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Dental floss survival uses
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Part of a series on using common everyday items for Survival. Sensible
Prepper illustrates with dental floss how you can "Improvise to Survive!"

Happy endings...
Your dentist would be proud. Why not share the article at your
next dental visit. Need to use your floss for its intended purpose,
but want to put a homesteading spin on it? Add a bit of tea tree
oil to your dental floss to get at the tricky areas of your mouth.
Tea tree oil will help with the healing of the infected pockets in
the gums.

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Dental Floss Survival
Unusual Prepper uses for Dental Floss and Dental Tape

Reach for some dental floss: it just might save your life!
Preppers and survivalists love it when one item in their
emergency supply has several uses. Add dental floss to that
illustrious list, and here's why...

Dental floss is a multi-use survival item.  Not only will dental
tape provide hygienic maintenance for healthy teeth and gums,
but your dentist and your mom would be so proud that you have
discovered these frugal and creative survival uses of dental floss
and dental tape...

Dental Floss Survival Uses
Dental floss is great for your teeth, but there are hundreds of
alternate survival uses of dental floss. Make dental floss part
your preps, pack it in your bug-out bag, maybe even tuck some in
the glove compartment of your car. Dental floss is cordage!

Here are some insanely ingenious ways to use dental floss for

Weird Use #1 for Dental Floss: Fishing gear.
Use floss like a fishing line with your fishing rod. Don't have a
rod? Use a dangling earring as hook, or a safety pin to fish.
Knotty? Then put your knot tying skills to use and weave floss
into a fishing net. Use the dental floss box to store bait, such as
earthworms or maggots you may find.

Weird Use #2 for Dental Floss: Fire starting.
Waxed floss burns!  Wrap waxed floss around a dry stick bark,
then light it like a candle. While floss itself is a tinder, use waxed
floss or dental tape to fasten bundles of kindling too. What's
more, floss will also work as cordage to make a bow drill to start
your fire if you have the know how to build one.

Weird Use #3 for Dental Floss: Hair tie.
Secure hair when building a fire and for hygiene in cooking over
an open fire. (Scouts always know to secure loose clothing, and
preppers should do the same.)

Weird Use #4 for Dental Floss: Snare making.
What's the difference between a trap and snare? The answer is a
string! Snares rely on the ability to make a noose or other device
from cordage. Floss might be the only cordage available for snare

Weird Use #5 for Dental Floss: Make a noose.
An weird but solution if you don't have an axe is to use dental
floss as a noose on a chicken or turkey. You can also use dental
floss when dressing the poultry for roasting your meal.

Using dental floss as a noose can also come in handy in a
survival fighting scenario. Granted, you'd have dental floss pre-
cut and in your pocket, but this cordage could be vital to your
survival in apocalyptic times or a
prison fight. Indeed dental floss
is a lethal weapon if used accordingly.

Weird Use #6 for Dental Floss: Lashing a knife.
Lashing a knife to a stick makes a spear for hunting instrument!  
You can lash a pair of scissors in the same fashion to make a
weapon as well. It may be all that's around to protect yourself.

Weird Use #7 for Dental Floss: Crafting cordage for a
Illustrating the simplicity of usefulness of dental floss, here's how
to make a
bow from a Popsicle stick and floss. Sure, it's a toy,
but the concept works provided you have the archery skills!

Weird Use #8 for Dental Floss: Shelter rigging.
Dental floss or tape will work nicely for your camping gear since
it's sturdy enough to hold canvas and tarps in place, yet slender
enough for getting through the eye of the needle. In a survivalist
situation, tie down a tarp with braided floss secured to trees for a
do-it-yourself tent. If there's no tarp, then floss could help bundle
wood frames and materials to forge a shelter.

Weird Use #9 for Dental Floss: Bagging food and
Keeping food away from animals, such as raccoons or bears in a
survival situation will be tremendously valuable. Just tie it up and
hang it from a tree out of reach and ready for retrieval at your
meal time, not theirs. Bears can smell your toothpaste miles
away, bag them up as well along with soaps, lip balms and any
other cosmetics or beauty aids which may smell.

Weird Use #10 for Dental Floss: Medical applications.
Floss has saved lives! Crafty men and women out and about from
medical assistance have created tourniquets. Dental floss could
successfully occlude blood flow of an extremity on a traumatic
wound with significant hemorrhage. In case you don't have sterile
thread, you also might be able to close a wound. Dental floss can
also help you close off the umbilical cord during deliveries, though
much talk of late has been of allowing the umbilical cord to drop
off naturally.

