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Free Amazon Groceries
Legitimate ways to get free groceries and more

How to get free groceries on Amazon.
Free groceries on Amazon? Yes! It's really genius and super
easy to get things delivered to your home or office for free. You
can get free stuff on Amazon using a few legitimate methods
and it doesn't require a drastic shift in what you're already
doing today, like shopping Amazon.

If you're shopping Amazon, then you may as well make a few
slight changes to the way you shop. If you know the secrets you
can get free groceries and prepping supplies from Amazon, each
month. Discover a legitimate way to get free stuff from
manufacturers, too. Learn how to get free groceries and
prepping supplies on Amazon with the tips below...

How to get free groceries from Amazon
Before we tell you specifically how to get free groceries
delivered to your door from Amazon, please know that Amazon
has very good prices on a variety of groceries, especially since
they bought Whole Foods. You're not paying extra for foods,
though you get the bonus of convenience.

Preppers will appreciate the many programs to save money.
Here is a summary of these programs and how you can get free

Get free groceries delivered to your doorstep: really!
Just to be clear links on this page will get you to Amazon* like
that ad below or links in the side bar or images and sometimes

Okay, enough already. Let's get to the business of how you do
this thing, then you can scroll to learn more about the
techniques and also learn to learn how to get your favorite
brands of groceries for free at the local grocery stores.

#1: Consider grocery shopping on Amazon.
You already buy prepping supplies on Amazon, now think of
Amazon as your online grocery store for canned and dried
goods, such as coffee, cereal, canned tomatoes, canned meats,
olive oil, food bars, paper towels, coffee, and even toilet paper.
Plus, save on food storage containers, cleaning supplies,
diapers and so much more. Let the delivery guy or gal waste
gas. Shop with your fingers.

#2: Register for Amazon's "Subscribe and Save."
Be sure to shop Amazon for groceries using the Subscribe &
Save link below, which provides you with savings of up to 15%
off your monthly delivery:
Above, Subscribe & Save!

Happy endings...
Where do doomsday preppers buy their stuff? Amazon! Have fun
prepping. Stay happy. When you sign up for Prime you also get free
movies. Right is just one
free prepper movie you can watch.

When you buy on Amazon, you can get free foods and preps
delivered to your doorstep. Enhance your savings with subscribe
and save. With Subscribe and Save you can:

  • Save up to 15% on your entire order when you receive 5 or
    more subscriptions on your monthly delivery day.
  • Receive free shipping on every Subscribe & Save shipment.  
  • Cancel at any time - there are no commitments, obligations, or
  • Pay no upfront charges. You'll pay only when your groceries

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Subscribe and save
Subscribe and save
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daily deals for prepping
gear and food storage.
There's even more powerful ways to get free groceries and
here's how....

#3: Register for Amazon Prime.
The best way to save on postage costs is to shop regularly
using Amazon Prime. With your Amazon Prime membership you
not only get your merchandise shipped free, but you'll get it
faster in two days! And Prime members will get special deals,
early alerts on products, free stream movies and much more. It
just means you don't have to calculate the shipping costs to
make your purchase decision. In a sense, you've paid up front.

You can enjoy a free trial of Amazon Prime. After 30 days you
can try Prime for around $10.99 a month. Again it's like putting
a cap on your shipping costs, but there's more to Prime.

With Prime membership you can get instant access to video
streaming (movies) and unlimited music streaming, plus free
Kindle books. You can also take advantage of Prime pantry
(special low prices) when you are a Prime member. Try Amazon
Prime for free. You need only a valid credit card.

#4: Use your credit card points.
Once you've kicked things off by thinking of Amazon for buying
groceries, registering for Subscribe & Save as well as Amazon
Prime, then you're ready to shop smart and here's how to get
the free groceries we promised.

Here's the secret way to get free groceries... Are you ready?
Make sure you shop for points on Amazon! It's like getting
regular gift certificates. You can shop with points on American
Express or Visa to get money to spend on your favorite things
on Amazon:

  • AMEX Points: Check your American Express card
    membership rewards points to learn more about how points
    for using your American Express card can go towards free
    groceries. (You can also check your monthly statement
    from American Express on your reward level.) Points
    accumulate whether you buy on Amazon or elsewhere, but
    you can spend the points you accumulate to get free
    groceries and preps on Amazon. Each month you'll see your
    free money show up in our Amazon

  • Visa Points: Open an Amazon Visa card and get products
    for free using your Visa Card too.  To get the
    rewards Visa card with instant money off click on any
    product in our site and add it to your cart to see what is
    your offered discount. There you'll see the
    rewards offer, which also may include a 5% cash back
    credit in the form of a statement credit to your account.
    What's your discount offer? Check it out now by clicking the
    Subscribe and Save button at the top of the page.

