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Long grain white rice
Augason Farms Bucket of brown rice
How to Store Rice
How to store rice to last the apocalypse

Store rice so it lasts indefinitely!
Storing rice is one of the most important things you can do as a
prepper. If you store rice properly (and store the right kind of
rice), your rice food storage can last upwards of 30 years or more.

White rice stores best. Brown rice is naturally oily and while more
nutritious, but the shelf life is relatively short because of the oils.
As long as you stock white rice, keep your rice away from vermin,
moisture, and oxygen then it can last a lifetime.

Following is the best way to store your rice to last a lifetime...

How to Store Rice So It Lasts Indefinitely!
Rice is the perfect prepper food and accompaniment to beans,
which makes it a complete protein. Rice is cheap and hearty.
You'll find the convenient bucket of
long-grain white rice by
Augason Farms, right is around $45 on Prime. Stock up your
prepper's pantry if it's under $50. Rice is relatively inexpensive,
easy to store, simple to cook, filling and good to have in the
prepper's pantry for many reasons.

Benefits of storing rice:
  • Lasts almost indefinitely when properly stored.
  • Satiates hunger.
  • Improves bowels with anti-inflammatory properties
  • Provides instant energy.
  • Controls blood pressure.
  • Stabilizes blood sugar levels.
  • Offers a gluten-free food option.
  • Rich in minerals like calcium, iron, sodium, potassium,
    manganese, selenium, and copper.
  • Adds Vitamin B1, niaicin, pantothenic acid and thiamin

How to store rice properly so it lasts indefinitely:

#1: Buy rice in bulk.
The easiest way to store rice is to buy a professionally sealed rice
in a bucket. Food grade buckets are ideal to store rice long term.
The rice bucket stack well to save space in storage as well.

Augason Farms Long Grain Rice bucket pictured right, will last
30 years. Brown rice is more nutritious but has a much shorter
lifespan in your prepper's pantry. Buy the rice your family eats.
Rice is something you should never buy in small quantities if
you're a prepper. Stock up on
bulk long grain white rice and save!

Bulk, shelf-stable food is an economical way to prepare meals for
large families, church groups, schools and restaurants. The
airtight pail, when unopened, keeps food fresh for up to 30 years.
Once opened, food will last up to a full year. That’s plenty of time
to prepare many high-quality and great tasting meals for any type
of gathering. In the event of an emergency, bulk foods such as
rice and beans can be added to soups, casseroles and breakfast
dishes to extend the number of meals that are needed to help
nourish neighbors or community members who may be suffering.

Stock up on your favorite rice from Costco or your favorite bulk
foods store or shop online. Then repackage your rice in food-grade
buckets. For easy retrieval of your rice, get gamma seal lids.

#2: Store bulk rice in a food grade bucket.
The best way to store rice is an air-tight container and there is no
better air tight container than a food grade bucket. For rice you
intend to use within the month, you can store in food-grade
plastic, glass or metal container.

food saver can help you suck out extra

Know the bad ways to store your rice:
The shelf life of white rice if you do nothing is 4-5 years, but
under the proper conditions, your rice food storage can last
upwards of 30 years. You can't store your rice properly until you
first understand what not to do.

  • Remove your rice from the bag. Rice in a plastic bag will
    not keep long and rodents can easily chew through the
    plastic or the plastic can puncture and other critters will get
    to your food storage.

  • Do NOT store your rice in an empty soda bottle.
    Unfortunately there are some well meaning preppers who are
    giving you bad advice on how to store your rice. They
    suggest you store rice in a soda bottle.There's no way to
    sterilize empty soda bottles. If you store rice in soda bottles
    you risk getting sick when you need food the most. S

  • Skip the used buckets. Do NOT store your rice directly in
    food grade buckets you get from the bakery as these buckets
    may have been used with chemicals to mop the floor. You
    don't know how someone has used a food-grade bucket and
    since the plastic is not something you can sanitize you
    should not place the rice directly into the bucket. If you get
    a recycled bucket and want to use it to store rice, be sure to
    pack your rice in Mylar bags within the bucket.

#3: Keep out the pests.
Find the right container to keep out the pests and ensure your
rice will store for 30 years. As you've learned above, do not store
in random plastic food containers that you recycle because they
are not sterile. Instead, choose mason jars, food grade buckets or
Mylar, which are:

  • Food grade bucket. If you're planning on storing rice in
    bulk, it's important to find a food grade bucket and not to
    package your rice in an ordinary bucket, which may leach
    harmful chemicals into your food.

  • Oxygen absorber. The purpose of an oxygen absorber in
    your rice bucket is to keep microorganisms at bay, ensure
    weevils don't live in your grain and also helps ensure
    moisture doesn't affect your rice food storage.

