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Mountain House bucket of emergency food
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Mountain House #10 can - Diced Chicken
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Mountain Houses Emergency Foods
Mountain House Scrambled eggs ham and peppers
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Mountain House Chicken #10 cans to try:
Some of your favorite Mountain House pouches are available for
long-term food storage in #10 cans.

  • Mountain House Sweet & Sour pork with rice #10 can.
    This classic Asian-style dish is made with real pork, rice,
    onions in a fantastic pineapple sauce. Even people who don’t
    usually like sweet and sour anything will love it. Bring along
    Mountain House Sweet & Sour Pork with rice #10 can for
    camping, backpacking or hunting.

  • Mountain House Rice and Chicken #10 can. The #10 can of
    Mountain House Rice and Chicken is a perfectly seasoned rice
    and chicken in a savory sauce accented with pimentos. Rest
    assured that this is one of the best selling Mountain House

  • Mountain House Chicken Teriyaki #10 can. A dish that
    gets 4.3 of 5 stars, Chicken Teriyaki with rice and vegetables
    is a a delicious blend of chicken, rice, mushrooms, bamboo
    shoots and vegetables with a sweet and tangy sauce. Even
    the pickiest of eaters will enjoy this ideal combination of
    chicken, rice and vegetables smothered in a sweet teriyaki

  • Mountain House Chicken and Noodles. This rich and creamy
    sauce this pasta and chicken dish also has a splash of red
    peppers. Sometimes you want simple flavors that satisfy and
    that's what Chicken and Noodles does!  Comfort food just
    like grandma makes, this is a perfect meal for at home or on
    the go. Perfect for long term food storage or keep handy for
    a quick meal during the busy week.

Happy endings...
Mountain House is one of the best survival foods you can buy.
Mountain House stands behind their products. If your undamaged,
properly stored Mountain House meal is not as good as new
production for 12+ years in Mountain House pouches, or 25+
years in our #10 cans, they will replace that item at no cost to
you with the same or equivalent product.

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Mountain House Buckets, Pouches
While they have a shorter shelf life than Mountain House #10
Mountain House pouches are convenient for bugout bags
and camping. The come in buckets, convenient kits and individual
Mountain House Guarantee:
Mountain House has long been the backpacker's favorite. With a
long shelf life of
guaranteed for 12+ years in pouches and 25+
years in #10 cans, Mountain House backs the quality of their food
in a recent press release on shelf life of it's freeze dried foods:

"Mountain House, widely regarded as the gold-standard brand of
emergency survival and camping food, has announced they are
guaranteeing the taste of food they sell in pouches for a 12+
years and 25+ years in cans. This guarantee clarifies and
distinguishes the quality claims of Mountain House from its
competitors and stands in stark contrast to vague assertions of
shelf life “up-to” a period of time, coupled with the very low
standard of “will sustain life.”

Rest assured that not only is it the top choice of outdoor
enthusiasts for quality and taste, Mountain House has a
guaranteed 25-year shelf life when you follow the recommended
storage conditions. They guarantee the quality of taste and
appearance, and have a 35 year track record as a company to
back this claim! Even after 30 years, as long as the Mountain
House #10 can has not been punctured, opened, rusted or
corroded it's still edible; however, you might notice a slight
difference in taste and appearance.

Best source for Mountain House #10 cans: Amazon!
Confidentiality is important to Preppers because they don't want
the nosey mail or delivery person to be too concerned with all the
Emergency Preparedness products shipped to their home. The
great thing about items shipped directly from Amazon is that you
get the delivery in an Amazon branded box. Your delivery person
does not know the contents are Emergency Preparedness
products. The
Prepper's larder is secure for now. Best of all,
Mountain House #10 cans on this page are eligible for FREE with
Super Saver Shipping when you place at least $25 of eligible products in your shopping cart. They all ship directly
from Amazon warehouses. Some products on Amazon do not ship
directly from Amazon, but from Amazon partners.

The most popular freeze dried food of those who use it the most
(backpackers) is Mountain House and it is the favorite of! Please check out our Mountain House
emergency food supplies.
Stock up on Mountain House #10 Cans
Hermetically sealed, freeze dried foods packed in #10 cans can
last upwards of 25-30 years! The most popular freeze dried food
of those who use it the most (backpackers) is Mountain House.
Thankfully, Mountain House packs this backpackers favorite in
#10 cans. We've gathered the most popular products from the

Specially formulated for long term food storage, a #10 can of
Mountain House is 5.5 x 6 x 7 inches. This specification refers to
the can's physical size (and does not measure the can's
contents, which may vary). An empty #10 Mountain House can
weighs approximately 8.5 oz. (240 grams).

After opening the contents of your Mountain House #10 can, use
within one week for best results and taste. Be sure to use the
convenient resealable plastic lid between uses, and treat any
leftover food as you would other fresh food. Mountain House #10
cans require a can opener, and they have a plastic lid to reseal
them. Tucked inside is an oxygen absorber to keep food as fresh
as possible.
Mountain House Survival food
Cook straight from the can - even 25 years later!

Best long-term food storage for preppers: Mountain House
Created for the U.S. Military, the preferred and classic brand of
backpackers, Mountain House is the best in long-shelf life
survival food that a prepper can get. It all boils down to taste!

Amazing but true: you can cook Mountain House foods straight
from the can, even 30 years later (and it will still taste great).
You see, Mountain House survival foods are scientifically proven
to last 25-years or more, but the company guarantees their cans
to last 30 years. It's the best of foods for your emergency kit.

Developing the best tasting freeze dried food came first by way
of creating foods for the military during the Vietnam war. The
food was popular, hearty and delicious. Today Mountain House is
the leading supplier of freeze dried foods to backpackers,
campers and now preppers.

It's so easy to make a can of Mountain House...
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