List of Kirkland products to buy for prepping

Hobo stove
Kirkland Coffee in a can
Kirkland Roast Beef
Kirkland anti-diarrheal
#1 First Aid: Anti-Diarrheal by Kirkland
Kirkland allergy medicine
Kirkland dried cherries
Cheese Crisps
Jelly Belly Beans
Kirkland antihistimine
Kirkland Non-aspirin Acetaminophen
Prepping at costco
Mixed nuts
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Meals Ready to eat
Kirkland Freeze dried fruit
Chicken Breast
Kirkland Fish Oil
Trail mix
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Shop happy at Costco knowing that you're getting a good deal.
Also, remember that you can use points on your credit card to get
food for free on Amazon.

When you head to Costco to stockpile grains, sugars

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#7: Kirkland Trail Mix.
Good old fashioned "Gorp" is a prepper's favorite and Kirkland's
Trail Mix is good! Traditional GORP is made of just three
ingredients: "Granola Oats, Raisins and Peanuts." Today's trail
mix includes the traditional peanuts and raisins, but adds
choclate chips and Trail mix is better for you than the granola
candy bars! You'll get the goodness of nuts and dried fruit. Again,
just watch the expiration date.

#8:  Kirkland sliced fruit.
Kirkland sliced fruit is freeze dried for a relatively long shelf life.
Look for dried cherries and dehydrated fruits.
A few things that Patriot Nurse didn't mention, are...

#9: Medical Prep: Kirkland Allergy Medicine.
Compare Non-Drowsy AllerClear, pictured right, to Benadryl.

#10: Medical Prep: Kirkland Fish Oil.
Surprisingly, one of the top selling Kirkland brands is their fish
oil, possibly because the ingredients are simple: it contains fish
(anchovy, sardine) and soy. Natural Fish Oil Concentrate 1000
mg. The fish oil is a 30% concentrate with non-bovine gelatin.

Home and Kitchen supplies to buy:

#1: Kirkland Drawstring Kitchen bags.
Kirkland draw-string kitchen bags are a best seller on Amazon
and for good reason: they are a bargain! You get 200 drawstring

#2: Kirkland canned chicken breast.
One of the most popular prepper proteins is the canned chicken
breast by Kirkland, pictured right. Use it like tuna for sandwiches,
or add the delicious chunk white chicken to casseroles and
pastas. When you stock up on pasta you can make Italian
creations like chicken Alfredo or chicken cacciatore.

#3: Kirkland canned roast beef.
Kirkland Roast Beef in a can is brisket! It' a tasty canned meat to
stock in he prepper's pantry. Have cans of Kirkland Roast Beef
handy for soups and stews, but surprise the family with other
creations, like taquitos, enchiladas or taco salad, barbecued beef
sandwiches, beef stroganoff, pepper steak.

#4: Kirkland Coffee Costco offers whole bean and ground
coffee from designer brands, such as Peets coffee, Starbucks
coffee, as well as lesser known brands. They also sell name brand
favorites, like Folgers, but don't overlook the Kirkland brand.

Face it, coffee is oily and won't last forever unless it's freeze
dried, which is why you'll want to get coffee packed for long term

Kirkland also offers a convenient storage of their everyday
essential coffee! The bonus is that Kirkland signature coffee
comes in a #10 can, which you can transform into a hobo stove.
This 100% Colombian coffee is a dark roast.

#5: Kirkland mixed nuts.
Costco is a great place to shop for snacks, especially for school
lunches for the kids Ordinarily nuts aren't good for long term food
storage (as the oils in the nuts go rancid rather quickly, but the
Kirkland Mixed Nuts are an incredible deal. You get 2-1/2 lbs. of
nuts in a nice storage container! Just watch your expiration date
and enjoy this hearty snack that's good for you.

#6: Kirkland Macadamia Nuts.
Kirkland Macadamia nuts are so delicious, you won't have to
worry about them expiring because you'll eat them up long before
they expire. Seriously, these are good to have not only becuase
they pack the protein, but because you'll always have an elegant
appetizer to serve guests who drop by to see you.
Above, "Wonder Woman" Patriot Nurse shares her video "Cheap Medical and
Prepping Supplies! COSTCO Baby!"

#1-8 Medical Preps:
The medical preps Patriot Nurse recommends, includes:
  1. Tampax tampons
  2. Durex condoms
  3. Glide Health Pro Health dental floss
  4. Kirkland antacid
  5. Kirkland Mucus Relief (generic Musinex)
  6. Salonpas pain relieving patches
  7. Kirkland Liquid Soft gel Ibuprofin
  8. Kirkland Acetaminophen (generic Tylenol)
Preps at Costco
List of Kirkland products ideal for prepping

Buying in bulk is a great way to save money prepping. A good
place to start buying in bulk is at Costco. Bring your Visa, debit
card or loads of cash, because they no longer take American
Express and this is going to be expensive.

Brace yourself for a big bill, but also big savings! In the long run
you'll save money prepping Costco. Also, remember to link up your
credit card for points to earn you an Amazon gift card, it's just
one of the
legitimate ways to get free preps on Amazon! You
really can earn free preps shopping Amazon and Costco, but what
should you buy?

Preppers can build their prepper's pantry and also stock their
freezers, but they can also build medical preps shopping Costco.
Patriot Nurse shares with preppers her secrets for shopping at

Prepper list of what  to buy at Costco
The Kirkland brand, from Costco, offers an amazing selection of
quality products for preppers. If you don't live near a Costco, you
can pick up your favorite Kirkland products on Amazon. Here's
what to buy from Costco for prepping:

Kirkland medical supplies to buy:
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