How to clean without soap

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How to stay clean without soap
Living without soap

Stay clean (no soap necessary)!
When you don't have water to clean your body because water is
in short supply or you don't have soap, consider other ways to
stay clean. Without running water or soap (or both) you just need
to get creative.

Below are some ideas to stay clean without soap...

How to Stay Clean without Soap
Soap is on our list of the 37 non-food items to hoard, and with
good reason.
Soap has an important role in survival, but if you
don't have soap, then you have some options if you're a creative
prepper who has stockpiled the right items or if you have some
knowledge about what to do.

Here's how to stay clean without soap:

How to stay clean without soap.
Personal hygiene is important in survival. You don't need soap to
clean your body, but while you could use wet wipes and various
astringents to stay clean, this article goes beyond with no soap
necessary to stay clean.

How to stay clean if you're homeless.
Staying clean while homeless is a constant struggle. May it never
happen to you, but if it does here are lessons you can
learn from
the homeless about staying clean and surviving ~ from the simple
ideas of using wet wipes to using wash cloths in public
bathrooms. Below are more ideas about how to clean your face
and body without soap.

How to clean your face without soap.
You can clean your face easily without soap and water if you have
cotton pads and a little bit of alcohol or other astringent, such as
witch hazel. Otherwise, steamy hot water will be just fine to
unclog pores. A refreshing bit of apple cider vinegar is also a
healthy way to cleanse the skin and restore the natural pH
balance without using soap.

How to clean your body without soap.
All you really need is warm running water to keep your body clean
unless there's a
pandemic and then soap becomes critical.
Incidentally, if you don't have access to a hot shower then
consider an
off-grid shower.

To clean your body without soap, get yourself a
nail scrub brush
and use it. A nail scrub brush will dislodge the germs and gunk
between the skin and nail bed. This is a good start of a soap free
cleaning routine for your hands and toes. You can buy them very

  • Baking soda (or even baking powder). You don't need
    soap in the bathtub. Try adding baking soda or baking
    powder in the bag Now baking soda isn't something you
    ordinarily think about when it comes to bathing, but it is the
    perfect solution for bathing without soap because it balances
    the pH. Taking a baking soda bath isn't very practical,
    though, because you'll need about a half a box or a few cups
    of baking soda. If you want to add a little exhilarating
    experience, you can try the baking powder in the bath water
    instead of baking soda. You won't need as much. Baking
    powder will fizz up a bit in warm water. Baking powder has
    some baking soda in it, but baking powder is different from
    baking soda in that it has more ingredients, such as cream of
    tartar, and a moisture absorber. Both baking powder and
    baking soda are great for washing retainers nightly because
    they restore the pH balance.

  • Epsom salt. Another alternative in the tub is Epsom salt.
    Epsom salt is good to have around the homestead for the
    days when you have sore muscles. Epsom salt relaxes both
    body and mind as it helps take away pain. It's extremely
    beneficial for someone suffering from the Shingles.

  • Himalayan Rock salt. Mix 2 cups Himalayan rock salt in a
    tub full of hot water or mix 1 teaspoon of salt in your body
    wash/bath serum. The minerals in the salt help in soothing
    soreness, relaxing muscles, and healing skin cells.

Now soap is definitely cheaper, but you should give yourself a
bath of baking soda, Epsom salt or Himalayan salt sometime. It's
a refreshing change.

How to wash your hair without soap.
Shampooing daily can be very harsh on your hair, especially if
you're balding and because of this you may like to limit the
shampoo use to every other day. Washing hair too often strips
hair follicles of the oils necessary to hydrate your hair. If you use
less shampoo you'll also save money, so it's a win-win situation.

If you don't want to hop in the shower, then give a dry shampoo
a try. Believe it or not, baking soda is a great way to dry
shampoo and the method is very simple. Sprinkle a little baking
soda into your scalp to allow hair to absorb the oils, then brush
out the baking soda.

