best water purifier for preppers

Water Purification
Best water purifier for preppers

Water purification is a key concept in prepping. There are many
ways to go about it, and the best water purification system
depends on your personal situation, including your budget, how
many people are in your group and location, for example.  This
guide will help you evaluate a water purification system for your

What is the best water filter for your family? Realistically,
you'll need several water purification systems, just like you'll
several firestarters, because water is life. The rule of
three is that you should have at least three ways to purify your
water for each of the places you store water:

  • Bugout bag / Get-home bag: You'll need a water filter for
    your bugout bag, such as a waterstraw or a Katadyn
    (preferably both), but you'll also want water purification
    tablets as a backup for questionable water. Finally, a metal
    tin will enable you to boil water to complete your travelling
    preparedness if all else fails. Some backpackers choose the
    U.V. light method of water purification, but this requires
    batteries, which may be useless in an ElectroMagnetic

  • Car: In your car survival kit, you should have water
    purification tablets, a water straw, and a metal container
    for boiling water, which are all easy items to stow away.
    Break ins happen, so you'll want three ways to purify your
    water, but you don't want someone to be able to walk way
    with your Katadyn.

  • Home: You'll need an everyday water filtration system to
    guarantee that you're not getting lead or fluoride in your
    water. You'll also need a backup, such as the Lifestraw
    Family gravity fed water filter which can filter 4755 gallons
    of water for simple emergencies. If you live near a nuclear
    plant, you'll want to invest a filter that removes
    radiological contaminants, such as the Seychelle.

It's important to know in advance the possible contaminants
that could be in your water before you buy a filter.
Not all filters
will remove lead or fluoride, for example, which also requires
special filtration.

How to Pick the Best Water Filter for
Removing impurities from your drinking water is serious
business. With so many ways to purify your water and so many
brands, it may be difficult to figure what's best for you.

What is the best water purifier for preppers on the go?
The answer is the same as the best water purifiers for
backpackers! There's no doubt that for bugging out, the Katadyn
water filtration system, pictured left, is among the best of the
best water purification systems. Even so, the others are still

What's the best water purifier for an off grid location?
You'll need a heavy-duty, gravity fed water purifier. None other
than a Big Berkey Water will do for your off grid location if your
budget allows. No electricity required! Pictured left, the
Berkey is a gravity fed water purification system capable of
filtering raw water for pathogenic bacteria, cysts and parasites
entirely and extracts harmful chemicals such as herbicides,
pesticides, VOCs, organic solvents, radon 222 and
trihalomethanes.  And it's capable of filtering well water or tap
water or your well water too to filter from aluminum, arsenic,
fluoride, lead, mercury and uranium.

What's the best water purifier for a dessert location?
A water straw, such as a Lifestraw is ideal for desert locations
because you may find sourcing potable water more difficult.
With a waterstraw you can sip directly from a small source of
standing water with no need to first strain your water. However,
you'll want to pack more than you need because drinking from
muddy source will quickly compromise the filter.

What's the best water purifier for a family?
The answer here is Lifestraw family because it is a gravity fed
water purificaton system capable of purfifying up to 4755
gallons of water. Pictured below, LifeStraw Famlily

Best Water Filtration and Water
Treatment Systems
The most popular water purification options for preppers include
in alphabetical order:

#1: AquaMira Frontier Pro water filter.
AquaMira removes 99.9 percent of Giardia, Cryptosporidium, and
other contaminants, and filters up to 50 gallons of water. Best
of all, this filter AquaMira Frontier emergency water filter weighs
less than 1 oz.

