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And finally, when the poop hits to propeller...

#9: Luggage Carts.
In extreme crisis, a long term poop hits the fan scenario when the
rule of law no longer applies, as with an
Electromagnetic Pulse,
consider nabbing an airport luggage cart if you are in the viscinity
when things go down.

Have quarters handy in your wallet for airport luggage carts
should you be in the vicinity! (Tape quarters to a business card to
ensure you always have a quarter handy.) Airport luggage carts
could be immensely useful for lugging your wares, and you will
want to be among the first to grab them if you find yourself in
catastrophe situation where you are in an airport and you need to
vacate with your bags by foot. The present the same problem as
a shopping cart for a long term scenario, but you are better to
have the luggage cart than nothing at all should you still have
some worldly possessions for your survival.

#10: Apocalyptic shopping cart.
Stealing is wrong, but you can learn from the homeless and grab
a shopping cart under widespread, catastrophic conditions -- on
the day a grocery store will never reopen. On such a day, all is
fair game.

Immediately following an extraordinary event, such as an
Electromagnetic pulse scenario, shopping carts will be among the
first thefts to help cart away wares. Looters are imminent and the
shopping cart is indeed useful in urban environments; however,
from a long-term perspective, a shopping cart isn't as useful as
the movie
The Road portrays it to be. You may need a wagon to
cart over rugged terrain.

Happy endings...
Now that you have a better appreciation of handcarts,
wheelbarrows and wagons, you should think about getting one.

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preparedness Web site of prepping, survival,
homesteading, and self-reliance.
#7: Multi-function cart.

WORX Aerocart Multifunction Wheelbarrow, Dolly and Cart.
Pictured at the top of the page, the WORX Aerocart Multifunction
Wheelbarrow, Dolly and Cart, has flat-free tires and extension
arms to make your job of hauling stuff easier. It's an all-steel
construction that handles eight different tasks. It does the work
of a:
  1. Wheelbarrow
  2. Hand truck
  3. Cylinder holder
  4. Potted plant mover
  5. Rock lifer
  6. Bag holder
  7. Trailer mover and
  8. Extended dolly

#8: Wheel barrow.
A wheelbarrow will be immensely useful to preppers for hauling
wood, dirt, apples -- you name it. The wheelbarrow, below carries
five cubic feet.
#4: Radio Flyer Wagon.
Got kids? Some kids toys will prove helpful to preppers, top
among them is the Radio Flyer wagon.

Even a stroller has a usefulness in carting things around if your
child has grown, particularly if it has a storage compartment

#5: Portable Utility Wagon.
Pictured right, the portable utility wagon folds conveniently and
compactly and stores easy. With a solid steel frame and made of
durable 600 Denier polyester fabric, this  wagon is great for
loading and carrying heavy and bulky items. Includes attached
handles for easy transporting.

#6: Cylinder holder (bucket cart).
Part dolly, part wheelbarrow, the Broll durable all-steel frame
bucket cart as a removable waterproof bag that's ideal for yard
and garden cleanup, carrying tools, coolers or moving. The Bucket
buddy, pictured below in orange carries five gallon buckets.
#3: Guide Gear Aluminum Deer Cart.
This is how preppers and survivalists roll! Save your back and get
the big bucks off with the Guide Gear Aluminum Deer Cart,
pictured top. It hauls up to 250 lbs. Use it to roll your tree stand
and gear! Roll your downed deer out. All so effortlessly. This
balanced, aluminum Cart is Herculean strong with zero weight on
the handle. The silent, puncture-proof, 16" solid rubber spoked
wheels easily roll over the roughest terrain, dead falls, small
streams and just about anything else in the way. A lot of our pals
used to drag downed deer out of the deep back country with rope,
back-breaking oomph and plenty of muscle. It takes that big
trophy out of the deep woods with little effort. Folds flat like a
pancake in seconds to fit in your vehicle or for compact storage.
Cargo area is 19 x 64" . Weighs 21 1/2 lbs. Anti-reflective finish.
What a drag it would be if you missed this golden opportunity to
cart a deer. Order this dependable transporter now.
#2: Gorilla Garden Dump Cart.
The 600-Pound capacity dumping Gorilla Cart, pictured right and
below, is perfect for your garden and prepping projects. Simple,
balanced dumping minimizes strain and the wide-profile 10-Inch
pneumatic turf tires are designed to tackle any terrain. The
durable, molded bed won't rust, cleans easily, and is virtually
Above, the Worx Aerocart is a multifunction cart. It's a dolly, cart and
wheelbarrow rolled into one highly versatile tool to lift and move your
survival gear, bricks, mulch bags, straw bails, wood -- you name it.

#1: Jumbo wagon.
The industrial-grade Jumbo Wagon in red, below, handles heavy
loads up to 1400 lbs. Front, rear and side panels fold away or
detach completely for easy loading and unloading, making it an
ideal choice for preppers. Perfect for hauling patio blocks,
firewood, gardening supplies and much more, this wagon is of
durable construction with steel frame and steel mesh deck. As
well, the 13-inch diameter pneumatic tires give a smooth ride
over varying terrain.
Prepper carts
Hand trucks, carts, wagons and wheelbarrows

Leverage the use of hand carts!
How will you haul stuff in an off-grid world? Give careful thought
into owning a cart to help you in prepping, homesteading and
surviving. A cart is something that will make your life easier
today and well into the future.

Prepper hand carts
Consider owning a handcart, wheelbarrow or wagon to help with
the task of hauling your supplies! A hand cart is an indispensable
tool for off-grid living.

Carting stuff around in a grid-down situation is highly probable,
so even if you don't own a homestead, you should consider a
hand cart at minimum.

When the stuff hits the fan, a heavy duty utility cart will help
make moving heavy supplies seem effortless, but even a wagon
or a hand cart would be helpful over having nothing at all. Give
thought to saving your stroller or kiddie wagon, too.

Here are some ideas of how to haul your preps in a catastrophe: