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Sometimes a manufacturer wants to promote a product to get a
rated. Sometimes they have an overstock. Whatever the case,
you can get good deals if you check with us first. Make it your
new routine to check with us in the morning.

Below are the deals we found for you on prepping, homesteading
and survival for
February 24, 2017:

Prepper Deal Alerts
Prices are subject to change, so hurry to get these deals...

#1: Backpacker magazine.
You get one year of backpacker magazine for just $7! The first
print issue should arrive in 6-10 weeks, just in time for the start
of backpacking season.

  • NOTE: This subscription will automatically renew until you
    decide to cancel, at any time, using Magazine Subscription

#2:  Granola #10 can.
Super Nutty Granola is usually $18.99, but today it's an incredible
deal at just $11.99 for Prime members. Pour granola in a bowl,
add some freeze dried fruit (blueberries or banana slices) and
add a little milk for a superb breakfast cereal. Or try super nutty
granola as a base for building a trail mix or even for making
cookies or muffins. Super Nutty Granola has 24 servings and
6,000 calories and a 10-year shelf-life.

#3: LifeStraw Mission 12-liter water filter.
Today you'll save $34.04 (22%) on the 12-liter LifeStraw Mission
gravity-fed water filtration system. This 12-liter high-volume
water bag is perfect for base camp on group hikes and camping
trips, and for prepping.

Choose Lifestraw because it:
  • Removes virtually all bacteria (99.9999%), protozoa
    (99.99%), and Viruses (99.999%) that can contaminate
  • Travels well! It has a compact roll-bag reservoir.
  • Requires no chemicals, batteries, pumping or moving parts
    and is easy to use and maintain.
  • Has a lifetime filtration capacity of 18,000 liters (4,755

#4: Spinach Flakes #10 can.
Currently at $6.99 with free shipping for Prime members when
buying this Add-on Item. (Usually it's $13.99).

How can you use dried spinach flakes?
Sprinkle Augason Farms spinach flakes to boost nutrition, add
color and flavor to a variety of foods, recipes and side dishes:
  • artichoke dips (make an amazing spinach artichoke dip with
    Parmesan cheese, artichoke hearts, sour cream, cream
    cheese, and garlic).
  • breads, breadsticks, crackers
  • casseroles (lasagne, ricotta stuffed manicotti)
  • chicken Kiev
  • omelets, quiches and frittatas
  • meatloafs and meatballs
  • pastas (home made spinach noodles)
  • sauces (pesto sauce, spaghetti sauce, Florentine spinach
    and cheese)
  • salad dressings
  • smoothies
  • soups (great in minestrone)
  • stews
  • tortillas
  • vegetable dishes

#5: Four LED flashlights deal.
Get a set four super bright LED flashlights for just $9.99.
Aluminum body, good illumination, no blinding, run times, can
use for calamity search and rescue. Stuff them in your vehicles,
bugout bags and around the house. These flashlights get a 4.6 of
5-star review from more than  1,270 satisfied customer reviews.

#6: Graniteware waterbath canning set.  
A prepping classic, Granitware is now 39% off and just $19.97 if
you have prime.
Granite Wear Set

Originally founded in 1871, Columbian Home Products is one of
the oldest cookware manufacturers in the U. S., famous for
producing Porcelain on Steel cookware. They have been producing
Granite Ware cookware in their Terre Haute, IN facility since 1901.

Granite Ware has a carbon steel core for strength, conductivity
and superior heat distribution. Porcelain is fused to the steel at
2,000 degrees Fahrenheit producing a non-porous, inert glass
surface that is naturally non-stick. Porcelain can chip if dropped,
however this does not reduce the effectiveness of the cookware.
There are no PTFE’s, PFOA’s or any other chemicals to change the
taste, color or nutritional value of the food.

#7: Georgia Pacific Toilet paper.
Environmentally concerned customers appreciate the reliable
performance tissue that consistently exceeds EPA guidelines for
minimum post consumer recycled fiber content. Georgia Pacific
Toilet Paper gets high marks from consumers for its softness,
quick absorbency, durability and thickness. Every prepper has a
supply of toilet paper and can now add to their storage a case of
80 rolls of toilet paper for an incredible price. It works out to just
.56 cents a roll!

#8: Saratoga Farms Cereal Buckets.  
On sale for $55.99 with free shipping for all, the Saratoga Farms
Honey Nut Cereal bucket is normally $71.99. One thing you'll
notice when opening one Saratoga Farms buckets is that they're
filled to maximum capacity. They will last 20-years unopened.
Are you storing enough
cereal in the prepper's pantry?

#9: Texsport Camp Grill.
The Texsport Camp Grill is a sturdy grill that's built for camping
in all climates, with a heavy-duty welded steel mesh grill built to
withstand heat and heavy cast iron cookware. Folds easily for
storage. It's built to withstand heat and heavy cast iron
cookware and folds easily for storage.

Texsport Camp Grill

#10: Top Essential Oils Gift Pack.
Get started with quality essential oils for as low as $14.99
(Prime, a $49.99 value) with
Top Essential Oils gift pack, pictured
at the bottom of the page. The Aromatherapy top essential oils
gift pack,  includes peppermint, sweet orange, lavender,
frankincense, eucalyptus and rosemary.Be sure to read our full
list of
top essential oils for preppers.

#11: Water filter (Boston Fortis).
Preppers need a water filter and they also love multi-purpose
survival items, the water filter is one such tool. This amazing
survival water filter also has a compass, whistle, flashlight, mini-
knife and fire flint. Save 43%. Today it's just $39.99 (normally

#12: Wise Milk Alernative (whey milk).
The Wise Milk bucket consists of 120 servings (12 servings per
pouch) of protein packed whey milk. Just add one cup of water
per serving and it's ready to drink. Normally $79.99 it's now
$47.00 and with FREE Shipping for Prime members once
available. You save $32.99 (or 41%)!

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Happy endings...
If you see a good deal you like, then grab it. Prices go up even in
the same day. For example, a few days ago the Mountain House
Classic bucket was $45 with shipping included, then it jumped
back up in price to $76 on the same day. Also a bucket of
Augason Farms quick rolled oats was $13.99 the day before with
free shipping early then by noon it was the new price of $18.99.
Still a great deal, but you could have saved five bucks!

When you save 5 bucks it means you can spend it on other preps.

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