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  • Stock up on Electrolytes! Excessive sweating from a
    strenuous activity or illness are just two reasons why you'll
    want to stockpile electrolytes as part of your overall prepping
    plan. Right, RecoverORS helps to restore electrolytes lost
    due to traveler’s diarrhea, food poisoning, stomach flu, fever,
    diarrhea, vomiting, hangover, or extreme sports.

  • Find your perfect match. Survival matches come in several
    varieties. Find the perfect survival match and garner a few
    match hacks and skills for your survival..

  • Vacuum sealing. Are you vacuum sealing your food what
    about making ice packs? Seed saving? Well, maybe you
    should! Here's our popular article: Prepping with a food saver.

  • Get your Gamma Seal Lids! Gamma seal lids convert
    buckets into waterproof and airtight storage containers. They
    make it easy to get into your food storage! Ordinary buckets
    may have a lid, but you'll surely break a fingernail getting
    into your food storage if you don't have a bucket opener.
    Gamma seal is a plastic screw on bucket lid that's easy to
    open and easy to seal back for the next time.

  • The importance of socks and pantyhose in survival. You
    won't look at your sock drawer in the same way ever again.

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  • New! Could you live in your car? Some people live in their
    car for fun, others have no other alternative. The California
    fires are finding people living in their cars and gathering at
    the local Walmart. Here's how to live out of your car from the
    people who've done it and why we don't recommend Walmart.

  • Water survival skills. Securing potable water is the most
    important prepping skill you’ll need to survive. Learn how to
    get water from plant life, how to distill water and more.
    Learn water survival skills now.

  • Can you flush the toilet without electricity? The simple
    answer is yes, for a limited time only you can flush, but for a
    long term off-grid scenario you'll need another solution. To
    fully understand how toilets run on electricity, you need to
    know how water flows from the treatment plants to your

  • Prepper Toilets. Do you have a plan when the stuff hits the
    fan? If your #1 place to go #2 isn't available because the
    toilets won't flush, you must have an alternative sanitation
    plan. Read about your Prepper Toilet Options.

  • How to use a pine tree to survive. The powers of the
    sacred pine and spruce for food, medicine, shelter, fire, and
    more is well known by the Native Americans who call it the
    "tree of peace." Here's how to use a pine tree to survive.

  • What does the military use to purify water? Katadyn is the
    backpacker's choice in water filtration, but it's also the U.S
    military's top choice, and preppers are following suit. Here's
    why you should consider a Kadadyn water filter.

  • Prepper food storage: Boost your prepper food storage!

  • When there is no bread and you have no yeast... Learn
    how to make no yeast bread! Making your own bread is fun
    and while yeast is an ingredient of many breads, here are
    some yeast-free bread recipes to try.

  • How to prevent the flu. Preventing the flu and staying
    healthy go hand-in-hand, starting with good gut health.
    There are dietary supplements that also can enhance
    immunity. Here's how to NOT get the flu!

  • Survival Psychology. What separates survivors from those
    who don't make it? People who respond quickly, remain clear
    in head, focused in their task, and have a stress free
    attitude, have a distinct advantage when it comes to
    survival. Here's how to survive with your mind!

  • Fight or flight? It's a basic instinct for both man and animal:
    the instant a being realizes that danger is imminent, there is
    a "flight "or "fight"; decision to make. In the world of
    prepping, fighting is "bugging in" and fleeing is "bugging
    out." Read more about the flight or fight response.

  • Prepper's home defense: There's lots to consider in home
    defense from barbed wire and boobytraps to barricades and
    bull dogs ~ as well as bomb shelters and bunkers. Here's
    how to fortify your home before crisis.

  • A Wool blanket is a survival tool. Get ready for winter and
    have a wool blanket in your survival kit. A wool blanket can
    provide added warmth to your sleeping bag, or serve as
    emergency shelter from rain. Use a wool blanket as ground
    cover, help shock victims and more.

  • Gluten-free food storage is possible. If someone you love
    has Celiac's Disease, prepare now to stockpile these gluten-
    free emergency foods.

  • Wash and clean without soap. Staying clean is an
    important survival skill. Whether you're out camping in the
    woods, find yourself homeless or just run short on supplies,
    it's good know how to stay clean without soap.

  • Develop a Food Rationing Strategy. No matter how much
    food and water you stockpile, and no matter how robust your
    garden is growing, there's one thing that's for sure ~
    eventually your food supply will run out. When food is
    scarce, have a plan for rationing the last of the food (and an
    ethical plan if possible).

  • Are you worth your weight in salt? Salt was something
    ancients killed for, traded around, and valued as much as
    gold. Stockpiling salt for survival.

  • How much water should you have for an emergency? A
    family of four needs 270 gallons of water for a three month
    supply, according to Utah State University. That's entirely
    too many bottles of water to have in storage, which is why
    you need to look at all your options for emergency water
    storage. How to buy large water tanks. Large water storage
    tanks provide the answer to your family's emergency water
    needs as a secondary source to the municipal water supply.
    No matter where you live, having a secondary supply of
    water is important.

  • Survive lung cancer with natural cures. Having lung cancer
    is no walk in the park, but you can walk with nature to
    survive cancer. Both spiritually and figuratively, nature can
    help you survive and there's support from the scientific
    community that it's all possible. Survive lung cancer naturally
    with alternative treatment options.

  • iOSAT: the teensy pill that could save your life. The masses
    of initial survivors of a nuclear catastrophe will be begging
    for this tiny pill, but only a lucky few may get this life-
    saving, thyroid blocking pill of potassium iodide that's
    government approved. Why wait for a handout that may
    never come? The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission is
    stockpiling iOSAT "Nukepills," so shouldn't you?

  • What's the best prepper protein possible? Canned meats!
    Check out the top ten canned meat options for your food
    storage to beef up your prepper's pantry.

  • Cook indoors in an emergency! When it's wet and rainy, or
    cold and snowy, how will you cook when the grid goes down?
    Can you take your off-grid cooking inside? Yes. Here are
    eleven ways to cook indoors in an emergency.

  • Best gluten-free emergency food for preppers. It's hard
    enough to find gluten-free foods when it's not an emergency
    as wheat is in just about everything ~ even gravy. It's
    absolutely necessary for someone suffering from Celiac
    disease to stockpile certain foods. Here's the top ten gluten-
    free emergency foods that are shelf-stable to last you
    several years..,

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