Honeyville Farms freeze dried emergency foods

Honeyville Farms
Freeze Dried foods in #10 cans

Since 1951 Honeyville Farms has been providing bulk foods for
long term storage. Honeyville's diverse line of products includes
freeze dried and dehydrated foods, whole grains, flours, baking
ingredients, canned foods, corn products, and much more.

Honeyville Farms Emergency Foods
Here are our favorite Honeyville Farms foods for your long term
storage needs:

  • Refried Bean Flakes: Rich in flavor and loaded with fiber,
    protein, calcium and iron, dehydrated refried bean flakes are
    the perfect food storage for anyone who loves to eat Mexican
    food. It takes only minutes to cook.Make burritos, tacos,
    dips and any recipe calling for refried beans. Stores for up to
    20 years unopened.

  • Powdered butter ~ Peanuts are a bean, not a nut!
    Honeyville Farms powdered peanut butter in a #10 can is
    2.25 lbs. of food. Rehydrate peanut butter for a sandwich or
    crackers or use it in baked goods, including breads, cookies,
    cakes and muffins, as well as for sauces. Stores for up to 5
    years unopened.

  • Freeze dried Blueberries.  Freeze dried blueberries ~
    Perfect atop cereal or as a snack for kids. Honeyville's Freeze
    Dried Blueberries are light and crisp, while the flavors have
    the perfect balance of sweet and tart that only comes from
    the freshest blueberries.  Honeyville's freeze dried
    blueberries are great for pancakes, muffins, smoothies,
    yogurt, the possibilities are endless!

  • Powdered egg whites. Dried egg whites are full of protein
    and low in fat, cholesterol, and carbohydrates. In recipes
    that call for egg whites, there is no waste in egg yolk and no
    more waiting for egg whites to come to room temperature.
    Eliminating waste and saving time are only a few of the
    advantages in using powdered egg whites. We use the
    highest-grade eggs for our dried egg whites and always
    make quality a priority. Because powdered egg whites do not
    need to be refrigerated after opening, they conserve energy
    and shelf space. If you are searching for ways to reduce fat
    and cholesterol in dishes traditionally calling for whole eggs,
    dehydrated egg whites make a healthy substitute. Honeyville
    Powdered Egg Whites are an ideal product for long term food
    storage and emergency preparedness.

  • Instant Dry Milk. Honeyville Farms Instant non-fat dry milk.
    Honeyville's Instant Nonfat Dry Milk is a nutritional staple
    and strong bone building block. Our Instant Milk is fortified
    with Vitamins A and D and sealed in a #10 can with an
    oxygen absorber for long term storage. Powdered Instant
    Milk is an excellent source of protein and calcium. In
    addition, Nonfat Milk is a good source of Vitamins A & D and
    has 0% fat per serving. Easy to make, simply add powdered
    milk to water, stir and chill. Nonfat Dry Milk can be used in
    bakery and beverage applications in addition to everyday

  • Powdered butter. Tasty butter for baked goods, breads,
    cookies, cakes, muffins, sauces, toppings and more,
    Honeyville Farms powered butter can store for up to five
    years unopened. Honeyville's Powdered Butter is an excellent
    culinary tool for emergency preparedness and everyday
    convenience. Use it as a one-to-one replacement in all
    recipes calling for butter. Powdered Butter is a great time
    saver and convenience adder for everyday cooking, too.

  • Freeze dried mixed vegetables.  Add HoneyVille Farms
    Freeze Dried Mixed vegetables to stews, spaghetti,
    casseroles, skillet dishes or simply re-hydrated and warmed
    with butter. They are ideal for camping, too.

Happy endings...
Honeyville Farms is an ideal addition to your long term food
storage and emergency preparedness.

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