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  • Look for the silver lining! Prepping secrets about silver.
    Discover secret tips for finding silver hiding in your coin jar.
    No need to be a coin collector to profit from these tips.

  • Radiation remedies for preppers. Learn how to survive a
    radiation emergency and help your body detoxify over the
    days, weeks, months and years following a nuclear event,
    with remedies for radiation emergencies.

  • Survival is sweet! Chocolate is among the best emergency
    foods to stockpile. While there is a limited shelf life there are
    survival uses of chocolate worth considering.

  • Vacuum sealing. Are you vacuum sealing your food what
    about making ice packs? Seed saving? Well, maybe you
    should! Here's our popular article: Prepping with a food saver.

  • Prepper carts. Consider owning a handcart, wheelbarrow or
    wagon to help with the task of hauling your supplies! A hand
    cart is an indispensable tool for off-grid living. Review this
    list of ten carts for preppers.
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  • New! Are you a tick magnet? Tick season is here and you
    can prepare! Don't go camping, hunting, or hiking without a
    tick kit. Don't have one?  Get a tick kit together now with
    just a few inexpensive items.

  • New! iOSAT: the teensy pill that could save your life. The
    masses of initial survivors of a nuclear catastrophe will be
    begging for this tiny pill, but only a lucky few may get this
    life-saving, thyroid blocking pill of potassium iodide that's
    government approved. Why wait for a handout that may
    never come? The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission is
    stockpiling iOSAT "Nukepills," so shouldn't you?

  • New! Firestarters are a spark of brilliance! Every prepper,
    camper, hunter or scout master needs a quality firestarter
    but may not know the difference between a ferro rod or a
    magnesium and flint firestarter. Get schooled on this basic
    survival item, which should be part of your everyday carry.
    See our list of best of the firestarting options for preppers.

  • Find your perfect match. Survival matches come in several
    varieties. Find the perfect survival match and garner a few
    match hacks and skills for your survival.

  • New! Are you stocking electrolytes? Excessive sweating
    from a strenuous activity or illness are just two reasons why
    you'll want to stockpile electrolytes as part of your overall
    prepping plans. Don't sweat the small stuff, like heatstroke.
    Instead, prepare for it by stockpiling electrolytes so you can
    keep hydrated and stay healthy in crisis ~ whether it's a
    personal emergency, like the illness of a child, a full-blown
    pandemic or just working on the homestead in the hot sun.

  • Updated! Survive a building fire. The Grenfell Tower fire in
    London, England may have you thinking about your personal
    preparedness plans at work or home. Will your gas mask
    work in a fire? How can you protect your home when there is
    no fire station? Be prepared in case of fire.

  • Prepper medicines: Do you dare try them?

  • Is your water safe?

  • Weird stuff you can compost. Coffee grounds, eggshells,
    and orange peels are among prepper favorites for
    composting, but what about a vacuum bag? Find out if it's
    on the list of weird stuff you can compost.

  • Shopping thrift shops for prepping books? They are hard
    to come by. It's even hard to find new books on prepping at
    the book stores, but you can shop Amazon and save. Here
    are Ten Prepping books to buy used on Amazon.

  • Steel this idea about steel wool. Your stockpile should
    include steel wool. Did you know you can make a fire from
    steel wool and a battery? Steel wool has a host of other
    uses for preppers. Here's how to use steel wool prepping.

  • Getting rubbed the right way. Getting a cold is a buzz kill!
    Vicks Vaporub can help by temporarily relieving coughs due
    to common cold, but there's so much more that Vick's
    VapoRub can do (all of which preppers will appreciate).
    Consider the alternative uses of Vick's VapoRub.

  • Ration bars are not the same as energy bars. What's the
    real purpose of a ration bar and how is it different from a
    food bar? Which should you pack in your bugout bag? What's
    the best ration bar? Read all about ration bars, which
    provide non-thirst provoking and carefully proportioned
    rations of food to sustain you through crisis.

  • Do you always feel like someone is watching you?
    Monitoring and surveillance in your daily life is a real threat
    and should be a top prepping concern. Take charge and know
    the creepy ways someone can spy on you.

  • Lavish in lavender essential oil! Lavender essential oil can
    kill a staph infection? Yes, Lavender oil is scientifically
    proven to do that and much more.

  • Planning emergency meals. What are your emergency food
    options? This list of emergency food provides an overview
    for your prepper's pantry, your go bags, and your vehicles,
    so you're ready when the "S" hits the fan.

  • Spinach flakes and how to use them. You may come across
    spinach flakes in your quest for building the long term food
    storage in your prepper's pantry and may wonder how to use
    them. Here's how to cook with dehydrated spinach flakes.

  • Food storage prepping:

  • Food for thought about meat tenderizer. You might like to
    add a meat tenderizer to your list of preps. Not only will you
    want to have it on hand to make meats more palatable
    when the stuff really hits the fan, but meat tenderizer is a
    folk remedy with prepping uses, too!

  • Special needs prepping:

  • Emergency water pouches. What's the deal with those
    emergency drinking water pouches in survival kits? Are
    emergency water pouches worth the price?

  • Is your tap water toxic? You think you're tapping into clean
    drinking water when you turn on the faucet, but what you're
    really tapping into is a cocktail of unwanted contaminants,
    plus potentially deadly toxins and organisms. Here are ten
    reasons not to drink the tap water.

  • Know about the antibiotic apocalypse! There's a superbug
    that's coming and man has engineered the catastrophe
    himself. Learn how to survive the superbug.

  • Are you new to prepping and want an easy project? Do
    you need a few quick weekend prepping projects? Are you
    looking for prepping projects so easy that a kid could do it?

Following is just such a
list of easy prepping projects.

  • Try this and learn some new prepping skills...
Volanco cookstove
Lidocaine Pluse
Stockpile electrolytes
Gerber bear Grylls firestarter
iOSAT Potassium Iodide
Tick tweezers