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Popcorn kernals in a convenient container for prepping
Popcorn kernals in a convenient container for prepping
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#6: Crystallized lemons.
Lemons add flavor to your foods and drinks. There are many
reasons to have lemons in your food storage, but unfortunately
lemons are perishable. If you don't have a lemon tree or any
other citrus fruit trees, it may be difficult to find the Vitamin C
you need in a long term emergency. Lemons are expensive in the
stores, so if the economy is depressed it would help your larder
to have another solution.

Lemon juice is a good thing to buy in bottles and small tubes for
the refrigerator, but in an off grid situation this kind of lemon is
also perishable. What then? The answer is Crystalized Lemon!

  • True Lemon - crystaized lemon packets. With True Lemon
    you can enjoy fresh-squeezed lemon taste anytime. True
    Lemon, pictured left, is made from a patented process that
    cold-presses and crystallizes citrus juices and oils, each
    convenient packet of True Citrus products deliver the light
    taste of a citrus wedge. Great for offices, cafeterias and
    teachers' lounges or bugout bags! Enjoy fresh-squeezed
    lemontaste-anytime, anywhere! 100% all-natural. True Citrus
    is great in water, sparkling water, seltzer or hot/iced tea.

#7: Hoosier Hill Cheddar Cheese Powder (1-lbs).
Hoosier Hill offers convenient cheese powder that's not in a bag!
Flavor your popcorn, baked potatoes, pastas and salads with
Hoosier Hill Cheddar Cheese. This powder is a necessity if you
have kids.

Think of the money you'll save on the mac and cheese boxes they
love. Just add butter and milk to make a cheesy sauce for the
elbow macaroni or shells in your food storage. See also Hoosier
Hill's Sour Cream Powder, which is a creamy flavor addition option
to make stroganoff and other sauces.

#8: Kraft Parmesan cheese (4-lbs).
Real cheese and with no fillers, unlike the grocery store version,
Kraft Parmesan cheese pictured at the bottom of the page is
restaurant quality. Encased in plastic, you'll need to place in the
refrigerator upon opening.

#9: Hidden Valley Ranch Seasoning and Salad
Dressing Mix.
Look ma, no envelopes! Hands-on the favorite, make fresh,
creamy Original Ranch® dressing with the powdered version
encased in plastic jars. Ideal to make potato salad, macaroni
salad, grilled chicken, hamburger, house potatoes, and of course
a garden salad. Try Hidden Valley Ranch in a variety of recipes --
such as buttered bread with sprinkled ranch dressing heated like
garlic bread.  

#10: Hoosier Hill Sour Cream Powder.
Great for sauces and recipes, you'll always have sour cream on
hand with Hoosier Hill powdered sour cream. It's pure dehydrated
sour cream and reconstitutes nicely. Adds a creamy flavor to your
macaroni and cheese!

#11: Jelly Belly Jelly Beans.
Get a plastic container filled with Jelly Belly jelly beans for around
$23.99. Made in the U.S.A., Jelly Belly is the original gourmet
jelly bean. You get 4-lbs of jelly beans in 49 flavors packed
conveniently in a bulk container. Pictured at the top of the page,
these are the real deal: Jelly Belly!

#12: Medhava Honey sticks.
Think of honey sticks as a natural antibiotic, sweetener, and
energizing treat. Kids love them! Made of pure clover honey,
Medhava honey sticks are a convenient source of quick energy and
cleverly packaged in plastic for long term food storage or your
extra light bugout bag.

There are
nine good reasons to hoard honey.

#13: Mixed Nuts, Planter's Peanuts.
New studies on nut allergies show that giving your child nuts at
an earlier age could actually help prevent nut allergies. Go figure.

Nuts are great to have in the preppers pantry, though you'll have
to rotate them often as nuts can go rancid. They are packed with
protein and are a delicious addition of protein to asian-style
pasta and rice dishes. Plus, you can grind your own peanuts into
peanut butter.

#14: Popcorn.
The Orville Redenbacher Popcorn Kernel Jug, pictured right, is a
best seller. Popcorn currently is not genetically modified and you
can grind popcorn into meal!

Popcorn is an excellent for long-term food storage.