  • Discover. For those of you with a Discover credit card,
    you'll totally appreciate not only shopping with your
    Discover card, but getting free stuff with it directly on

For all these programs, here's how to navigate Amazon:
  • Visit
  • Sign in with your password
  • Go Your Account in the black bar
  • Find Amazon Wallet
  • Click the Shop with Points link (under payment methods)
  • Learn about Amazon Rewards Visa, American Express
    Membership Rewards, Chase Ultimate Rewards, Thank you
    from Citi, and Cashback Bonus with Discover.

Don't see your credit card listed?
Bank of America is not on the list, but they have a rewards
program, too that can get you free groceries on Amazon. You
can select a gift certificate from Bank of America. Check with
your bank credit card to see if they too have a program where
you can select a gift certificate. The great thing about Amazon
gift certificates is that they never expire.

Have a credit card listed above? Wondering how it works?
Here's how the Chase Ultimate Rewards program works...

Redeem Your Chase Ultimate Rewards
Points to Pay at
It's simple - think of your Chase Ultimate Rewards points as
another fast and convenient way to pay for products at Amazon.
com. There are no point minimums, plus you can choose to use
all or part of your Chase Ultimate Reward points for your order
and pay the remaining balance with your associated Chase
credit card.

To "Get Started," just link your eligible Chase credit card to your
Amazon account and start shopping.

Benefits of Shop with Points
  • It's easy: Simply link your eligible Chase card to your account and start shopping. Redeem for
    books, electronics, clothing, and more.
  • It's instant: There’s no need to wait. Instantly view and
    redeem your Chase Ultimate Rewards points at Amazon.
  • It's flexible: Redeem as few or as many of your Chase
    Ultimate Rewards points to pay for all or part of eligible orders, including tax and shipping costs.
    Simply charge the remaining balance to your Chase card.

Purchase monthly with the tips below, and you'll have enough
points for free groceries on Amazon!

Are you ready to start shopping? Are you ready to get free
groceries and prepping supplies? Are you ready to get the best
deals on Amazon?

How to get the best deals on Amazon
Here is a summary of the steps to take advantage of the best
grocery deals on Amazon:

  • Step one: Register for the American Express rewards
    program and select to get Amazon rewards. Each month
    you'll get a reward amount based on purchases for the
    previous month no matter where you shop, whether it's on
    Amazon, at the local grocery store, at a restaurant, a ball
    game, a sporting goods store ~ you name it. You'll get
    rewards points based on what you spend and these
    rewards points will then show up on your Amazon account
    as money to spend.

  • Step Two: Get an Amazon Visa Rewards card, issued in
    partnership through Chase or Citibank. If you have a Bank
    of America Visa, you can select an Amazon gift card and
    have it mailed to you.

  • Step Three: Save even more with Subscribe & Save. With
    Amazon's Subscribe & Save, you'll save up to 15% and
    receive FREE shipping on thousands of products like
    diapers, laundry soap, shampoo, coffee, cereal, pet food
    and more. Save up to 15% off your monthly delivery. It
    works like this: you get a discount based on the purchase
    commitment of repurchasing the product in the next few
    months. Best of all, you can choose subscription delivery
    from one to six months out!

  • Step Four: Register for Prime membership. It will cost
    around $10.99 a month (price may change), but it's like
    locking in the free speedy shipping. It also includes many
    Amazon Kindle Books for free, as well as free streaming
    movies and audio books, among other membership.

  • Step Five: Start shopping!

Good Reasons to Buy Groceries on Amazon

Reason #1: You'll find the hard-to-find products.
Whether you're looking for Brown bread in a can, canned
hamburger, or sugar that's stored in a plastic container, you're
sure to find what you need on Amazon.

