survival food bars

Survival Food Bars
Reasons to pack emergency food bars

Have you stockpiled survival food bars in your prepper's pantry,
vehicles and bugout bags and emergency kits? Survival food bars
will provide you and your family with much needed energy,
nutrition and calories in an emergency, and they are good to
stow away in a variety of locations in the event of crisis.

  • Important note: Survival food bars are not the same as
    ration bars. Both bars are for emergencies, but used in
    different ways. While emergency food bars will give you the
    energy and calories you need, they require water. Ration
    bars on the other hand are non-thirst provoking and provide
    minimal caloric intake.

Reasons to pack survival food bars
From savory to sweet, food bars provide the nutrients, comfort
and quick energy you need while you're on the go making them
an ideal starter meal in a disaster.

  • Quick energy. Many food bars contain nuts and protein,
    which will provide a much needed boost of energy for long
    hikes or bicycle rids. Any of the energy food bars on this
    page will give you enough quick energy to get out of Dodge.

  • Portable nutrition. Whether you need breakfast on the go
    or a boost to get on with a strenuous hike, food bars are an
    excellent consideration for your food storage system or your
    bugout bag. Food bars require no preparation! No need to
    heat to eat. Unwrap the nutrition

  • Kids love them. Kids love just about any kind of food bar
    because it tastes like a candy bar or cookie. This is a morale
    booster for your little ones. Food bars are an easy to pack
    comfort food in time of crisis.

Whether it helps you curb your appetite until you get to safety,
or gets you through the night. (Eating a small meal before you
sleep can keep you warmer during a cold night outdoors.)

Survival food bars and energy bars
Amazon has a wide selection of emergency food bars available in
bulk for your convenience and many which are not available in
the local stores:

Food Bar #1: Cliff bars.
Popular with cyclists, Cliff bars are made with organic
ingredients, Cliff bars are a good source of protein and fiber with
no artificial sweeteners or preservatives. Best of all you'll get 23
vitamins and minerals. Cliff bars were made to meet the high
energy demands of athletes and active people.

Food Bar #2: Epic bars.
The EPIC bar is a 100% grass fed animal based protein bar
designed as nature intended. It's more like beef jerky. Nutritious
Gluten Free, Soy Free and Dairy Free. These bars are packed with
nutrient dense protein for greater satiety. Convenient EPIC Bars
are perfect for on the go. Whether after working out or when
hiking, simply pull out an EPIC Bar and fulfill your hunger. EPIC
Bar is perfectly packaged and packed with nutrients.

By combining delicious tasting and lightly smoked animal protein
with savory nuts and dehydrated fruits, EPIC Bars taste amazing!
EPIC foods are unique in the sense that they are more savory,
tender, and flavor-forward than jerky without the high
carbohydrate and sugar load of other bars. EPIC bars are made of
100% natural beef and bison, which are both 100% grass-fed and

As a result, our bars are loaded with up to 5x higher levels of
omega-3 fatty acids. They also have significantly higher values of
vitamins A and E and are loaded with antioxidants. What's in the
Package? One box of twelve (12) individually wrapped Epic Bars 3
Bison Bacon Cranberry, 3 Beef Habanero Cherry, 3 Lamb Currant
Mint, 3 Turkey Almond Cranberry Full 100% Satisfaction
Guarantee If for any reason you are not satisfied email us and
we will make the situation right. We stand behind our products
and will do what is necessary to ensure your satisfaction.
Shipping Fulfilled By Amazon Fast, Traceable shipping when
ordering from

Food Bar #3: Millennium Energy Bars.
These 400-calorie food bars could be the most important source
of energy you'll have in an emergency. Millennium Energy Bars
are U.S. Coast Guard approved and have a five-year shelf life,
which is longer than its leading competitor, which has only a
three-year shelf life. Each bar provides important portion control
for groups or individuals in an extended emergency. In an
emergency, each person should eat a minimum of 800 calories a
day (2 400-calorie bars). Additional food provides greater energy
for each person.

