Stockpile Electrolytes

Stockpile electrolytes (powders and tablets)

Electrolytes can play a vital role in survival.
Stockpile Electrolytes! Excessive sweating from a strenuous
activity or illness are just two reasons why you'll want to
stockpile electrolytes as part of your overall prepping plan.
Electrolyte powders and tablets are easy to stockpile and they'll
last just about forever.

Below is everything a prepper needs to know about stockpiling
electrolytes, including a review of the top electrolytes, how to
make your own electrolyte drink...

Stock up on Electrolytes
Stockpile Electrolytes and learn how to make your own electrolyte
drinks. Hoarding electrolytes is something especially important in
times of pandemic or personal illness and there is no doctor.

Electrolytes are essential to life! They replenish your body with
potassium and other minerals to keep you moving after strenuous
exercise and they help keep your body hydrated.

As a prepper, you'll need to make sure you have plenty of
electrolytes on hand for your family:

  • Get Pedialyte or equivalent if you have children. Kids and
    adults have different requirements, so be sure to stock
    electrolytes appropriate for your family or group. If you have
    grand children or young relatives who may head to your
    homestead, stock for them!

  • Stock powders and tablets in your medical kits. Include
    oral rehydration salts as part of your medical kit, and have
    them on hand especially in your car kit and bugout bags. It's
    handy to have electrolytes in these places in case of heat
    stroke while you're out and about.

  • Be pandemic ready by having extra electrolytes! Ensure
    your pandemic preparedness kit includes extra electrolytes,
    as sickness may quickly overwhelm a community and the
    pharmacies will run out of supplies. You can store powdered
    electrolyte drinks for this purpose along with bottled water.

  • Take oral rehydration salts with you on travel. Diarrheal
    illness and dehydration are common during travel. Oral
    rehydration salts control the effects of stomach illness so
    that you can spend the rest of your trip enjoying your
    destination, rather than in a hospital bed.

Why do you need electrolytes in prepping?
Won't ordinary water do? Certainly water is good to have on
hand, but electrolytes go a step further. You see, water alone
doesn't replace the salts and minerals you use up too quickly  or
lack for other reasons. To hydrate in certain situations, such as
heavy exercise or illness, you'll need to restore your body with
proper electrolytes.

When the stuff hits the fan, you'll need salt for electrolyte
balance for many reasons:

  • Alleviate muscle cramps. If you've ever had a muscle
    cramp, chances are you're not adequately hydrated and your
    body has suffered a major loss of electrolytes.

  • Work around the homestead. Excessive sweating from
    strenuous activity is another reason to stockpile electrolytes.
    Electrolyte balance is important to preppers around the
    homestead, so you can keep up with chores of farming for
    food, hunting or defending the homestead. You need to
    restore electrolytes lost through sweating.

  • Avoid heatstroke. If you live in arid portions of the country,
    then you need to stock up on electrolytes. Heatstroke is a
    serious medical emergency that you can prevent with
    electrolytes. A person suffering from heatstroke may feel
    nausea and confused. The proper electrolyte balance can
    keep you from getting heat stroke! You can use oral
    rehydration salts and drinks, but when the Gatorade runs
    out, you can make your own electrolyte drink. See the salt
    and sugar electrolyte recipe below.

  • Keep well hydrated during illness. Diarrhea, vomiting and
    fever during a pandemic is a major reason to stockpile
    electrolytes. When there is no doctor there also is on I.V.,
    which is why at the first sign of illness you must do your
    utmost to keep hydrated properly with electrolytes. Preppers
    who suffer from diabetes can take Emergen-C Electromix, or
    Everly, both right, because they have no sugar.

  • Keep kids hydrated in illness. Electrolytes can help promote
    a quicker recovery during illness, but sports drinks, like
    Gatorade have too much sugar for kids. As well Diarhhea
    medicines may be harmful for kids, but thankfully you can
    make a  salt and sugar drink and skip the meds. Managing
    diarrheal dehydration is easy with the simple electrolyte
    recipe below.

  • Swollen hands and feet. Edema, caused by fluid retention,
    is another reason to stock electrolytes. If you have problems
    with high blood potassium levels, then you should refrain
    from taking electrolyltes.