You'll find products in
prepper-ready storage containers.  When
purchasing food preppers pay attention to the storage
containers as well as the food itself. Amazon is a wonderful
place to find foods well packaged for prepping, including:

  • Sugar in plastic containers: Preppers appreciate well-
    packaged products, like the Domino Sugar pictured above
    in bright yellow. The convenient container will be a
    welcome part of your every day food storage. It opens and
    closes easily for your baking needs.

  • Packet mixes in glass jars: A pleasant find is the Hidden
    Valley Ranch in glass jars, which you'll want buy to replace
    the pouched variety.

  • Chocolate syrup in a can. The classic Hershey's syrup in a
    can is hard to find on grocery store shelves. The
    ingredients are different from the squeeze bottle variety
    and many claim it just tastes better from the can. On
    Amazon, you'll get a case of 8 cans for under $18 and with
    free shipping. Subscribe and save even more. This is much
    cheaper than available at the grocery stores.

  • Emergency coffee and coffee in cans. Nowadays, it's
    difficult to find coffee in a can! You'll find 100% Columbian
    ground coffee in a can for your long term food storage
    needs or for everyday use. When you're done drinking the
    coffee, why not use the can to make a buddy burner?

Reason #2: Convenience shopping.
Amazon delivers your favorite foods to your door. Amazon is an
ideal place to find convenience items, such as Kirkland brand
products from Costco, at very reasonable prices. (Your nearest
Costco may be far away.) Amazon is a great place to look for
brands your local store no longer carries. If they make it, then
you'll probably find it on Amazon.

Reason #3: Amazon stocks a variety of organic
Some regions of the country won't stock your favorite organic
brands, such as the delicious Organic Mashed Potatoes by
Edward & Sons, but you'll find them on Amazon. Earth's Best
Organic Infant formula is another awesome prepper find.

Reason #4: Free shipping.
Many items qualify for free shipping (and in some states you
can avoid the sales tax). Get a Prime membership and you'll
find even more free shipping opportunities. Shipping comes free
with membership. Remember, it's like paying it forward on the
shipping so you don't have to factor the costs into your price. It
will save you a bundle.

Reason #5: Free products for using rewards
You can get discounts in several ways, just for shopping on
Amazon. Combine your Shop with Points credit card rewards,
Subscribe & Save rewards and Prime Membership rewards to
maximize the savings and get free stuff delivered to your door.

Happiest Groceries for Preppers to Buy on

#1: Canned hamburger.
Canned hamburger is at the top of the canned goods prep list
because meat is among the
best prepper proteins. Always be
prepared for emergencies with Keystone or Yoders canned
hamburger and ground beef. A rare find, you'll be hard pressed
to find canned ground beef in the local grocery stores! It will be
a welcome treat in an emergency to make anything from Sloppy
Joes, and tacos to Italian pastas.

#2: Pinto bean seasoning.
As a prepper, likely you've got beans in your storage. Season
beans to perfection with
Fiesta Pinto Bean seasoning,
immediate right. It's a classic that's hard to find.

#3: Canned bread.
No kidding, you can by canned bread by B&M! This treat is well
known and served with Boston Baked Beans.

#4: Canned butter and nut butters.
Amazon is a great place to get peanut butter and peanut butter
powder, but also
shelf stable sun flower seed butter, chocolate
hazelnut spreads, as well as
butter in a can!

#5: Starbucks Instant Coffee.
Perfect for the bugout bag, Starbucks instant coffee comes in
individual pouches: just add water! When you buy in bulk you'll
pay just .70-cents a cup of Java. Get 50 packets for around.

#6: Pop Tarts and breakfast bars.
Currently you can get 15% off Pop-Tarts Products when you use
the 15% coupon discount at checkout. Great for the pantry, your
family will love this tasty treat, pictured at the top left hand of
the page.

Cereal bars, protein bars and granola bars: You'll find many
great deals to be had on your favorite cereal bars or hard to find
protein bars in bulk, such as Kind protein bars pictured above,
in nut and chocolate. Cereal bars are great for prepping. Keep
your pantry well stocked with this everyday staple. Currently the
most popular bar sold on Amazon are Kind bars. Pictured lower

#7: Powdered milk.
When it comes to powdered milk, the good tasting stuff is Peak
whole milk, pictured right. If you have cans delivered through
subscribe and save you'll never run out, and you'll
fill your
emergency pantry with the goodness of whole milk.

