Master Prepping List

Master Prepping List
List of supplies for preppers and survivalists

Prepper Supplies Checklist
Your guide to emergency preparedness begins with a list. We
pulled together an ultimate prepper's list of supplies below.

Master List of Prepping Supplies  
If you're new to prepping, you need a place to start ~ that's
where our master list of prepping supplies can help you. If you're
an experienced prepper, you may like to evaluate the supplies
you currently have available and consier ideas on items you may
potentially lack. The checklist below can help you measure
progress toward your preparedness goals.  

Another excellent resource is the
Prepper Supplies Checklist, a
simple guide to emergency preparedness, by Nettie David,
pictured right. It's a short read, and more like a workbook, but
within this guide you will find:
  • an easy to follow preparedness plan
  • lists of survival supplies
  • photos, illustrations, and short stories
  • formulas for calculating supply needs
  • a prioritized list of emergency preparedness categories
  • simple strategies for setting preparedness goals
  • checklists for each prepper category
  • bug out bag and power outage kit ideas
  • an easy system for tracking progress and
  • a prepper calendar

Following is a prepper's supplies checklist:
  1. Alcohol  (and rubbing alcohol)
  2. Antibiotics Natural and fish antibiotics
  3. Antibacterials
  4. Antiseptics – Neosporin (or polysporin if you are allergic)
  5. Ammunition.
  6. Aspirin or aspirin alternatives
  7. Axe / hatchet and sharpener for wood chopping. Pulaski axe.
  8. Blanketsmylar blankets , fleece andwool blankets
  9. Bleach
  10. Boots (hiking, work boots)
  11. Bouillon cubes
  12. Borax
  13. Bucket Openers.
  14. Buckets of Emergency Food (beans, corn, cereal, oats, pasta,
    popcorn, powdered milk, rice, sugar, spices and wheat)
  15. Bugout bag
  16. Bugout bike
  17. Burn barrel
  18. Cable ties
  19. Canteen or water bladder
  20. Canned foods
  21. Canning lids
  22. Carbon monixide detector
  23. Camp stove
  24. Camp solar shower.
  25. Charcoal
  26. Compass and maps
  27. Composting toilet
  28. Communications (cell phone, weather Radio, CB, HAM radio,
    two wave radio, walkie talkies)
  29. Candles (emergency candles) and candlemaking supplies
  30. Canned foodmeats, fruits, vegetables, soups, stews,
  31. Can Openers – multiples for redundancy
  32. Carts – hauling food, water, wood, and equipment
  33. Chemical suit
  34. Chewing gum. Chew on this: Gum could help save your life in
    a survival situation and we'll show you how, so don't over
    look this inexpensive part of your preps!
  35. Cigarettes  – for tinder and bartering
  36. Citrus - prevent scurvy malnutrition.
  37. Cordage - paracord
  38. Colloidal silver
  39. Coffee packaged for long term food storage
  40. Coffee filters
  41. Copper
  42. Dehydrator
  43. Duct tape
  44. Dental aid dental medic kit, dental wax, braces kit
  45. Dental hygiene supplies –  dental floss, toothbrushes,
    toothpaste, mouthwash (which is an antiseptic!)
  46. Disinfectants (chlorine bleach, Steramine tablets)
  47. Drink mixes, powdered milk, and other emergency drinks
  48. Essential Oils. When medicines are not available, preppers
    will be turning to wisdom of the centuries with tinctures and
    essential oils.
  49. Electrolytes – Pedialyte, Saltstick Electrolyte Capsules
  50. Emergency radio
  51. Epsom Salt
  52. Flashlights – LED, hand crank, and solar
  53. Flu pandemic mask
  54. Firearms (guns and ammunition)
  55. Fire extinguishers
  56. Fire starters – BIC lighter, matches (including waterproof
    matches), flint, fire steel, magnesium fire starter
