tents for bugging out

Unusual tents for preppers

"Weather can kill you so fast. The first priority of survival is
getting protection from the extreme weather." - Bear Grylls

Preppers love to camp and their camping equipment, such as a
tent, can also serve them well in a bugout scenario. Unusual
tents for preppers, including truck tents, bike tents, teepee
tents and more.

  • teepee tents: A teepee tent is a rare find! If you want one
    and it is available online, buy it now. They tend to stock
    and outsell rather quickly.

  • truck tent: Rightline gear, pictured at the bottom of the
    page, features the largest interior room of any truck tent;
    and the brand has sizes available for most trucks.

  • trailer tent.

  • cot tent. Pictured immediate right, this tent plops on top
    of a cot, providing a comfortable platform and protection
    against snakes and other critters that crawl in the night.

  • bike tents: Bugging out by bike? Then you'll need a place
    to sleep for the night. A bike tent offers an ideal solution
    for cover. Directly below is a single rider option, while
    further on the page is a trailer tent that can accommodate
    two adults and perhaps a small child.

  • Hammock tent. If you're bugging out to the woods and
    lucky enough to find two trees to support you, then a
    hammock tent is the way to go. It keeps you off the ground
    and free of mosquitoes.

  • Scout tent. Classic backpacking tent is a scout tent in the
    classic A-frame. This is the preferred tent style of Boy

  • Tent repair:

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