survive cancer naturally

Vitamin C Shower

#7: Be natural in every way!
When modern medicine offers no hope, why not give nature a go!
Detoxify your body and clear your mind for a path that works in
harmony with nature. It's one of the secrets of people who never
get sick. Survive cancer naturally with non-toxic healing. To begin
to recover from cancer you must remove the root cause of the
original cancer problem, which may include all of the following:

  • Thirst. Your body is thirsty for raw vegetable juice and clean
    water. The solution is easy: hydrate the cells by drinking
    clean ph-balanced water and chlorophyl-rich juices and
    soups. While fresh and pure fruit juice is healthy, most of
    the thirst should be satiated with vegetable juices (kale,
    beets, celery, carrots and the like.

  • Poor nutrition. Avoid certain foods, increase vitamins and
    minerals through raw and organic foods, get antioxidants
    through green tea.

  • Acidity. Test PH daily, learn about detoxification, eat raw
    foods, eat nuts rich and avoid sugars, starches and meats.

  • Stress. Use counseling to get at the root of the lifelong
    problem, walking, yoga, aromatherapy,  massage, watching
    funny movies, surrounding yourself with love and friends.

  • Body fatigue. Get proper sleep with these insomnia busting
    ideas and boost immunity.

  • Lack of oxygen in the cells. The solution is to eat chlorophyl
    rich raw foods and re-mineralize your body with baking soda.

#8: Awaken your Mind with Non-toxic Healing.
It's time to open your mind and see that introducing toxic, man-
made substances or mutilating it with surgery and radiation burns
to an already ill body is not the answer. Healing comes from
within. Healing starts with nature.

Take control of your life and of what you eat, breathe, expose and
absorb into your body. If you are not willing to eat and drink
properly or avoid certain substances or activities, then you  truly
are not willing to survive. Everything you have done until this
point in your life: only you are responsible! The decision has been
yours alone after the age of 18.

Dr. Veronique Desaulnier's
Heal Breast Cancer Naturally,\ outlines
seven essentials to beating breast cancer:
  1. Let food be medicine
  2. Reduce toxic exposure
  3. Balance energy
  4. Heal emotional wounds
  5. Consider "biological dentistry"
  6. Add therapeutic plants to your regimen
  7. Early detection

NOTE: Like this article, Dr. Desaulnier's book is for information
purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for medical
advice. She writes, "Anyone who wishes to embark on a healing
journey involving any dietary or lifestyle changes accepts full
responsiblity for their decision." This is a valid point!

To survive cancer you must be responsible for your own health
and not simply accept that everything a doctor has to offer is
good enough. Start your mission to cure cancer by taking action
with a defensive and offensive strategy!

#9: Say no to radiation of all kinds:
Some people rely on surgery and drugs because they believe it's
impossible to be free from cancer in natural ways. It is possible!
In the book
90 Days to Live, pictured right, you'll see how a 100%
alternative medical treatment has delivered incredible results to
people who have defied the medical establishment.

  • Get a radon gas detector. Radon is a rare radioactive gas.  
    Test for radon, then if found, move from the source or seal
    and caulk foundation cracks). If someone in your family is
    diagnosed with lung cancer this is especially important.
    Knowledge is power and a radon gas detector could protect
    your other family members from radon gas exposure to avoid
    lung cancer. A radon gas test kit is as low as $12.99, which
    includes lab testing fees.Radon causes about 20,000 cases
    of lung cancer each year, making radon the second leading
    cause of lung cancer, according the CDC, but it is likely the
    number one cause of lung cancer (and not smoking).

10: Consider Natural Cancer Treatments.
Be on the lookout always for natural cures.

  • B17 / Apricot kernels (bitter almonds).* The power of
    apricot kernels (bitter almonds) can't be understated. Inside
    this powerhouse is a cancer-fighting miracle, say survivors,
    but this alternative cancer treatment is not without some
    hesitation. You will find the same cancer fighting power in
    blackberry, boysenberry, cranberry, raspberry, gooseberry,
    huckleberry, as well as millet, flax seed and buckwheat.  

