Augason Farms ~ Food Storage for preppers

Beware of bucket sizes.
There are two sizes of Augason Farms buckets. The larger five
gallon pail holds 42-lbs of rice, and the smaller square pail
holds about 28-lbs of rice. With the square pails you don't need
a bucket opener (and they also stack nicely). With the large
pails you can quickly build a deep larder and the traditional
five-gallon buckets are great for a variety of uses.

Augason Farms Fruits

  • Augason Farms Fruit 4-gallon bucket (2-lbs of fruit): The
    fruit variety bucket immediate right, square bucket of
    fruit, consists of 4 pouches of freeze-dried fruits
    including 1 Pouch sliced strawberries, 1 Pouch diced
    apples, 1 Pouch whole raspberries and 1 Pouch whole
    blueberries; 1 Pouch of dehydrated Banana chips; 1
    bonus Pouch of spiff-e-whip. Pouches are contained in a
    4-gallon watertight pail and includes 199 servings,
    5,545 calories and a shelf life up to 20 years.

  • Augason Farms Fruit Bucket (4-lbs of fruit). Six assorted
    freeze dried fruits in a 4-lbs bucket would be good to add
    to your food storage. Add freeze dried fruits to plain rice,
    cereals, baked goods or just snack on them. In this bucke
    you'll get freeze dried sliced strawberries (40 servings),
    freeze dried sliced peaches (52 servings), freeze dried
    whole raspberries (40 servings), freeze dried whole
    blueberries (44 servings), freeze dried sliced bananas (40
    servings), and freeze dried diced apples (40 servings). Also
    as a bonus, you get Apple Delight Drink Mix (16 servings).

Augason Farms Veggies

  • Broccoli florets and stems #10 can. Broccoli florets and
    stems are easily one of the most popular of freeze dried
    veggies. Freeze Dried Broccoli Florets and Stems are a
    must-have vegetable for your pantry and emergency food
    storage for use as a side dish or part of the main dish in
    casseroles, pastas, and rice dishes. Nutrients and flavor
    retain well after the freeze drying process.

  • Bucket Augason Farms Stew Blend. Augason Farms
    Vegetable Stew Blend is a nutritious combination of potato
    dices, cabbage flakes, chopped onions, carrot dices, celery
    slices, and red and green peppers; dehydrated and mixed
    for use in any soup or stew. Note that it's better to get this
    particular product in cans as the weight in the bucket will
    force smaller particles at the bottom, which turn into a

  • Dehydrated carrots #10 can. The Augason Farms  
    dehydrated diced carrots are already peeled and diced for
    you. Add to recipes or salads for extra vitamins and great

  • Freeze dried Sweet Corn #10 can. You get 23 servings of
    Augason Farms Freeze Dried Sweet Corn in the 16 oz #10
    can. Delicious, with just enough sweetness, this sweet corn
    rehydrates quickly for use in soups, salads or just as a side

  • Dehydrated Celery #10 can. You'll save money with
    dehydrated celery and won't waste your food. At just $8.05,
    Augason Farms dehydrated celery is a convenient and
    affordable staple for your prepper's pantry, but it's a deal
    currently available only to Prime members. Augason Farms
    dehydrated celery retains a natural salt that can enhance
    your cooking in so many ways. Treat it as an herb! There a
    many ways to use dehydrated celery beyond using it in
    soups and stews:
  1. Throw it into the rice or quinoa while its cooking.
  2. Add dehydrated celery to vegetable dips.
  3. Mix it into your favorite casserole.
  4. Sauté celery
  5. Stir fry with your favorite skillet dishes.
  6. Toss dehydrated celery into your crock pot meals.
  7. Boost your spaghetti sauce or even your chili.
  8. Add to smoothies.
  9. Pour into marinades.
  10. Have it on hand for potato salad (let it sit with dill in
    some sour cream).

Augason Farms Potato products.
Make sure you have enough dehydrated potatoes for your long
term storage needs to make quality and varied meals. Potatoes
not only provide good nutrition, but the variety of textures
available from Augason Farms will help you provide savory and
delicious meals to avoid burnout and boredom. In uncertain
times, you will be not only proving a meal, but a boost in
morale. Augason Farms potato products are ready for your long
term storage needs, including potatoes that are sliced, diced,
shredded and gems, plus creamy potato soup:

  • Dehydrated shredded potatoes. The great thing about
    potatoes is that they are gluten free! Shredded potatoes
    are ideal for hash browns, but use them also to make
    cheesy potato casseroles. The bucket of shredded potatoes
    above has a 25-year shelf life.

