WD-40 as a survival tool

WD-40 as a Survival Tool
Discover the Weird and Wacky Ways to Use WD-40

Highly respected in the prepper community, WD-40 is known as the
"can with a thousand uses." While there are many ways to use WD-
40, our is a categorized list specifically for preppers of the weird
and wacky ways to use WD-40 in prepping.

  • Handy Prepper tip:
  • If it moves and shouldn't use SuperGlue or duct tape.
  • If it doesn't move and should, well then use WD-40!

Nine Weird and Wack Ways to Use WD-40 to Survive
As a multi-purpose lubricant, WD-40 reduces friction, displaces
moisture, removes grease and grime, and protects metal from rust
and corrosion. There's a whole list of weird and wacky ways
preppers use WD-40. Are you ready? Here goes...

#1: WD-40 Keeps your car running smoothly.
It's just nice to know that WD-40 is so useful to have around the
garage or a small can in the glove compartment or tool box. WD-40
will help you get out of harms way, go home or get to your bugout
It's not so wacky to keep your vehicle, smooth and safe with WD-
40, but it's particularly important to do so before setting in on the
harsh Winter driving conditions.  

Here are some wonderful ways WD-40 can improve your ride:
  1. Helps remove carbon buildup common to spark plugs.
  2. Loosens carburetor linkage when stuck.
  3. Keeps suspension gaskets from deteriorating.
  4. Cleans ignition wires.

#2: Improves visibility and helps you maintain your car.
WD-40 can help you maintain your car at peak performance in other

  • Cleans windshield. Gets rid of bug splatter on your vehicle

  • Improves visibility in the snow. WD-40 can help reduce snow
    buildup on your windsheild. Spray it on before the snowfalls
    and it will help you clear the buildup of snow more easily.

  • Removes sap. Indeed, WD-40 will remove tar and sap from
    your car's exterior, including vehicle grills and bumpers.

#3: WD-40 improves your bike ride.
Thinking of bugging out by bicycle? Not only will WD-40 reduce
friction and stop squeaks on bicycles, which may be important to
escape unnoticed, but you will find WD-40 has many other uses to
improve your bike.

  • Keeps bike chains working properly. WD-40 will help you
    lubricate bicycle chains and keep them clean without the

  • Helps you maintain your bike. Clean, lube and protect your
    bike with WD-40.

#4: WD-40 gets rid of moisture on electrical equipment.
You may need to get rid of moisture after a rainstorm or flood to
help you restore electrical connections. With the power turned off,
spray WD-40 on generators and power panel boxes, and other
electrical connections. You'll wick away moisture and preserve your
equipment for another day!

#5: WD-40 Protects fish hooks and lures.
Can WD-40 help you catch more fish? Maybe! Avid fisherman swear
there's fish oil in WD-40 (because it helps them catch fish), but the
manufacturer says it simply isn't so! The magic of WD-40 is that it
keeping fish hooks and lures clean.

With WD-40 to protect fish hooks and lures, it keeps them in top
working order (and experts say this will help you catch more fish).
You fell for that one, hook, line and sinker, but wy not give it

#6: WD-40 Frees sticky mechanisms (penetrates stuck and
rusted parts).
WD-40 removes rust from screws, nuts, bolts, plumbing joints, and
locks to lubricate them and free sticky mechanisms.

  • Guards locks and latches. Think of WD-40 for your locks and
    latches, which may rust. WD-40 will help displace the moisture
    and keep your locks and latches rust free. All it takes is a
    generous spray to prepare them. Unfreeze a lock so you can
    access your tools or retreat to safety by lubricating all your
    locks routinely with WD-40.

  • Protects nuts and bolts from rust and corrosion. While WD-
    40 removes rust, you can prevent it from happening in the first
    place with preventative care. A spray adds a layer of protection.

  • Ensures plumbing tools are in good working order. Keep
    your plumbing tools rust- and corrosion-free, too so you can
    weather anything that comes your way.

#7: Keeps garden and hand tools rust free.
While WD-40 loosens rusted parts, WD-40 also effectively
displaces moisture, restoring wet tools and equipment, which
ensures your hand tools are in pristine working order, particularly
for blades:

  • Cleans your axe, saw and snow shovel. You'll want to keep
    your axe and saw rust free and in prime condition for chopping
    firewood and removing displaced trees and branches after a
    storm. Your axe may be your most valuable asset in Winter, so
    you'll need to ensure it stays rust free before the snow season
    hits, and ready for any catastrophe.

  • Keeps clay away from your shovel! Spray WD-40 on a shovel
    before working in clay and you'll see a marked improvement.
    The clay will slide off more easily to help you dig more

  • Cleans and protects the blades of your pruning sheers. Just
    as WD-40 is able to keep the mechanisms in order of the
    pruning sheets and clean the blades, WD40 will keep them
    from rusting in the first place!

#8: Gets rid of duct tape gunk (and other gum residue).
The way WD-40 works on the gooey mess of bubble gum also will
help you remove the duct tape gunk and more.

  • Removes pill bottle residue. WD-40 will help you get the
    residue from pill bottle labels so you can reuse them. Pill
    bottles are ideal storage places for mini survival kits. (Here's
    how to make a mini pill bottle survival kit.)

  • Removes Duct tape gunk.  Preppers love their duct tape
    because it fixes just about everything and affixes wherever
    you need it. Unfortunately, duct tape also will leave a residue
    when you need to make something unstuck.  Start spraying
    and watch WD-40 do it's magic! It will help you remove the
    adhesive, so you can get a clean start for your next project.

#9: Helps you in the bathroom.
Preppers "make do or do without," and to this end WD-40 will help
you in the bathroom. In the bathroom, WD-40 can help with lime
buildup and even prevent the bugs from crawling around:

  • Dissolves lime buildup from your toilet (thanks to the power of
    its solvents) to make an easier time of scrubbing.

  • Clears the lime on shower head so you don't have to buy a
    new one.

  • Helps keep the bugs out. Apparently, spraying WD-40 on your
    bathroom window sill will keep the bugs away.

Why not give WD-40 a try?

Additional Benefits of WD-40 Preppers will appreciate:
  1. Declogs propane nozzles.
  2. Removes grime from wood burning stoves
  3. Cleans candle soot.
  4. Tarnishes silver.
  5. Help manage burnout on swamp coolers / evaporative air
  6. Keeps air conditioners running smoothly.
  7. Gets out the salty ice wedged in your work boots.
  8. Lubricates automatic poultry feeders.
  9. Loosens ink stains on clothing (just give it a spray, but test a
    small portion of your fabric).

WD-40 is a survival tool you will cherish. Get ready to spray WD-40
to stop squeaks, remove and protect, loosen rusted parts, free
sticky mechanisms, and drive out moisture.

WD-40 is very useful to preppers, indeed. WD-40 stops squeaks,
removes and protects, loosens rusted parts, frees sticky
mechanisms, and drives out moisture! Need we say more? Yes, WD-
40 has many unique uses for preppers. As well, it's extremely multi-
functional. Use this petroleum-based formula on most materials,
excluding polycarbonate and clear polystyrene. Hope for the best,
prepare for the worst with WD-40.

Happy endings
WD-40 is a can with a multitude of uses. Even the empty can is

Check out the WD-40 Diversion safe! While indeed WD-40 is
useful to preppers, a can of WD-40 makes an excellent
safe! Hungry zombies won't even look for a WD-40 can. Inside you
can tuck
precious metals for bartering, hide iodine tablets, water
purification tablets, antibiotics or other prized prepper survival
tools. If you're clever, you can make one yourself, but the well-
designed diversion safe, pictured left is ready to go!

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