Honeyville Farms freeze dried emergency foods

Honeyville Farms powdered eggs
Honeyville Farms
Freeze Dried froods

Since 1951 Honeyville Farms has been providing foods for long
term storage. Perhaps best known for their freeze dried fruits
(you simply must taste their smoothie products), Honeyville
Farms also has the most amazing egg products. New to their well
rounded and healthy product lineup is the Almond flour, which is
simply almonds ground to flour with no additional ingredients,
just healthy almonds.  

Honeyville Farms Emergency Foods
Here are our favorite Honeyville Farms foods for your long term
storage needs:

Honeyville Farms Freeze Dried Fruits:
  • Strawberries. Each can contains 8 ounces of fruit!
  • Raspberries
  • Blueberries
  • Peaches
  • Bananas, and dehydrated banana chips
  • Apples
  • Dried Peaches: Freeze dried peaches are great as a
    snack all on their own, and you can:
  • add them to oatmeal or cereal
  • reconstitute them with fruit juice or make a
  • top them onto cottage cheese or ice cream

Honeyville Farms Egg products
By far Honeyville Farms eggs are the leading egg product for
preppers. Ideal for long term storage, powdered eggs are an ideal
backup for those who have chickens and the long term solution
for Preppers who don't. Blend the powdered eggs with water to
produce liquid eggs, which you can then use just like fresh eggs
for baking or for making breakfast. Two tablespoons of powder is
equivalent to an egg with water. (To reconstitute one egg, mix 2
tablespoons of Powdered Whole Eggs with 4 tablespoons of
water.) Each #10 can is equivalent to 78 eggs, or about 6-1/2
dozen eggs. Here's the lineup of egg products:

  • Whole Powdered eggs.
  • Egg whites.
  • Scrambled eggs.

Honeyville Farms Powdered butter.
This 2.25 lbs can is for use in baked goods, including breads,
cookies, cakes and muffins, as well as for sauces. Stores for up to
5 years unopened.

Honeyville farms also has a variety of vegetables and grains. Try
their yellow cornmeal or dehydrated egg noodles, and powdered
cheese sauce, directly below, and dehyrated hash brown
potatoes, immediate right.

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Honeyville Farms steel cut oats
Honeyville Farms peanut butter
Honeyville Farms veggies pack
Honeyville Farms cornmeal
Honeyville Farms onions
Honeyville Farms dehydrated egg noodles
Honeyville Farms red bell peppers
Honeyville Farms green onions
Honeyville Farms refried beans
Honeyville Farms peas
Honeyville Farms banana chips
Honeyville Farms peaches
Honeyville Farms mushrooms
Honeyville Farms vegetables
Honeyville Farms hashbrowns
Honeyville Farms dehydrated celery
Honeyville Farms mozzarella
Nine-grain cereal survival food
Honeyville Farms chocolate pudding
Ranchers cut by Honeyville Farms chicken
Ranchers cut ground beef Honeyville Farms
Honeyville Farms pasta with beef
Ranchers cut beef by Honeyville Farms
Emergency Drinks Honeyville Farms
Freeze dried pudding - vanilla
Honeyville Farms
Survival Desserts
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