rising food costs.
Food prices always rise and this is true especially of meat.
Canned meat is good for the pantry to help you deal with the
rising costs.

In a depressed economy meat will be a luxury!If you can afford
meat now, then it's important to plan for when you might not
be able to afford it all. When prepping for job loss, an economic
collapse, or wartime, your canned meat stockpiles will become
an increasingly important resource. Imagine yourself in hard
times trying to afford meat. You'll find it will be easier for you
to afford pasta, rice or grains.

#7: Recalls will have you reaching for canned meat.
Another reason to stockpile canned meat is that recalls happen
and you'll have peace of mind knowing the meat you have in
your pantry is safe in times when fresh meat isn't safe to teat.
E. coli makes its way in hamburger meat, Listeria finds a way
into hams and sausages; and then there's beef infected with
Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (
Mad Cow disease).

Here are just some of the examples of recalls:

#8: Drought and Famine will affect the meat supply.
Lower on the list of reasons to stockpile canned meats is for
drought and famine. While the United States has had almost
one-hundred years without famine, there's a very real threat
that drought and famine could happen again is a good reason to
invest in canned meats.

During the
Great Depression, America's Southern Plains
farmland became known as the
Dust Bowl. In the period of
severe dust storms and drought of the 1930s, millions of acres
of farmland became useless. Without grass for the livestock,
farmers were forced to slaughter them. Farmers slaughtered as
many as 6 million pigs.

#9: Meat has more iron than spinach!
Lean beef has iron in an excellent source of protein and iron.
It's the iron content that can help minimize fatigue. You may
think spinach is one of the best sources of iron, but it's actually
meat! Incidentally, Popeye never ate spinach for the iron
content. As you can see in the cartoon below, it was for the
Vitamin A content:
#10:  Humans naturally crave meat.
Very few people eat no meat or dairy at all. Those who do not
eat it are for poverty, religion or ideology. Many vegans crave
meat, and they try to work around their cravings by inventing
such things as Tofurky, and veggie burgers. For cultures who do
not eat meat, Hundusim, many partake in the dairy product:
ghee. Vegetarians eat cheese and eggs.

According to Scientific American, "
Cooperative hunting promoted
the development of language and socialization." In other words,
we must credit our desire for meat consumption to advancing of
our civilization and intelligence.

On the downside, meat takes a toll on the environment and is
expensive to produce in terms of water and agricultural
resources needed to sustain livestock. As well, Americans could
perhaps eat less meat.

Prepper Meats
The calories and nutrition of meat will provide an edge on
survival. Here are the best canned meats for prepper survival...

Shelf stable meats include:

  • Canned meats. Yoders canned meats and Keystone
    canned goods are two high-quality sources of meat
    proteins you can stock in your pantry along with cans of
    tuna, SPAM, and other canned meats.

  • Dehydrated meats: Beef Jerky and pemmican.

  • Freeze dried meats: For preppers short on space, freeze
    dried meat provides the ultimate solution of concentrated
    energy. Best of all, you can eat freeze dried meat straight
    from the can or bag.

  1. Yoder's Grass Fed beef (beef chunks, ground beef, and
    taco filling). Look for grass-fed meats, including Yoder's
    canned hamburger, beef chunks and taco filling. These
    products have a 10-year shelf life according to the
  2. Keystone Ground Beef. Make sloppy Joes, tacos and
    pasta with fully cooked ground beef in a can! It's ready to
    eat or heat.
  3. Mountain House Ground Beef. A freeze dried best seller,
    Mountain House ground beef is a must have for the
    prepper's pantry.
  4. Provident Pantry Ground Beef.
  5. Legacy Foods Freeze Dried Beef. Select NON-GMO
    certified freeze dried products, including Legacy Foods  
    freeze dried beef and chicken.
  6. Beef Jerky. Beef Jerky was a pioneer staple.
  7. Libby's Roast Beef.
  8. Emergency Essentials, formerly Provident Pantry,
    Freeze Dried Italian Meatballs. Provident Pantry Freeze
    Dried Italian Meatballs will enhance your pasta.
  9. Rancher's cut by Honeyville Farms, directly below.