Food Bar #4: Pemmican bars.
Pemmican bars are concentrated food bar. Quick energy. No trans
fat. All 8 essential amino acids. High fiber. Voted best energy
bar. Meatless. Natural ingredients combine to make a complete

  • Ingredients: Malted Corn and Barley, Nonfat Milk, Honey,
    Wheat Germ, Raisins, Soy Flour, Walnuts, Soy Oil, Wheat
    Bran, Pecans, Grape Juice.

Food Bar #5: Power bars.
When you’re a serious athlete competing at the highest levels of
exercise intensity and duration, fueling up right can make a huge
impact on how you feel and perform. PowerBar Performance
Energy Bars provide a dual source energy blend: a 2:1 glucose to
fructose blend found to deliver 20–50% more energy to muscles
than glucose alone.

Food Bar #6: The survival Tabs.
New to the market, The Survival Tabs are like food bars in little
bite-sized nuggets. They won't really satiate your appetite,
because they are only 20 calories each and they have no bulking
fiber, but they will help ensure you get the vitamins you need in
a crisis situation where the food you're eating is less nutritive
than what you'd have in a non-emergency situation. One  
portable, personal pouch of the Survival Tabs will sustain a
person for a day. You're basically getting the nutritional
equivalent of a 2000-calorie diet without getting the calories.
Three packets, representing three meals, have a total of around
240 calories -- which is only 10% of the calories you need in a
day. Certainly this is better than starving. Think of them more
like survival vitamins and something tasty to go with your rice
and beans. They are like little butterscotch.

Food Bar #7: Raw revolution bars.
Raw revolution bars have crazy flavors! The Raw Revolution
Variety Pack, pictured right includes four most popular moist and
delicious flavors: Spirulina Dream, Chocolate Coconut Bliss,
Chocolate Crave, Almond Butter Cup. Not available in retail

Food Bar #8: Soldier Fuel bars.
Designed to fuel the world’s most elite warrior-athletes, SOLDIER
FUEL energy bars “pack a wallop of balanced nutrition and taste
good too” (Popular Science magazine). The Soldier Fuel bar beat
Balance Bar, Snickers Marathon, and PowerBar Triple Threat in a
taste test conducted by the Washington Post. And the NY Daily
News health editor credits SOLDIER FUEL with making him 20%
faster on his daily runs. Engineered to provide SteadyEnergy with
no spike and no crash, SOLDIER FUEL is featured in the official U.
S. Special Operations Forces Nutrition Guide. And now it’s
available to you.

Soldier Fuel Bars were designed to fuel the world’s most elite
warrior-athletes, Soldier fuel  “pack a wallop of balanced nutrition
and taste good too,” or so says Popular Science magazine. The
Soldier Fuel bar beat Balance Bar, Snickers Marathon, and
PowerBar Triple Threat in a taste test conducted by the
Washington Post. And the NY Daily News health editor credits
Soldier Fuel with making him 20% faster on his daily runs.
Engineered to provide steady energy with no spike and no crash.
Soldier Fuel  has a 3-year shelf life and can withstand high and
low temperatures, much like
ration bars.

Remember to pack food bars in the bugout bag!

Food bars are not the same as ration bars

Ration bars vs. food bars
Both ration bars and food bars should be part of your survival
plan, and there is a difference. Food survival bars are not the
same as
ration bars , which are a non-thirst provoking source of
sustenance when water and food is not available. Most food bars
are nothing more than a glorified candy bar; however, some
deserve recognition for being excellent items to carry in your
bugout bag.

Marketers of these snack bars make you feel as though you are
giving your body a healthy snack, but really what you are giving
your body is carbohydrates. Think of food bars for protein, energy
and snacks.  Food bars will keep you going, but you're going to
get thirsty eating them, so you will have to have enough access
to water. When you're short on water, that's when you'll need to
grab a ration bar.

A ration bar also is for when you are sedentary, such as hiding
out in the bunker or waiting until rescue arrives. Ration bars were
created for watercraft situations where water is limited and
movement is too.

Happy endings...
Having any source of sustenance handy during an emergency will
be welcome, but you can give thought now, while there's still
time, to getting the best tasting and satisfying food bars for your
family. Get some samples, and have a taste test! That's a fun
family prepping project that the kids will enjoy.

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