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Emergency Dental Preparedness
Considerations for the day when there is no dentist

"Be true to your teeth and they won't be false to you." ~Soupy

Emergency Dental Preparedness
Dentistry is a necessary component of survival often overlooked
on the topic of self reliance. Prepper groups have lots of advice
first aid products; and other prepper Web sites discuss
specific herbal remedies and
medicines to stock; however,
many survivalist-type sites altogether neglect to cover the topic
of dental emergencies or dental pain!

Dental pain has, in centuries past, caused suffers to commit
suicide as there were no dentists and no remedies. History
reveals blacksmiths and even barbers took the responsibility of
dentistry, and on the wagon trails it was the cook (called a
"cookie") who handled dental pain with whiskey, rum or brandy!
Unfortunately, their crude and untrained techniques often
landed their "patients" in even worse condition, ranging from
dental infections to death.

Never under estimate the troubles, which may start from a
small annoyance in the mouth and grow. Seek dental treatment
today and be grateful it is still available. And why not take
advantage of ready made kits? A dental medic kit is an
astonishingly affordable and easy prep. Start with a basic
dental first aid kit and when you're ready for more advanced
prepping for your family needs, you can add more. For example,
your family may want to address:
  • teething if your group has infants;
  • managing broken braces or retainers for tweens and teens;
  • care and cleaning of dentures for mature family members;
  • Bruxism (involuntary grinding of teeth, primarily done
    during sleep).

You'll smile knowing you have your dental first aid needs

When there is no dentist
Smile knowing you're prepared in the event of dental pain with
available emergency dental kits. Consider these idea in dental
aid for the day may come when there is no dentist:

1. Dental Kits: Available kits on the market have various levels

  • Adventure Medical Dental Medic First Aid Kit.
    (Intermediate Prepper kit, best choice for most preppers.)
    Get complete first aid for your teeth! Pictured right, the
    Adventure Medical Dental Medic first aid kit includes
    instructions and everything you need to clean and close
    wounds. The kit features:
  • Irrigation syringe and wound closure strips to clean
    and close wounds.
  • Proprietary dryflexbags for the ultimate in ultra light,
    waterproof storage.

  • Dental Emergency Kit. When a dental emergency occurs,
    but there isn't a dentist available, you'll want to have this
    temporary repair kit to hold you over until you can see a
    dentist. Contents: 1 plastic tweezers 4 cotton rolls 4
    Orasol gel packets, 1 disposable dental mirror 6 cotton
    pellets 2 antimicrobial skin wipes 1 dental floss (5 yd.) 2
    units temporary cement 4 ibuprofen tablets 2 spatulas 5
    temporary fillings 2 dental picks 5 units dental wax 1
    instruction sheet 2 mixing bowls 2 sterile gauze pads (2" x

  • Emergency Dental Instrument set. The professional
    Dental Instrument set, pictured immediate right will
    provide a trained professional with all the necessary tools
    of modern dentistry. When there is no dentist or other
    dental professional, this kit won't do you much good. The
    tools obviously require training.

  • Dental Medic Dental first Aid Kit. (A basic level kit for
    preparedness and must have for beginners.) Be it an
    infection, a lost filling, or a fractured tooth, the
    excruciating pain of dental emergencies can bring the
    happiest of Happy Preppers to their knees. The Dental
    Medic Kit, pictured at the top of the page, contains the
    basic essentials for treating dental pain and injury when a
    dentist isn't available. Basic supplies include floss, cotton,
    and oral anaesthetic, plus temporary cavity filling mixture
    and more.

2. Dental Repair Tools:

  • Dent temp.  Temporarily repair loose caps and crowns and
    lost fillings with Dent Temp. Dent Temp provides instant
    relief from pain. Plus, you can add extra coverage for lost
    fillings and loose caps with products such as Dentemp.

3. Hurricaine Topical Anesthetic Gel (tooth pain relief).
Nothing bites worse than tooth pain! Hurricaine topic gel will
anesthetize muscle tissue to provide temporary relief in
discomfort in teeth and gums. This over the counter medication
will be a godsend when the dentist is not around. In the old
days, the agony of dental pain was among the top causes of

4. Got a kid with braces?
The Braces Emergency Kit is a special tool, pictured immediate
right, with toothed-end nippers for clipping off dangerous wire
braces when they snap under.

More dental survival ideas

  • Toothpaste. Making your own toothpaste from baking soda
    and hydrogen peroxide.

Natural remedies for dental pain and dental care
Without resorting to whiskey for dental pain, preppers can turn
to natural remedies for the time may come when there is no
dentist. Homesteaders particularly will appreciate these natural

  • Grapefruit seed extract.  A natural compound derived
    from the seed and pulp of grapefruit, grapefruit seed
    extract is an all-natural antibiotic. Brush your teeth with
    just a diluted drop! It's also idea as a toothbrush sanitizer.

  • Vinegar. Vinegar is an important prep for so many
    reasons, but for tooth care, preppers will find vinegar ultra
    versatile. You can whiten teeth with vinegar and
    simultaneously eliminate bad breath. To whiten teeth,
    brush twice a week with white vinegar. Soak dentures in
    vinegar overnight to remove tartar. The recipe for the
    denture soak is a simple solution of 1/4 cup white wine
    vinegar mixed with hot water.

  • Baking soda. Make your own baking soda toothpaste!
    Make a paste with water or hydrogen peroxide, (which is
    also a good prepper item to have). This homemade
    toothpaste will help you whiten your teeth. Or mix baking
    soda with water as a mouthwash. To make a better tasting
    paste, add essential oils.

Avoid spreading cavities to kids
After dinner you tell your children to brush their teeth before
they go to bed. You may also have kids brush after a sugary
treat. It seems parents concentrate on removing food particles
in the mouth to prevent tooth decay, but really that's only half
the story because tooth decay is really more about the bacteria!

It's the bacteria present in the mouth that causes tooth decay
when it feeds on food particles. Theoretically, a mouth without
bacteria should not have tooth decay! And how do children get
tooth decay? From their parents! That's right: your saliva
transfer can spread cavities when you share cups and utensils!

Now that you know it's the bacteria in your mouth that can
spread cavities to your kids, you can take one critical step
towards prevention: don't allow children to share utensils or
drinking cups with you! Otherwise, your
bacteria may transfer to
your child to cause cavities. Instruct your kids not to share
drinking cups or utensils with anyone, especially their siblings
and friends. Saliva will transfer the cavity causing bacteria.

Warning signs of Dental Pain
Be aware of mouth and jaw pain, bleeding gums, loose teeth
and other symptoms, which may be early warning signs of a
more serious medical condition. Take care of dental pain now,
while a dentist is still available.
Learn more about the
warning signs of dental pain.

Happy endings...
It's good to have a plan in case there is no dentist (and now
you have inspiration to get your kit together)! Now that you
have a plan for emergency dental preparedness, it's time to
take a look at what's in your
preppers medicine cabinet.

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* These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. For any
health or dietary matter, always consult your physician and for dental issues consult your
dentist. This information is intended for your general knowledge only and is not a substitute for
professional medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions. Never disregard or
delay in seeking medical advice when available.

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