  • Mistletoe*. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
    has not approved the use of mistletoe for cancer treatment;
    however, there has been much use in Europe. HawaiiPharm
    Mistletoe extract is organic and made with love for plants
    and respect for nature! Like other extracts, this product is
    not intended to treat or cure cancer.  None-the-less,
    mistletoe has been used for centuries to ease a number of

  • Learn to love olives! Olives are a pickled fruit that come the
    Olea europea tree. They are a fermented food packed with
    antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nutrients.  Some studies
    have shown they have antiflammatory effects useful in
    halting breast cancer cell production! Because they are rich in
    Lactobacillus, olives are a forgotten probiotic.

  • Cannabis oil. The cannabis oil cover-up continues from the
    food and drug administration, though researches have known
    for years that cannabis kills cancer cells! Cannabis oil is legal
    and you can reap the awesome benefits even before it
    becomes legal in 2018.

  • Colloidal Silver shows promise as an alternative treatment
    for breast cancer! An interesting study published by the U.S.
    National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health,
    disclosed the anti-tumor activity of colloidal silver on human
    breast cancer cells. In short, colloidal silver induced
    apoptosis (cell death) in the MCF-7 breast cancer cell line.
    The study suggests that "colloidal silver might be a potential
    alternative agent for human breast cancer therapy." Certainly
    this is promising news to anyone with a breast cancer

How to help someone with cancer:
  • Always offer hope and love to a cancer patient!
  • Research his or her specific kind of cancer and look to
    alternative therapies.
  • Do not ask how he or she thinks she got cancer.
  • Offer always an open ear, a hug or a hand to hold.
  • Have gratitude for this individual and let the person know
    how much you love him or her!
  • Urge him or her to avoid CT scans and ask for an MRI.
  • Buy emesis bags, adult diapers, bed pads, and organic
    cleaning products  food whatever you can to make their life
    better or more comfortable.
  • Offer to clean his or her home with natural cleaning products.
  • Read everything you can about alternative cures and
    highlight important points.
  • Bring a healthy meal. For example, make Gerson Therapy
Survive Cancer
Be happy. Be healthy. Be cancer-free!

Survive cancer naturally!
Cancer is a personal apocalypse. Medical Doctors only aim to
cut, burn or poison your cancer away, but you can revert cancer
and survive naturally! Let nature be thy medicine.

This article is about surviving cancer, not curing it. We can
neither promise a cancer cure legally* nor ethically. Until you
cure the root cause of cancer, the effect will always be the
same. You must make the root cause of your cancer diminish
and disappear. In short, you must first rid your body of toxins to
allow true healing to begin. From there you nourish your body to
full health. Your body can heal itself.

Below is how to survive cancer by letting your body do it's job...

How To Survive Cancer Naturally
Be happy. Be healthy. Be cancer-free! Let nature be the guiding
light to your personal apocalypse. Have the courage to say "No"
to chemo and radiation and let nature heal you.

Let your body do its job! Here's how:

#1: Have a Defensive Cancer Strategy.
Any football player knows that you can't win on defense alone,
and the same is true of cancer. But if the other team scores a
touchdown, because you let down your guard, they can win by
your negligence. The same is true of cancer. Your strategy must
combine both defensive and offensive strategies.

In a defensive strategy, the goal is to reduce risk by taking
away the things cancer loves, so it can not thrive. In other
words, do without, avoid and eliminate! A naturapathic doctor
boasting a 92.3% cancer cure rate
Dr. Leonard Coldwell says,
Health begins with what you eliminate from your diet, not with
what you add."

With this principle, let's outline how to survive cancer by
eliminating what helps cancer live in your body. You must
eliminate certain foods, chemicals, elements, vaccines, and
heavy metals. In other words, remove toxic substances.

  • Filter your water from fluoride and arsenic. Fluoride is a
    neurotoxin of the phosphate industry and has been known
    to cause breast cancer. Your body deserves fresh, clean
    water and you'll get that with a Big Berkey water filter.

  • Remove radiation. It's critically important to remove the
    radiation from your water. People suffering from cancer can
    help reduce their exposure to radiological contaminants in
    their water by using a Seychelle water pitcher.

  • Keep your home dust free.  If you are ill, have someone
    else dust. A HEPA filter can help.

  • Skip sugar. Avoid sugars altogether if you are a cancer
    patient as cancer feeds off sugar.

  • Stop eating mushrooms! There is a theory that cancer is a
    fungus, and since mushrooms are a fungus, you don't want
    to make it easier for the fungus to grow. The exception to
    the rule is Shitake mushrooms, which has been proven
    beneficial in Japan.

