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And that's how to get rid of mosquitoes and how to repel the
ones that linger and deal with the pesky problem of mosquito
bites! Getting rid of mosquitoes is easier than some may think.

Happy endings...
While it's true that mosquitoes are a nuisance, you will be happy
to know that roughly half the population of mosquitoes aren't a
problem at all for humans. That's because they're male! It's the
female mosquitoes bite. When you think of it, the female
mosquito isn't all bad. She's got a family to feed and it's hard to
find fault with that!

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Does burning coconut shells keep away mosquitoes?
The answer is yes (and no)! The people of Tahiti constantly burn
coconut shells and other substances to "smoke out" mosquitoes.
It's not so much the coconut shell smoke that smokes them out,
but rather the smoke itself that deters them. Mosquitoes don't
like smoke of any kind, so go ahead and light a bonfire and deter
the mosquitoes.

Prepare to live happily ever after with us at - the emergency
preparedness Web site of prepping, survival,
homesteading, and self-reliance.
Did you know... Purple Martins are nature`s mosquito eliminators? Purple
Martins rely entirely on man-made structures for communal nesting and
they tend to return annually to the same spot. Purple Martins are social
and the decoy above puts them at ease

#10: Ditch the itch! Here's how to take the bite out
of the mosquito bite naturally...
While the above remedies work for getting rid of mosquitoes
altogether, there may be times when you get a bite. Left, is a
popular list presented on Facebook for the "9 Do-It Yourself
Home Remedies for Relieving Mosquito Bites," but our list is
more extensive. If you want to ditch the itch, we have plenty of

Certainly the list is endless. We've even heard Windex, but
please avoid the Windex, there are plenty of other options.

Mosquito facts...

  • Did you know that more people die from mosquito bites
    than from wars? It's true! More than 500,000 people die
    annually from mosquito borne diseases (primarily from
    malaria) around the world.

  • Did you know mosquitoes like to bite at dawn? You're
    most likely to get mosquito bites at dawn or at dusk, when
    mosquitoes are most active.

  • Did you know your breath is like a chuck wagon triangle
    to a mosquito? The carbon dioxide from your breathing
    attracts them to lunch. Pregnant women emit more carbon
    dioxide than other adults and children and are the most
    susceptible to bites.

  • Did you know some people are more susceptible to
    mosquito bites than others? According to Web MD, it's
    genetics that accounts for about 85% susceptibility to
    mosquito bites.

Are you in denial about West Nile? February and March is an
especially good time to curb pesky mosquitoes. If you're lucky
enough to catch the first batch of larvae, you'll cut the chance
they breed and this minimizes your problem later in the season.
With the impeding threat of West Nile Virus, you may be
wondering just how can you prevent mosquito bites and
minimize the mosquitoes around your home. It's all about
education. When you have a few facts and supplies you can curb
the nuisance.

Here are some recent mosquito alerts:

Do It Yourself Remedies for Relieving Mosquito Bites

To soothe a mosquito bite here are some natural remedies:
  1. place a lemon slice (or onion) on the afflicted area:
  2. crush aspirin into a paste with a bit of water;
  3. heat a spoon under the hot water tap and press on the bite;
  4. make a paste of baking soda by mixing water and apply to
    the affected area;
  5. apply apple cider vinegar directly to the bite;
  6. try aloe vera as a natural way to soothe a bite
  7. honey applied directly to the bite will help provide relief.
  8. wet a tea bag and apply as a compress;
  9. smooth in some coconut oil or aloe vera gel;
  10. rub a banana peel on the afflicted area; or
  11. dab lavender essential oil, witch hazel or tea tree oil to
    provide relief.
  12. scrub a dry bar of ivory soap on the bite;
  13. rub some, ammonia rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide;
  14. dab Vic's Vaporizing rub as an ointment;
  15. brush in some Tom's peppermint toothpaste
  16. sooth a mosquito bite with witch hazel and learn its
    magical properties;
  17. use mouthwash to soothe mosquito bites and other insect
  18. If the above doesn't work, smooth in some:
  • Anbesol
  • Chloraseptic
  • Orajel
  • Skoal tobacco or
  • Meat tenderizer
  • or Preparation H!

