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Prepper's Pantry: Freeze Dried Foods
Freeze dried food and dehydrated foods

Ever wonder the difference between freeze dried foods and
dehydrated foods? Freeze dried and dehydrated are two very
different things..

Know the difference between freeze dried and dehydrated?

Freeze dried food: Involves a flash-frozen process where a low
level-heat is applied inside a vacuum chamber. It's a
commercial process that extends the life of food to upwards of
25 years when sealed in #10 cans and superpails. Freeze drying
is the process of freezing water out of a food product then
rapidly turning it into a gas, omitting the liquid stage.

Freeze dried products have a quick re-hydration times normally
only about five minutes. The best thing about freeze dried
foods is that there's no rotation needed! Freeze dried foods last
upwards of 25 years. Our favorite brand of freeze dried food is
Mountain House purely for the gourmet flavor as compared to
other brands. Other excellent brands include Legacy Foods,
which are NON-GMO certified (a great new stance in the

Dehydrated foods Essentially, dehydrated food is where water
has been removed. Often water is cooked slowly out of the food
without actually cooking it. Dehydrated foods include pasta,
baking mixes, cereals (like quick cooked oats), and whole
powdered eggs and
powdered milk. Veggies and fruit are
popular dehydrated goods as well. Harmony House makes
excellent shelf-stable dehydrated fruits and veggies. Augason
Farms makes some excellent dehydrated products, including
pancake mixes, and sliced potatoes. Dehydrated foods
sometimes have a shorter shelf life than freeze dried variety:
generally they last 5-15 years. Instant Nonfat Powdered Milk for
example will store for 3-5 years. Want to dehydrate yourself?

Popular brands of freeze dried foods

Alpine Aire
Alpine Aire freeze dried foods are in convenient pouches for
backpackers.This food supports the hardiest adventurers who
demand wholesome, nutritious foods to fortify their most
challenging efforts. And it's now available for your long-term
storage needs. Sister companies include
Gourmet Reserves and
Mountain House.

Augason Farms
From buckets of pancakes and sliced potatoes, there are many
reasons to choose
Augason Farms freeze dried products.
Augason Farms is a family-owned emergency preparedness
company with a quality lineup of soups, sauces, gravies, drinks,
entrées and an extensive assortment of bakery mixes to help
with your long term food storage needs.

Emergency Essentials
Previously Provident Pantry , Emergency Essentials has changed
its name and product packaging quite a bit, but the quality
remains the same. Non-fat milk in a #10 can is at a great price,
above.  Provident Pantry offers premium cheddar cheese. Try
also freeze dried ground beef.

Gourmet Reserves (AlpibeAire Foods)
Tasty gourmet freeze dried foods, Gourmet Reserves is the #10
canned version of Alpine Aire freeze dried foods. It's a sister
company of Mountain House.

Honeyville Farms
Honeyville Farms created a line of products just for Preppers.
Honeyville Farms started out in the bulk restaurant business,
but got lots of calls from excited preppers and soon realized
they could grow their product line to serve the market.  
Honeyville Farms whole powdered eggs is an amazing bargain.
The fruit smoothies are a fun addition to any Prepper's Pantry.
The 12-pack offers variety, of course, you'll need some ice to
make it taste the way you'd really like. Even so, the fruit
smoothies can add wonderful flavor to help boost morale and
your family's nutrition. For a change of pace, add reconstituted
powdered milk or yogurt in place of ice for a tasty treat.

Harmony House (dried and dehydrated foods)
Gourmet freeze dried foods for cooking, camping and emergency
supply, you'll love the quality of Harmony House products.
Unfortunately, Harmony House freeze dried foods are not
available in the long lasting #10 cans; however, they have a
variety of dried spices and foods to make an interesting
Prepper's Pantry.

You'll find their highly-rated dried tomato powder as well as
their popular red and green pepper mix, along with more
unusual dried foods, such as dried cabbage, freeze dried mango
slices, Shitake mushrooms and more. Most fruit and vegetables
are made of 80-90% water. Freeze dried fruits are drastically
lighter but maintain most of  the original shape, color, flavor
and nutrients while maximizing shelf life.

Hoosier Hill (dehydrated foods)
Hoosier Hill Farm Cheddar Cheese Powder, pictured below, is
highly rated by cheese lovers. Cheddar Cheese powder will add
the delicious taste of cheddar to your snacks. This powder is
perfect for sprinkling on popcorn, pretzels or any snack you
desire. Cheddar Cheese powder is also useful for baked
potatoes, pastas and salads. Packaged in an FDA approved
recyclable plastic jar and electromagnetically sealed to preserve
shelf-life and freshness! This cheese is a dehydrated blend of
cheese made of pasteurized milk, cheese culture, salt, enzymes
and other ingredients.

Legacy Foods
Here is a company that recognizes the need to assure preppers
that the food is not genetically modified.
Legacy Foods offers a
variety emergency food buckets for your preparedness needs.
Packed with nutrients for survival, Legacy Foods has the lowest
cost per day (2000 Calories) in the industry! Best of all Legacy
Foods are 100% certified GMO fee, and Legacy foods are made
in the USA.

Mountain House
The most popular freeze dried food of those who use it the
most (backpackers) is
Mountain House and is the favorite of
HappyPreppers.com. While the product is most readily available
in pouches for backpacking, the #10 cans available make this
food a convenient storage item for Preppers.

Provident Pantry
Provident Pantry is now Emergency Essentials.

Saratoga Farms
Saratoga Farms offers a boost to your current supply of freeze
dried foods with new meal ideas, such as peaches and cream
oatmeal for breakfast, and Oriental Sweet and Sour for dinner.
Saratoga Farms

Thrive / Shelf Reliance
Relatively new on the survival foods market, Thrive sells
products mostly through parties. It is a multi-level marketing
program with a downline, which means that people above you
make money along with you. It costs $199 minimum to join.
Shelf reliance makes wonderful
shelving units for Preppers. The
problem with buying Thrive products is that they arrive at your
door with packaging which screams "prepper." Inside you'll likely
find brochures to start your own company.

Wise Foods
Wise Company combines both freeze dried and dehydrated
foods in it's products because it believes certain ingredients
taste better when freeze-dried, while other foods do better
through dehydration. Wise Company provides convenient
buckets of freeze dried foods that include 60 individual entrees
per bucket. In survival situations, an adult may choose just two
entrees a day to last a month, which is equivalent to 4 adults
eating twice daily for a week.

Happy endings...
Have fun prepping. Stay happy. When you buy on Amazon, you
can get
free foods and preps delivered to your doorstep.

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