Weird Use #11 for Dental Floss: Hanging clothes.  
Wet clothes: now that's a "clothes call" in an emergency situation!If you
fall in the lake, river or stream in an emergency situation, you'll
need to get your clothes dry as quickly as possible.  It's not a
problem if you dry clothes over floss laid out like a clothes line.

Weird Use #12 for Dental Floss: Sewing.
Yes, there are "Sew" many applications! Mend clothing. Sew
buttons. Repair tents, umbrellas, tarps or mosquito netting. Of
course this requires a needle!

Weird Use #13 for Dental Floss: Affixing Gear.
Dental floss or tape can secure loose equipment to a backpack. A
survivalist might also craft a horse-shoe shaped backpack by
rolling contents into a tarp or blanket.

Weird Use #14 for Dental Floss: Cutting Food.
Floss can act like a knife to cut fruits and cheeses, divide hard
boiled eggs, cut fish from it's skin and more. Whether you're on a
picnic or in survival mode, think about this trick. Keep some
dental floss in the car, you'll never know when you might need

Weird Use #15 for Dental Floss: Trussing Poultry,
Fish and Meat.
Tie up meat and fish to sticks to cook over an open fire with
unwaxed dental floss. Or truss up poultry for the stuffing or keep
the roast tender and moist on the inside. Again, the unwaxed
floss won't burn, but it will keep your food in place

Weird Use #16 for Dental Floss: Closing bags.
Use floss like twine to secure food rations in mylar or plastic bags
without zip lock.

Weird Use #17 for Dental Floss: Securing pant legs.
For survival hiking, tie pant legs to keep out cold winds, snow or
rain and retain heat. Alternatively, in good weather, secure pant
legs to keep ticks from having easy access to skin.

Weird Use #18 for Dental Floss: Repairing shoes.
Use floss as emergency shoe-laces. Or if you're in transit and you
have crazy glue to repair shoes, you need to tie the shoes
together while it dries.

Weird Use #19 for Dental Floss: Creating Snow shoe
In a pinch, make your own snow shoes to get out alive! That's
reason enough to store dental floss in the car if you live in snow

Weird Use #20 for Dental Floss: Hand cuffs.
If need be floss could serve the necessary cordage to handcuff
someone to a tree! (Yes, this is an unusual use for dental floss,
but you never know when this information might be handy to

Weird Use #21 for Dental Floss: Gardening.
If you grow food, you can suspend vines, like tomatoes, with
floss to support the vines. Essentially this helps keep plants from
breaking off.

Weird Use #22 for Dental Floss: Fixing eye-glasses.
In a pinch, you can thread floss through the lost screw to secure
eye-glasses in place.

Weird Use #23 for Dental Floss: Sealing leaky pipes.
When there is no plumber, you can seal leaky pipes by winding
dental floss around the threaded cap to stop the leaks.

Weird Use #24 for Dental Floss: Scaling walls.
Astonishing but true: the department of corrections does not
allow dental floss as prisoners have attempted escapes by
braiding floss into a strong cordage and scaling walls. They have
also sawed through bars with dental floss! Imagine if you are
detained in a world without rule of law: the people holding you
captive might not know the full value of dental floss.

Weird Use #25 for Dental Floss: Helping your heart.
Studies show that inflammation caused by chronic mouth infection
irritates your heart's arteries, and they are more susceptible to
plaque buildup. Flossing your teeth will help fight infections in
your mouth and keep things in check.

How will you use dental floss to save your life? Hold a car hood
shut? Hang cooking utensils at your campsite? Pull a loose tooth?
The list of alternative uses is endless if you think of dental floss
or dental tape as you would twine. Yes, dental floss has so many
prepper uses! Best of all, dental floss and dental tape packs
lightly so it's not a burden to bring some in your bugout bag.

More uses of Dental Floss
Once you get thinking, you'll be able to improvise more uses for
dental floss, such as:

  • Drying apple slices if you don't have a dehydrator. If you
    don't have a dehydrator or if you want to dry apples
    naturally. Cut them into slices and use a cleaning darning
    needle through the slices using dental floss.

  • Slicing soft cheeses if you don't have a knife. Need a slice
    of soft buffalo Mozzarella? Reach for your "Reach" floss and
    easily slice what you need.

  • Braiding garlic in absence of twine. Dental floss is light and
    strong enough for a garlic braiding project.

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