Here's the video on natural ways to deal with mosquito bites:
#9: Repel before the swell, naturally!
In addition to citronella, jere are some natural mosquito

  • Spearmint oil: Essential Oil of spearmint is a natural
    mosquito repellent, as well  it has antibacterial qualities.
    (Ants, flies, and moths don't like spearmint oil either.)

  • Thyme oil with peppermint oil: Mix 1- drops of thyme oil
    with 10 drops of peppermint oil and with two ounces of
    water. This natural  mosquito repellent is now ready for your
    mini spray bottle!

  • Rosemary, mint and cloves: Boil some water with a few
    sprigs of mint and rosemary and some cloves! The recipe for
    Cheryl's all natural Mosquito Spray smells nice to humans,
    but will send the mosquitoes away with the spray!

  • Slime them with lime: Slice a lime and insert cloves. It's a
    simple solution that will look pretty on your table.

  • Bug-off Essential oils. Bug-off Essential Oils, by Plant
    Therapy, is a blend of: citronella, eucalyptus, cedarwood,
    lemongrass, lavender, litsea, tea tree oil, Patchouli and
    catnip.  Diffuse or use Bug-Off in an oil burner around the
    picnic area or diluted in witch hazel and sprayed on clothing.

  • Garden Safe Organic Insecticidal Soap. Garden Safe
    Organic Insecticidal Soap, pictured left, is an effective way
    to rid your garden of pests without harming beneficial honey
    bees or ladybugs.

  • Geranium Essential oil. Geranium will ward off mosquitoes.

  • Birds that eat mosquitoes. Use nature to keep your
    property mosquito free. Purple Martins, swallows, waterfowl,
    geese and ducks all eat mosquitoes. You can set up bird
    feeders, bird houses, and bird baths to attract the birds. Just
    be sure to change the water on the bird bath (and be sure to
    clean the bird bath once a month with vinegar).

#6: Deet is neat, but you can stick it to them (with
mosquito sticks)!
Deet does the job, but it's also harsh. There are other great
alternatives to repelling mosquitoes without touching your skin.

  • Murphy's Mosquito Sticks: Ridiculously Good Natural Insect
    Repellent, and DEET Free, Murphy's Mosquito Sticks,
    pictured at the bottom of the page, contain ten percent
    repellent oils, three times more than leading repellent
    products on the market. It contains three different types of
    repellent oils, while most products contain just one. Each
    repellent oil impacts each insect type in a unique way, so
    having three different oils gives Murphy's Mosquito Sticks a
    broader spectrum of coverage. Made from all natural plant
    based ingredients, Murphy's Mosquito sticks are an
    important addition to your preps.

Repel insect repellent with Deet is highly effective, so if you
don't mind the harsh chemicals and if you are in need of
mosquito control for severe conditions, grab yourself some Repel
100 with Deet.

#7: Citronella Essential Oil and Candles.
Citronella oil repels mosquitoes. The Botanical Name of
"Citronella" is Cymbopogon Winterianus.

  • Citronella Essential Oil. Citronella Essential Oil is credited
    with having therapeutic properties as an antiseptic,
    deodorant, insecticide, parasitic, tonic and as a stimulant.
    Nonetheless, most people will associate it with its
    insecticide properties. Many commercial repellents contain
    Citronella Ceylon, and it is often used in combination with
    Cedarwood to produce a pleasant smelling natural insect

  • Repel Citronella Candle. The Repel citronella candle,
    pictured at the top right-hand of the page, is made with
    real citronella oil and repels mosquito's and other flying
    insects. The portable, convenient tin has a lid for easy use
    and storage and also keeps the citronella odor under wraps
    until you need to use it. Burns up to 20-hour. Unfortunately,
    citronella also attracts bears, so if you live in bear country,
    you should avoid it.

