How to make your own natural hand sanitizers

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Above, WhatsUpMoms shows how to make a natural hand sanitizer from
ingredients such as aloe vera gel, witch hazel, tea tree oil, Vitamin E oil and
essential oils like lavender.

Gel hand sanitizers
The basic recipe to make your own hand sanitizer with essential
oils is to start with a quality aloe vera gel.

How to make a basic hand sanitizer:

Now you have a healthy blend to absorb in your skin.
    * Do not use essential oils internally. Tea tree oil is
    particularly dangerous if swallowed. Call poison control if
    ingested accidentally.

Why the combination of these three essential oils?

  • Peppermint Essential oil. Peppermint essential oil has
    antimicrobial properties making it a great oil to apply
    topically. Peppermint essential oil also gives a cooling

  • Sweet Orange Essential Oil. Sweet orange essential oil is
    an antiseptic totally appropriate to apply directly to a cut or
    abrasion to disinfect wounds. Great for the skin, sweet
    orange essential oil also can help fight sepsis and a fungal
    infection. An interesting note is that sweet orange essential
    oil has anti-aging applications. It helps lift wrinkles! To
    boot, sweet orange essential oil boosts immunity, eliminates
    toxins, and alleviates anxiety. Among the most important
    benefits of sweet orange essential oil is its ability to target
    and disintegrate cancerous tumors.

  • Tea Tree Oil. Tea tree oil is another prepper favorite
    essential oil. Tea tree oil is an antibacterial, antifungal and
    has much value in prepping.

#2: Spray hand sanitizers.
You can make your own hand sanitizer spray, too! To make a
spray hand sanitizer, substitute aloe vera gel for rubbing alcohol.
Unfortunately, the rubbing alcohol is often excessively drying to
the ski, which is why it isn't for everyone. If you have sensitive
skin, it will appreciate the hand sanitizer you make from aloe
vera gel.

Here are more essential oils to try in your home made hand
sanitizer recipes:

  • Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil. Cinnamon bark essential oil is
    an antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial. Clear your
    mind and relax with cinnamon bark essential oil. Use
    cinnamon bark essential oil as a astringent, too. Researchers
    recommend the use of cinnamon essential oil in hand
    sanitizers, according to the New York Times.

  • Lavender Essential oil. Crisp and clean, lavender oil not only
    smells aromatic and refreshing, it's an antibacterial.

  • Frankincense. Frankincense has many antimicrobial
    properties and will make a nice hand sanitizer.

  • Thyme essential oil (adult use only). Thyme essential oil
    has antibacterial qualities, making it a candidate as a hand
    sanitizer, but it's not for everyone since thyme can cause
    skin sensitivities for some. Keep aawy from children! Thyme
    is considered a "hot oil" meaning don't use it with children.
    There's no need to risk a chemical burn! If you have an
    allergic reaction to rosemary, for example, then you'd also
    want to steer clear of thyme essential oil. It's potent stuff,
    but mixed into a salve can help prevent infections in cuts
    and scrapes. It's also highly valued medicinally to help the
    respiratory system.

#3: Witch Hazel hand sanitizers.
Another ingredient you can use to make a hand sanitizer is witch
hazel. Witch Hazel is ideal for use as a hand sanitizer because
it's an astringent, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial,
and antibacterial. It's also an antifungal!

Happy endings...
Essentials oils are fun to discover and use. Your new hobby will
make you happier, healthier and more in line with nature. Let
nature be thy medicine!

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Do it yourself hand sanitizers

Skip the nasty made-in-China hand sanitizers and make your own!
Anything you put on your skin absorbs into the blood stream and
as such should be natural. Since you don't really know the quality
of the ingredients, it's better to craft your own.

Making your own hand sanitizer spray or gel is easier than you
may think.You can make your own hand sanitizer as a gel with an
aloe vera base, as a spray with a rubbing alcohol base, or as a
liquid with a witch hazel base. Below are some easy recipes for a
do-it-yourself hand sanitizer.

How to make your own hand sanitizers
Make your own hand sanitizers. It's much easier than you may
think. How to do it? Make your own natural hand sanitizer with
essential oils and aloe vera. Making our own hand sanitizers is
not only fun and economical, it's healthier!
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