coffee filter survival

Coffee filter uses
Creative uses for coffee filters, coffee grounds and cans

A trifecta of survival supplies -- coffee, coffee cans, and coffee
filters -- are all extremely useful in prepping and around the
homestead. Don't throw any of it away.

How to use paper coffee filters to help
you survive
We've listed ten uses for coffee filters in survival, but there are
many more ideas possible:

Coffee filter use #1: Pre-filtering and filtering water
for survival.
Pre-filtering water through a coffee filter will removes all of the
larger debris and dirt from a raw water source. This will go a
long way towards extending the life of your water filter so it
doesn’t work as hard.

Coffee filters can help pre-filter sediment from a raw water
source in an emergency;however, a coffee filter can't get out
Giardia and other deadly water nasties on its own. You'll need a
layering combination of sand, charcoal and gravel to improvise a
water filtration system. Here's
how to make a simple water
filter. You'll see that the coffee filter is used at the bottom.

Coffee filter use #2: Sprouting seeds.
Whether you want to sprout alfalfa seeds for your favorite
sandwich, or need to sprout seeds for the garden, coffee filters
will help you get the job done. Coffee filters are food grade and
ideal for helping you sprout seeds for sandwich and salad
toppings. They are also great for helping you sprout seeds to
plant, since they are biodegradable you can plant the coffee
filter as well!

Coffee filter use #3: Creating pot drainage holes to
keep in the soil.
Coffee filters can keep potting soil from leaking out after
watering your plant. Remember this hack after your favorite pot
of coffee: put the used paper filter filled with coffee grounds
directly at the bottom of your pot before you fill it with soil. In
this way you'll fill the planting hold and simultaneously nourish
your new plant.

Coffee filter use #4: Improvising a funnel.
Turn a coffee filter into a funnel for dried goods, and reduce the
mess. To devise a funnel, cone the coffee filter and cut off the
tip. Now open the filter to funnel dry foods into your mason
jars, such as cereals, sugar, rice, or powdered milk.

Coffee filter use #5: Degreasing bacon.
Bacon. Need we say more? As a bacon degreaser, you can put
coffee filters  to  excellent use. First decrease your bacon, then
use the drippings to season your cast iron pans. (
When your
cast iron pans are well seasoned, they won't rust.) Aside from
bacon, you can soak up the extra greas
e in your other fried
foods -- falafels, fried chicken, French fries - you name it!

Coffee filter use #6: Making a tonic or astringent.
Coffee filters are ideal for making all sorts of tonics and
astringents for herbal medicinal purposes. Put your ingredients
in a bottle and leave the ingredients to steep a full day, then
filter the contents and re-bottle.

  • How to deal with conjunctivitis, naturally, using a coffee
    filter. A coffee filter can help you make effective herbal
    tinctures (a medicine you dissolve in alcohol). Here is the
    recipe for one such tincture that helps heal conjunctivitis.
    1 drop chamomile
    1 drop witch hazel
    2 drops rosewater

    Steep four to six hours, then strain through a paper coffee
    filter and use with a compress. (Be sure to keep your eyes

Coffee filter use #7: Milking a cow, doe or ewe!
Skip to Coffee use #8 if "ewe" don't have a ewe, but if you
do.... To process milk from your livestock, pour milk through an
unbleached coffee filter. This of course is an option if you're out
of milk filters. It won't work as well, but it will help you cool the
milk as quickly as you can. For details, consult Storey's Guide to
Raising Miniature Livestock, by Sue Weaver, pictured left.

Coffee filter use #8: Removing residue (dust rag or
window wipe).
Coffee filters are a little too scratchy for cleaning your delicate
spectacles, but you can use them for dusting television
monitors and computer screens, or using with Windex for wiping
windshields and mirrors clean.

Coffee filter use #9: Making home made essential oil
dryer sheets.
For naturally fresh smelling laundry, stain several drops of your
favorite essential oil onto a coffee filter and toss into the dryer.
Try vanilla or lavender! You won't ever bounce back to the store
for dryer sheets.

Coffee filter use #10: Prepare crème fraîche.
Coffee filters works like cheesecloth since the fibers won't break
apart to drain yogurt of excess moisture. Here's
how to make
crème fraîche using a coffee filter.

Coffee filter use #11: Save money on tea!
If you buy tea in bulk, you can make your own  tea bags with
loose-leaf tea. While you could use a metal tea strainer. Cut
packets and staple with twine. Find out more at

If you have tea leaves that need steeping, a coffee filter will do
the job, as illustrated above, and it certainly will filter your
tea for survival better than a stinky sock or pantyhose you've
packed in your bugout bag.

Coffee filter use #12: creating pot drainage holes.
By placing a coffee filter at the bottom of a planter, you'll find
the soil won't come out of the drainage hole. And it's
biodegradable!Coffee filters can keep potting soil from leaking
out after watering your plant. Remember this hack after your
favorite pot of coffee: put the used paper filter filled with coffee
grounds directly at the bottom of your pot before you fill it with
soil. In this way you'll fill the planting hold and simultaneously
nourish your new plant.

Coffee filter use #13: Straining leaves when
harvesting rainwater
In the same way pre-filtering water through a coffee filter will
remove all of the larger debris and dirt from your drinking water,
it will also help you in harvesting rainwater collected in barrels.

Coffee filter use #14: Getting rid of pulps and seeds.
When life gives you lemons, make lemonade (and use the
coffee filter to get rid of the unwanted pulp for the kiddos). A
coffee filter makes an excellent filter for all kinds of juice pulp
and it keeps the seeds from falling in your food too.

Coffee filter use #15: Strain soups and broths.
An ordinary coffee filter can help you to thin a soup base to
make a delicious broth.

