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Lentils are the perfect prepper food

Lentils: the forgotten prepper food.
Don't overlook the humble lentil in your emergency food storage.
Most preppers don't give much thought to lentils in the larder,
though they should because this little powerhouse is a frugal and
healthy addition to long-term food storage. Think of lentils as a
cousin to the beans in your food storage. Get a larder of lentils in
the prepper's pantry!

One of the first domesticated crops, lentils are a staple survival
food for people in the Middle East. It's a survival food for many

Lentils: an overlooked survival food
Lentils aren't beans ―they're legumes. Technically they are a
fruit because they are the seeds of the plant. Lentils are the
seed pod of a leguminous plant, which is in the pea family.

The shape of lentils may remind you of a split pea. They look a
bit like a dried split pea, though they're not as sweet. Lentils are
actually a bit more like a bean in that they have a long shelf life,
but lentils cook much more quickly than beans.

Somewhere between a pea and bean, don't overlook lentils in
your food storage.

Here are some reasons to consider lentils:

#1: Lentils are faster to prepare than beans.
Do you know the great thing about lentils? They don't require pre-
soaking and lentils cook much more quickly than beans. You can
boil lentils for 15-20 minutes and they're ready to eat, but beans
take hours. This is an important distinction from beans and why
they're historically a shelf-stable food that our ancestors ate.

And just like beans, you'll find that lentils are an inexpensive
source of protein, fiber and complex carbohydrates.

#2: Lentils have a long shelf life.
Lentils are a bit like a split pea, but they're not as sweet. They
are a bit like a bean in that they have a long shelf life. Our
ancestors stored lentils in clay pots along with grains for use in
the harsh winters and for famine to ensure they had food
throughout the year.

In modern times we can get lentils in #10 cans or food grade
buckets. Augason Farms bucket of lentils above provides an easy
food storage solution of four gallons of lentils, but you can store
the lentils yourself in Mylar-type bags, with the oxygen removed,
so that they have a shelf life of 10 or more years. Packaged in
food grade plastic, they still last a long time. While the
packaging may have a shelf-life, that's really for the benefit of
the manufacturer.

Go ahead and buy them in bulk. As long as the lentils stay in a
dark, dry but cool place free from moisture, they really should
last indefinitely.

#3: Lentils are protein rich.
With a protein content comparable to steak, according to
Augason Farms, lentils are great replacement for meat. About
22% of the lentil seed is protein, according to Utah State

Packed with protein, lentils are an excellent substitute for meat
and lentils will make you feel fuller longer. That's why lentils fit
nicely into a paleo diet. A Paleo diet follows the logic of eating
only the foods that were available to our early Paleolithic
ancestors. Our bodies are genetically designed to survive and
thrive on such protein-rich whole foods. Your body craves complex
carbohydrates as much as the cave man did.

Protein is essential to both your health and to your survival.
You'll need protein in an emergency to build muscles, satiate
your appetite and more. Hearty lentils provide the answer and
give you a much need break from beans. What's more, lentils are
high in dietary fiber and iron.

#4: Lentils will give you the fiber you need.
One of the main reasons to stock lentils in the prepper's pantry is
the role they have in filling you with fiber.

Lentils fill your body with the fiber you'll need, especially in an
emergency. With heaps of protein and fiber, you'll learn to love

#5: Lentils are loaded in iron and even calcium.
Watch out Popeye, having dried spinach flakes in the prepper's
house is a good idea because of the iron, but lentils are easier to
store and are loaded in iron and other good things, like calcium.
That's great news for vegans who don't drink milk.

In one small serving of lentils you'll get about 6% of your calcium
requirements for the day. Every bit helps when times are tough.

Scientific studies show there's virtually no vitamin loss in dried
beans and legumes during prolonged storage, according to Utah
State University.

#6: Lentils are heart healthy.
Lentils, lentils are good for the heart, the more you eat the more
you... Well, you know what we mean. Take heart, lentils are good
for you!
Bob's Redmill says that lentils are a friend of the heart.
They are low in fat and filled with antioxidants and vitamins
making them an easy choice for long-term food storage and for
your heart.

Certainly a heart friendly food, Bob's Redmill adds that these
"cute little legumes have a pleasant, earthy flavor. They're very
easy to prepare, needing no presoaking and cooking in just 30
minutes. They're not only tasty and simple to cook, but also a
good source of protein, iron and dietary fiber."

That pretty much sums up what we've said about this powerful
little seed, but we still have another important reason for
preppers to take note of lentils.

#7: Lentils are ideal for diabetics.
Lentils energize.  Because lentils also stabilize blood sugars,
they are an ideal
food storage for people with diabetes.

#8: Lentils are gluten-free.
Lentils are naturally gluten free!

#9: Lentils add variety to your food storage.
You may think of lentils only for lentil soup, but they are terrific
thrown in with rice or to help you beef up hamburger on a budget.
The kids will hardly notice your chili, meatloaf or spaghetti
beefed up with lentils.

Once you boil your lentils for around 20 minutes you can add
them to your favorite soups, stews, casseroles and side dishes.
Boil them a few minutes longer and you can puree or mash them
and in this way use them as a thickener for your soups or stews.

Did you know you can sprout lentils?
Get creative with lentils and use them for salads, and more. You
soak lentils for sprouting or use them as a tasty texture to
salads. There are so many reasons why lentils are good in the
prepper's pantry.

Lentils are nutty, nutritious and delicious:

Lentils are a classic survival food because of the long shelf life ~
they are cheap eats that are highly nutritious and easy to
stockpile! Learn to like lentils.

Happy endings...
Lentils are so easy to store and now that you know a little more
about them, you can give them a try. Make it a goal to give a
lentil recipe a try. Build your food storage with lentils and your
heart will thank you. Lentils can provide you the critical nutrition
and energy you need no matter the circumstance.

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