prepping for your dog

Medical supplies for your dog to build on the first aid kit:

Things to include in your doggie first aid kit:
  • antiseptic wipes
  • gauze pads, first aid tape and bandage roll
  • collapsable water bowl
  • exam gloves for you
  • tweezers and magnifying class for ticks
  • emergency blanket
  • no chew bandages
  • manuka honey. Use Manuka honey as the antibiotic! In this
    way, there's no problem if the dog licks his wound.  
    Medihoney is made for humans, but would work as a
    dressing for your pooch as well.
  • waste bags

More medical supplies to include:

  • No-Chew Bandages: PetFlex No Chew Bandage is a
    flexible, cohesive bandage with a bitter taste to help
    prevent chewing, biting and tearing of the bandage. PetFlex
    tears cleanly by hand, will not constrict, does not stick to
    skin or hair, and stays in place. It's just enough to dissuade
    your dog from chewing so that the injury can heal.

  • Pet Relief Dog first aid spray. Pet Relief Dog first aid spray
    is an all-natural spray that will help your dog heal fast.
    Pictured immediate right, it's 100% safe and effective.

#5: Put together a grooming supplies kit.
Grooming might not seem so necessary when the poop hits the
propeller, but in times of pandemic, it may be critical. Ticks and
fleas harbor disease in your pet and you! Here are some things
you should be stockpiling for your pet.

  • Advantage Flea Control: You, your family and your dog
    deserve the advantage in uncertain times. Fleas are not just
    a nuisance, in uncertain times your careful planning could
    provide the necessary protection for both you and your dog.
    Remember, it was an infestation of fleas in rats that caused
    the bubonic plague. Left unchecked, fleas can cause serious
    disorders in your pooch, including flea allergy dermatitis,
    secondary skin infections, tapeworms, and even anemia.

  • Frontline Tick Control: Don't expect one product to work for
    both ticks and fleas. Advantage has the advantage on fleas,
    while Frontline Plus is your frontline defense against ticks.
    Frontline to your aresenal of supplies when prepping for a
    puppy particularly if you live in zone with a heavy deer
    population. Ticks bring lyme disease and a myriad of other
    illnesses that you could easily avoid with this monthly

  • Zymox for Treatment of Chronic Ear Infections: ZYMOX
    Otic,pictured immediate right, is an enzymatic solution for
    dogs and cats in the treatment of acute and chronic
    inflammation of the external ear caused by bacterial, viral
    and yeast infections. Have on hand in your emergency
    preparations. Treat once a day for 7 days for acute infection
    and once a day for 14 days for chronic infection.

  • Sentry Worm-X Plus. The first defense in avoiding worms is
    to not allow your dog to sniff the bowel movements or vomit
    of other dogs. Having said that, dogs will be dogs and you'll
    need the proper defense. Sentry Worm X Plus, kills seven
    strains of tapeworm, hookworm and ringworm quickly (in
    about 24-hours) and easily (chewable). Treat once a month
    and be confident.

  • Nail Trimmer: If you take your dog in for grooming or have
    the vet clip nails, then you need to stock a pet nail trimmer
    for uncertain times. Pictured right, you may just want buy a
    nail trimmer for dogs to do it yourself and save the money
    to prep more for your dog.

  • Dental Kit for dogs: This Dental Care Kit Dog includes beef
    toothpaste your dog will enjoy and two toothbrushes for you
    to get the job done.

#6: Get your Pet Waste Sanitation supplies in order.

  • Pet waste bags. It may seem a luxury to prep for dog
    waste, but pet waste transmits diseases and can be easilty
    mitigated when you bag dog stool for proper disposal.
    Become a pooper scooper if you're not already and get extra
    bags to prepare for uncertain times.

  • Doggie Dooley Septic Tank: The Doggie Dooley Septic Tank,
    uses natural bacteria and enzyme cultures to reduce dog
    waste to a ground absorbing liquid. Just shovel stools into
    the system, add water and Digester Powder and you're done.
    Neat, clean, convenient way to dispose of pet waste.

#7: Take care of your dog's basic needs.

  • Stainless steel bowls. Buy only stainless bowls. Stainless
    steel not only resists rust, tarnish and corrosion, but it's
    easy to disinfect. Pour water directly into the bowl and boil.
    Plastic bowls absorb odors and bacteria.

  • Water. It almost goes without saying... plan reserve water
    for your dog! Perhaps you could set aside water for the dog
    in another container. This water could be ordinary tap water
    that you will choose not to filter or treat. In this way, your
    dog will not be sharing the same water supply and
    competing for resources of filtration. It will give your puppy
    the best possible survival means. Pack extra water!
    Remember that you will have to clean the bowl, and that will
    take resources away from your family.

