Dehydrated Butter Powder

Dehydrated Butter Powder
How to use dehydrated butter in your food storage

How to use dehydrated butter and butter powder.
If you're working on a long term food storage plan, then be sure
to stockpile
dehydrated powdered butter to your larder. Start
cooking with powdered butter today. Experiment and have fun
and never run out of butter again.

Butter is a rich source of vitamin A to help you maintain good
vision to keep your endocrine system running smoothly. Butter
also is a source of trace minerals, including copper, chromium,
manganese, selenium and zinc!

Dried butter powder requires no refrigeration and is ideal for
camping, travel, and long-term food storage, but perhaps the
main reason you'll want to use butter powder is for convenience.
You'll always have butter around the house if you have a can or
jar of butter powder. Below is all a prepper needs to know about
dehydrated butter powder...

Stockpile Dehydrated Butter Powder
You may think of dehydrated butter powder simply for popcorn or
potatoes, but it's a food storage miracle!

  • Butter powder is camping and for emergencies. Augason
    Farm butter powder contains mostly cream, water and salt.
    While Augason Farms Dehydrated Butter Powder is made
    from real, sweet cream butter and adds mouthwatering flavor
    to popcorn, soups, sauces and vegetables, it’s an excellent
    substitute for store-bought butter in recipes and baking
    when fresh butter isn't available. The product adds nonfat
    milk, tocopherals and ascorbyl palmitate to preserve
    freshness for up to ten years.

  • Butter powder is for baking. Use powdered butter to
    replace all butter applications baked goods, such as breads,
    cookies, cakes and muffins. It's easy to adapt your favorite
    recipes once you get started. Hoosier Hill butter powder
    blends easily with the other dry ingredients in your recipes.

  • Blend butter powder into soups and sauces. A great use of
    butter powder is for creamy off grid soups and sauces ~ a
    buttery sauce for pasta comes to mind. The best butter
    powder is Hoosier Hill Farms real butter powder because it's
    real butter made with just sweet cream, salt anatto color
    and nonfat milk solids that you can use every day. Other
    brands may have many more ingredients.

  • Use butter powder for toppings. Sprinkle butter powder on
    potatoes and popcorn. Butter powder is a fun addition to
    popcorn, but think beyond popcorn, because dehydrated
    butter powder is ideal to store in the prepper's pantry for
    making meals in a jar such as Au Gratin potatoes, macaroni
    and cheese, cake and muffin mixes and more

How to use dehydrated butter:

#1: Popcorn seasoning.
One of the best ways to use butter powder is on your popcorn!
Dehydrated butter is ideal for seasoning your popcorn because it's
butter in powdered form. It's much easier and more healthy than
the artificial butter flavor you'll get in popcorn at the movies,
which usually includes coconut oils.

Try adding Parmesan cheese with the dehydrated butter powder
for an extra special popcorn. You can add oil, such as a sunflower
oil, for your popcorn but it's not necessary.

#2: Potatoes.
Dehydrated butter powder doesn't require refrigeration, so you
can take the butter powder camping. Sprinkle dehydrated butter
powder directly atop your baked potatoes. Try butter powder with
chives, chives too. Dehydrated butter powder is ideal for au gratin
recipes and mashed potatoes, too.

Don't stop at potatoes! Sprinkle dehydrated butter powder over
all your favorite veggies:
  • Carrots
  • Corn
  • Broccolli
  • Vegetable medley

#3: Biscuits and Breads.
Butter powder can enhance your baked goods, particularly for your
biscuits and breads. When you use dehydrated butter powder for
baking into breads, use it dry. There's no need to reconstitute it.

  • Bake butter powder into biscuits and breads. Dehydrated
    butter powder is wonderful for baking into breads. If you
    make bread from scratch, add a 1/4 cup of unconstituted
    butter powder to your dough and you'll find an enhanced

  • Make garlic bread. Use this butter powder with fresh or
    jarred garlic ~ or powdered garlic and a little oil to make d

  • Butter your bread. Buttering toast is easy. To get the
    consistency of whipped butter mix 3 parts dehydrated butter
    powder to 1 part water. You can also make a delicious honey
    butter by mixing in a little real honey to the whipped butter.
    You could also use honey powder. Or make cinnamon toast.

#4: Bulletproof coffee!
Add your butter powder to coffee for health reasons! Add butter
fat to your coffee by putting into your coffee grounds so as the
hot water hits it, your dehydrated butter powder will dissolve.
Another way to use dehydrated butter powder is by using a
frother or whisk to blend and incorporate the butter into the

Dr. Mercola regularly suggests adding butter to coffee for health
reasons ~
coffee Dr. Mercola says leads to longer life, but adding
butter adds necessary healthy fats for your brain and body. Now
there's another good reason: making bulletproof coffee.

  • What's bulletproof coffee? Bulletproof coffee is a special
    latte and high-performance drink that improves your energy
    and cognitive function. Basically you blend brain octane oil,
    pictured right, and ghee into coffee frothed like a latte. An
    substitute for ghee is to add butter powder to the brain
    octane oil. Also, to make an authentic Bulletproof coffee,you
    need to use grassfed butter powder, which is readily
    absorbed-fast fuel for body and brain, and which has a
    naturally occurring Conjugated Linoleic Acid, butyric acid and
    vitamin A combination.