#8: Feminine hygiene products.
Buy your feminine hygiene products in bulk to save and have it
delivered to your door. For example, you can get a box of 96
Tampax Pearl tampons for as little as $20 on Amazon.

#9: Toilet paper and paper towels.
Preppers treasure the toilet paper! Buy toilet paper in bulk and
save, skip the lines and shop for paper towels and toilet paper
online. Delivery to your door has never been easier.

#10: Diapers and formula.
For moms not only is it a convenience to buy diapers on Amazon
(because you won't have to simultaneously lug your baby and
the box back into your home), but you'll also save money.
Currently Amazon Mom members get free two-day shipping and
20% off diapers subscriptions. Consider also adult diapers.

How to get more free stuff from Amazon
Become a trusted Amazon reviewer and you just may be invited
to become an Amazon Vine member. According to Amazon's
site, "Customers are invited to become Amazon Vine Voices
based on the trust they've earned in the Amazon community for
writing accurate and insightful reviews. Amazon provides
Amazon Vine members with free copies of products that have
been submitted to the program by vendors. Amazon doesn't
influence the opinions of Amazon Vine members, nor do we
modify or edit their reviews."

How great is that? You get free product in exchange for a  
review. You are invited to give honest feedback. In case you're
thinking the review is rigged, it's not. We've reviewers give the
product a one- or two-star review even if it's free. Customers
will see the review is from a "Vine reviewer" and as a result
may think that the review is biased, but we can assure you it's

BONUS secret for how to get free
groceries from your local supermarket
To get free groceries, you need only write a manufacturer when
something isn't quite right.
  • Were the kids chicken nuggets pre-cooked too much?
  • Did you find the dregs of coffee beans at the bottom of the
  • Was the packaging of chips deceiving because important
    information was at the bottom of the bag and not visible
    when the bag expanded?
  • Did you buy conditioner again, when you wanted the
    shampoo because the bottles were too similar?

The most reputable companies will give you free product in the
form of coupons because they want to rectify their mistake and
keep you as a future customer. Some will give you significant
discounts on their products because they appreciate your
feedback. The trick is to never demand anything. Simply write in
earnest about your experience and extreme disappointment
about the product or packaging. Leave your address for a
response and you will likely receive coupons in the mail for
which you can redeem at your local grocery store. The biggest
secret is that you don't need to spend money on stationery or a
postage stamp. You can write through e-mail and get great
results and
not spend a dime to get free stuff.

How to make $5 now.
Do you have an Amazon gift card that you've used? Did you
know you can re-load it and get five bucks? Qualified customers
can get
$5 in gift card funds on first $100 reload of their
Amazon gift card balance. If you don't have an Amazon gift
card, then get one now with free one-day shipping. You can
reload it later.

Subscribe & Save with Amazon!
Be sure to shop Amazon for groceries using the Subscribe &
Save link below, which provides you with savings of up to 15%
off your monthly delivery:Be sure to shop Amazon for groceries
using the Subscribe & Save link below, which provides you with
savings of up to 15% off your monthly delivery.
This is just the tip of the iceberg lettuce. The bonus is
Subscribe & Save also has additional coupons to electronically
clip for savings that go higher than 15%. Here's a look at
Subscribe & Save Coupons for your first purchase.
Basically, with Subscribe and Save, you find your favorite
products on Amazon, and then arrange to have them sent to
you at the intervals you select. This makes you a loyal customer
worth rewarding. Because you're a "frequent shopper" you'll get
up to 15% off the price others on Amazon will pay. Add 5 items
to your delivery to unlock 15% savings on the item.

It's a round-about way of getting stuff for free. You see, if
you're getting stuff delivered at 15% off the normal prices,
you'll eventually be getting stuff for free, just by saving money.
The savings add up. It only takes 5 times of buying your
favorite grocery item to realize you've saved enough to buy the
product. Plus, there is no commitment once you subscribe, and
Amazon will send you a reminder before your order ships.

Let's say a can of meat costs $10. With Subscribe & Save if you
bought 5-6 cans and pocketed the $1.50 savings per can, it
would be enough to purchase another can with the money.
That's like getting free groceries for shopping smart. So now
you know the begining of how things work, but we haven't even
gotten to the legitmate way of getting free groceries, yet.

Don't worry, it's coming. Just remember for now that you can
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