Don't drink the tapwater

tapwater dangers

Tapwater Toxins
Ten reasons not to drink the tapwater

You may think you're tapping into clean drinking water, but what
you're really tapping into is a cocktail of unwanted contaminants,
toxins and deadly organisms.

Most of the time tapwater is safe, but you must be prepared
because tapwater can be toxic.

Ten reasons NOT to drink the tapwater
Water quality in America varies from state to state and there are
many reasons for the differences. There are different methods of
collecting water (
e.g., reservoirs, snow melt, and groundwaters),
along with varied state regulations, and a wide array of weather-
related, agricultural and industrial influences. Some
municipalities add fluoride, others add water softeners. None are
good for your health, though regulators may tell you otherwise!

Here are some examples of the toxic tap water you're currently

#1: Arsenic.
Arsenic, the same stuff of rat poison, is a tapwater toxin lurking
in your drinking supply. Thankfully,
this Big Berkey Water filter  
specifically the PF2 filters out Arsenic V and pre-oxidized Arsenic
III, as well as other residual heavy metal ions. You simply screw
the PF-2 Fluoride filter into the Black Berkey filters into your Big
Berkey and you're set.

#2: Chlorine.
Toxic trihalomethanes are a group of four chemicals that may
form especially during the chlorination of tapwater for drinking:
  • chloroform
  • bromodichloromethane
  • dibromochloromethane, and
  • bromoform.  

In short, it is a toxic byproduct of disinfection control ~ these
microbial contaminants in drinking water react with naturally
occurring organic and inorganic matter in water.

Want to remove everyday chlorine from your tapwater? Berkey
removes all the byproducts of the municipal chlorination process,
including chloramines, which are derivatives of ammonia.

#3: E. Coli.
E. Coli is a rare but deadly threat. Municipalities may issue "Boil"
orders when there is an E. Coli scare. A "Boil Order" advisory
went to roughly 400 residents of luxury subdivision in Santa Fe
New Mexico's west side in August 2015. A test of microbiological
contaminants showed possible E. coli in the drinking supply,
possibly from stagnant water lines.

#4: Fluoride.
Fluoride is a pharmaceutical drug that's lurking in your tapwater.
People are awakening to the need to remove this neurotoxin from
the public supply. Meanwhile, the threat still exists in many
municipalities. The B
ig Berkey fluoride water filters (specifically
the PF2 filters), reduce fluoride added to different water systems,
including fluorosilicic acid, sodium fluorosilicate, and sodium
fluoride. Learn
how to remove fluoride from your life.

#5: Heavy metals.
Heavy metals (mineral molecules), such as aluminum, cadmium,
chromium, copper, lead, and mercury pollute your tapwater:

  • Cadmium. This tapwater poison is a cancer-causing agent
    that also can cause severe kidney problems and bone
    softening. The largest releases of this heavy metal  from
    zinc, lead and copper smelting and refining industries, are in
    Arizona and Utah.

  • Chromium.

  • Copper

  • Mercury.

#7: Herbicides and pesticides.
Sometimes herbicides and pesiticides sneak into the water
supply, partcularly in groundwater of agricultural regions. Berkey
removes these toxins.

#8: Manganese.
In Texas some water is being treated for having too much iron
and manganese. This is perplexing as there is no health
problems. The water is  a nuisance they say  because the water
can turn reddishbrown and stain laundry, and the taste is
"unpleasant" among other things. The solution, they say is to
add phosphates (harmful to your health) to treat the Texas
water, which they call a nuisance!

#9: Nitrates.

  • California: Drought effects not only the quantity of water,
    but the quality. California's drought, for example, has
    brought some municipalities to rely on groundwater, which
    has been deemed unsafe for some 800,000 residents: the
    water is contaminated with nitrates.

  • Iowa: Rich farmlands of Iowa need cleansing of nitrates
    (and their system is deteriorating). While the municipality
    does its best to scrub the water clean of harmful nitrates,
    much of the toxic stuff gets into the water supply. Why?
    Because the system is an aging!

#10: Uranium
uranium and radioactive particles, including radon 222 (a
radioactive, colorless, odorless gas that occurs naturally as a
decay product of radium).

# 11: Viruses, parasites, bacteria and cysts.
Waterborne outbreaks are not uncommon in tapwater! Big
Berkey's method separates the virus contaminates from the
purified water. The Black Berkey purification elements remove
viruses greater than the EPA purification standards. Big Berkey
filters can remove disease-causing parasites, pathogenic
bacteria, and cysts.

  • Legionella. Legionella, a bacteria thrives in warm waters. It
    becomes a health risk if aerosolized through a shower and
    inhaled, and can result in Legionnaires disease, type of

You think you're tapping into clean drinking water, but you're
really tapping into arsenic, chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals and
even radioactive contaminants! Don't drink tap water unless you
filter it properly.

Happy endings...
Big Berkey water filtration system will restore your
confidence in the tapwater you serve your family.

The Berkey systems not only remove bisphenol A (BPAs), but the
Berkey units are also totally BPA-free.

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