#8: Seek additional resources.
Get ideas from your local humane society about how you can
prepare for your dog. They offer training and services and can
help you address health needs.

More ideas for bugging out with your dog.
A hidden gem in the book "Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag: Your
72-Hour Disaster Survival Kit," a book by Creek Stewart, pictured
left, is Chapter 15. It a must read for pet owners: Chapter 15:
"Bugging Out With Pets" in Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag. In
addition to providing an extensive list of advice on the topic of
bugout bags, this good chapter covers some important
considerations for bringing pets along your bugout. The book is a
wonderful addition to any Happy
Prepper library.

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gear and food storage.
Dogs manage to survive on man-made kibble and canned dog food, but it
has a cocktail of preservatives and altered nutrients of chemicals that can
cause cancer. The video above shows how to prevent cancer naturally and
help your dog survive cancer

How to use a Dog Food Bag to Grow Potatoes
Having a dog you likely will have dog food bags. Don't throw
them away! If you have an empty five-pound bag of dog foodyou
can grow potatoes and even sweet potatoes. Here's how to grow
potatoes in any bag!
The video above shows you how to train your dog to speak. It's a fun trick
to master, and when you have done that you can train your dog for
various survival skills.

Survival skills to train your dog
It's time to teach your dog some tricks, and these skills will
help both you and your pet survive. Skills for the prepper dog

  • Barking. There are two skills to teach your dog in regards
    to barking. First, you'll need to teach your dog to bark on
    command (to discourage intruders). You'll also need to
    STOP your dog from barking on command (to hide from
    intruders). Both are important skills for dogs -- even the
    little ones. It will also help your dog to think.

  • Defense. Dogs will have an instinctual need help you when
    you are in trouble, but you'll need to stay in control with a
    command to have your dog back off. Learn an attack
    command. Usually this is a voice command followed by a
    pointing signal, so the dog know who to attack.

  • Hunting. As dogs are domesticated animals, they may
    have "forgotten" the skill of hunting. When the bullets,
    beans and kibble runs out, your dog will have to help fend
    for himself. Here's how to train your dog to hunt.

  • Stay. One of the most basic things you can teach your dog
    is to "stay."

  • Search and rescue. Admittedly, search and rescue is a
    highly specialized training, but if your dog has the skills,all
    the better. Lassie was the ideal dog for search and rescue.

#4: Assemble a dog First Aid kit.
Do you have a plan for wound care for your dog? Sulfedine first
aid ointment, pictured right, helps prevent infection, relieves
pain and provides a barrier against insects and germs

Preppers are often surprised that the components of a dog first
aid kit is not much different from one intended for humans.
Think of your dog's first aid kit as a secondary line of defense
for yourself.

While you can come up with your own doggie first aid kit, others
have done the work for you and have conveniently packaged it
so you can carry it in your car. The Pet safety kit, pictured
below, is a basic kit and highly rated on Amazon for around $20.
It's a smaller version of their larger kit and includes a safety
guide, thermal foil emergency blanket, tweezers, alcohol
cleansing pads, sting relief prep pads, emergency whistle and
#3: Train your dog for survival.
Preparing your dog for survival is different from training your dog
for survival. Your dog has many skills and you can improve the
skills s/he has.

A dog clicker, pictured right, along with treats a and the reward of
praise can help you train your dog for survival.
Above, Survival Lilly shows you how to make a survival "rucksack" for your
dog, and she demonstrates OneTigris.

Another kind of a bugout bag for your dog is one you carry or
stash in your car.

Components of doggie "Bug out Bag" Survival Kit
In the Emergency Ready Deluxe Survival Kit for One Dog, a
comprehensive survival kit, the experts have thought of
everyything for your dog. The kit includes emergency dog food,
water, shelter, and more to prepare your special little loved one.

The kit includes these items packaged in durable zippered bag.
  • Dog Food Packets - vacuum sealed for 5 year shelf life,
  • Water Boxes - 5 year shelf life
  • Thermal Blankets - retains 90% of body heat
  • Emergency Lightsticks - with lanyards
  • Leads - collar and leash
  • Dog Toys - chewable and vinyl (assorted)
  • Bowls - collapsible bowls hold 40 oz.,
  • Water Purification Tablets - 1 tablet purifies 1 liter
  • Pet First Aid Kit - pet emergencies from head to tail
  • Rope - 50' of vinyl cord; create runner or tie down
Prepare your Dog for Survival
Emergency preparedness plans for your pooch

Prepping for your dog.
The Centers For Disease Control says "We do not have evidence
that companion animals, including pets, can spread COVID-19."

Man's best friend deserves an emergency contingency plan. To
that end, we've gathered a list of essentials and considerations.
Prepare your dog for survival! Your dog can help you survive and
so you need to help your best friend survive, too. Dogs get cancer
~ they need medical attention, food and love to survive and
emergency too. Here is how to prep for dogs...

