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Gunshot wound starter medical kit
Gun cleaning kit
Glock poster - a detailed look at the parts
Glock reference guide
Glock benchmat
Hoppe's Gun Cleaner
Gun Cleaning kit
Guns the right way
how a gun works, parts of a gun and more
Non-toxic gun cleaner
Shooter's Bible
Gun Digest 2017
Gun gear, gun cleaing and more
Gunzilla  best handgun cleaning kit
FrogLube kit
Ballistol multi-purpose lubrican and gun cleaner
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The Glock Benchmat, above, is constructed of a thin rubberized nylon, the
mat has an oil resistant surface with an exploded diagram of a Glock pistol,
complete with parts list and other useful information.

Happy endings...
The most important gun gear you can add to your preps is medical
first aid supplies. Preppers can also teach kids about gun safety
and help them understand how we use this tool to protect our

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emergency preparedness, prepping, survival,
homesteading and self-sufficiency.
The Glock poster above is the most detailed and accurate description of the
Glock® pistol. Each part has been photographed in detail and the part's
function has been described in easy to understand terms.
Above, Nathan Spaull illustrates how a gun works, parts of a gun, the key
components and how they inter-relate.
How a Gun Works
The video below shows the gun parts and how a gun works:
Above, Nurse Amy Alton, A.R.N.P., of, shows you how to
create a gunshot treatment kit. Knife and gunshot wounds require medical
supplies and quick action. If you can't get to the hospital quickly, this kit
could save your life.

Below is a gunshot wound starter kit:
Tactical Triad non-toxic gun cleaner

#2: Firearm manuals.
Any fire arms enthusiast will enjoy a study or reference to their  
favorite firearms, but it's invaluable to preppers who are new to  
firearms. Here are some manuals we recommend:

  • Shooter's Bible. Published annually for more than eighty
    years, the Shooter’s Bible is the most comprehensive and
    sought-after reference guide for new firearms and their
    specifications, as well as for thousands of guns that have
    been in production and are currently on the market. The
    Shooter's Bible, 108th Edition, pictured right, is the latest
    printing from October 4, 2016.

  • Gun Digest 2017:  If you're interested in the newest from
    Ruger, Smith & Wesson and Savage, plus up-to-date
    information on suppressors, opinions on survival guns, how
    to really test your marksmanship, and shooting lessons from
    some of the world's top shotgunners, then this is the guide
    for you. Gun Digest has everything you need to know in 2017
    for hunting, target shooting, collecting and personal defense.

  • Guns the right way. Regardless of age, every child can
    benefit from learning about gun safety, Guns The Right Way,
    pictured right is the perfect introduction to firearms safety
    and shooting.

  • Complete Glock reference guide. Subjects include of the
    Complete Glock Guide, pictured right: Extensive coverage of
    Glock history Assembly/disassembly Maintenance
    Customization Parts interchangeability Everything else you
    ever wanted or needed to know about your Glock handgun.

#3: Ear muffs.

#4: Gun bag, purse.

#5: Diversion gun safes

Annie, hide your gun!
With the second amendment under fire, and the looming
possibility of food shortages, gun owners will find it necessary to
hide their guns and ammunition. If you have firearms, one of the
more important gun gear you can buy are diversion safes, gun
magnets and the classic under the desk holsters.
Diversion safes are ideal for preppers to hide ammunition and
firearms. On this page are a variety of diversion safes which will
blend into your home. The clock above will hide your glock. At the
bottom of the page you'll find magnetic devices to hide fire arms
under desks, or curio cabinets to disguise the real treasure
inside. And, of course, there are always books that appear to be
good reading material when they are actually hollowed out to
hide your gear.

  • Gun magnets. Affix this magnet anywhere in your home
    (away from kids reach) to hide your firearms, yet keep them
    ready for emergencies and threats.

  • Under the desk gun holster. See the bottom of the page.
    Again, not a good choice for preppers with young, untrained

Buy American Made Handguns, Rifles, Shotguns,
Smith & Wesson, Remington, Colt  top the list, but you'll find
many more brands. Consult for the
complete and recommended list of handguns. rifles, firearms and
scopes, muzzleloaders and more made in the U.S.A.

Make America great again and
buy American made preps!

How to create a gunshot wound kit
Be sure to get your gunshot wound kit ready so you're fully
Gun Gear, Gun Cleaning and Gun Parts
Gun parts, gun gear, how a gun works and more...

It's time to go a bit beyond the beans bullets and bandaids. It's
time to "get tactical" and discuss how a gun works, gun parts,
gun gear, non-toxic gun cleaning and how to create a gunshot
wound kit, but first, here are some fun items ...

  • Don't go ballistic! "Say hello to my little friend," is a scene
    made famous by Al Pacino in the movie The Godfather, when
    his character, Tony Montana, a.k.a. Scarface, was extremely
    and uncontrollable furious, screamed as he blasted through
    the door the now famous line. The cute little gnome, right,
    pokes fun of this favorite scene. It's an ideal gift for a gun
    enthusiast and supporter of the second amendment and the
    constitutional right to bear arms.

  • Concealment mantle clock. Pictured above right, the
    concealment mantle clock is a diversion safe for concealment
    and convenient storage of your valuables, like your favorite
    firearm. It has a latch but no lock, so it's not secure for
    untrained children in the household.

  • 12-gauge shot glass. A shot glass with a bang. Each pack is
    loaded with four red glasses worthy of any pump action shot
    gun. Sit down with a drinking partner, charge up each 12-
    gauge cartridge and then get ready to fire from both barrels!
    One thing's for sure you're going to have a blast!

Gun Gear

#1: Non-toxic gun cleaner / gun cleaning kit.
What's the best gun cleaning kit? The one that's not toxic! If
you're cleaning your guns inside then you may be especially
concerned about getting a non-toxic gun cleaner. Shopping online
you'll have an easier time finding a non-toxic gun cleaner, and
here are few we recommend:

  • Ballistol multi-purpose lubricant and cleaner ~ Ballistol is a
    multi-purpose aerosol can lubricant cleaner protectant that
    was developed for gun cleaning! Ballistol was developed for
    the German Army who requested an oil that would lubricate,
    clean, protect and preserve firearms and gun stocks as well
    as preserve leather gear. Unmatched for cleaning firearms,
    Ballistol minimizes the need for brushing and scraping
    barrels and chambers. Ballistol is slightly alkaline in nature;
    meaning that it neutralizes the effect of sweat and skin oils.
    It's perfectly safe for the environment.

  • FrogLube gun cleaner ~ FrogLube gun cleaner is non-toxic.
    It's also the non-flammable, non hazardous gun cleaner
    that's actually made of food-grade ingredients. It's safe,
    effective and even USDA approved as the bio-preferred
    product, making it among the best of the best of gun
    cleaning kits. With a pleasant mint smell, FrogLube is
    biodegradable, will not harm the environment.

  • Gunzilla. Gunzilla non-toxic gun cleaner removes rust, lead,
    copper, plastic, carbon and cleans corrosive ammo. Leaves a
    non-ionic coating for lubrication and protection.

  • Tactical Triad. Tactial Triad is a professional gun cleaning
    kit for rifles, shotguns, pistols, handguns and firearms
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