  • Citronella candle. Cironella makes a wonderful survival

#8: Build a better mosquito trap.
Natural is always better! Recycle a soda bottle to make an
effective mosquito trap with brown sugar, yeast, hot water and a
cloth. Pictured below the steps are simple and effective.
  • Smoke them out! Mosquitoes don't like smoke, but they are
    particularly drawn away from particular smells:
  • Burn coconut shells. In French Polynesia, people burn
    fires. The smoke from Coconut shell temporarily repels
    mosquitoes from the area. The solution of burning
    coconut shell may be an option if you live in Hawaii.
  • Burn sage: Yes, sage is another wise thing to smoke
    out mosquitoes!
  • Mosquito sticks: Murphys Mosquito sticks, pictured right,
    is an incense that repels mosquitoes.
  • Frankincense also helps repel mosquitoes.
How to get rid of mosquitoes naturally
How to repel mosquitoes naturally

Mosquitoes have caused more deaths to mankind than war. Read
more mosquito trivia below and learn how to get rid of mosquitoes!

A rogue mosquito flying overhead while you're trying to sleep
might be an annoyance, but from a prepper's perspective, it could
be a personal apocalypse. A mosquito is a mini vampire of sorts,
so get the vampire response team ready!

Just one mosquito bite could trigger a deadly outbreak.
Mosquitoes pose several health problems to humans, as they are
the vectors responsible for many illnesses:

  • Chikungunya - an Aedes Mosquito-borne disease.
  • Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever - an Aedes Mosquito-Borne
  • Encephalitis (a mosquito-transmitted viral disease causing
    brain inflammation).
  • Malaria
  • Rickettsial Diseases
  • Rift Valley Fever
  • West Nile Virus; and
  • Yellow Fever an Aedes Mosquito-borne disease
  • Zika Virus - an Aedes Mosquito-borne disease

As you can see from the list above, the biggest culprit for disease
is the Aedes Mosquito! The Aedes Mosquito is responsible for 100
million cases of mosquito-born disease annually, according to the
Centers for Disease Control. Perhaps it's time to turn in the
gas mask and chemical suit for a head to toe insect shield? It's
one sure-fire way to avoid getting a mosquito bite.

How to get rid of Aedes Mosquito

  • This killer "vampire mosquito" loves to bite during the
    day! A mosquito net over your bed at night isn't going to do
    you much good against this particular mosquito (though it.
    Knowing that she bites during the day, you can take more
    preventive measures during the day to cover up and wear
    repellent. Repelling mosquitoes isn't brain surgery, but
    you've got to balance the chemical load of lotions with
    natural alternatives.

  • Control the population of mosquitoes around your
    homestead. There are so many incredible products on the
    market help preppers deal with the pesky problem of
    mosquitoes and getting them out of your vicinity. Getting rid
    of mosquitoes isn't going to be easy, but it is doable. Learn
    more below...

Simple Ways to Get Rid of Mosquitoes
End your mosquito woes! Here's how to get rid of mosquitoes
around the homestead (and  how to repel the ones that linger
and buzz around you):

#1: Know what to wear (and what not to wear).
Ingenuity and knowledge in selecting the proper clothing is a first
line of defense against mosquitoes. The most effective measure
of protection against the pesky Aedes Mosquito (and her cousins)
is to prevent bites all together and wear a mosquito net from
head to toe. Not everyone wants to wear a head to toe insect
shield while walking the dog in the afternoon. What then?

  • Wear Permethrin fabrics (insect repelling clothing).
    Permethrin is a man-made version of a natural insect
    repellent found in certain chrysanthemum plants. Insect
    shield fabrics that have permethrin, repel insects, including
    those that can carry lyme disease, west nile virus, malaria
    and other insect-borne diseases. It's proven to repel
    mosquitoes, and also ticks, ants, flies, chiggers & midges

  • Know what not to wear (blue). In his book, How to Stay
    Alive in the Woods, author Bradford Angier reveals that
    mosquitoes love blue, moist with perspiration clothing.
    Knowing this in advance will give you good reason to skip
    the blue in your bugout wardrobe. Later in his book he warns
    that both mosquitoes and black flies "can actually kill a full
    grown man in good health" who has not protected himself
    with sufficient knowledge about these little beasts.

