prepping with silver

Prepping with silver
Include silver in your prepping for many reasons...

Silver is the currency of preppers. Not every prepper can afford
gold, but just about every prepper can afford to invest in a little
silver. Indeed silver is much cheaper than gold and more practical
for bartering. For survivors there is a silver lining in collecting
junk silver and prepping with silver!

Here's how preppers can use silver in prepping and why you
should protect yourself with precious metals, including silver...

  • Find a silver treasure in your coin purse. Collecting silver
    is a fun hobby for preppers. It's inexpensive to get started
    and it's exciting finding overlooked little treasures.  Let the
    treasure hunt begin! Take notice of your loose change and
    get to know the weight of U.S. coins. You'd be surprised how
    often a little gem is hiding that the sheeple miss.

Valuable Prepper Secrets About Silver
If you read no further in this article, than the next few lines, you
can learn a very valuable prepper secret about silver. We are
happy to divulge this secret to preppers. Here goes.....
Half dollars from 1965-1970 are 40% silver and 60% copper and
they are hiding in circulation today. The little known secret is
that these half dollars are really worth around $2.45 in melt
value. While it is not legal to melt them for profit, you can
certainly collect them and save them as part of your overall
prepping. They may be useful in bartering!

Bartering with silver.
Bartering for needs, wants and desires in terms of goods and
services may eventually happen as society collapses. This is
where silver comes into play, as gold may be even too highly
valued for purchasing everyday non-perishable items you may
have forgotten or lost a disaster. Personal sundries, such as
aspirin, toothpaste, razor blades, sunscreen or tampons could be
among the highly prized commodities you could buy potentially
with silver. Someone may even be willing to part with a can of
SPAM if they see relief of the disaster coming.

Junk silver.
Junk silver is not junk, and you can still find some gems out
there. Some preppers have found luck going to the bank and
exchanging dollar bills for half dollar coins and finding silver!
Tucked in the stack of coins may be lurking a 1964 Kennedy half
dollar, pictured above left, which is 90% silver and 10% copper.
And coins dating from 1965-1969 contain 40% silver. Calculating
the melt value, a Kennedy half dollar from 1964 is worth in melt
value around $6.

  • Know the value of junk silver (melt value).  The junk silver
    price is the melt value of old silver coins, jewelry or
    silverware (utensils). Can you really melt coins for their
    silver? Well, In the U.S. 1965 Coinage Act made it a crime to
    melt-down any legal tender coins to profit on the metal-
    content. The United States simultaneously diminished the
    silver content in a half dollar from 90% to 40%!

    Collecting junk silver is popular way to invest small amounts
    of money in silver. Coins for their junk silver are hard to get
    a good price on eBay because collectors are looking for rarity
    of the coin and not just the junk silver value. A coin value
    sky rockets if it has a minting error or is in pristine mint or
    un-circulated condition.

  • Know the value of silver bullion (grams and kilogram).
    One gram of silver is worth around .53 cents, while a
    kilogram bar is $535.30  (value of silver gram bars on Feb.
    27, 2015). A gram is 0.035274 ounces, a Kilogram is 35.274
    ounces. The prices may be subject to volatile swings.

  • Know the spot price of silver (troy ounce). Spot price
    refers to the current price of silver at which it is bought or
    sold at a specified time and place (troy ounce). The spot
    price for an ounce of silver is around $16.67 (spot price of
    silver on Feb. 27, 2015). Price is based on forecasts and
    analysis of silver prices and silver stocks.

  • Know the difference between an ounce and troy ounce.
  • 1 troy ounce = 31.1034768 grams or 480 grains
  • 1 ounce = 28.3495231 grams or 437.5 grains

  • Get yourself a scale. The high quality pocket scale, pictured
    left, is ideal for jewelry, gems, gold, coins, gun powder,
    envelopes, and much more.

  • Precious Metal testing kit.  Everything you need to appraise
    10k- 22k gold, silver and platinum is in the precious metal
    testing kit that includes six different acids and instructions.

Colloidal Silver
Read the full article about Colloidal Silver and talk your physician
as colloidal silver was largely discontinued by the medical
practice in the mid 1940s in favor of mainstream antibiotics.
Colloidal Silver bullet, pictured right, is free of toxic artificial
additives. Silver is concentrated to 30 parts per million in a pure
base of deionized water.

Nanosilver 10ppm and Ebola
It's important to know that nanosilver is not the same as
Colloidal Silver. Both Colloidal Silver and NanoSilver are derived
from silver and yet they are distinctly different:A study suggests
that NanoSilver (very specifically 10 parts per million) inactivates
and neutralizes the
Ebola Virus.

Dr. Rima Laibow has been very vocal with regards to the benefits
of NanoSilver 10ppm, and points to a study on this
nutrient that
neutralizes Ebola.  The declassified research in 2009 from the
Department of Defense shows that NanoSilver 10ppm (not to be
confused with Colloidal Silver) inactivates and neutralizes the
Ebola virus. Silver Biotics, pictured immediate right, in the blue
bottle, is nanosilver 10ppm.

Silver is for preppers
So now you know how to use silver prepping! When you look at
it, silver and prepping just go together. Silver has many uses and
is the currency of preppers.

  • Silver ceramic filter: Absolutely the highest quality water
    filter for backpackers or preppers is the Katadyn Pocket
    Water Microfilter, pictured left. The filter's silver-
    impregnated ceramic element is effective against bacteria
    and protozoa.

We hope this article has inspired you to take a closer look at the
coins in your purse and that you're collecting in jars.  

Happy endings...
Wisdom from the generations before us say that every cloud has
its silver lining, and we're here to tell you it is so! Line your
preps with silver and be happy that you did. Silver makes an
excellent bartering tool to give you peace of mind, and it will  
keep you healthy as well.  If need be, to forge new tools with
silver. You'll find silver is a multi-use survival item and a fun

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    ideal material for plumbing and accessories. Through the
    generations it has also been a metal suitable for kettles,
    cookware and more.

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