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List of Top Ranking Prepper Web sites
book by Web site owner
Gaye Levy books
Top ranking prepper Web sites on prepping
Bernie Carr author of the repper's Pocket Guide  has a web site
Survival Medicine Handbook
Happy Preppers site for survivalists + preppers
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Top Ranking Prepper Web Sites
List of the most Popular and Quality Prepper Web sites

Looking for insights on the best prepper websites?
With hundreds of really good prepping Web sites, it's hard to
know which are the ones to spend your time. It used to be that
you could rank a top prepping Web site with Google Pagerank, but
they've decided to hide their ranking data from the public.

As preppers, we grow as a community by sharing our expertise
and ideas, which is why we assembled this list of more than one
hundred top ranking prepper Web sites in the United States. A
few Web sites from Canada are on here because they have gained
interest from American preppers.

Top Twenty Prepping Web sites in the U.S.
Preppers belong to a large community of like-minded people.
Preparedness can take many forms, and each prepper, survivalist
or homesteading Web site has a worthy viewpoint for
consideration.  We can all learn from one another! Here are some
of the most insightful Web sites for preppers:

Here is the update from Oct. 24, 2018:

1. | Ranks 22,481 in the United States.

2.| Ranks 23,515 in the United States. Owned
by James Wesley Rawles, author of several survival manuals.

3. Rates 23,536 in the United States. This site
sells its ebooks on pioneer survival.

4. | Ranks 32,481 in the United States

5. | Ranks 35,385 in the United States.

6. | Ranks 37,405 in the United States

7. | Ranks 40,483 in the United States

8.*| Ranks 51,838 in the United States
( has been online since 2012.)

9. | Ranks 52,012 in the United States
(not to be confused with by George Ure).

10. |Ranks 53,486 in the United States

11. | Ranks 57,797 in the U.S.

12. | Ranks 58,380 in the U.S.

13.| Ranks 58,810 in the U.S. (It's not
clear that Gaye Levy is still the Web site owner)

14. | Ranks 69,427 in the U.S. (Not to be
confused with

15. | Ranks 69,705 in the U.S.

16: |Ranks 84,500 in the United States

17. | Ranks 85,374 in the U.S.

18. | Ranks 85,598 in the U.S.

19. | Ranks 91,697 in the U.S. Web site
owner, Tess Pennington is the author of
The Prepper's BluePrint,
pictured right and the
Prepper's Cookbook.

20. | Ranks 93,764 in the United States

* About
The Web site is anonymous in accordance
with the rules of prepping (don't talk about prep club). Please
browse our
popular prepping articles.

    How did rank with the others?

Top Prepper Web sites
Below are the most popular prepper-specfic Web sites, based on
page Alexa rank (captured Oct. 24, 2018):




  • | Ranks 54,858 in the United
    States. This is a homesteading and self-reliant lifestyle site.


  • | Ranks 246,991 in the United States.
    The authors of this site have written several important
    prepper medicine handbooks. Also, be sure to check out their
    many youtube videos.


  • | Ranks 136,011 in the United States.
    This is a Web site run by Todd Sepulveda who also runs
    similar content sites, and

  • | Ranks 385,449 in the United
    States. The Web site author, Angela Paskett has the thumbs
    up from several respectable preppers including survival
    expert and author Creek Stewart; Tess Pennington, founder
    of Ready Nutrition; and Julie Sczerbinski (Web author of
  • | Ranks 332,791 in the United
  • | Ranks 233,418 in the United
    States. Linda Loosli is a young grandmother of 17! With such
    a large family, she has expertise in food storage and aims to
    help you in self sufficiency. She has loads of recipe ideas.
  • | Ranks 122,839 in the United States

  • | Ranks 134,953 in the United States.
    Graywolf has been AWOL working on another site. You can
    still get good emergency preparedness from  this combat




  • | Ranks 58,380 in the U.S.
  • | Ranks 154,818 in the U.S. Not
    to be confused with, Web author
    John Rourke focuses on survival, self-reliance preparedness
    and firearms.
  • | Ranks 201,231 in the U.S. by Web
    author and owner, Erica Mueller, a DoTerra essential oils
    representative. A team of mom authors write on self-
  • | Ranks 138,474 in the U.S.
  •  | Ranks 64,997 in the U.S
  • | Ranks 322,218 in the U.S. and
    has some popular articles on aquaponics. This site has a
    large following from Romania, and most of its readers are


  • | Ranks 110,712 in the U.S., and has more than 347,040 Facebook likes,
    making it a noteworthy entity.
  • | Ranks 32,481 in the United States.

  • | Ranks 525,147 in the U.S.
  •| Ranks 346,004 in the U.S.,
    according to thanks to its quality food storage and
    preparedness tips. The Web site author is a Texas mom who
    writes primarily about food storage, but also has a penchant
    for rocket stoves. Her tutorial for rocket stoves is
  • | Rank 210,505 in the United
    States The owner of, Howard
    Godfrey, is an author. His book, pictured right, Emergency
    Preparedness and More A Manual on Food Storage and
    Survival is likely why his Web site does so well; however, his
    book is not among the most popular prepping books.
  • | Ranks 84,500 in the United
  • |Ranks 373,419 in the United States.
    This site showcases expertise is on food storage, and covers
    the gamut of spiritual to financial preparedness and
    everything in between. Written by Kellene Bishop, a featured
    Doomsday Prepper on food storage and preparedness, it
    includes many recipes and canning techniques.
  • | Ranks 104,125 in the U.S
  • | Ranks 370,413 in the U.S.
  • | Ranks 139,922 in the U.S.
  • | Ranks 37,405 in the United States.
    This is a Web site by Todd Sepulveda who also runs and He is also
    a pastor.
  • | Ranks 57,797 in the U.S.



T Ranks 532,167 in the U.S. This site has
    dropped dramatically in rank over the last few months. It
    may soon drop off our list.

  • | Ranks 69,427 in the U.S. It's owner,
    George Ure, co-wrote 11 steps to Living a Strategic Life, a
    Guide to Survival During Uncertain Times, pictured right.
  • | Ranks 52,012 in the United States.


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Here’s how you can benefit by reviewing our list of popular sites:

  • Maybe you already own a prepper Web site and want
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    good way to improve your site to learn and grow your current
    base of readers. You may get an idea for a new prepper
    article. Also, if your Web site is featured, know that
    reciprocal links can improve your performance rankings. If
    you have a Web site, check yours in comparison to the
    others and let us know who we're missing on the list of top
    prepper and survival Web sites.

  • Perhaps you’re new to prepping and have insatiable
    appetite for more information… If so, then this is the list
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  • Possibly you’re thinking of starting your own prepping
    Web site… If so, then you can check to see what kind of
    Web site are already out there. Perhaps checking the list will
    help you find a good name for your site.

If anything, this list helps
prove preppers not all crazy! There are
too many prepper Web sites listed with readership and strong
Google rankings for skeptics to dismiss. The tides of change are

Please share and enjoy these Web sites on prepping, food
storage, bushcraft, homesteading, self sufficiency and survival,
which have been crafted by your peers – they are your friends in
the prepping community. Share ideas! Connect! Be friends!

Happy endings... has developed this comprehensive list of
quality Web sites for its community of preppers, homesteaders
and survivalists in the United States. Thanks for visiting us at ~ the place to find the best preparedness,
homesteading, and survival articles.

We hope you've enjoyed this list of top ranking prepper Web sites
of our friends in the prepping community.

Do you have a suggestion of a quality prepper site to add?
We're happy to link to your list as well. Happy prepping and
sharing of ideas!

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