#5: Shakes and smoothies.
Dr. Formulated Keto organic Grass Fed Butter Powder, right,
delivers 8 grams of fat and 1.5 Billion CFU of probiotics in a
convenient, easy-to-mix powder which can be used in shakes and
smoothies, as well as your coffee and other cooking needs. This
butter fits into a ketogenic diet lifestyle goals.

#6: Soups.
Butter powder is perfect for soups to make them taste rich and
flavorful. Think potato soup or cheddar broccoli!

#7: Sauces and gravies.
Hoosier butter powder is the best dehydrated butter powder you
can use for sauces. Replace churned butter with the Hoosier Hill
Farm brand because they guarantee satisfaction.

#8: Cake and Muffin Mixes.
Butter powder was created for the processed food industry to
create dry mixes and seasonings. Butter is a fat that has no
water, so it was the ideal candidate for the industry.

Butter powder is perfect for meal in a jar cake and muffin mixes.
Add butter powder directly to the dry pancake mix. Dehydrated
butter powder is also ideal for topping pancakes.

While pancakes, cakes and muffins are a good idea, you may not
have as much luck using butter powder with your cookie recipes.
You really won't find a tutorial on how to use butter powder.
You'll need to experiment and adapt your recipes.

#9: Roasting chicken.
Add a little seasoning to roasted chicken with dehydrated butter
powder. Butter powder is the secret to thickening turkey or
chicken glazes.

#10: Pasta and rice.
For pasta and rice dishes, butter powder is an ideal substitute for
stick butter and much healthier for you than margarine.

  • Pasta: Dehydrated butter powder is nice to have for pastas.
    It's great for taking with you camping or hiking because it
    requires absolutely no refrigeration. Buttered noodles will be
    tasty on the trails or at home. Butter powder is also good for
    making macaroni and cheese. The best use of butter powder
    is for mac and cheese and Alfredo sauces.

  • Rice: Buttered and rice go together as much as rice and
    beans. By stockpiling butter powder and rice you have an
    inexpensive food for emergencies or everyday.

More Tips about Dehydrated Butter Powder

Reconstituting butter powder:
To reconstitute butter powder you'll use one part butter powder
to one part water. Give it a good mix, then bring to boil for
around five minutes. This is an important step because the only
way to ensure a nice texture to your butter is to boil the mixture.
Don't just mix with cold water you will have a lumpy unappealing
butter that's more like cottage cheese. Next, let the mixture cool
for around 30 minutes, preferably in a refrigerator, though it's not
necessary it will taste better. If you're camping, put the mixture
in your cooler. Look to our refrigeration options page.

  • How's the taste of reconstituted butter powder?
    Dehydrated butter powder tastes good if you mix it properly.
    Butter is well worth having although you probably won't be
    using butter powder to spread on toast unless you have
    refrigeration (the butter mixture should chill for 30 minutes).
    Another butter option for bread is red feather butter, which
    is real canned butter from New Zealand, pictured at the top
    of the page. Just open the can and at room temperature you
    have delicious, creamy spreadable butter.

  • How's the texture of reconstituted butter powder?
    Dehydrated butter powder won't reconstitute into the creamy
    butter you crave. You'll feel disappointed particularly if you
    try adding an oil as you'll taste the oil and not the butter.
    Below is how to use dehydrated butter the way the
    manufacturers intended...

  • Should I make my own butter powder? Dry food prepping
    is fun, but butter powder is tricky and actually expensive to
    make at home.

  • Can you use butter powder to fry? One of the big appeals
    of butter powder is as a substitute for oils that may quickly
    go rancid. If you're going to fry, though, then don't try butter
    powder. While it's possible, you could risk ruining your
    precious food. Instead use Red Feather canned butter. If
    your primary goal was to use butter powder for frying you
    may be disappointed. Here's the thing: butter powder is
    immensely useful in an off grid situation as a flavoring
    agent. Also, you should have some Red Feather in your
    larder. It's good to have them both.

  • Can you take butter powder camping? Yes you can,
    however the can is rather large to bring with you for short
    trips and inconvenient and bulky for camping trips. Below is
    a video on how to make powdered butter packets!

Here's how to make powdered butter packets:
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Above, Christian Prepper Gal, shares her tricks for making powdered
butter packets.

Butter is number eight on our list of foods to stockpile and with
good reason. Butter is loaded with Vitamin A, packed with healthy
fats, and is a staple in just about every prepper's kitchen. You need
butter to bake, fry, make sauces and gravies, and butter your
muffins and potatoes. Butter is a staple you can't live without.
how to get more butter into your food storage, including how
to make your own butter and about
fresh canned butter.

Happy endings...
With a longer shelf life than regular stick butter, and the added
versatility, you'll want to get into the kitchen to give dehydrated
butter powder a try.

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