  • Avoid cheese and most dairy products. Cheese is
    delicious but it's mold. Blue cheese is twice mold. While
    you're at it, just don't do dairy. Refrain from dairy if you
    have cancer, and minimize dairy if you are trying to avoid
    getting cancer. There are some exceptions to sour cream
    and kefir.

  • Find a balance of fermented foods. Enjoy sauerkraut and
    Kimchi to boost the beneficial gut flora. Fermented
    sauerkraut contains probiotics to help you replace the good
    bacteria in your digestive system.

  • Clean up your kitchen:

#2: Have an Offensive Cancer Strategy.
Take an offensive strategy against cancer, in tandem with your
defensive strategy.It's absolutely necessary to cleanse a body
filled with toxins, so that you can allow the body to survive
cancer naturally, but you must also nourish your body. This is
the Gerson Therapy way. It's a poven nutritional program to
help your body heal from cancer. Eat clean. Sleep clean. Absorb
clean. Breathe clean. Don't let anything man-made penetrate
your body!

Here's how to take the offensive strategy against cancer:

  • Before eating, salivate! With saliva begins the digestive
    process, so take some time before eating to stare at the
    food in front of you, smell it, and allow the digestive
    process to begin.

  • Chew your food slowly and enjoy it. Chewed food is
    easiest to digest.

  • Eat Raw "live" Foods. Enzymes are a beneficial "live food"
    and since cooking destroys all enzymes in foods, you must
    eat raw. The Gerson Therapy Diet is very strict and based
    on a raw food diet.

  • Eat a chlorophyll-rich veggies and fruits.
  • Chlorophyll-rich veggies: Artichoke, arugula, kale,
    spinach, parsley, green beans, leeks, Chinese cabbage,
    brussel sprouts, cucumbers, peas broccoli, asparagus,
    zucchini, dill, and green onions.

  • Chlorophyll-rich diet of fruits. There is a theory that sugar
    (even the kind in fruit) is something to avoid if you're a
    cancer patient. Some fruits are beneficial because they
    have chlorophyll, so include in your diet apples (particularly
    green ones), honeydew melon, green grapes, limes, and

  • Drink lemon juice and squeeze lemon onto your foods.
    Lemon is acidic, but will help you balance your pH.  Aside
    from the value for cancer patience, lemons offer a myriad
    of uses for preppers.

  • Eat carrots. Carrots are a natural antifungal - they're
    grown in a moist environment. Do not eat baby carrots
    which contain potentially dangerous chemicals.

  • Give your thyroid iodine. Take iodine rich Lugols Solution,
    pictured right, for improved thyroid function.

#3: Oxygenate your body!
It's absolutely essential to give your body oxygen. There are
many ways to oxygenate your body to increase the blood
oxygen level:

  • Eat an alkaline diet: As mentioned above, a plant-based
    diet can help heal cancer. Be sure to eat only organic foods.

  • Eat sprouted foods. Sprouts provide your cells with much-
    needed oxygen.

  • Hydrate adequately: Drink filtered and ionized water, but
    also drink chlorophyll-rich raw juices.

  • Create your own alkaline water. After you've filtered your
    water with a Big Berkey, ensure you have alkaline water,
    which converts regular drinking water to delicious pH-
    structured alkaline water proven to reduce acidity and age-
    related disease.

  • Drink Green Tea. Green Tea is rich in chlorophyll and
    loaded with antioxidants.

  • Cooking oils. Keep them to a minimum, but add good ones
    including coconut oil and olive oil to your diet (but don't
    cook with olive oil, use it instead for salads).

#4: Test your pH and learn from it.
A simple test of pH with saliva or urine can help you determine
whether you are truly acidic. Most people are. While there are
some people who are too alkaline, usually this is not a problem.

  • How to determine your pH results: There are many
    factors that will affect the results of your pH test, including
    the food and drink, exercise and stress levels, as well as
    the kinds of products you put on your skin and the air you

  • Alkaline: A reading of pH 7.0 is perfect and in balance,
    and one should strive for a 7.5 for a healthy alkaline

  • Acidic: A pH of 6.5 is acidic, and anything below that
    is extremely acidic and needs urgent attention.
    Consult a trained practitioner with your results to
    learn more about creating the perfect balance in your

  • Use Coffee to balance your pH. Coffee is acidic, but can
    help keep your PH in check. The Gerson Therapy uses a
    coffee enema (not so pleasant). It's much more pleasant
    to enjoy coffee, but do so dairy free! While drinking coffee
    is not Gerson Therapy approved, coffee is absorbed into
    the body in the Gerson method. Absolutely, drinking
    organic dark roasted coffee can improve your pH if you are
    acidic. Use a gold filter! Dr. Mercola agrees: Coffee is
    beneficial (and can be a therapeutic and sensible part of
    your diet!