  • Wear white, long sleeve clothing. Wear white clothing,
    particularly socks (so you can better see the insects). Long
    sleeves will help, but mosquitoes will be able to penetrate
    some fabrics like cotton.

  • Wear a mosquito net properly. For the times when you are
    going to wear a mosquito net, such a camping deep in the
    woods, be sure to wear a baseball cap or a wide brimmed
    hat underneath when you don a mosquito net (especially
    while camping deep into mosquito territory). The baseball
    cap or wide-brimmed hat will keep the net from falling
    directly on your face to avoid the irritation of rubbing against
    the skin.

#2. Take a stand on standing water.
Getting rid of mosquitoes is easier than you may think.
Controlling the mosquito population by taking a stand on water is
an effective way to reduce mosquito-borne disease.
Unfortunately, it only takes an inch of water to create the perfect
mosquito breeding place, so you'll want to find the water sources
around your home and work with your local community.

The first thing for a prepper to do is to remove all standing water
sources (and work with neighbors to curb the problem):

  • Look for standing water in man-made places. Mosquitoes
    lay eggs in the bird bath, rain barrel lids, buckets, wagons,
    watering cans, and sandbox covers. It's easy enough to get
    rid of the problem mosquitoes are causing by putting items
    that collect water into the garage during the wet season.

  • Pull tarps tight! Popular Mechanics recommends you tie your
    tarps tightly. They say that rainwater pools in the folds of
    tarps covering a pile of firewood, a speedboat, a grill, or
    other large items. Pull tarps tight to help prevent
    mosquitoes from propagating in such stagnant waters.

  • Ban the lawn. Most preppers grow food and not lawns, but
    if you have a lawn, be sure to keep it well manicured, as
    mosquitoes enjoy the moist clippings of lawn debris.
    Additionally, lawns are an excellent source of mud puddles,
    another breeding ground for mosquitoes.

  • Check muddy and swampy prone areas. For muddy water
    areas, get Mosquito Bits, pictured above to kill mosquitoes
    where they breed. The active ingredient is bacillus
    thuringiensis (subspecies israelensis), solids, spores and
    insecticidal toxins. This kills mosquito larvae that transmit
    West Nile Virus, Encephalitis, Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever and
    Malaria. Environmentally sound biological mosquito control,
    Mosquito Bits is an essential supply item for every prepper.
    This product kills mosquitoes fast -- within 24 hours and is
    EPA registered in all 50 states. Just sprinkle in any standing
    water, such as a swampy or muddy area.

  • Look for standing water in other natural places. Check
    trees for hidden water holes in the range of an acre.

  • Check in with neighbors about the mosquito problem.
    Your work of getting rid of mosquitoes will be for naught if
    you get rid of mosquitoes and your next door neighbor is
    breeding them.

#3. Plant the plants mosquitoes hate!
Curb those pesky mosquitoes naturally by planting fragrant herbs.
Plant fragrant basil, rosemary, and lemon verbena on your
property. These plants naturally repel mosquitoes from your yard.
Don't have a yard? Even potted plants will help you on your deck.
Hippocrates once said: "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be
thy food."  Who knew mosquitoes would be such a picky bunch?