  57. Fresnel lens
  58. Freeze dried foods Augason Farms, Honeyville Farms,
    Mountain House, Legacy Foods, bucket of potatoes.
  59. Fishing gear – fishing pole and reel, fishing line, lures,
    swivels, sinkers, tackle box
  60. First Aid supplies – bandages, butterfly bandages, finger
    cots, finger splints, smelling salts, (see also Medic Bag)
  61. Fuel kerosene, propane, white gas (see also charcoal)
  62. Gas Mask – Nuclear Biological and Chemical (NBC) gas mask
  63. Gardening tools – rake, hoe, planters (see also shovel and
  64. Generator
  65. Grains
  66. Grain mill
  67. Hammer and nails
  68. Heirloom, non-GMO Survival Seeds.
  69. Home defense tools – barbed wire
  70. Homestead supplies – chicken wire (aka poultry netting) and
    garden staples,
  71. Hunting – alternate gear including, BB gun, crossbow, snare
    wire, slingshot, pellet gun
  72. Hygiene (dental)
  73. Hygiene (personal) ~ shampoo, soap, toothpaste
  74. Hygiene (other)– diapers (paper and cloth); sanitary napkins,
    tampons or cup; adult diapers, wipes
  75. Hydrogen peroxide
  76. Immunity Boosters - Vitamins
  77. Knives (fixed blade knives)
  78. Knives (folding knives )
  79. Lanterns  ~ solar, gas, hand crank, oil lamps
  80. Laundry ~ off grid washing machine, centrifugal dryer,
    washboards, clothes pins and washing line
  81. Lighter BIC lighter or Zippo
  82. Pandemic Personal Protective Equipment – chemical and
    splash resistant, disposable clothing, booties  pandemic
    mask, goggles, nitrile gloves, gauntlet gloves
  83. Plastic bags ~ hazardous waste bags, garbage bags, ziplock
  84. Protein bars, energy bars, cereal bars, granola bars
  85. Manual kitchen tools – butter churn, cheesecloth, cheese
    wax, manual egg beater,  manual knife sharpener, juice
    press, corn husker, heavy duty apple /potato peeler, pea
  86. Mason jars
  87. Medicines (allergy, aspirin, aspirin alternative, activated
    charcoal, cold medicine etc. )
  88. Medics bag and first responder supplies
  89. Powdered milk
  90. Pressure cooker – for home canning
  91. Prescription medications (minimum six-month supply)
  92. Rain barrels
  93. Rice and beans (see also buckets of food)
  94. Respirator – Niosh certified (e.g., N100 or N95)
  95. Salt
  96. Saw, plus saw horses, clamp
  97. Screwdriver and screws
  98. Seed vault (non-GMO, heirloom seeds)
  99. Sewing Kit –  sewing notions (needles, thread, sewing awl),
    patterns, treadle-powered sewing machine
  100. Soaps Zote laundry soap
  101. Solar chargers  – cell phone solar batteries
  102. Shoe repair –inserts, laces (or thin paracord), rubber heels
    savers and soles. Shoe Goo
  103. Shovel and spade
  104. Silver and colloidal silver
  105. Spices
  106. SuperGlue
  107. Survival Guide(we recommend Mykel Hawke’s Survival
  108. Steramine tablets
  109. Tarps (green or camouflaged, not blue)
  110. Tea
  111. Tent, car camper recreational vehicle, temporary shelter or
    bugout location
  112. Toilet paper
  113. Thermometer, no touch (infrared) or disposable, digital and
  114. Vaseline
  115. Vinegar
  116. Vehicle essentials – jumper cables, fluids, tire repair kit, tire
    chains, tow straps
  117. WD-40  –  a good all-around lubricant
  118. Wood, seasoned.
  119. WaterBob ~ bathtub water liner
  120. Water purification ~ tablets
  121. Water filtration system ~ gravity fed water filters, like a  
    Berkey or a Lifestraw
  122. Water Storage. If you have kids, you'll want a 260-gallon
    water tank that will ensure a family of four has water for
    three months.
  123. Yeast
  124. Zeer pot or alternate refrigeration

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