  • Creamy potato Soup mix. Another favorite Augason Farms
    product is the creamy potato soup mix at the bottom of the

Grains, Cereal, and Bakery

  • Augason Farms cornmeal (bucket): The Augason Farms
    cornmeal bucket is ideal to make your favorite cornbread,
    stuffing or casserole topping. The 22-lbs. 4-gallon bucket
    immediate right, is useful for so many recipes. Try
    cornmeal pancakes, tomales, tortillas and polenta in
    addition to corn muffins. It’s very versatile. It’s also
    immensely useful in batter for frying fish, meat, poultry and
    vegetables. Corn is a staple in the American diet and in the
    prepper's pantry.

  • Augason Farms buttermilk pancakes (bucket):
    Imagine the comfort of being able to make pancake by the
    batches and without eggs! Yummy Augason Farms pancake
    batter requires only water. You'll find the bucket is a handy
    storage solution ~ it's packed with 253 servings and has a
    10 year shelf life.

  • Chocolate Fudge Brownie Mix (#10 can). The Augason
    Farms chocolate brownie fudge mix 62 oz #10 can makes a
    rich moist brownie full of delicious chocolate fudge flavor.
    Not only are they Yummy, but they are simple to make.
    This versatile mix can be combined with additional
    ingredients to make chocolate cookies or even chocolate
    cake. A chocolate lover's delight, these fudgy brownies are
    certain to please. This product consists of 45 servings and
    5,850 calories, with a shelf-life of up to 10 years.

  • Bread, Scone and Roll Mix (#10 can). Highly rated,
    Augason Farms Honey White Bread Scone & Roll Mix is
    hefty #10 can of food (3-lbs 10-oz ) that has a 10-year
    shelf life. It's simple to make, just add water, oil, and
    yeast for delicious home made bread.

Augason Farms Dairy

  • Augason Farms butter powder #10 can. Packed with 204
    servings, the Augason Farms Butter powder is appropriate
    for use in any recipe that calls for Butter. Amazingly useful,
    versatile and flavorful, Butter powder can be used in soups,
    sauces and candies-any recipe that calls for regular butter.

  • Augason Farms Cheese blend. Cheese blend powder is
    anything but boring. Augason Farms Cheese blend #10 can.
    The Augason Farms cheese blend powder is ideal for
    making the creamiest cheese sauces, fondues and dips, the
    tastiest salad dressings, casseroles, soups and spreads.
    The kids will love it on popcorn and their mac and cheese.

  • Augason Farms Non-fat Milk (available in bucket or can),
    Country Fresh 100% Real Instant Nonfat Dry Milk will be an
    important part of your long term storage needs. Quality
    powdered milk in food storage is hard to find. The 14-lbs.
    bucket, pictured right, reconstitutes into over 18 gallons!
    Easy to mix and great tasting, it takes just 5 tablespoons
    per cup of water to make a delicious milk fortified with
    vitamin A and vitamin D.

Augason Farms Eggs

  • Augason Farms scrambled egg mix. The Augason Farms
    dried scrambled egg mix is a great tasting, high quality
    item for your emergency storage and everyday needs. This
    scrambled egg mix is a special blend of whole eggs and
    other quality products, perfected to cook up like fresh
    scrambled eggs by simply adding water.

Specialty Buckets

  • Lunch and Dinner (bucket). Packed with 16 food pouches
    and 11 varieties, the lunch and dinner bucket of food has a
    20 year shelf life. In all you get 92 servings and 21,020
    calories. It's inexpensive peace of mind to add to your food

  • Mexican fiesta bucket! Get in the party mode now with
    Augason farm's fiesta bucket, pictured right. While the
    zombies are eating bugs, you'll be enjoying some seriously
    good eats. The fiesta pail has food for lunch and dinner
    along with amazing appetizers. Using your culinary spin:
    your options are endless.

  • Black bean burger bucket. Being a vegetarian doesn't
    mean your emergency food storage will be lacking in
    protein variety The Augason Farms Black Bean Burger,
    right, is USDA-certified gluten free, which will help you feel
    lighter and better, and provide the necessary health
    benefits that are required by people suffering from Celiac
    disease. Another great benefit is that they taste great;
    their robust and complex flavor is relished by even meat
    lovers. The combination of fresh black beans, long-grain
    white rice and rich southwestern spices makes this a lean
    and delicious meal for anyone looking for healthy without
    sacrificing taste.