There are dozens of ways to keep mosquitoes from buzzing
near your ears:
  1. Basil. An herb that makes mosquitoes skedaddle, basil will
    make a delicious addition to your herb garden.
  2. Catnip. Treat your kitty and combat mosquitoes
    simultaneously. Rub catnip oil on your skin: it's purr-fect.
    The essential oil in catnip is Catnip makes the cockroaches
    cower, too. catnip is 10 times more effective than Deet (as
    reported by Scientific Daily)!
  3. Cinnamon oil.
  4. Citronella geranium. Try also Citronella geranium essential
    oils. Bugging out or camping in bear country? A citronella
    candle is wonderful for repelling mosquitoes, but when you
    are in bear country, you'll need to avoid citronella!
  5. Frankincense. Frankincense is an excellent mosquito
    repellent, but also a flee, tick and house fly repellent!
  6. Garlic. Rubbing garlic on your body apparently will repel two
    kinds of blood suckers vampires and mosquitoes.
  7. Lemon thyme. Lemon thyme is loathed by mosquitoes.
    Pictured right is the Mosquito Repelling Creeping Lemon
    Thyme plant.  Lemon Thyme is the ultimate no-spray
    mosquito repellent! This plant combats mosquito problems
    safely and effectively. A relative of the thyme family,
    creeping lemon thyme has a pleasant lemony fragrance that
    scents the air with a perfume mosquitoes won't tolerate! The
    high citronella oil content of this hardy, easy-to-grow
    perennial plant is more potent than any other mosquito
    repellent plant tested, and more potent than citronella
    candles or sprays, especially when the leaves are rubbed
    onto exposed areas of bare skin. Reported by plant
    scientists at a major university, and published in major
    national magazine media, the mosquito repellent thyme is
    up to three times more effective at repelling mosquitoes
    than other mosquito-repellent plants. Mosquito repellent
    thyme is used as a garnish or cooking herb. The plants are
    easily grown and spread fast making an attractive low
    growing 4 tall ground cover with a mass of light violet
  8. Lemon Grass. Popular in Thai cooking, lemon grass is not
    easy to grow by seed. If you're serious about getting lemon
    grass to deter mosquitoes naturally, then purchase a bundle
    at an Asian market or online.
  9. Lemon Verbena.
  10. Marigold. You're golden with Marigold if you don't like
    mosquitoes, because mosquitoes will buzz away at the smell
    of it.
  11. Myrrh. A little known use of myrrh is as an insect repellent!
  12. Rosemary. Packed with antioxidants, rosemary is great for
    repelling mosquitoes and it's a natural disinfectant. Best of
    all, it's easy to grow and doesn't require much water making
    it a drought tolerant plant for your garden.
  13. Sage. Burn sage and smoke out mosquitoes and any bad
  14. Spearmint. You'll be minty fresh and mosquito free with
    spearmint. Mosquitoes dislike spearmint, and other insects
    too, including ants, flies, and moths.  Rub spearmint on your
    skin directly as a natural mosquito repellent or plant
    spearmint in pots and move wherever you find them. Other
    insects that don't like spearmint, include ants, flies, and

#4: Vaccinate livestock.
Vaccines against West Nile virus are readily available for your
pets and livestock. If you curb the problem first by ensuring your
pets and livestock are safe, then you minimize the problem that
much more for yourself. Ask your veterinarian.

#5: Zap, fog or smoke them out.

  • Zap: ThermaCELL Cordless Portable Mosquito Repellent
    Appliance.  ThermaCELL offers odorless protection from
    mosquitoes. It gives off no scent that spooks animals,
    making it ideal for outdoor activities such as hunting,
    fishing, camping, barbecues, backyards, decks and many
    other outdoor activities. Repels up to 98% of mosquitoes, as
    well as black flies, no see ums and sand flies.

  • Fog: Burgess Mosquito Fogger. Smoking or fogging
    mosquitoes is something you can do at home, without hiring
    a professional.Burgess Foggers give you immediate,
    effective, long lasting control of mosquitoes and flies.
    Pictured right in yellow, the Burgess Mosquito Fogger is a
    lightweight thermal propane-powered fogger. It's the most
    economical way to kill mosquitoes and biting flies. Kills
    mosquitoes that may carry West Nile Virus. Use before
    backyard picnics, barbecues, outdoor parties and special
    events. It takes just minutes to fog an average size yard.
    For outdoor residential use only.
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