Apocalypse Soup

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Above, Campbell's shows off nine ways to enjoy soup, including chipped
egg, chopped parsley, grated cheese, hot butter, garlic croutons, bacon,
whipped cream, cucumber slices and cereal floats.

Augason farms soups:

Happy endings...
Soup is good food. You can make soup from leftovers, scraps of
vegetables or start with a bone broth, and find endless ways to
garnish them. Toss in freeze dried foods to add texture, nutrition
and variety to soups.  Now that you know that soup is good food,
learn how you can cook with it! 1
01 things to do with canned
soup, pictured right, will help you find 101 new uses for the most
popular staple in your cupboard.

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Above, Irish Pub Cheddar Soup by Valley Food storage just needs a little
garnish of real bacon bits, cheddar shreds (stock freeze dried cheese) and
green onions or chives from your herb garden. It's thick and hearty.

Apocalypse Soup Combinations to Try...
Below are some soup toppings and garnish ideas are with
preppers in mind. They are shelf-stable ingredients that will add
variety to the prepper's pantry. You'll get bowled over with
excitement by these creative soup combinations:

  • Butternut squash soup topped with pinenuts and raisins. Or
    if you're lucky enough to have pomegranites growing, a
    tablespoon of seeds gives your butternut squash soup a
    healthy fall flavor.
  • Clam Chowder gets a mysterious boost from a topping of
    bacon bits!
  • Roasted Red Pepper soup gets a lift with Croutons and
    shaved Parmesan cheese.
  • Tomato soup pairs well with canned garbanzo beans. (See
    the Soup of the Day book by Williams and Sonoma, above
  • French Onion Soup authentically requires a wedge of crusty
    French bread and two cheeses (Gruyère and Parmesan), but
    preppers can substitute with a combination of Croutons and
    shaved Parmesan cheese. (Parmesan is a good hard cheese
    and on the list of foods to keep in your fridge.)
  • Pumpkin soup with Croutons and shelled and toasted
    pumpkin seeds.
  • White Bean soup with olives and Croutons.

List of Creative Soup Toppings and Garnishes for Preppers
  1. Bacon bits are delicious on potato leek soup, potato cheddar,
    lentil soup, split pea soup to name a few. Try also crumbling
    Yoder's canned bacon!
  2. Cheerios? See the vintage Campbell's soup serving
    suggestion, pictured below with more unusual tomato soup
    toppings, including chopped egg, hot butter and even whip
  3. Cheese crisps
  4. Crunchy bread sticks
  5. Caramel apple chips as a pumpkin soup topping.
  6. Coconut shavings (ideal for curried butternut soup)
  7. Corn chips (Fritos)
  8. Cracked black pepper from your peppermill is a beautiful
    finishing touch to any soup!
  9. Cranberries, dried
  10. Croutons top any creamy tomato-based soup.
  11. Crispy Onions by Fresh Gourmet
  12. Dehydrated corn
  13. Dried shallots, scallions and leeks
  14. Jalapenos (canned)
  15. Just Veggies, pictured right.
  16. Pepperidge Farm fish crackers swim well in tomato soup.
  17. Freeze dried cheese
  18. Garbanzo beans, canned
  19. Lime Juice (bottled, high in folic acid)
  20. Mini marshmallows and toasted almonds top this pumpkin
  21. Olives, canned
  22. Oyster Soup crackers
  23. Parmesan crisps
  24. Pine nuts, shelled and toasted
  25. Popcorn on beer cheese soup?
  26. Pumpkin seeds, shelled and toasted, or just toasted in the
  27. Raisins
  28. Salsa or Pico de gallo
  29. Sliced almonds
  30. Sunflower seeds, shelled (they are high in folic acid)
  31. Tabasco sauce gives zip to any soup lacking flavor
  32. Tri-color tortilla strips - delicious on Wolfgang Puck's Tortilla
  33. Wasabi peas
  34. Wonton strips on Miso soup or even ramen soup.

Bonus List: Soup-er Home Grown Toppings!
If you're lucky enough to grow your own you can add:
  • Chicken tortilla soup with green onion curls, cilantro and tr-
    colored tortilla strips.Squeeze with fresh lime, and drizzle
    with Tabasco sauce to taste.
  • Butternut squash soup with pomegranate seeds.
  • Gazpacho with olives.
  • Tomato soup with fresh chopped parsley and Croutons.
Apocalypse Soup Ideas
How to make soup more interesting during the apocalypse

How to Make Apocalypse Soup:
Soup is good food. Soup is good food for a quarantine and it's
good for an apocalypse. In fact, soup is among the most popular
foods at the food banks, next to cans of tuna, bags of rice and
peanut butter jars. Savory and comforting, you can enhance your
soup food storage with toppings. Below are some fun ideas.

Enhance your food storage with soups!
The prepper "soup of the day" can get a happy lift with savory
and sweet garnishes and toppings that are shelf stable. We've
also included a bonus list of topping ideas for preppers who are
lucky enough to have a garden.

Remember, too, that leftovers always make great soup toppings.
You may have cold potatoes, scraps of cheese, or boiled pasta or
leftover rice in your refrigerator, and thereby have the makings of
a wonderful new soup combination.

The time to prepare your garnishes is while your soup simmers.
Enjoy your apocalypse soup in wide-brimming bowls, which allow
your soup toppings to scatter in an appetizing array.
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