  • Eat raw nuts, preferable organic. Munch in moderation
    on raw nuts and seeds. Brazil nuts and sunflower seeds in
    particular are very healthy!
  • Brazil nuts will especially help improve your alkalinity.
  • Avoid cashews, which are not raw.

#5: Heal your body with lemons.
Lemons have healing powers! Lemons help ensure a healthy pH
and bolster your immunity by aiding in the digestion process
and warding off free radicals. When you grow lemons you'll find
them abundantly useful in survival to avoid scruvy, too. Lemons
will help you heal cancer inn many ways.

Lemons help you:

  • Deal with stress. Did you know stress causes the body to
    use too much Vitamin C? Lemons are an easy way to
    replenish what your body has used up in a stressful day of
    an uncertain world.  Lemons lighten your mood to relieve
    depression and improve your mental health.

  • Improve blood pressure. Lemons boast potassium to help
    keep blood pressure at optimum levels.

  • Boost your immune system. Rich in flavinoids, lemons
    work against infections to help you prevent cold and flu.

  • Balance pH levels. While lemons seem acidic, they are
    highly alkaline, meaning they can reduce your body's
    acidity to help balance your pH levels. A body in an
    alkaline state heals itself.

  • Remove toxins from your body. Lemons flush your body
    of toxins and purify it, keeping your urinary tract in good
    health. Lemons encourage your liver to produce bile and
    this process detoxifies your body.

#6: Keep your skin clean of toxins.
According to the Gerson Therapy, never put something on your
skin that you wouldn't eat! That's difficult to do, but a good
example of hydration for your skin that is edible is
coconut oil.

Your epidermis (skin) is your largest organ! Take care of it:

  • Don't swim in a chlorine pool. If you have a pool consider
    a salt pool. Cancer patients undergoing the Gerson Therapy
    offer patients an invigorating swim in salt pool.

  • Clean minimally with soap. Choose the purist soap you
    can find. Use clear and free laundry detergent. Choose and
    organic sulfate free shampoo, conditioner, and even an
    organic fluorid-free toothpaste.

  • Use the most natural dish washing liquids possible.
    Select an essential oil based dishwashing liquid ~ both
    Whole Foods and Trader Joes have nice options.

  • Go natural without makeup. If you feel you need to wear
    makeup, then wear an organic brand, particularly the
    lipstick. Wear a petroleum free lip balm. Burts Bees is
    made of natural beeswax.

  • Don't dry clean. If you must dry clean your apparel for a
    specific occasion, then choose an organic dry cleaner. They
    exist if you look for them!

  • Avoid cosmetics, lotions and mosquito repellents. Choose
    organic essential oils to deter bugs instead of harsh
    chemicals. Make your own essential oil hand sanitizers. It's
    better to keep out of the sun than to use a poor quality,
    cancer-causing lotion. Skip the antiperspirants, deodorants,
    perfumes and colognes. It's not necessary for such
    chemicals to penetrate your body.

  • Remove all toxic products from your home. Chemicals
    absorb into your skin at touch; and spraying them allows
    you to breathe them into your system. You'll need to get
    as natural as possible.
  • Replace Windex with an ammonia free glass cleaner,
    such as Meyers Geranium scent aromatherapeutic
    glass cleaner.
  • Instead of Tide laundry detergent, choose a free and
    clear brand, such as Ecos, which is free of
    formadelhde, petrochemicals, and surfactants, plus it's
    PH balanced.

  • Bathe in fluoride-free water and chlorine-free water.
    Get a fluoride water filter for your shower head because
    fluoride and chlorine can enter your body through the
    municipal water supply toxins. When showering you
    breathe dangerous chemicals and absorb them through
    your skin. The filtered Vitamin C shower head below
    removes heavy metals, chlorine, chloramine and some
    fluoride. It improves skin conditions, boosts immunity,
    mental clarity and energy levels and improves sleep!
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Go with nature! Nature is good and won't fail you. Go from Tox-
sick to not sick and knockout cancer with two excellent books by
Suzanne Sommers, pictured on this page.