How to stay clean in the bush.
If you find yourself in the great outdoors for an extended period
and without soap you can stay clean in a few ways. Watch the
video below.
Steramine Disinfectant Tablets
Augason Farms Iodized Salt bucket
Quinn's witch Hazel
Nail Scrub Brush
Laundry Egg
Himalayan rock salt
Above, the Sapindus saponaria Soapberry Tree produces seeds that mixed with
water suds and clean. They are also edible!

In China, soapberry has been used, not only as natural detergent,
but also as a cosmetic and as medicine for thousands of years.

Don't live in Hawaii, China or the Himalayas? Let us help you with
this one. You can use
laundry eggs. The EcoEgg for example lasts,
pictured right, for hundreds washes and replaces detergent with no
harsh chemicals, which is ideal if you have little ones in the
household because it's hypoallergenic. It's very eco-friendly! It's
great for your skin and the environment. If you have these laundry
eggs, you'll have a great soap-free way to do your laundry.

Happy endings...
You don't really need soap when you're a clever prepper. You can
take a shower without soap, wash your clothes and dishes many
other ways; however using warm water on your hands before
cooking and before eating is a must to wipe away the germs and
grime. Soap just makes the job easier.

Whether you're out camping in the woods, find yourself homeless or just run short on
supplies, it's good know how to stay clean without soap. It's always a good skill to make
do or do without the way people did during
the Great Depression.

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Above, learn how to stay clean in the bush.

How to wash the dishes without soap.
When it comes to doing your dishes, there are a few tricks if
you don't have soap.

  • Boil. Hot water can sterilize just about any of your dishes
    from utensils to cutting boards to pots and pans.

  • Bleach. Bleach has many uses for preppers. One of the
    most practical uses of bleach is to help get rid of germs on
    cutting boards and knives. When camping and cooking
    outdoors it's the best to save the final rinse for your
    dishes. Most of your cookware to have a little hot water
    and bleach. (Do not use bleach with cast iron.) Bleach has
    a limited shelf life, which is why it's good to stock up on
    Steramine Quaternary Tablets, pictured right.

  • Scrub with salt. The best way to clean Lodge Cast Iron
    pots and pans is to scrub them with salt. Not only is salt a
    natural disinfectant but salt also acts as an abrasive to
    loosen food. Because salt is edible it adds "seasoning" to
    the pan as you clean. Of course, you'll want to brush off all
    the salt after it loosens the food. It's satisfying because
    you can see the salt turn from white to grey or black. From
    there you wipe away the dirty salt and then add a little oil
    or lard to keep the cast iron from rusting. Among the
    quintessential prepper supplies to stockpile, salt has
    multiple uses.

How to use the dishwasher without soap.
Imagine a shortage at the grocery store where you might not be
able to get basic necessities. It could be a Great Depression or
economic turmoil as Venezuela has suffered. If you run
out of soap for your dishwasher, then here's when
Borax can
come in handy.

How clean clothes without soap.
Romans cleaned their clothes without soap, but it doesn't seem
very sanitary. They washed their togas with urine. No worries,
you don't need to collect urine and wash with it because you're
an educated prepper and have a few tricks up your sleeve.

Soapberry soap nuts pictured right, are from soapberry tree. It
is also called soap nut by other sellers. Greenwill soapberry is
100% organic and the only Chinese soapberry in the market. In
China, soapberry has been used not only as natural detergent
but also cosmetic and medicine, for thousand years. Visit
Greenwill website or see our brochure for more info. You will
quickly realize how simple they are to use, and you can also
find what methods are the best for your lifestyle.

Live in Hawaii? Preppers in Hawaii may be able to forage or
grow a
soap berry tree. This large, dry deciduous tree from  
tropical forests in the Americas and on Hawaii can be used,
along with the bark of the tree as a natural substitute for soap
and laundry detergents. There are two different soapberry
sources in the market: Chinese soapberry vs. Himalayas region
soapberry. Right is Chinese soapberry, which is rich in color and
contains much more soap than those imported from the cold
mountain Himalayas.
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