  • Lack of food and clean water. Diarrhea and vomiting from
    food and water borne illnesses will be common in crisis.
    Sports drinks can help you replenish your fluids when water
    is scarce. Electrolytes can help also when food isn't what
    you're used to eating. Your water or food may become
    contaminated with such things as E. coli, giardia or

Electrolyte drink mixes, hydration tablets
and powders
Electrolyte replacement is important for a survival situation.
Vitamin water and Gatorade are two popular electrolyte drinks
available at your local grocery store. Below are other drinks and
hydration tablets to consider:

#1: Adventure Medical Kits Oral Rehydration Salts.
Adventure Medical Kits Oral Rehydration Salts, pictured at the top
of the page, provide the original oral rehydration mix of the
World Health Organization. Contains glucose, sodium and

Dissolve one packet in one liter of water and sip your way back to
health. Use for severe dehydration due to diarrhea, vomiting, and
or sweat loss. 3 envelopes per package.

  • Ideal for active adults and suitable for children (read
    instructions). Keep these packets in your first aid kit and be
    sure to pack them on your travels.

#2: EcoDrink and multivitamin.
EcoDrink is a complete multivitamin with zero sugar, calories,
carbs, sodium or caffeine. Packed with antioxidants, nutrients
and electrolytes, EcoDrink provides hydration, plus balanced
energy, and immune system support.What's more, EcoDrink
supports heart health, bone strength.

Contains 30 packets, 15 berry and 15 orange plus a bonus
reusable bottle. Enjoying EcoDrink Multivitamin on a daily basis
may help promote: Heart Health. EcoDrink may help reduce the
risk of high blood pressure and heart disease.* As well it can
promote a healthy immune system, healthy eyes, joints and skin
and bone health to keep you looking and feeling your best.

  • Ideal for adults who deal with the general public who want
    to prevent being sick. The flavors will bring out the kid in

#3: Drip Drop Oral Rehydration.
Drip Drop Oral Rehydration is a medical grade hydration solution
that is changing the way people think about effective treatment
and prevention of dehydration. Drip drop has won early adoption
by a broad spectrum of users including top hospitals and
physicians, elite athletes, U.S. Special forces, humanitarian
workers, pharmacists, and patients with chronic illness.

Drip drop gets an extremely high rating on Amazon : 4.8 of 5
stars. It's a great-tasting rehydration solution that, when mixed
with water, delivers 2-3 times the electrolytes of sports drinks
and 25% more than pediatric alternatives. The patented solution
delivers better fluid retention so you'll stay better hydrated.

#4: Emergen-C Electro Mix.
Electro Mix is ideal for preppers who have diabetes because this
electrolyte dietary supplement avoids the sugar that’s so often
mixed with other kinds of electrolyte drinks. What's more,
Emergen-C Electro Mix is sweetened with stevia and contains
calcium, chromium, magnesium, manganese, and potassium.

  • Ideal for people who have diabetes; people on a low
    ketogenic diets and anyone on low sodium diets. It's just as
    good for cyclists and other endurance athletes.

#5: Everly drink mix.
Everly provides a packet of life-saving rehydration salts called
Oral Rehydration Salts to treat children sick with waterborne
disease. Stay hydrated, stay healthy, help save a life! This
electrolyte drink mix helps you drink more water by making water
taste better without any bad ingredients.

This healthy drink mix is all natural, sugar free, zero calorie, and
comes enhanced with vitamins and fruit extracts. there are no
artificial sweeteners. It's made of all natural stevia leaf extract
as the sweetner. It's a healthy alternative to soda, fruit juice,
artificial low calorie drinks, artificial water enhancers, and sugary
sports drinks. It's a safe and tasty drink for diabetics, dieters,
and other non-sugar lifestyles. No artificial dyes - our colors
come from fruit and vegetable juice.

It's produced in a Kosher certified facility. Kids will like them too.
These water flavoring packets are perfect additions to any
lunchbox, and are a flavorful, healthy replacement for sugary
children's drinks.

  • Ideal for dieters, adults on a Kosher diet, and people who
    have diabetes. It's suitable for older kids, too.

#6: Hydralyte.
Hydralyte contains the correct balance of glucose and electrolytes
to allow for rapid and effective rehydration. comes with a
measuring cup to allow for accurate dosing for kids or adults.

Water or sugary drinks (i.e. soda or standard sports drinks) are
not as effective as Hydralyte, as they do not adequately restore
lost electrolytes (which retain the fluid). Sports drinks also
contain a lot of sugar (approximately 4 times the amount
compared with Hydralyte!) Excess sugar can cause bloating and
impede the hydration process.

  • Ideal for kids and adults. While Hydralyte has significantly
    less sugar than other electrolytes, its not for diabetics,
    though it may be okay for someone who is pre-diabetic,
    consult your physician. The packaging indicates that it's
    suitable for clinical conditions such as nausea in pregnancy
    and bowel preparation (for bowel colonoscopies) can cause
    dehydration, but again, consult your physician to see if it's
    right for you.