The filter can be used to drink from any bottle or cup or directly
from water sources. Features a new and more durable straw and
wider housing with greater durability. Removes more than
99.9% of Cryptosporidium and Giardia. Activated carbon filter
reduces waterborne chemicals, improves taste and eliminates
odors. Removes dirt and sediment from water. Filters up to 30
gallons of water.
  • Emergency water filter System for hiking, camping, and
    emergency situation
  • Effective on protozoan cysts
  • Economical - 1 System filters up to 20 gal. (75L) of water
  • Lightweight and compact emergency water filter system;
    fits into a pocket
  • Removes greater than 99.999% of Cryptosporidium and
    Giardia providing you with safe drinking water
  • Easy to use so you can drink directly from any water source
  • One time use; filters up to 30 gallons of water
  • Activated coconut shell carbon filter with Miraguard
    Technology suppresses bacteria, algae, fungus, mold and
    mildew within the filter

#2: Berkey water filtration system.
The Big Berkey water filter, pictured top of page, is ideal for
everyday and is portable for camping trips. It's a favorite among
preppers because it has long filter life (up to 3,000 gallons per
filter element). This powerful system purifies both treated water
and untreated raw water from such sources as remote lakes,
streams, stagnant ponds and water supplies in foreign
countries, where regulations may be substandard at best!

Most of the water filters in the Berkey lineup are made of
quality stainless steel. The Berkey water filter immediate right,
is unique in that it's made of a BPA-free plastic and allows you
to view the water levels.

For a complete rundown of the
top reasons to own a Big Berkey
water filtration system.

#3: Katadyn pocket water filter.
The tried and true Katadyn water filter, pictured right, is the
most rugged, longest lasting micro-filter available. Chosen by
the U.S. Military and expeditions due to it's extreme durability
and dependability, it has the capacity to filter 13,000 gallons
(or 50,000 liters) of water. Best of all, the output is about 1
quart/liter per minute.

#4: Lifestraw water filters.
With Lifestraw you can drink from a toilet, but just because you
can, doesn't mean you should. Lifestraw is pure genius!

Lifestraw, pictured right is a lightweight drinking straw to sip
directly from the water source for quick hydration. It removes a
minimum of 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria and 99.9% of
waterborne protozoan parasites, making it an ideal choice for a
bugout bag. Here's an article that touts the
benefits of
LifeStraw as a viable option for people of Africa!

Lifestraw Family:
  • Award-winning life straw family is used by over 13,200,000
    people worldwide
  • Clean drinking water for a family of four for 3 years
  • Gravity filter - pour water in the top and clean water comes
    out the bottom
  • Flow rate of 9 -12 liters per hour
  • Purifies 18,000 liters/4755 gallons without iodine, chlorine,
    or other chemicals
  • Award-winning LifeStraw Family is used by over 13,200,000
    people worldwide
  • Surpasses EPA standards for water purifiers: removes
    99.99% viruses, 99.9999% bacteria and 99.9% protozoan
    cysts to 0.02 microns
  • Purifies 18,000 liters/4755 gallons WITHOUT iodine,
    chlorine, or other chemicals; Clean drinking water for a
    family of four for 3 years
  • Gravity filter - pour water in the top and clean water comes
    out the bottom; Comes in a sealed bag, perfect for storing
    for emergencies

#5: Sawyer.
The Sawyer Mini Water Filter is a second generation filter that
is the lightest and most versatile personal filtration system
from Sawyer. With a total field weight of 2 ounces it fits in the
palm of your hand. This tiny filter does the same job that the
Sawyer PointOne filter does but now in a more compact,
personal size. The Sawyer Mini filter is perfect for everything
from camping with the kids to traveling abroad where tap and
bottle water cannot be trusted.

The filter removes 7 log (99.99999%) of all bacteria (like
salmonella) as well as other harmful bacteria which causes
cholera and E. coli and 6 log (99.9999%) of all protozoa such as
giardia and cryptosporidium. These removal rates equal or
exceed other filter options. EPA guidelines allow ten times more
protozoa left in the water than Sawyer PointOne filters allow.

Attach the Mini to the included drinking pouch, use the included
straw to drink directly from your water source, connect it to
hydration pack tubing (sold separately), or screw it onto
standard disposable bottles (28 mm thread). The Sawyer Mini
Water Filter is rated up to 100,000 gallons. It comes with 16-
ounce reusable squeeze pouch, 7-inch drinking straw, and
cleaning plunger.