  • Gamma seal lids. Gamma seal lids ensure you can easily get
    into your rice food storage, but quickly seal it back up in an
    airtight container so that you keep away the bugs and

#4: Buy Long Term Food Storage Rice.
Stock up on a variety of rice. White rice is generally more popular
and will last longer than brown rice, but brown rice has a delicious
nutty flavor. Best of all brown rice can help prevent cancer
because it's rich in insoluble fiber and has natural antioxidant
properties. Brown rice will take longer to cook.

  • Long grain brown rice. The Augason Farms brown rice bran
    and germ layers contain more nutrients than white rice,
    making it a naturally healthy choice for your food storage
    supply and everyday use. This rice is nutty and delicous. It
    will stay fluffy after cooking, making it ideal for use in
    salads, casseroles and stir-fry dishes. The brown rice is
    contained in a 4-gallon watertight pail including 262 servings
    and 41,920 total calories.

  • Long grain white rice. A classic for preppers is the Augason
    Farms Long grain White rice bucket. You get 28-lbs of rice
    packaged for 30-year shelf life for around $26.14 (if you have
    Prime) and it ships free. Be sure to check our daily deals
    section for more great Augason Farms deals.

#5: Cooking Rice:
The nice thing about rice is that you'll get twice the volume of
food with the rice you store because the ratio of rice to water is
two cups of water to one cup of rice. Cooking rice takes just
twenty minutes.

Don't rinse rice!
Not everyone finds it necessary to rinse rice. "Cleaning rice" is not
only an unnecessary step, but it removes nutrients. Don't rob your
body of the nutrients and electrolytes the rice brings. Learn about

making ricewater
, which is good to know if you have someone ill
in the household.

The basic survival recipe for a "no fail" rice is simple:
  • Boil two cups of water in a copper pot.
  • Throw in a cup of rice and stir to return to full boil.
  • Turn off the heat and allow the heat of the pot to absorb rice.
  • Don't lift the lid for 20 minutes.
  • When the rice is done, fluff it up.
  • Add butter or season with your favorite meat and veggies.
    We recommend storing Red Feather butter with your rice.

Rice provides you variety.
Rice is a staple that has a variety of seasoning opportunities.
Fight food fatigue with rice! Rice for the most part is a savory
side dish, but with a little sugar and milk you can make a rice
porridge to serve for breakfast or dessert.

Rice is a popular ingredient of many "just add water" emergency
foods and you'll find many flavors. It pairs well with freeze dried
chicken, but rice is also good to store with freeze dried beef.

Not used to eating rice?
If you're not used to eating rice, then get start cooking it today.
Not only will you save money for more preps, but your family will
be used to eating it when the stuff hits the fan.

A simple and delicious meal your family will savor is serving rice
with chicken and broccoli. Try these broccoli, chicken and rice

  • Trisha Yearwood's broccoli rice casserole ~ Mind you, this is
    a two or three hour project but worth the fuss, and has easy
    instructions. It takes 45 minutes to shred the chicken
    (mostly you watch a pot of water) and then 40-45 minutes to
    bake. The rest of the job is in the assembling. Even the
    pickiest of kids will enjoy the recipe.

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How to store rice to last a lifetime
Easy Rice Recipes
There are four enemies of rice and they are:
  • Moisture
  • Oxygen
  • Pests
  • Oils

Store rice for the long term. It's the one of the most important
things a prepper can do for survival!If stored properly, rice can last
30 years or more. Make the most of rice in the pantry with the
proper food storage.

Storing rice is essential if you're a prepper. The easiest way to
store rice for the long term is to buy a ready-made rice bucket. The
Augason Farms Long Grain White Rice bucket, pictured right, is
under $50 and offers you 28 -lbs. of rice conveniently stored in a
food grade bucket with the proper oxygen absorber. As packaged
the rice will last your 30-years. The bucket once opened is good for
up to one-year, which you will easily eat well before the suggested
expiration if you're a family of four. There's a nice pull tab to open
the bucket easily without a bucket opener and there's a space to
mark the month day and year opened. Brown rice is also available,
but it has a much shorter shelf-life.

Happy endings...
Rice is nice and is at a nice price for the prepper's pantry. Very few
people have rice allergens. Stockpile the rice!

One final note. Never refrigerate rice. Leftover rice can make you
sick. Never serve leftover rice without cooking it to the proper
temperature. You risk food poisoning if your rice is not reheated
properly because undercooked or uncooked rice can have Bacillus
cereus spores, a bacterium that can cause vomiting and diarrhea.

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