Why are dogs important in survival?
You need only look at a homeless person with his or her dog to
know the true value of owning a canine in crisis. A dog is perhaps
the last most precious possession a human can own.

Dogs can provide service in many ways:

  • Defense. As an instinct, dogs will provide you with defense.
    They alert you to activity, warn you of danger and defend
    you physically because you are part of their pack.

  • Companionship. Dogs provide companionship and
    unconditional support. They entertain your kids and support
    their needs. In short, they can help soothe stress and boost
    your mood.

Certainly, dogs will help aid in normalcy in uncertain times. For
many preppers and survivalists, its necessary to prepare a dog for
survival. Here's how...

How to prepare your dog for survival
Man's best friend deserves a shot at survival, too. Here's how to
prep for your dog...

#1: Stockpile kibble, cans and treats.
Set up a supply of canned food, kibble and treats -- the same
stuff you serve every day. Start with a two week supply and move
on from there. Check out this
dog food buying guide to learn more
about selecting dog food for life stage, flavor, food features and

Here's more about stocking up on dog food and treats:

  • Kibble. Most of your dog's survival depends on the kibble
    youstockpile. Save money on dog and cat food by buying it in
    bulk and storing the contents of the heavy bag into food
    grade buckets. Pet food in a food grade bucket will be
    impervious to rodents and vermin. Throw in a bag of oxygen
    absorbers to preserve the freshness and inhibit larvae.

    Store kibble even for hunting dogs. Even if your dog is a
    hunter, you'll want to have a store of food for the lean
    months. Thankfully, it's relatively easy to store kibble. For
    your everyday needs you can find a grain storage bin to keep
    out the rodents. To set up a year's supply of food, you can
    repackage kibble bags into Mylar and store in five-gallon

    Whatever dog kibble you pack, know that Science Diet is a
    top choice of Veterinarians. Rich in fish oil and nourishing
    fatty acids, Hill's Science Diet Puppy Small Bites dog food
    provides precisely balanced nutrition to build immunity and
    enhance mobility for puppies who prefer a smaller kibble.

  • Cans. The same rule applies to dog food cans as it does for
    people food rotate. Keep the oldest cans in the front, and
    the newer cans in the back. Buy in bulk.

  • Treats. Bones, beef jerky, biscuits -- whatever treats you
    normally give to your dog, keep some in reserve for
    emergency. Treats are important to your dog as they can
    help ease the stress and give your dog a sense of normalcy
    in uncertain times. Your dog will feel your stress during
    crisis, and you can reassure your pooch if you have a
    comforting treat to offer.

NOTE regarding peanut butter as a treat: Pack some peanut
butter for your pooch, but please beware that some peanut
butters now include Xylitol, which cause hypoglycemia and
hepatic necrosis in dogs. Be a label reader and avoid Xylitol.

#2: Make a doggie bugout bag.
It's fun to make a dog-out bag! To build your doggie bugout bag,
you'll need a good backpack, preferable in the color of your dog.
What to put in your dog's survival bag? In addition to water, if
not readily available in a stream, river or lake, Survival Lilly
recommends packing a poncho and paracord for shelter building,
as well as a first aid kit and dog food for the survival of your dog.

Lilly recommends
OneTigris Tactical Dog Training Molle Vest
Harness pictured above right.
Homemade treats for happy and healthy dogs
37 foods to hoard before crisis
Foods with the best shelf life
Fruitables ~ solution for a constipated dog
Prepper Alerts ~ Prepper daily deals
Dental Kit
3 Way Ointment Wound care for dogs
Did you know you can grow potatoes from your dog food bag? Above are
the directions for how to grow potatoes from any bag, including a 5-10
pound dog food bag!

In a long term off grid situation is it helpful to have a
Whether or not to keep a dog during uncertain times is a dilemma
in itself. A dog can help you sense intruders before they have an
opportunity to harm your family. Since people will be the greatest
of threats, it makes sense to have a dog for protection. Dogs may
also help you with hunting and ultimately be the most essential
of tools in your arsenal for putting meat on the table if you've
already trained them to do so.

On the other hand, a dog will be competing for the same
resources of food and water for survival if you have not trained a  
dog to hunt. Your dogs may bring unwanted diseases from fleas
and ticks.

Constipation in dogs
Constipation can happen at any time, but particularly when your
dog is eating unfamiliar foods or foods not part of a regular diet.
Get things moving with a pumpkin puree. Fruitables Pumpkin Dog
Digestive Supplement with vitamin, fiber and ginger fortified

Happy endings...
Plan on bugging out with your dog. You often see homeless
people bugging out with their dogs ~ they do this for
companionship. Survival is not fun if you go it alone. Truly a
canine is man's best friend.

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