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Prepper Alerts ~ Prepper daily deals
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Prepper Deal Alerts
Prepping for the best Amazon deals on survival gear.

Prepping for great deals?
If you've been following on, you
know we regularly post prepper deal alerts. We're on Amazon
almost daily to help you find the best deals on the best prepping
and survival gear, homesteading supplies and food storage.

Prepper Deal Alerts
Below are more prepper food deals and other deals we found for
you on prepping, homesteading and survival for
March 16, 2018.

  • Hit the refresh key if you visited earlier today. Prices are
    subject to change and we refresh often.

#1: Food Storage Deals.
Fill your prepper's pantry with #10 cans and buckets of emergency
food from Augason Farms, Mountain House, and Wise Foods. We
found the best deals on these freeze dried and emergency foods...

Augason Farms buckets:

Augason Farms Cans (we only list #10 cans):

Mountain House cans and kits:

Wise Foods

#2: Hawkes Special Force Survival guide
Save 53% on Hawkes Special Forces Survival Handbook ~ one of
our favorite survival guides. Right now it's just $7.51 on Prime.
Pictured immediate right, this guide is thoughtfully designed and
packed with wilderness survival and basic bushcraft. It would
make a great gift for a scout or a prepper looking to enhance
outdoor survival skills.

#3: Lifestraw Family Water Purifiers.
Save on the popular Lifestraw water filtration purifiers, which
removes a minimum 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria, and
removes 99.99% protozoa, and even surpasses rigorous EPA
guidelines for
E. coli, Giardia, Salmonella and Cryptosporidium

#4: Toilet paper rolls, 2-ply, individually wrapped.
Toilet paper is a core prepper stockpile that you can have  
delivered and put it right into your stockpile without even opening
the box. Bulk up on the Georgia Pacific Toilet paper 80 rolls deal.
The entire case of
80 quality toilet paper rolls is just $48.22
(save 5
4%). Pictured right, this is a case of quality toilet paper
that's individually wrapped and ready for your storage.

#5: Water storage tank by SureWater.
A family of four needs 270 gallons for a three month supply of
water, according to Utah State University. The
SureWater storage
tank below has enough for 260 gallons! Made without BPA, this
large capacity water storage tank is food safe and has two valves
for easy use and water rotation. It fits through doorways! Right
now you save 11%.
Augason farms butter powder
Using a Coffee Filter for Survival
How much water does a family of four need?
Emergency heat sources  that don't require electricity
Lifestraw Three pack
Augason Farms 30-day food supply bucket
Above, preppers can shop bulk foods online and use coupons to save up to 30%.

How do we find great deals for preppers?
We're constantly buying new preps and building our food storage.
Sometimes we get wind of lightning deals from our readers.
Sometimes we stumble upon a low-priced product because it's not
been reviewed yet. We also find deals as we write about
prepping, homesteading and survival. So be sure to visit us daily
for more prepper food deals and other survival and prepping gear
deals of interest to preppers, homesteaders and survivalists.

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homesteading, and self-reliance.
Happy endings...
Getting a good deal is good and happy news, but you may be
skeptical. Why can you get a good deal? Well, sometimes a
manufacturer wants to promote a product to get a rated.
Sometimes they have an overstock. Whatever the case, you can
get good deals if you check with us first. Make it your new routine
to check with us each day. Happy prepping!

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