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Every prepper knows a BIC is for lighting fires (and not for
cigarettes). A BIC lighter is an important part of your everyday
carry. Zippo makes a great lighter, too.

Stock up on BIC lighers and Zippos and make sure you know how
to refill them to ensure you live happily ever after. Now learn
how to build a fire!

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BIC lighter sleeve
From a survival of the Civil war in Bosnia.
"A Generator is good, but 1000 BIC lighters are better. A
generator will attract attention if there's any trouble, but 1000
lighters are compact, cheap and can always be traded."

BIC lighter facts and finds

  • BIC lighters have been around for more than 40 years. In
    1973, BIC launched its first BIC Butane Lighter.

  • BIC has sold more it's lighters in 160 countries around the
    world -- in total more than 15 billion lighters!

  • Lighter sleeves can add multi-functional value:
BIC Lighter
A BIC is more valuable than a generator!

It's BIC deal!
Now you can get a tray of BIC lighters for about a buck each.
Stock up, as they will be a highly prized trade item that you can
also barter. A BIC lighter is something that could more valuable
than a generator.

Flick your BIC ~ the safe, reliable flame that's loved the world
over since 1973. One of the most trusted brands, BIC has sold
more than 15 billion lighters in more than 160 countries, since
first introducing the lighter.

Survival Experts Agree on the BIC
A BIC lighter is a big deal with survivalists. Check out the
comments below:
  • "Don't settle for the cheap imitations; get a real BIC," says
    Dave Canterbury, in his book Bushcraft 101: A field Guide
    to the art of wilderness survival pictured at the bottom
    right of the page. He suggests getting a BIC in orange, so
    that it's easy to spot in your gear.

  • "Always carry a lighter," says Mykel Hawke, Captain, U.S.
    Army Special Forces, star of Man, Woman, Wild on the
    Discovery Channel, and author of Hawke's Speical Forces
    Survival Handbook (the Portable Guide to Getting out
    Alive), says as it's the easiest way to start a fire.

  • From an anonymous survivor of the Bosnia Civil War. "A
    generator is good, but 1000 Bic lighters are better. A
    generator will attract attention if there's any trouble, but
    1000 lighters are compact, cheap and can always be

Did you know you can refuel a BIC lighter with cooking fuel?
This may be useful information in a pinch.

Here's how to refill your BIC lighter:
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