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Harmony House sampler (backpacking kit)
Harmony house sweet corn - freeze dried
Harmony House Vegetable soup - non-GMO dehydrated
non-GMO dehydrated onions
Harmony House Diced Potatoes
Harmony house tomato dices
Harmony House Dried cabbage
Harmony House dried spinach
Dehydrated mushrooms
Harmony House Dried Bell Peppers (red and green peppers)
Harmony House Dried Leeks non-GMO dehydrated
Harmony House dried green beans
Harmony House - non-gmo food for preparedness
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Harmony House Sampler
Six pack
Wide mouth Jar sealer for a food saver
Harmony House
Dehydrated non-GMO veggies by Harmony House

Non-GMO and preservative free food for backpackers and preppers:
What's the best non-GMO food for emergency preparedness and
everyday? The answer is Harmony House.

Get in harmony with nature's goodness and Harmony House
dehydrated foods. Gently air dried and carefully selected fruits
and vegetables, Harmony House has no additives or
preservatives and you'll feel good about the quality non-GMO
foods to add to your
prepper's pantry.

Harmony House Foods
Non-GMO and preservative free, Harmony House Foods offers an
array of dehydrated and freeze-dried fruits, vegetables, and
beans. Here are some Harmony House selections to consider:

  • Harmony House sampler (Backpackers Kit): The
    Harmony House backpacker's kit is a sampler of nature's
    goodness! Pictured at the bottom of the page, the
    backpacker's kit helps you make gourmet meals, even on
    the trail. Includes: Dehydrated Carrots (2), Diced Potatoes
    (2), Green Peas (2), Tomato Dices, Sweet Celery, Cut
    Green Beans, Sweet Corn, Green Cabbage, Mixed Red &
    Green Peppers, Chopped Onions, Black Beans, Northern
    Beans, Lentils, Red Beans, Pinto Beans. Simply simmer for
    10-15 minutes, or soak overnight for a healthy finished
    result. Again, all of the Harmony House vegetables, fruits,
    and beans are non-GMO!

  • Harmony House Freeze Dried Deluxe Fruit Sampler. The
    harmony House Freeze Dried Deluxe Fruit Sampler, picutred
    at the top right-hand corner of the page includes 12 Quart
    Jars of freeze dried, light and airy fruits. Keep them on
    hand to sprinkle your favorite fruit on breakfast cereal.
    They are great with oatmeal! Certainly this will enhance
    your oat food storage.

  • Harmony House corn. Pictured at the top of the page,
    freeze dried corn will be a favorite in your pantry. Harmony
    House offers foods for your everyday food storage. Gently
    air dried and carefully selected vegetables there are no
    additives or preservatives in Harmony House foods. These
    Non-GMO Dehydrated vegetables maintain their high
    nutritive value with less nutrients lost and store for 1-2
    years in your cupboard, which means no more wasted food!
    You get 15 ounces of dried corn, which yields 42 ounce
    when reconstituted.

  • Harmony House Vegetable Soup Mix. The soup mix by
    Harmony House is a terrific value. One quart jar of this
    delicious non-GMO, premium vegetable soup mix makes
    over 24 cups of delicious soup. Just add 1 cup of mix to 6
    cups of water, simmer for 10-15 minutes and season to
    taste. That's it. No need to chop onions, dice carrots or cut
    tomatoes. Includes also a minced version of peas, celery,
    green bell peppers, green beans and parsley.

More Harmony House selections:
  • Harmony House Tomato dices
  • Harmony House bell peppers
  • Harmony House spinach
  • Harmony House six gallon veggie variety Harmony House
    backpacking kit, pictured at the bottom of the page.

Harmony House produces only non-GMO dried foods. There are
no additives or preservatives in Harmony House products either.
Preppers can enjoy Harmony House dried foods with confidence.

Happy endings...
Harmony house is a favorite of vegan and vegetarian
backpackers who want to create their own soups and stews. Try
also their ready made backpacker's kit.

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NOTE: All Harmony House products (with the exception of the Vegan Soup Blends) are now
certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union and carry the OU symbol.  They also have the PAREVE

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Harmony House strawberries
Harmony House apple dices
Harmony House dried Cherries
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