emergency powdered milk | dehydrated milk

Emergency Milk
Prepping with milk for long term food storage

Got emergency milk in your pantry? Powdered and dehydrated
milk is item #3 on the list of
37 essential food items to hoard,
and with good reason. Twelve of them in fact!

Twelve Reasons to Store Powdered Milk
Stocking emergency powdered and dehydrated milk in your preps
is important for body and mind. We've gathered 12 reasons to
stock powdered milk in the prepper's pantry and here is that

Reason #1: Milk is a good source of Calcium and
Vitamin D.
Many people drink milk for strong bones. You already knew milk
is a good source of calcium and Vitamin D. As they say, "Milk
does a body good." But did you know that Calcium and Vitamin
D work together to strengthen your bones and teeth? Vitamin D
has a role in the absorption of both calcium and phosphorus.

Reason #2: Milk has Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C
and Vitamin E!
Powdered milk, just like the fresh stuff, packs a variety of
vitamins to help you get through a stressful time, not just
Vitamin D:

  • Vitamin A: Did you know that a cup of milk has about 9%
    of an adult's daily requirement of Vitamin A? Both adults
    and kids need Vitamin A for good vision, and immune
    health, as well as for the healthy development of body

  • Vitamin B: Now "B" good and drink your milk! Vitamin B is
    responsible for energy production, and helps maintain
    healthy nerves and red blood cells, as well as normal cell

  • Vitamin C: So you "C" now that milk has a variety of
    vitamins, including  Vitamin C! Who knew? Milk makes a
    small contribution to the body's Vitamin C requirements,
    but in a prepping situation, each small amount matters.

  • Vitamin E: Great for the skin, Vitamin E prevents cell
    damage and reduces the risk of certain cancers. It's an

Reason #3: Milk is a good source of Potassium.
Potassium is a mineral (not a vitamin). If you've ever had a
cramp in your leg, the cause is likely a lack of Potassium.

Did you know that lack of Potassium can lead to high blood
pressure? It's true! "
Too much sodium and too little potassium
together are risk factors for high blood pressure," according to
Web MD. As a prepper, who may have high sodium content in
your food storage, you'll want especially to have more
Potassium in your diet knowing this factoid.

Incidentally, you'll also find bananas are a good source of
potassium, but in an emergency situation, you'll likely not have
any fresh bananas around. That's why we recommend storing
Honeyville Farms Banana Chips.

Reason #4: Milk packs the protein.
Rice and beans may be a prepper protein staple, but a cup of
milk is much more satisfying to kids especially. Best of all, a
cup of milk (fat free or skim, calcium fortified) has just 86
calories, but it has about 40% (8.4 grams) of protein.

Reason #5: Milk will help you with making creamy
sauces and gravies.
With powdered milk and your whisk you can whip up creamy
sauces for pastas or gravies for meats and stews.

Reason #6: You'll want to add milk to your coffee
tea and cocoa.
You'll never run out of creamer when you have powdered milk.
Adding powdered milk to your pantry will ensure a creamy cup of
your favorite hot beverage.

Reason #7: You'll make cheese from powdered milk.
Here is the tutorial for how to make cheese from powdered milk.

Reason #8: You'll make butter with powdered milk.
If you have powdered milk, you have the makings of butter.
Here is the tutorial on
how to make butter from powdered milk.

Reason #9: It's easy to bring powdered milk
Not just for emergencies, powdered milk is also perfect for use
during camping trips or to enhance your water in a bugout
situation. Right is shelf-stable strawberry milk. Emergency
powdered milk got a bad rap in the past, but today's powdered
milk isn't funny tasting. It's delicious and you have many

Reason #10: Cereal tastes better with milk.
As a prepper, you likely have cereal, granola and oatmeal in
your food storage. Unless you want to eat it dry, you'd better
stash some milk.

Reason #11: Cookies taste better with milk!
Satisfying to your soul, dipping a cookie in milk will evoke
positive memories of your childhood. (Besides, you can't make a
milk moustache with anything else.)

Reason #12: Milk prices rise in droughts.
Both meat and dairy prices tend to rise as the livestock feed
shortfalls caused by droughts occur, such was the case in the
2012 Drought as reported by the New York Times.

Here are powdered milk products to try:

  • Augason Farms Country Fresh 100% Real Instant
    Nonfat Dry Milk: - 14 Lb. Pail. Country Fresh 100% Real
    Instant Nonfat Dry Milk by Augason Farms, comes in a
    convenient food grade bucket. If you've got kids, this is a
    must in your preps. With a long shelf life (sealed up to 10
    years or opened up to 1 year under ideal conditions), you'll
    get 302 servings from this 14-lbs bucket. Augason Farms
    Country Fresh 100 % Real Instant Dry Milk is delicious and
    fortified with Vitamin A and Vitamin D. It is produced from
    whole milk and mixes instantly. The pail reconstitutes into
    over 18 gallons of milk. It is perfect for cooking, baking and
    camping. Auguson Farms also makes a milk alternative,
    including Chocolate Moo. Available also in a #10 can,
    pictured right is Augason Farms Country Fresh Milk Bucket.

  • Bob's Red Mill Non-fat Dry Milk. The most highly rated
    powdered milk on Amazon, Bob's Red Mill Non-fat Dry Milk
    is made naturally from pure dairy milk without any added
    hormones. It's the best powdered milk. It is easily mixed
    with regular water to make liquid milk. Store this dry milk
    for up to two years without refrigeration.  Keeps best
    refrigerated or frozen. Too bad this stuff doesn't yet come
    in a #10 can! Comes in 26-Ounce Packages (Pack of 4). Try
    other Bob's Red Mill products! Look also for Bob's RedMill
    grains, legumes, and more.

  • Honeyville Farms Milk. Honeyville Instant Nonfat Dry Milk,
    pictured right, is a nutritional staple and strong bone
    building block. Fortified with Vitamins A and D and sealed
    in a #10 can with an oxygen absorber for long term
    storage, Honeyville Farms  offers a variety of quality
    products. Its Powdered Instant Milk is an excellent source
    of protein and calcium. In addition, Nonfat Milk is a good
    source of Vitamins A & D and has 0% fat per serving. Easy
    to make, simply add powdered milk to water, stir and chill.
    Nonfat Dry Milk can be used in bakery and beverage
    applications in addition to everyday drinking. See also
    Honeyville Farms other products.

  • Hoosier Hill Farms Whole Milk Powder. Pictured right is
    Hoosier Hill Farms whole milk powder, which is ideal for use
    in confections, baked goods, as a nutrient supplement, an
    ingredient in dry blends or reconstituted for use as liquid
    milk. Star with 4.5 cups powder plus 3.75 quarts water to
    makes one gallon liquid milk.  Hoosier Hill Farms Packaged
    in a Plastic jar and factory sealed to preserve freshness
    and shelf-life!

  • Legacy Foods Milk and  Legacy Chocolate Milk. When
    building your long term emergency supply you can't go
    wrong with one of nature's staples: wholesome and
    delicious milk. Add chocolate to the mix and you have a
    healthy and familiar long-term treat. Legacy Essentials
    chocolate milk powder, pictured immediate right, mix
    tastes great and delivers calcium, protein and all the
    vitamins and minerals of fresh milk. Just mix with water
    and enjoy powdered chocolate milk, emergency or not.
    Legacy chocolate milk powder mix lasts up to a long 25

  • Peak Dry Whole Milk Powder. Peak Dry Whole Milk Powder
    is unlike the typical powdered milk found at the grocery
    store. It gets unusually high ratings from consumers as it
    is whole milk and not a non-fat milk. Just check the link
    below and see for yourself, and start enjoying this rich and
    delicious whole powdered milk for your food storage.
    Pictured right, Peak Instant Milk is a popular seller from a
    trusted source. It also has a beautiful can!

  • Emergency Essentials Dry Milk. Packed in a #10 can and
    fortified with Vitamins A and D, Emergency Essentials,
    previously Provident Pantry, Emergency Essentials dry milk
    with lactose, Vitamin A Palmitate, and Vitamin D3. Add 1
    cup powder to 1 quart water stirring continuously with fork
    or spoon. Pictured right, you get two #10 cans of Instant
    Nonfat Dry Milk along with a convenient and easy-to-use
    Mixer Pitcher. Simply mix the milk in the pitcher,
    refrigerate, and serve! Provident Pantry (now Emergency
    Essentials) has a wide variety of emergency foods.

  • Nestle Carnation Evaporated Milk. Canned evaporated
    milk in another good item to have in your preps. Pictured
    upper right. Evaporated milk contains the liquids in a rich
    and delicious form that you can enjoy right from the can or
    cook with it. Also look into Nido Dry Whole Milk from Nestle.

  • Thrive Milk. The 6 gallon bucket of Thrive Milk pictured
    immediate left has 409 total servings (Serving Size 3 Tbsp)
    of milk and has a 25 year shelf life (2 years unsealed). You
    get 25 lbs. of milk!

  • Wise Company Foods Whey Milk. Each Wise Company
    bucket consists of 720 servings (12 servings per pouch) of
    delicious whey milk. Just add one cup of water per serving
    and its ready to drink.

How will you be prepping with milk? What's your favorite instant
powdered milk? Write us on Google +, Twitter or Facebook.
Make sure you stock enough milk so that you can at least
provide a milk moustache.

Alternative's to milk...

  • Ensure. Ensure nutrition powder can replace milk in your
    diet and add beneficial nutrients,

  • Goat's Milk in the powdered form! Often people who can't
    drink cow's milk can instead drink goat's milk, and yet
    many preppers don't know that a powdered form of goat
    milk exists.

  • Whey protein. Pure protein, pictured below right, is a whey
    protein with 25 grams of protein per serving. It's another
    ideal food for emergency preparedness.

Finally, milk is a major contributor of iodine to the American
diet. Iodine is a vital to life. You'll find iodine also in eggs and
seaweed, but more Americans get it from milk.

Happy endings...
Milk does a body good and can lift spirits. If economic woes
happen, such as the next
Great Depression, you can feel good
that you've stockpiled away the nutrition for your kids and

Be happy you can serve milk to the kiddos even when prices
skyrocket, such as a drought when milk will become more
expensive. Milk will be good to have in other emergencies too.
It's an excellent item for bartering. You can mix up and barter a
gallon of milk at a time to get the things you may need in a
total apocalyptic situation. Milk is white gold!

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