popcorn food storage

Popcorn as food storage
Stock up on very versatile popping corn for food storage

You're a prepper, so why don't you stock up on popcorn?
Dried Corn (popcorn) is #12 on the list of the 37 foods to hoard
before crisis. There are so many good reasons to stock popcorn in
your pantry. Thinking about GMO? No worries because popcorn
comes from a seed that has not been genetically modified."

Stock up on Popcorn!
With popcorn you can enjoy a bowl of freshly popped popcorn,
sink your teeth into a hearty cornbread, or bake other specialties,
including a cornmeal encrusted pizza. How so? You can grind
popcorn into flour for cooking and baking! That's #3 on the list
below of reasons to stockpile popcorn, but there are so many
reasons to stockpile this important grain.

  • NOTE: Popcorn is mostly flint corn, dried on the cob, and
    consumed as a "grain." It's also a good idea to hoard corn
    that's freeze dried and canned. Corn harvested from the cob
    is consumed as a "vegetable." Freeze dried corn is harvested
    on the cob, then dried. While popcorn is dried on the cob.

Reason #1: Popcorn has an indefinitely long shelf life.
If kept in ideal conditions (away from moisture and light), you'll
find popping corn will last indefinitely. The kernels have a very
hard shell making them impervious to vermin. However, this fact
doesn't stop the expiration date from appearing on the popcorn
you may buy. For example,
Honeyville Farms says,"Yellow Popcorn
will store for 10 to 15 years in a sealed #10 can (oxygen absorber
included) under ideal storage conditions (cool, dry place)." Of
course, they want you to buy more product from them in ten years.

Reason #2: Popcorn is a tasty snack.
During the Great Depression, people looked to popcorn as a treat,
since sugar was in short supply. They made popcorn balls and
popped corn the way we do today.

Reason #3: You can grind popcorn into flour!
Popcorn is more versatile than you may think. Flint corn is popular
for popcorn. Because it's high in starch, it is ideal for making a
flour. Mind you, it's not the flour you may be used to, because it
is gritty, but it's a way to cut the ingredients you have available,
and that's just what has happened in times of war.

When wheat was in short supply in WWII people combined 25%
popcorn kernal flour with 75% wheat flour for their favorite
recipes. When grinding popcorn into flour be sure to only grind
what you need, because grinding diminishes the shelf life of
popcorn dramatically.

You may never want to buy cornmeal again! Popcorn is an ideal
flour for cornbread.

  • NOTE: If you decide to grind your popcorn into flour...
  1. Take heed to use a very good quality grinder. Lower-end
    grinders may damage easily from the experience, hardly
    making the effort worthwhile. Right is a cast-iron corn
    mill grinder that is surprisingly affordable (thanks to the
    75% discount)! It takes some work, but is well worth
    the effort.
  2. Be sure to cut your popcorn flour with another flour in
    ratios of 25% popcorn to 75% wheat, for example, to
    keep more true to your original recipe and lesson the
    gritty texture. For cornbread the ratios are around 1/3
    cornmeal to about 2/3 wheat flour.
  3. Grind only what you need for your baking or cooking,
    because grinding will cause your grain to degrade more

Reason #4: Popcorn is low in calories, but high in
Popcorn is not junk food by any means. It's very healthy. Who
knew popcorn has 4 grams of protein in 2 tablepoons popcorn (or
about five cups air popped corn)? Not only does it pack in some
protein, but you'll find popcorn has these important vitamins and

  • B vitamins
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Iron, and
  • Zinc

Reason #5: Popcorn packs fiber.
Popcorn is a 100% whole grain. A serving size of 2 tablespoons of
popcorn kernals (equivalent to 5 cups air popped popcorn) pack 6
grams of fiber, which is 24% of the daily values of a 2,000 calorie

Reason #6. Popcorn is Gluten Free! Non-GMO.
Popcorn is a non-GMO product and is also naturally gluten free.
popcorn is never GMO.

Reason #7: Popcorn is inexpensive.
The U.S. has an abundance of flint corn and is happy to satiate
the public's love of popcorn by blessing us with great prices. Get
popcorn now while it's still available.

Reason #8: Popcorn stores well.
Popcorn is calorie dense food: it packs tightly. (You'll need oil and
salt to make popcorn.) Consider popcorn for your food storage!

Now you don't have to wonder why you should store popcorn.  
There are so many good reasons to stock popcorn in your pantry.
This article is all about popcorn food storage...

Happy endings...
Grab some popcorn for a movie and think of the value popcorn
brings to the prepper! Need a good movie? Here's our
list of 101
Movies for preppers.

Popcorn is #12 on the list of the 37 foods to hoard before crisis.  
Read our popular article on the
37 foods to stockpile for

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