Coffee filter use #16: Picnic and camping.
A coffee filter can come in handy camping in odd ways, including
improvising gauze for your first aid kit, serving food as a bowl
or plate, or even as emergency toilet paper. There are many
creative ways to use coffee filters in camping:

  • Picnic food cover - don't let annoying and unsanitary bugs
    ruin your outdoor meal.

  • Slice veggies. As a mini cutting board for camping or a
    picnic, you'll find a coffee filter the perfect hygienic surface
    for slicing onions or tomatoes for sandwiches.

  • Foraging berries. Whether you're camping for survival or
    camping for pleasure, pack some coffee filters.

More ways to use a coffee filter...
  1. Use coffee grounds to wipe out ants. Coffee makes ants
    lose their scent trail, so sprinkle it along the foundation of
    your home. Learn more about how to deter ants naturally.
  2. Dish it out for the dog. A coffee filter makes a disposable
    doggie dish while away from home.
  3. Stack fragile china.
  4. Keep coffee filters between your lodge cast iron pans to
    help avoid scrapes.
  5. Cushion Christmas ornaments.
  6. Calm puffy eyes:
  7. Line cloth diapers. Sandwich coffee filters between cloths
    to provide a layer of absorption and make cleanup a bit
  8. Filter wine to remove tiny bits of wine cork.
  9. Filters pulp and seed. Get the pulp out of orange juice for
    the kiddos, or filter lemon juice so the slippery seeds don't
    slide into your food.
  10. Rinse quinoa.
  11. De-silk an ear of corn.
  12. Keep celery crisp in the refrigerator.
  13. Make tomales! Out of corn husks? A coffee filter is a good
  14. Keeps germs out of finger foods. Dispense individual
    popcorn or snack trays for the kids at a sleepover or school
    party so kids keep germs to themselves.
  15. Hold a barbecue rib! Now your fingers won't get so messy.
  16. Freshen stinky gym shoes. Sneak a sachet into sneakers.
    Make a sachet of baking soda wrapped with a rubber band
    to absorb odors.
  17. Shine shoes. Buff leather of all kinds without a rag. Best
    of all, it's disposable!
  18. Buff your car's interior. With a filter and a few drops of
    olive oil, your car's interior will have a scratch-free and
    fresh look.
  19. Strain gravy of the lumps.
  20. Make a mason jar hats. Out of lids for your mason jar?
    Improvise a cover with a rubber band. Or add a pretty
    ribbon on a dinner in a jar gift - now you have something
    to welcome the new neighbors.

If you absolutely had no other softer alternative for toilet
paper, indeed you could use a coffee filter, but we think the
ideas above will bring you a happier ending.

Which kind of coffee filter should I use?
Paper coffee filters are inexpensive and extremely useful. While
you can buy 700 white coffee filters for around $8, pictured left,
you should also get the brown kind for use with food because
they are unbleached. The white are bleached, and may impart
an unpleasant taste.

How to use leftover Coffee Grounds or reuse a Coffee Can

How to re-purpose a coffee can...
Re-purposing coffee cans in the garden will help you plant
tender vegetable seedlings weeks earlier! Here's how… Use a
can opener to cut the other end of the coffee can to make a
tube. This will provide a measure of insulation in the cold spring
and simultaneously protect your newly planted vegetables from
cutworms, rabbits and other pests. For added insulation,
provide a roof for your plant with a clear plastic produce bag.
Before you seal the deal, make sure to include slashes in the
bag to allow for ventilation. This gardening hack will allow you
to plant two weeks earlier than you otherwise would.

A large coffee can (or a #10 can that holds freeze dried foods)
provides material for tools in an off-grid world. Save the cans to
create a:
  1. storage container
  2. Hobo camp stove or part of a cardboard box oven
  3. cooking pot or baking tin
  4. forage container
  • Coffee grounds can help add nitrogens and can acidify your
    soil. Find out the benefits of Coffee for Survival.

How to use coffee grounds for survival
Slugs don't like coffee and other good news about coffee
grounds.Grounds for saving coffee grounds... Nourish your soil
more quickly with this idea for your compost pile: in your heavy-
duty blender pulverize coffee grounds together with orange
peels,  scraps of apple and eggshells. Coffee grounds are high
in organic matter to feed your potting soil. Best of all,

Even if you don't drink coffee, you can go to your local coffee
store and get the grounds. It's an unusual request, but they're
usually happy to give it away.

• Houseplants will love a teaspoonful of coffee grounds.Waste
not your coffee grounds! Here are some ideas to recycle, reuse
and get the most out of your coffee.

  1. Compost the garden. Coffee grounds are ideal for
    enriching your soil, so go ahead and compost them!
  2. Increase acidity. Some plants appreciate coffee as much
    as you do! To help your plants thrive, mix coffee grounds
    into the soil to improve the acidity level.
  3. Deter pests.  Mounds of coffee grounds in targeted areas
    can help you keep away pests, including ants and slugs.
    (Unfortunately cockroaches love the ground, but at least
    they'll be out of your kitchen!)
  4. Start a fire. Here's how to make a fire starter from used
    coffee grounds.
  5. Neutralize odors. Place dried coffee grounds in a bowl in
    your refrigerator to keep smells at bay.
  6. Scrub dishes. Scrub for your cast-iron pots with coffee
    grounds and an old dish rag. Helps you clean your hands
  7. Cut the campfire ash. Save the morning's coffee grounds
    for the evening's campfire and sprinkle it on to cut down
    the dust and contain the ashes.

Happy endings...
Paper coffee filters could help save your life (or at least make it
more convenient). Recycle, reuse, use it up or do without!

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