Happy endings...
You can feel happy in knowing that you've stored away a bucket
of Augason Farms milk, pancakes or potatoes from Augason
farms (three popular choice of Augason Farms foods). Just
remember the maple syrup with the pancakes. Look for maple
syrup in glass jars. Maple syrup can last indefinitely if you do
not heat it up and you store the sealed jar in a cool dark place.

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Augason Farms
Fill the prepper's pantry with Augason Farms food

Stock up on Augason Farm Foods for the prepper's pantry
Augason Farms is a family-owned emergency preparedness
company with a quality lineup of soups, sauces, gravies, drinks,
entrées and an extensive assortment of bakery mixes to help
with your long term food storage needs. The company has a
quality line of grains and legumes, as well as freeze dried
fruits, vegetables and meats available in cans and buckets.

  • Be sure to watch for Augason Farms on our Daily Deals
    page. Bookmark the page and friend us on Twitter. We're
    on the lookout for the best deals on food storage and
    survival gear and publish all sorts of food storage deals

Augason Farms Food Storage
Listed below is a review of our favorite Augason Farms products:

  • Hard white wheat (bucket). You'll be confident in your
    food storage with the  40-lbs. hard white wheat bucket.
    You may want to stock up on a few buckets for a deep
    larder. You don't need a grinder to eat wheat, but of course
    it's always better to be able to bake. Be sure to read our
    article on cooking with wheat berries! You can do so much
    more with wheat berries than making pizza or baking
    breads. See also the hard red wheat.

  • Long grain brown rice. For those who appreciate a nutty
    texture, the small bucket of long-grain brown rice from
    Augason Farms is sure to please. It's also more nutritious.
    The bran and germ layers contain more nutrients than
    white rice, making it a naturally healthy choice for your
    food storage supply and everyday use. This rice is nutty
    and delicious. It will stay fluffy after cooking, making it
    ideal for use in salads, casseroles and stir-fry dishes. The
    brown rice is contained in a 4-gallon watertight pail
    including 262 servings and 41,920 total calories. Usually
    the smaller buckets are the better price, but you can also
    get an Augason Farms 42-lbs. bucket of brown rice that's
    reasonably price

  • Long grain white rice. A classic for preppers is the
    Augason Farms Long grain White rice bucket. You get 28-
    lbs of rice packaged for 30-year shelf life (if you have
    Prime) and it ships free. Be sure to check our daily deals
    section for more great Augason Farms deals.

Augason Farms Beans and Legumes.

  • Pinto Beans (#10 can). Augason Pinto Beans, better
    known as "frijoles," pinto beans are most often refried for
    use in tacos and other Mexican dishes, but they are also
    tremendously popular in a variety of bean dishes, such as
    barbeque, chill and baked beans. High in fiber, low in
    cholesterol, these delectable beans are ideal for everyday
    cooking, as well as long term emergency storage. This is
    an all natural product that consists of 26 servings and
    7,800 calories, with a shelf-life of 30 years.

  • Black turtle beans (#10 can). Available in a bucket or in a
    #10 can, Augason Farms Black Turtle Beans are for black
    bean lovers!  These black Turtle beans have a dense,
    meaty texture and a rich, full flavor all their own that
    makes them popular for all kinds of dishes, from Mexican
    to cajun and creole.  Served alone or with rice and meat,
    they're also particularly good in soups and casseroles. Try
    black turtle beans to bake brownies!Like all beans, these
    store well for long term emergency food storage, but
    they're also ideal in everyday cooking as well. This is an all
    natural product that consists of 49 servings and 7,350
    calories, with a shelf-life of up to 30 years.

Augason Farms Cereals
Cereal is good to have in the prepper's pantry.

    Be sure to add Augason Farms banana slices to your
    granola for an extra special

  • Creamy wheat (#10 can). Augason Farms Creamy Wheat
    cereal offers a warming, healthy, whole wheat breakfast
    experience. This is better tasting than the bland instant
    varieties found in stores. For added zest and nourishment,
    try adding Augason Farms fruits: freeze dried strawberries,
    raspberries or blueberries. It can also be used as an
    ingredient in many recipes, such as cookies and muffins, to
    enhance the flavor and nutrition. Its universal appeal
    makes it ideal for everyday use as well as for emergency
    food storage. Be sure to look that you are getting the #10
    can for the best deal.

    Be sure to add Augason Farms Brown sugar and Augason
    Farms strawberry slices to your order of Creamy Wheat!

Be aware of can sizes! is careful to list only the larger #10 cans,
but you will also find the smaller #2.5 cans list online as well.
It can be deceiving, especially because of the price. See the
screen capture below. You will notice that for five cents more,
you can have a larger can:
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