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Chemical suit
Tyvec coveralls and chemical suits for preppers

Thinking of buying a chemical protection suit?
Do you really need a chemical protection suit (a.k.a. haz mat
suit)? Yes! For starters, not all deadly threats come in the form of
guns or other weapons. When you're a prepper, your aim is to
prepare against all kinds of threats and since you already have a
gas mask, you need to finish the preparations.

Learn the three basic reasons to get a chemical protection suit...

Three Reasons to get a chemical protection
(haz mat suit)

#1: Chemical protection.
As Du Pont, makers of Tyvec chemical suits says, "Not all deadly
threats come in the form of guns or other weapons. For protection
against chemical dangers, industrial workers rely on DuPont™
Tychem® garments."

If you
own a gas mask, you most definitely need a chemical
protection suit. With a gas mask, you're only protecting your body
from the chemicals that enter through your lungs.

Chemical protection suits are effect against hundreds of toxic
liquids and vapors from sarin to chlorine gas and it is the primary
reason to get a chemical protection suit. The barrier is usually
made of Tyvec or heavy PVC.

Above, you'll notice the person wearing the chemical protection coveralls
has cut the feet and used duct tape. Do not ruin the integrity of the suit in
this way or it will not protect you adequately.

First responders, such as firefighters, EMTs (Emergency Medical
Techncians), paramedics, and other medical professionals make
use of chemical protection suits when responding to toxic threats,
usually they are liquid; however, a Tyvec suit, right, can also
protect against lead, mold and aesbestos and dry particulates.

#2: Protection against biological agents.
A chemical protection suit can protect against biological agents in
tandem with a respirator.

  • Blood borne pathogens. Prevention of blood borne
    pathogens are another reason to get a hazardous materials
    suit. In October 2014, America had a heightened awareness
    about the use of chemical suits against Ebola.

  • Pandemics. Germs are everywhere and can enter your body
    through your skin. During crisis a chemical suit can come in
    hand for pandemics such as Avian Flu, not just blood borne

Human error is the biggest problem when it comes to use of
chemical protection suits. Here's why you can use a suit just once
with a pandemic, like

#3: Protection against radioactive materials.
It's important to shield the body from radioactive particles and a
haz mat suit can provide a layer of protection. You will need to
have other gear, such as booties, gloves and a gas mask. Learn
how to protect yourself against radiation.

What's the difference between chemical protection suits and

Tyvec suits (white):
Tyvec suits are limited-use coveralls offer protection from
hazardous dry particulates and will stop hazardous particles down
to 1 micron in size. This garment is for a range of maintenance
  • lead and asbestos abatement/remediation
  • mold treatment
  • paint spraying

Chemical protection suits (yellow):
Protect against liquid chemical warfare agents and a wide variety
of toxic chemicals.

They also protect against chemical warfare agents:
  • Lewisite
  • mustard gas
  • tabun
  • sarin
  • soman and
  • VX nerve agent.

Pandemic protection: Ebola.

Protective Suit Size Medium (Green):
Military Surplus NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical)

hese authentic British military surplus suits have a mix of dates
from 1981 - 1988 The Mk.III was designed to allow the trapped
air to move around unlike most NBC suits of various other
nations. The complete suit is constructed from two layers. The
outer material is made of monacrylic fibers reinforced with
polyamide fibers. It has a strong, hard-wearing outside surface.
The monacrylic fibers ensure high fire-retardance. A silicone
treatment is applied to make the garment shower-proof, and to
permit rapid spreading of liquid chemicals, which in turn speeds
up evaporation. This reduces the loading on the second layer,
whose main function is to act as chemical barrier. The inner fabric
is based on activated charcoal as a means of protection against
toxic gases and vapors. Since this material alone is not
sufficiently strong, it is bonded to non-woven fabric which is
flame-retardant. A fluorocarbon finish is applied as an oil
repellent, thus acting as a further barrier to toxic liquids. This
combination of repellents represents a chemical barrier which is
highly efficient, yet air-permeable and thus imposes low heat
stress. This liquid control system formed by a wicking layer over
an oil-repellent layer permits the incorporation off less charcoal
than in other systems, which in turn results in a lighter garment
and smaller package size.

You have your gas mask, but where can you buy coveralls as part
of your complete biochemical protection kit? Right here!

You may have your gas mask, but are you fully prepared with
Chemical suit (with booties and gloves).

Happy endings...
When you get yourself a gas mask remember also coveralls as
part of your complete biochemical protection kit.

Do you really need a chemical protection suit? Yes! For starters,
not all deadly threats come in the form of guns or other weapons.

Best of all, for Halloween, you can alter the costume a bit and be
DEVO! You'll need the DEVO energy dome, pictured right, and
vinyl lettering and a belt. You could even make your belt from
Black Duct tape.

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