#15: Rice Select.
The rice part of "rice and beans" doesn't have to be boring with
Rice Select. Delicious varieties of rice (as well as couscous and
orzo pasta) in prepper ready containers, you'll find
Rice Select has
every kind of rice you can imagine and then some! Texmati is a
unique Texan-style Basmati rice. Best of all, the containers deter
vermin from getting into your supplies.

Anything encased in hard plastic will help keep your food shelf-
stable. It keeps out the pests and moisture and oxygen. It's up
to you to keep the food out of the light and heat.

Happy endings...
Next time you're shopping and you come across a shelf-stable
food already packaged nicely, then get it!

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#4: Butter in a can.
Butter can be dangerous to can yourself. Don't attempt! A
manufacturer in New Zealand has been perfecting the art of
canning pure creamery butter for  If you don't do it properly, you
botulism. Read about butter in a can and how to have butter
in your food storage.

#5: Coffee in packets.
Because coffee beans are oily, they will not have a long shelf life.
It's a different story with freeze dried coffee!

Freeze dried coffee in packets is convenient food storage and
here are some brands popular with preppers on our pages:
  • Starbucks coffee packets, pictured above right
  • Folger's Coffee Crystals, pictured immediate right
  • Franklin's Finest, pictured directly below
#3: B&M Brown bread in a can.
Popular with Boston Baked Beans, B&M Brown Bread is bread in a
can is probably the only ready to eat can of bread. You'll find two
tasty varieties of B&M Brown bread -- original and Brown Bread
with Raisins, pictured right.

Although heating makes this bread even more delicious, it's not
necessary to heat the can at all. Just use a can opener, dump out
the bread, slice and eat!
Clever Packaging
Supplies with packaging intended for preppers

The case for clever containers in prepping.
Preppers buy food in bulk and use Mylar bags, oxygen absorbers
and food storage buckets for long-term food storage, but preppers
will also find a variety of shelf-stable foods that are already
packaged nicely for the pantry, if you know where to look.

  • Amazon is a great place to buy your preps and you can even
    get free groceries for shopping Amazon if you're creative.
    Really, this is a legitimate way to get stuff sent for free
    using a trusted source.

When you find foods encased in hard plastic or glass, you can
think of it as work that's already been done for you. There's no
need to
dry can, dehydrate, or encase in Mylar and plastic buckets!

Clever Food Packaging For Preppers
The top supplies with clever packaging for preppers include:

#1: Sugar.
Sugar is a long-lasting survival food ~ it lasts until the ants come
marching in to infest your supply. That's why it's important to find
a good container. Besides, sugar in plastic bags and paper sacks
isn't convenient at all ~ it's so messy that it makes sense to
transfer it into a sugar jar or canister. For long term storage you
can dry pack can sugar ito mason jars or Mylar bags and a food
grade bucket. Most sugar you buy at the grocery store comes in
sacks, but you don't need to worry about the ants with these
convenient sugar containers.

  • Domino Sugar. Domino sugar, pictured in yellow is extra
    fine granulated pure-cane sugar. It's free-flowing and of the
    highest quality. This all-purpose sugar is ideal for table use,
    baking, preserving, canning, and for sweetening beverages.
    The convenient container has a grab handle so you can pour
    and it has an extra wide mouth so you can scoop -- your
    choice. Either way, it keeps your sugar contained nicely.
    Stock up and stack it as part of your preps. No need to give
    your sugar the mylar treatment: Domino sugar is ready to go
    in your food storage!

  • Florida Crystals Organic Cane Sugar. If you are more the
    organic type when it comes to your food storage, check out
    Florida Crystals, pictured right. It's nothing but 95% organic
    evaporated cane juice. No bleaching chemicals at all Florida
    Crystals is unbleached pure cane sugar. You get 48-ounces
    (3-lbs.) and it comes in a convenient plastic see through
    container so you can gauge how much you have.

Sugar is a good shelf-stable food that lasts indefinitely if stored
properly, and it's good to know that
sugar isn't as bad as you may

#2 Bacon in a can!
It's an incredible discovery when you realize that they actually
have ready-to-eat bacon in a can. You get about 30 slices of real
bacon in every can of
Yoder's Bacon.
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