Since 1984, Sawyer Products has offered the best, most
technologically advanced solutions for protection against sun,
bugs, water, and injuries -- everything from first aid kits
developed for wilderness to point-of-use water filters that filter
contaminated water to levels cleaner than U.S. bottled water.

  • Ideal for outdoor recreation, hiking, camping, scouting,
    domestic and international travel and emergency
  • High performance filter fits in the palm of your hand;
    weighs just 2 ounces; 0.1 Micron absolute hollow fiber
    membrane inline filter
  • Attaches to included drinking pouch, standard disposable
    water bottles, hydration packs, or use the straw to drink
    directly from your water source
  • Removes 99.99999% of all bacteria, such as salmonella,
    cholera, and E.coli; removes 99.9999% of all protozoa,
    such as giardia and cryptosporidium
  • Filter rated up to 100,000 gallons; includes 16-ounce
    reusabel squeeze pouch, 7-inch drinking straw, and
    cleaning plunger

#6: Seychelle Radiological Nuclear Radiation Water
The Seychelle Radiological nuclear radiation water filter removes
100% of major nuclear contaminants from drinking water. It
removes 100% of Gross Beta, Radium 226, Uranium, Cesium
137, Strontium, Plutonium, Radioactive Iodine B1, and Radon
222. The filter is good for up to 150 gallons of water, after
which you'll need to replace the filter.

  • The Radiological filter removes the four basic zones of
  1. Aesthetic (Chlorine, taste and odor),
  2. Chemicals (from Industry and Agriculture),  Removes up to
    90% of fluoride!
  3. Dissolved Solids (heavy metals such as lead, mercury,
    Chromium 6) and
  4. Up to 99.99% of Radiological Contaminants such as Gross
    Beta, Radon 222, Alpha Radium 226, Plutonium, Uranium,
    Cesium 134 and 137.

Unfortunately the reservoir holds one half gallon of water, so
you  may like to pair the Seychelle water filter with the Big
Berkey, which has a higher capacity. Also, this filter is not for
filtering raw water sources -- in other words, it isn;t intended
for use with private wells, rivers, streams or ocean water. Use
Seychelle with chlorinated or disinfected water supply only.

With so many ways to purify water it's good to know which are
the best backpacking water filter and treatment systems, like
the Katadyn, or the best for harsh water conditions you'll find in
the desert, like the Lifestraw, because those are the ones to
rely on in prepping. Everyone can benefit from a Seychelle water
filter and a Big Berkey water filter. The two will work in tandem
for a radiological emergency.

Now that you know the best, here are the worst water filter for
preppers: Brita. Just say "no" to a Brita.

#8: Add Polar Pure to your water purifier.
Polar Pure -- it's how to completely sterilize drinking water from
ALL viruses, bacteria and their mutations. Incredible stuff, Polar
Pure, pictured right, is an iodine water purifier in extremely
portable form (a 5-ounce bottle fits in the palm of your hand).
It's inexpensive, shelf stable and goes a long way towards
helping provide clean drinking water:

  • Inexpensive: The cost to use Polar Pure is just one-cent
    per quart, while water tablets cost 12 cents per cup!

  • Shelf-stable (even after you open the bottle). Polar Pure
    is a purification method that's shelf-stable, and maintain
    its' potency indefinitely as long as it remains capped
    between uses. Conversely, water tablets begin losing their
    efficacy as soon as you open the bottle. It has an
    indefinite shelf life!

  • Gives you thousands gallons of water. Polar Pure can
    render large amounts of water potable - The small bottle
    lets you decontaminate 2,000 liters of water (about 528

Extremely effective, Polar Pure exceeds the FDA's minimum
standard for sterilization by killing all bacteria and viruses, as
well as their mutations.  Tablets can let organisms mutate and
become immune, while filtration straws cannot filter out
viruses, which are too small at .0004 mi. That's why it's good to
add Polar Pure as a water disinfectant. It pairs well with
whatever water purifier you choose.

Happy endings...
Removing impurities from your drinking water is serious
business, particularly if you're a prepper. Now you have a better
understanding of the best water purifier for preppers. Water is
life and preppers know how to live life to the fullest!

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