Bacon, Ham and Pork

  1. Dak Ham. Made in Denmark by people who are world
    renowned for their pork products, you get 9 grams of
    protein per serving and a can of DAK Ham, which has 8
    servings. That's 72 grams of prepper protein for around $5.
  2. SPAM. Preppers have a dirty secret: they love SPAM from
    Hormel. Hawaiians love SPAM too. An excellent cookbook is
    Hawaii cooks with SPAM, pictured right. Try also SPAM
    bacon. The ingredients of SPAM bacon are fairly simple:
    Pork with ham, bacon (cured with water, salt, sugar,
    dextrose, dodium erythorbate, sodium nitrite), rendered
    bacon fat, water, modified potato starch, salt, sugar,
    sodium nitrate.
  3. Provident Pantry Sausage Crumbles.
  4. Yoders canned bacon. Did somebody say bacon? We sure
    did! From Yoders comes bacon in a can.  Truly a Prepper's
    miracle. With smoky flavor and a long shelf life, you'll be
    glad to have this canned bacon in your Preppers shelf. This
    stuff has a 10 year shelf life! You get about 40 servings
    per can of fully cooked bacon, per drained of fat. Prepper
    protein count is approximately 5 grams of protein in each
    slice. Just one can of bacon packs around 200 grams of
  5. Yoders Pork Chunks. Pictured immediate right, Yoder's
    Pork Chunks is fully cooked meat in broth.
  6. Food Storage Meat Bucket: Pictured at the top of the
    page, Food Storage has a variety pack of freeze dried
    meats with canned ones. You get turkey, pork, chicken,
    ground beef and beef.
  7. Legacy Foods 100% USDA Freeze Dried Meats. With
    generous portions Legacy Foods Beef and Chicken packs 33-
    37g protein per serving! Best of all, Legacy Foods are
    certified GMO free and are made in America.

Chicken and Turkey
Freeze dried poultry can be eaten straight from the can as a
tasty snack!

  • Emergency Essentials, formerly Provident Pantry,
    Freeze Dried White Chicken chunks #10 can.

  • Legacy Foods Freeze Dried Chicken. Select NON-GMO
    certified freeze dried products, including Legacy Foods
    freeze dried chicken and beef.

  • Yoder's Chicken Chunks with broth.

Not technically meat, but fish is an excellent prepper protein.

  • Hot smoked salmon. Flaky and delicious, hot smoked
    salmon has a three-year shelf life in the packaging and
    doesn't require refrigeration until after opening.

  • Cold Smoked Salmon. Store and rotate smoked salmon as
    part of your food storage. Cold smoked salmon can last a
    long time in your refrigerator and is one of the prepper
    foods to store in your fridge.

Combination Meat Packs

  • Survival Cave Combo Pack (Turkey, Pork, Ground Beef,
    Chicken and Beef). Pictured below Survival Cave meats
    have a reasonable shelf life of about 12 -15 years. This is
    delicious ready to serve meat.

So now you know the ultimate survival food is meat. Go for the
jerky! Tune-in to the tuna. Stack up on the Dak! You are SPAM-I
am! Meat is the best source of protein for preppers. Beans
combined with rice provide a close second.

  • Emergency Essentials / Provident Pantry Meat Combo.
    Emergency Essentials, formerly Provident Pantry has a nice
    variety pack of chicken, turkey, beef crumbles and roast

Preppers are quick to store rice and beans, because the
combination makes a complete protein, but somehow many
overlook meat food storage as part of their preparedness plans.
It can be expensive to stockpile meat, but it's also one of the
most important components of a long-term food storage plan.
Beans are fine and dandy, but they require a mixture with rice
to form a complete protein. Meat is the ultimate survival food.
Meats are a high energy food. The best source of protein for
preppers is meat, which is why meat is #6 on the prepper's list
of the
37 foods to stockpile before crisis.

Suggestions for meat, fish and poultry food storage include:

Happy endings...
Be happy that meat is available now. In war time, during an
economic depression, in in the years of a drought, meat will be
hard to come by. If the family suffers a job loss, then meat will
also be a welcome part of the dinner table.

Meat is a luxury you can prepare for today, so that you can live
richly tomorrow whatever the days may bring.

Just for fun.. Type in bacon loving prepper on Google and you'll
find the Happy Preppers! Bacon is the luxury prepper protein
and it's available in a can! Yoder's bacon is made the Amish
Yoder's Bacon in a can is pre-cooked and layered carefully
into a can.

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