Prepare to live happily ever after, have hope! You have the right
to believe in natural cures and to ignore the Federal Drug
Administration warnings about natural cures. Now that you have
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Let us know how you will survive cancer naturally! The goal of this
article was  to offer preppers hope for surviving cancer naturally
with alternative treatments. Nature can  support health and help
prevent cancer. Let nature be the guiding light to your personal
apocalypse of cancer. As you begin to detoxify your body and
clear your mind you will see that nature will never fail you. Go
with your instincts and survive cancer naturally.

How Suzanne Somers went from 'Toxic to Not Sick'
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life after black mold put her family’s health in danger
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Digestive Health, Healthy Living, Longevity, Mens Health, and
Womens Health.
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Organic Shampoo
Happy endings...
You can go from toxic to not sick! Please accept our most sincere
wish for well being for you and your loved ones. Peace, love, hope
and happiness to you!

This article offers hope for surviving cancer naturally* with
alternative cancer treatments supporting health in non-toxic ways.
It is our first amendment right to bring you this important
information. Please bookmark the page, visit often and show it to a
cancer patient. Let this article begin your journey (for yourself, a
friend or a family member) to non-toxic healing! However, please
remember that the "information provided on this website is
designed to support, not replace, the relationship that exists
between a patient and a physician."

When it comes to cancer treatment, the standard medical protocol
offered to patients in the United States revolves around a handful
of toxic remedies. Doctors aim to:
  • cut it out (surgical mutilation);
  • poison it (chemotherapy, hormone therapy and profitable
    patented drugs);
  • burn it out (radiation, through PET scans, CT scans, and
    Cyberknife); or
  • infect it with bacteria (immunotherapy).

Why is it that doctors only want to cut it out, burn it out, poison it
or infect it instead of trying to heal the cancerous portion of the
body with non-toxic methods and therapies? How has it come to be
that we accept the "doctor's orders" unquestionably and allow
toxicity and mutilation as the only solution?

The standard protocol supports the cancer machine. With a little
study, you'll soon realize goal of the cancer industry is not to cure
cancer: it's to perpetuate it (and to make money)! Listen carefully
when you ask a doctor about a cure and you will understand that
doctors never promise you that they will cure cancer. They talk
about survival and define survival to five years. If you live five
years and one month, but die in that month, you are considered a

Cancer is a multi billion dollar giant and the people who've funded
it want their money back. They built a money-making program
around surgical instrumentation, radiation equipment, research
teams, chemical manufacturing plants, and hospital staff. Doctors
are the puppets of the industry!

  • Doctors by law must follow protocol or lose their licenses.
    This is absolutely true. Once you start with the standard
    protocol of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, then a doctor
    is not allowed to offer anything more than hope of a
    spontaneous recovery. It is only when a patient either refuses
    the standard protocol or has already tried them unsuccessfully,
    or in Stage IV condition that a doctor can allow alternative

  • Natural cures are not patentable. Without a patent there is
    no money and the entire infrastructure of our economy would

The American Cancer Society wants your donations and they always
promise a cure is around the corner, but the cure never comes and
it never will because the priorities are wrong. Before we can cure
cancer, we must determine the root causes of cancer.

Root causes may include radon poisoning; asbestos; arsenic; poor
nutrition and inadequate sources of hydration; stress;
mercury poisoning and toxic dental work; among many other
potentially deadly exposures.

Think before you pink.
Did you know that ... "The National Cancer Institute annual budget
is $1.8 billion, only 5 percent goes for cancer prevention."

  • WARNING: This article is highly controversial. Ideas offered
    on this page are informational on alternatives to cancer. It is
    our first amendment right to bring your ideas on natural cures
    and alternative treatments, so you can investigate them
    further. Consult the practitioner of your choice and come to
    your own conclusions, even if it goes against conventional
    wisdom. You can go from toxic to not sick when you commit
    your mind to being healthy. Align your spirit and body to
    natural healing, and believe that all good things are possible.
    Natural healing options for cancer begins with you being open
    minded, grateful and most importantly that you believe. For
    more visit resources to survive cancer naturally.

* These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. For
any health or dietary matter, always consult your physician. This information is intended
for your general knowledge only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice or
treatment for specific medical conditions. Never disregard or delay in seeking medical
advice when available. These statements have not been evaluated by the United States
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