#7: Nuun Hydration tubes with tablets.
Nuun Active Hydration tablets, pictured immediate right, were
designed, formulated and tested to keep athletes optimally
hydrated. Nuun comes in a tough tube that is water resistant and
perfect for carrying in your hand, bugout bag or wherever. This
electrolyte enhanced sports drink tabs turn water into a
refreshing, sugar-free solution that keeps you optimally hydrated.
Drop one tab in 16 ounce of water, wait 2 minutes, drink and stay

  • Ideal for athletes or homesteaders with an active physical
    workload, since these are packed with electrolytes to
    replenish those lost during strenous activities.

#8: Oral IV
IV fluids are illegal to purchase without a prescription. What then
will you do in crisis when there is no doctor?

The answer is
Oral IV pictured right. This oral hydration fluid will
go a long way towards preventing dehydration. Mind you, Oral IV
is not a substitute for an IV, but the name sticks and the product
is effective. Oral IV Ultra Concentrate Hydration promotes shorter
recovery times from exercise and exertion. This portable
hydration system is made up of simply purified water, sodium,
potassium, magnesium, chloride, iron, copper, selenium, zinc and
a blend of other natural trace minerals. To put it simply, Oral IV
has packed the building blocks you need to get more out of your
hydration without all the added stimulants and artificial junk.

The bonus is that Oral IV also helps maintain heightened
concentration and alertness. That boost of mental concentration
could prove highly effective in crisis when a prepper really needs
to think.

#9: Pedialyte.
Pedialyte is the "go to" reliable solution for quick hydration of
little ones. To help your child rehydrate and feel better quickly,
choose Pedialyte at the first sign of diarrhea and vomiting.
Pedialyte is an oral rehydration solution specially formulated to
quickly replace lost fluids and electrolytes due to diarrhea and
vomiting in children. It's the #1 pediatrician recommended brand.

  • Ideal for kids.

#10: RecoverORS Hydration packs.
RecoverORS is for the clinical treatment of dehydration due to
events such as diarrhea, vomiting, fever, excessive sweating due
to strenuous activity, traveling and more.

RecoverORS is an oral rehydration powder specifically formulated
for adults, and made by pharmacists and in accordance with
World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines and specifications
and is based firmly in clinical trials. Free from artificial colors or
flavorings, RecoverORS also has no preservatives.

  • Ideal for travellers.

#11: Sqwincher sugar-free electrolyte powder.
Pictured at the bottom of the page, Sqwincher has half the
sodium and more potassium compared to other electrolyte
replacement beverages.

  • Ideal for people with diabetes.

What are electrolytes?
"Every living person needs electrolytes, especially potassium,"
say the makers of
Emergen-C Electro Mix. The packaging, right,
says it all. Click the image to read it better.

You already know that electrolytes have to do with fluid
retention, but how so? Well, electrolytes are a kind of "electrical
energy" carried by ions. These electrically charged ions (particles)
are found your blood, urine and bodily fluids. You need this
electrical energy to help you move.

It's the electrolytes that help with muscle contraction sending
nerve impulses when you exercise or just move about.

Why do kids need special electrolytes?
Experienced moms always have electrolytes on hand for their
young children, such as Pedialyte. There are lots of reasons that
contribute to the varying electrolyte needs of children, but kids
generally have a greater risk than adults for dehydration because
they have a faster metabolism. For this reason, it's important to
stock different electrolytes for kids than for adults.

What are first signs of dehydration?
In addition to thirst, headache, decreased urine or strong
smelling urine are among some of the first signs of dehydration.

Preppers should be aware of the signs of severe dehydration,
which requires medical attention:
  • dizziness
  • fainting
  • muscle cramps
  • nausea and
  • tiredness.

How to make your own electrolyte drink
You can make homemade electrolytes, but it's important to
follow a specific recipe or it won't work. That's generally why
people rely on oral rehydration salts, electrolyte powders or
tablets, and electrolyte drinks.
Salt is extremely important for
your body in terms of water retention and electrolyte balance, but
so is sugar. An electrolyte drink can restore

Salt and sugar electrolyte recipe:
  • 6 level teaspoons of sugar
  • 1/2 level teaspoon of salt
  • dissolved in 4 measuring cups of purified water.

Happy endings...
Stock up on drink mixes and tablets for long term storage. They
don't take much space and they could save a life.
Stockpiling electrolytes in drink mixes and tablets is important for
long term storage. (Bottles will generally have a 6-month shelf
life). Stock electrolytes drink mixes as well as premeasured
bottles to help you manage dehydration because of loss of fluids:
  • heavy sweating
  • fever, diarrhea and vomiting
  • endurance exercise or heavy physical work
  • prolonged heat exposure

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